He jerks off while a girl watches

He jerks off while a girl watches
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Hi Everyone. I hope everyone is well and having nice things happen. I am doing really great and geting back into the swing of things now. I am healed up rather well but my obgyn dr says I have to be careful so I still do not go crazy as much as I want to. I was reading some old journals the other day cause I was bored and ran across one that had entries about a friend named Carrie who was married, I guess she still is, and she was seeing a guy named Steve on the side and I was leting them use my spare bedroom for meetings.

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Carrie was a good friend and so was telling me all about things happening at work and when she and Steve began flirting.I will try to enter it all as much as I can. It may take a few entries.


"He is so hot looking" Carrie was telling me as we sat having some wine. I had tried to seduce her into girl/girl love but she said that even though she liked to see it in movies she did not want to do it hereself. Anyway, so I old her, "Well, tel me about him." and she did. "He is 6'0" tall and has a nice build, not a six pack but really good shape. He is 47 (Carrie was 30 at the time) and he is really sweet.

I can see that he is interested in me even though I am overweight." she said. "Hunny, we have something in common, I am interested in you too." I laughed. I saw her nipples get hard under her shirt and her thin bra. She crossed her arms. "Well, we finally met at a park and walked around in the woods. We kissed some and I felt like my pussy was going to explode.

He reached under my shirt and undid my bra and I could not believe I was doing this but he did and my tis fell into his hands. He began massaging them and when he found the nipples I almost had an orgasm." "Oh my, its sounds like what you need." I told her geting wet myself. "Well, we found a grassy place in the shade to sit and soon he had his hands all over me and his fingers slipped insode puss with no problem.

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You know I am big down there and usually my husband cannot get me off. He just rolls on me, gets off and rolls over and goes to sleep." we both laughed. "He laid me back and soon I was naked and trying to cover myself and he loked at my body and said how beautiful I was. I just dropped my hands and held my arms out to him.


He stood up and undressed and his cock was really nice and thick and then I saw how long it was, I almost paniced and he smiled and laid next to me. I told him it looked huge and he told me his wife could not handle it." "That sounds like my kind of guy" I laughed and hugged her no longer pretending I was not getting turned on.

"Well, you know how I am, I am what my husband calls 'pungent' and he refuses to eat my pussy. Steve had his fingers in me and brought them to his nose and smiled, mmmm, delicious, he said and began sucking my nipples as he slowly played with puss makeing her wetter and wetter until I felt a orgasm that made me cry out and he covered my mouth with his so I would not freak anyone out." He looked into my eyes and I reached down and took his cock in my hand and it would not go around his cock.

It was easily 9 inches long and really thick.

He smiled and started to roll between my legs and I told him, I cannot do it in my pussy, I do not want to get pregnant. He told me he had been fixed a long time ago and could not get me pregnant. Well, you know how I have such a fetish for having it in my ass and so I rolled over onto my tummy and told him, use the back door." He smiled and got on his knees behind me and slipped around my soaking pussy to get his cock wet and them he moved to my ass and slowly pushed in as he moved in and out and then my moved hard into me and I almost fainted.

My husband is not anywhere near as good as you I told him and he said let's forget about him while we are together. I told him to consider it done and he began fucking my ass so sweet. I reached down and was playing with my clit and it was swollen like crazy.

Can you do it faster and deeper I begged him and suddenly he rammed hard all the way in my ass and I made a pudle under us from my orgasm.

I was pushing back against him everytime he went in and was really going nuts.

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Then he said, I am gonna cum baby. I told him to fill me up and his cock swelled up and I felt so much cum going in my ass that I had another orgasm. It was a while but he slipped from my ass and laid me on my back and kissed me softley. I hope you do not mind he told me but I am starving hungry. He kissed me again and began kissing his way down my body, sucked my nipples til they were hard and I was hot again and then across my tummy to my mound and then to my clit and swollen pussy lips.

He began licking me slowly and his tongue was making jolts go through my body. I could smell my scent that he seemed to love as he ate me for over an hour one orgasm after another. He laid next to me kissing and carressing my body, plump as it is and telling me how beautiful I am and soon I knew I had to leave.

His cock was hard again and I told him I could not leave it like that.

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I started sucking him the little I could and it took a while but he told me he was close. I reached over for my bra and he began having a huge load of cum and I put it in the cups of my bra. He kissed me again, I want more to eat, he told me and without asking started again. I really had to pee but the other urge to have an orgasm battled it out in my pussy. Two orgasms later I told him I had to pee and he smiled, "go ahead hun." I could not believe it but he stayed there waiting.

It took a little but I felt the stream of piss coming out and onto his face into his mouth. He tried to swallow all he could but could not get it all. As I finished he cleaned my pussy with his tongue and came up and kissed me again. It tasted strange but I liked it. I got up and told him I had to pick up the kids at school and he let me dress and the cum filled cups of my bra had such a beautiful scent I felt myself drifting off into very erotic thoughts.

We dressed and went to the cars and kissed and said bye till work that night.

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That was amazing and if we do not get caught and getting fired it will be a miracle. Well, folks, that is all I had from the first entry with Carrie. I will write more later on.

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Love you all. sue