How i fuck her anal

How i fuck her anal
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*SLAP!* My head whips to the side and my hand comes up to my lip where he slapped me, feeling it begin to swell. I feel something warm and sticky, and know I'm bleeding. "Don't talk back to me," he says, and I quickly nod, the stubborn look that used to be in my eyes replaced by a frightened one. Behind those eyes, there's something more, but he can't see it: Lust.

-------------------------------------------------------------- It started a month or so ago.

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I was bored and horny, and decided to post some pictures of my lower region and tits online, on my profile in a sex site. A few minutes later, I told my boyfriend. We got in a very large argument about how I was HIS girlfriend, he didn't want other people seeing those parts of me. I barely replied as text after text popped up on my phone. Finally, I took the pictures down, and we began the conversation that would change our relationship. "I'll tell you what I told justin: Sometimes I wish you were abusive, maybe it'd keep me in check.

But you're so sensitive, and you wouldn't be able to deal with me flinching away from you and being afraid of you. You're soft. Maybe you're not hard enough to control me at all." It was a bitchy move on my part, but I meant it. I was a stubborn, controlling, manipulative slut. But I wanted to be controlled! I wanted to be abused! We talked about it, and agreed that an old-school chauvinistic relationship would be best.

I started telling my boyfriend how I had been watching porn and masturbating at least two hours a day for the past few days, even though we had both said we'd take a break from that. I wanted to get him mad. We talked about rules.

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No watching porn or reading literotica without permission. Ask permission to shower, masturbate, or sleep. Ask permission to play with my pets (internet/text sex slave type things).

I agreed, he agreed, and he told me I would be punished for putting those pictures up in the first place. My heart raced, and suddenly I was wet.


But it was late, and I was tired. He said I could play with myself if I made a recording of my moans, but I felt it was too much trouble and went to bed. The next day, I went on a little search to find my pink plaid tie. My boyfriend, he wanted me to dress like a schoolgirl next time we hung out. I had the pink pleated skirt, the tight white shirt, but I couldn't find the tie. I ended up deciding on wearing a very simple golden cross around my neck.

A couple days later was the day. I got showered (with permission) and got dressed, my body newly shaved and my make-up as perfect as I could make it, casting aside my thick cheap eyeliner for a more innocent look.

We met up in the middle of town, hugged tightly, and began to walk to the forest to fool around. The idea of my boyfriend FINALLY being the man I wanted had kept me wet for days, and I wanted him so badly. We got to our little spot and he told me to sit down, a look of unsure-ness flashing in his eyes. I quickly obeyed, but not before saying, "sure you can do this?" with a smirk. His hand quickly wrapped around my neck and he slapped me.

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I cried out, surprised, and looked up at him. He still looked very unsure. "Is this my punishment? One slap? I don't think you can do this, baby. You're soft," I said, and was rewarded with another slap across the face, a little harder this time.

"Don't mock me," he told me, his voice trembling. I couldn't keep the smile from my face as I watched him have an internal war. He was pushing his own boundries, and it was hard for him. "Dirty goddamn slut, showing your fucking pussy to strangers," he growled, and pulled me up, making me bend over the log I had been sitting on and sticking my ass in the air.

I moaned very quietly as I felt his hand slide up my leg, my inner thigh, and grab my bottom, his nails digging into the skin.

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He pulled my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties down my knees. "I wasn't sure how many spankings I should give a little babyslut like you. We usually only do a couple, but you've really crossed the fucking line," my man muttered, "so I chose ten. You're lucky I don't whip you with my belt.yet." I felt him raise his hand, and I took a deep breath, bracing myself.

A minute passed, and I let my guard down, wondering why he hadn't started.

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That was when his hand came down, hard. "Count them out. If you skip a number, we'll start over," he instructed, and whispered, "one." "Two!.Three!.Four!.Five!." I counted along. The fifth hurt the most, and of course I fucked up, "seven!" The spankings stopped, and I was pulled up by my hair to face my previously sweet sensitive boyfriend.

"You skipped one. If it happens again, I'll use my belt," he growled, and bent me over again. This time, the spanks were harder, and I managed to count them all correctly, my ass stinging from fifteen hard slaps. "Good girl," was my reward, and it felt good.

He sat down next to me and pulled me onto his lap. I held back a happy moan as I felt his hard manhood pushing at his pants, pressing against my still-bare ass. He pet my thigh, slowly moving his hand up to my wet puss, sliding his hand up my slit, gathering my juices, and held the two wet fingers in front of my mouth. I shook my head, not wanting to taste my cunt juices. I had tried it a few times, and finally decided it was not my cup of tea, so to speak.

"Suck my fingers, slut," my boyfriend said, glaring. I opened my mouth, and he shoved his fingers in. I sucked eagerly, looking at him, hoping he knew how hard I was trying trying to please him. My tongue flicked about, and I bobbed my head on his fingers as if I were sucking his cock.

Pulling his fingers back, he suddenly shoved three deep in my puss, stretching me and making me cry out in pain and pleasure. "Why are you so goddamn wet?" he barked, finger-fucking me hard. I couldn't answer with more than a moan, and he slapped me with fingers covered in cunt juice.

"That was not a rhetorical question!" he growled, and I stuttered, "you make me so wet baby, doesn't it please you?" He nodded and pushed me off his lap, making me kneel in front of him, unzipping his pants. His cock sprung out and he pointed at it. "Suck it. And you better not bite," he said.

The last part surprised me, I've almost never touched his dick with my teeth. But I quickly started sucking, my tongue massaging the sensitive underside, my hands going to his balls to massage. I watched as he pulled out his phone and started taking a video, making me work harder so he could look back on this and be pleased. I kept going until he pulled me up by my hair and pulled out a condom.

"Put it on me," he directed, and I tried to go as fast as I could.

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I had never been able to do it, but I tried. I couldn't roll it down, and he slapped me. "You'll learn," he promised before putting the condom on.

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Then he had me go back to bending over the log, and positioned his cock at my pussy's entrance. "This is for my enjoyment and pleasure first, got it?" my man asked, and I nodded.

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He swiftly pushed his cock inside of me, making me moan loud. He dug his fingers into my shoulder, holding it for leverage, and began fucking me slowly. I wanted it harder, faster, but what was supposed to say? This was for his pleasure, not mine. He kept going, slowly thrusting in and out, and then began to pick up the pace.

The faster he went, the closer I became to my orgasm. I closed my eyes and focused on the pain of his nails digging into my skin, and his pubic bone smacking into my bruising ass, but I still began to approach my orgasm. Suddenly, my man began to go as hard and fast as he could, groaning as he punished my pussy with his rock hard cock. "FUCK!" he cried out, and came hard. I felt his nails move down my back, and I spasmed with my own orgasm, crying out in pleasure. He slowly pulled out, then thrusted back in again.


He repeated this a few times before pulling out, tying the condom off and throwing it. "Clean the lube off my cock," he ordered, and I slowly got back on my knees and did as he asked, shakey and exhausted. When I finished, he had me take my panties off and hand them to him to be tucked in his pocket.

His hand went around my neck, and his lips went to my ear. "You're mine. You obey me. I love you, and you won't ever fuck around beind my back," he whispered, and gave me one more swift spanking before we left the forest silently.