Safada lavando a buceta inchada na pia

Safada lavando a buceta inchada na pia
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Please vote up and comment! Chapter 9 As the middle of the night approached (though there was no way to tell time in the subterranean city) Baltoh was sitting against the headboard of the hotel bed with Selene straddling his left thigh and Molly straddling his right.

The two women were rubbing their slippery pussies against his legs like a pair of dolphins scratching an itch and were each stroking Baltoh's towering cock, all while the trio were all kissing each other with their tongues forming the long-fabled triple-helix.

While they grinded against his thighs, he was rubbing their round asses with his hands. Enwrapped in their pleasure, the three of them, even Baltoh, were unaware of Rosemary standing in the corner, completely undetectable to all senses.

She had arrived ask him more about Deus Ex Machina, but again found herself hypnotized by the ménage à trois before her. Upon discovering them, she was flushed with a mixture of different emotions and stood like a statue, completely fixed on the sensual dance while her mind raged, After coming so close to being intimate with Baltoh in the stairwell, only to be romantically rejected again and finding him in the throes of intimacy with his lover and blond concubine at the same time, Rosemary felt bitter resentment and anger towards him for his hypocrisy.

But before long, that anger turned to envy, envy of Selene and Molly for being able to have him in the way she had always wanted. There was also a very strange curiosity welling up inside her as she watched Molly and Selene, specifically the way they treated each other in this complicated love triangle. She hadn't seen it before when Baltoh fucked Molly on the hospital roof, but now it was clearly evident. Seeing them bound together so sensually, all while Baltoh's heart belonged to Selene and Selene's to Baltoh… it was very perplexing.

The results were a confusing knot of social dynamics that she found incredibly… interesting, so interesting that she was compelled to study it from every angle like a scientist categorizing a new species. Watching the two women kiss each other with Baltoh's tongue between their soft wet lips and their hands gently stroke and tickle each other's naked bodies, Rosemary could feel strong lust and desire burning within her.

She wanted to be touched in that same sensual way, and not just by Baltoh. There was a certain softness, a certain sweetly pure eroticism to the touching between the two women, a unique geniality that did not exist between a man and a women. This strange bonding was so tantalizing that Rosemary desperately wished she could describe it to herself, just to have a definition for it. In her life, the only sexual thoughts she had experienced were for Baltoh, and those were controlled by her pride as an Archangel.

But now, lust and sexual hunger were flooding her body like a blood transfusion, stirring her thoughts into different fantasies, each involving Baltoh or the women. She had jumped from having strong feelings for only Baltoh to sexual curiosity and desires for these two women, and all in the course of just a few minutes.

"Baltoh, baby, fuck me," Selene groaned as she pulled her lips away from his and Molly's. Baltoh smiled and placed a kiss on the center of her chest while Molly pouted that Selene got the first turn. Molly moved aside and Selene settled on Baltoh's lap, inserting his cock into her glistening slit.


She gave a soft whimper of pleasure as it entered her, filling every nook and cranny of her velvet interior. Leaning back with her chest heaving and her breasts jiggling like water balloons, Selene began bouncing on his cock like it was a trampoline, purring in bliss and rubbing her stretched pussy with her hand after licking her fingers.

While Selene rode Baltoh, he lied down flat and Molly began riding his face, whining from the intense sensations of his tongue flicking her sopping wet cunt while she ran her tongue across Selene's swinging titties. In the corner, Rosemary's breathing was heavy as she watched them.

With her eyes running up Selene's and Molly's beautiful bodies, slightly glistening from a thin film of sweat, and listening to the sounds of Selene's wet pussy lips hungrily sucking Baltoh's cock while her smooth thighs clapped against his, Rosemary felt like her whole body was being tickled. Her skin longed to be touched and she longed to feel herself.

She wanted to feel her hands against her own naked body for the first real time in her life. Even while inaudible, invisible, and intangible, she was afraid to move for fear of being noticed, but this self-instated restriction and the fact that she knew masturbation was a sin just made that desire so much stronger.

Her breathing became rapid, she began licking and chewing on her lips, and she had her arms tightly pressed against her sides, rubbing her fingers against her thighs, wishing that she could rip away her baggy pants and touch herself.

Back on the bed, Molly's coos were turning into loud whines as Baltoh's persistent tongue brought her closer and closer to her first climax as an Angel. He was gorging himself on her delectable pussy, slurping up every drop of her fluids that he could and mentally diving into the delicious taste and feeling of Molly's essence.

Desperate for further stimulation, the blonde beauty shifted her weight, using one hand to squeeze her huge boobs almost brutally and finger her tight asshole with the other. Her whines grew in volume and she stopped licking Selene's bouncing tits, contending herself with just holding her tongue out against her friend's chest. As she got exponentially closer and closer to having her first orgasm, she worked her middle finger in her anus faster and faster, sending shivers up her body from the unusual sensation.

Finally, she pulled her finger out and sucked on it hungrily, licking off the tasteless oil of her rectum and gaining a euphoric mental tremble from the mere kinkiness of the act. She resumed fingering herself, using her saliva as lubricant in her asshole. Once she had it covered in another wet layer, she pulled her finger out, wiped it on Selene's nipples, and then held it up to her friend's face. Selene's wrapped her lips around Molly's finger, sucking on it as if she was giving it a blowjob and savoring the nonexistent flavor, all while Molly sucked on her nipples.

Finally, Molly gave a particularly loud high-pitched moan as she had her first orgasm, flooding her insides with jubilant fluids that Baltoh hungrily licked up.

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Her whole body shaking, Molly moved aside and lied down on the bed like an exhausted cat, panting heavily. "Wow Molly, I can't believe how much that took out of you," Selene laughed as she got off Baltoh. "This new body just wasn't used to it. Don't worry, I'm ready for more," she replied, taking Selene's place.

As Molly set herself to accept Baltoh's powerful erection, Selene was crouched behind her and wrapped her arms around Molly's naked body, holding it against hers while she lovingly kissed her neck. Rosemary licked her lips with her mouth dry, desperately wishing for be touched so tenderly and sensually by someone, specifically, one of the three before her. Her body ached to feel the naked body of Selene or Molly pressed against her own, to feel one of them kissing her skin in that same sexual loving way and to feel that same sweetness.

Molly finally managed to work the head of Baltoh's cock into the entrance of her body and gave a loud crying gasp as she lowered herself onto it, feeling her vagina stretch to take in the mass. Selene tightened her hold on her lesbian lover with her hand between Molly's legs, giving a hum of her own as she felt Molly's pelvic region bulge as Baltoh's cock stuffed her to the point of bursting, the ecstasy was almost telepathically passing onto her.

While there was no pain in the penetration, Molly screamed as Baltoh entered her completely. Her whole body was trembling as she tried to become reacquainted with Baltoh's member inside of her and she was giving a soft whimper with each movement she made.

After ten seconds, she gained a coy smile and lifted herself up, revealing Baltoh's hard cock, quivering with each heartbeat and glistening with her vaginal juices. With Baltoh's tail wrapped around her waist to hold her, Molly lowered herself back down and began her steady rhythm, springing on his cock while crying out in ecstasy every time the head punched the deepest corner of her pussy like a boneless fist.

As she picked up speed, she relied more and more on Baltoh's powerful tail to pump her up and down as if she were a piston while the sound of her thighs clapping against Baltoh's drowned out her screams of joy. Behind her, Selene was curled up against Baltoh and the two lovers were passionately making out with his arms wrapped around her hourglass figure. In the corner, Rosemary was staring in awe at Molly's heaving body, her breasts jumping like two indestructible water balloons attached to the handles of a pogo stick.

Even without lights on, Molly's body was glistening with a thin layer of sweat, allowing every muscle under her skin to display itself with each jubilant tremor. Watching as Molly bounced wildly on Baltoh's cock and was fucked like a blow-up doll, Rosemary was filled with so much lust that she couldn't take it any more. She wanted to run her tongue along this stranger's body as if she were a giant lollipop. The sound of Molly's thighs clapping against Baltoh's and her moans of sexual happiness was like music to Rosemary's ears, her vibrant body looked downright delectable, the smell of her pussy juices was like perfume, and just the sight of the three sexual partners was captivating.

All these factors were driving Rosemary up the wall and she could no longer contain herself. Trembling from head to toe, she began touching her breasts tentatively with one hand and working her fingers in her panties with the other. This was the first time she had ever touched herself in such away, and each gentle brush of her fingers sent shivers of bliss through her trembling body.

Rosemary suddenly looked up from her own body as Molly released a shaking scream of happiness from her orgasm. She collapsed at the foot of the bed, rubbing her gaping pussy and then licking her fingers. "Don't stop, put in my ass," she begged, spreading her legs and pulling the firm cheeks apart. Baltoh turned to Selene with a smile. "Well darling, what do you think? Would you be willing to be a little more patient?" She gained the same tender smile and cupped his cheek.

"Oh course, baby. You know I love to watch." Baltoh pressed his lips against hers and then moved over to Molly. Leaning down, he began kissing her smooth inner thighs before running his lips against her sweet peach ass cheeks.

Feeling Baltoh's lips against her smooth sultry rear, Molly purred and stretched like a cat, all while Selene laid back and touched herself and Rosemary watched from the corner and did the same. Molly finally reached back and spread her ass cheeks, letting Baltoh lick his lips in desire before he began kissing her soap-white anus. With Baltoh's face buried in her ass and his tongue and lips working her like a neck massager, Molly cooed and shook from the pleasure he was giving her. Selene was working her fingers between her legs frantically, being both aroused by the desire to be pleasured like Molly and the sight and sound of Molly being pleasured.

Rosemary was in the same position, her shirt removed and her modest B-cup breasts exposed as she rubbed her soft skin, wishing that Baltoh would lick her in such a way, but also becoming more and more envious of Baltoh for being able to lick Molly. After exploring the depths of her asshole with his long forked tongue, Baltoh finally moved up, running kisses up her back and shoulders. After kissing her neck and ears, he sat up and grasped his cock, rubbing it between her cheeks.

"Please, put it in my ass. I want to get fucked in the ass," she begged like a whore. 'Really? She can't honestly mean that! How could she possibly enjoy or want that?!' Rosemary thought in disbelief.

Molly again spread her ass cheeks as Baltoh pressed the head against her anus. Before he entered her, Selene moved up beside Molly and spat between her ass cheeks, lubing it up for the penetration. Baltoh finally pushed his penis into her, making Molly holler as the fleshy missile inflated her rectum.

Like with Selene, Molly's asshole instantly loosened and opened upon the penetration, welcoming Baltoh's manhood. With the passageway open, Baltoh plunged his cock into her asshole, making Molly scream like a banshee from the painless yet indescribable and awkward feeling of getting skewered by the meaty rod. Rosemary gasped as he watched Baltoh bury his entire cock in Molly's anus, wondering how the blonde beauty could possibly be moaning in ecstasy with her anus stretched nearly to the point of tearing.

With long, slow strokes, Baltoh began to fuck Molly's ass with great skill, making her moan and purr in happiness with her arm underneath her while she worked her fingers in her pussy.

After becoming re-accustomed to Molly's loosening anus, Baltoh picked up speed, driving down into her body like an automatic hammer. Molly's moans became a ceaseless high-pitched scream as the amount of joy flooding her body nearly brought her to tears.

Beside her, Selene was arching her back and moaning as her tireless fingers brought her to orgasm. Back on her end, Rosemary was now completely naked and shamelessly fingering herself, having learned how by watching Selene. Just a minute ago, she had been horrified by the idea of Baltoh ramming her ass with his bulging dick, but watching and hearing Molly was turning that disgust into powerful envy, envy so great that she was almost about to start fingering her anus.

Rosemary's body was different from Selene and Molly's, in that they had a certain well-toned maturity, but she had more of an adolescent look. As an Archangel not created by God, her body was the result of a large group of Angels fusing together into a single spirit, ending up with a figure dictated by the majority of her "ingredients". As expected, all the souls that made hers were women, almost all of them quite young.

But while her body wasn't as developed as Selene and Molly's, she was the same age as them, and she had a very rare trait that they didn't: she was a very "moist" lover. Already, her thighs were glistening with the clear fluid that her arousal was drawing forth as the preview of a very wet orgasm.

Without any warning, Baltoh suddenly tripled his speed, making Molly give a particularly loud scream. He was driving down into her so quickly that no human would ever be able to match his speed. His whole body could barely be discerned as anything other than a giant blur as he fucked her like a machine. The bed was creaking and rocking to the point where it was at risk of falling apart and Molly's anus was being pummeled so hard and so deeply that only someone with an Angel's endurance and stamina could keep from getting ripped open like a tomato and crippled.

"Oh god, I'm cumming! I'm cumming so hard!" she screamed with the volume of a murder victim. Baltoh continued pummeling her asshole while her pussy became soaked with a fresh layer of fluid, fucking her through her orgasm. Finally, after almost a minute-long climax, Molly's body became calm and Baltoh pulled out of her, leaving her asshole gaping like a mineshaft. She was gasping for air and her whole body was limp, and like her, Baltoh was laid back against the headboard while he tried to catch his breath.

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With Baltoh's cock still standing at full attention, Selene crawled over to him with a coy grin and took it in her mouth, hungrily licking off the ass oil from her friend as if were butter on a corn cob. 'Disgusting! How can she possibly do that?! I mean, Molly is just an Angel, but still…' Rosemary pondered in one part of her mind while the rest of her mind wished she could taste it. Once the meaty pole was licked clean, Selene got on top of Baltoh with her feet on his bent knees and her hands on his shoulders.

With his hands on her hips, Baltoh lifted her up onto the top of his cock, working it into her anus. With the strength and endowment of a horse, Baltoh thrust upwards into her anus, stretching the ring to its limit and making Selene give a deep moan. Baltoh waited for a few seconds, making sure that his position was correct before slowly pulling out.

With her anus hugging the head of his cock, he forced himself back up into her, making her give another moan. As Baltoh retook his usual fast-paced rhythm, Molly held her head between his legs and licked Selene's snatch, giving Selene a separate rush of pleasure.

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Watching Selene, never before had Rosemary felt so much envy. To get anally fucked and eaten out at the same time… the sheer lust and longing she was feeling was making her particularly wet. For several minutes, this went on, before Baltoh suddenly pulled out of Selene's asshole and into her pussy. Being an Angel, disease and infection was impossible for Selene, and even if it was, her asshole was as clean as a bleach bottle since she no longer needed to eat, meaning going from ass to pussy would absolutely have no repercussions for her.

All three women knew this, but the dirtiness of the act all made their hearts skip a beat, before the realization hit them and their shock turned into heightened arousal. Selene had a hysteric grin on her face as Baltoh drove up into her pussy several times, then pulled back out and rammed himself into her asshole, all in single fluid movement and without even using his hands.

This repeated over and over again, with Baltoh switching from her asshole to her pussy, soaking both orifices with a frothy mixture of each other's natural lubricants. When he fucked Selene's asshole, Molly would be licking her pussy, and when he fucked Selene's asshole, Molly would lick the appearing and disappearing shaft of his cock.

After twenty minutes, Baltoh had to relinquish the position from the vast amount of energy and stamina it required, even for him. As Selene got off him, Molly greedily began sucking him off, sampling the taste of Selene's ass and pussy on his cock. Once she had licked him clean, Baltoh sat up on his knees and moved back up to Selene, who was on all fours with a coy smile.

With Molly manually guiding him, Baltoh passed between the swollen lips of her snatch. Without hesitation, Baltoh took his natural jackhammer rhythm, instantly turning Selene into a jittery wreck with her mouth hanging open as she gave a low moan of unparalleled happiness.

For the first few minutes, Molly sat up on her knees next to Baltoh, licking the inside of his mouth while he licked hers in a long passionate kiss. However, it wasn't long before she desired more stimulation and moved in front of Selene, lying on her back with her legs spread and her rosy lips curled into a smile.

Lowering herself from her hands onto her elbows, Selene excitedly buried her face in Molly's pussy, licking her velvet lips with her long silky black hair scattered across her friend's belly. Molly's usual loud moans were replaced with a soft hum as she gently moved her hands against her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples while she let her body rest.

In her corner, Rosemary was chewing on her hair like it was a gag as she had her first ever orgasm. The waves of heat and mind-jarring tremors pulsing through her body with unfathomable speed were making it difficult to stand, let alone keep from hollering like an opera singer.

As she fingered herself wildly, a clear liquid sprayed from her pussy as if it was a water gun as she achieved a female ejaculation. Soaking the floor beneath her feet and covering her smooth legs in a glistening sheen, she fingered herself as jet after jet of the colorless fluid sprayed from between the tight lips. After soaking Baltoh's cock with her orgasmic juices, Selene moved to the side to recover from her climax but Baltoh didn't waste a second in grabbing Molly and pulling the grinning nymphomaniac over to him.

Molly had one leg between Baltoh's and the other up across his chest, with Baltoh kissing her ankle and foot as he started fucking her cunt for almost ten minutes. Having caught her breath, Selene swung her leg over Molly and sat on her face, letting Molly gorge herself on her loose, tender snatch while she leaned forward and lovingly kissed Baltoh's chest.

All three grunting and moaning from the jubilation they were experiencing, Baltoh, Selene, and Molly maintained this position for another ten minutes with Rosemary continuing to watch them and touch herself.

The position was broken only briefly so that Molly could straighten herself and wrap her legs around Baltoh' waist, with Baltoh picking her up and forcing his cock into her asshole. Selene too shifted position, sitting on her heels and grinding her smooth ebony ass cheeks against Molly's face, purring at the feeling of dominating her friend. This went on for the rest of the night, with Baltoh switching back and forth between the two women.

Collective hours were spent with his cock in different assholes, pussies, and mouths, with much the time spent with a woman's tongue in his throat or his tongue in one of their bodies. "Ladies, I've just about reached my limit," Baltoh finally grunted.

Hearing his warning, Molly and Selene separated and both began sucking him off, each slurping up her friend's saliva lovingly. Once they both had gotten their fill, Selene pressed her cheek against Molly's, both women sticking out their tongues with their mouths wide open. Baltoh gripped his cock and began stroking it like a madman, finally allowing the mental and physical barriers he had set up in his body to tumble down and let everything flow.

With his eyes rolling back into his head, he released a thick gooey jet of his seed into the two women's faces, completely spraying them and filling up their mouths. After swallowing, the two women sat up and began licking each other's faces like a pair of cats, cleaning each other from the sperm while Baltoh lied back on the bed, his whole body feeling like it was pinned down with lead weights.

Once the two women had licked up every drop of semen, they both curled up beside Baltoh with blissful smiles. His panting having slowed and his body as limber as a rubber band, Baltoh too smiled and extended all four wings, wrapping them around Selene and Molly like blankets. "Damn, that was nice," Selene purred with her face pressed against Baltoh's left pectoral like a pillow.

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"Nice? That was fucking perfect," Molly tiredly whispered with her face pressed against his right. Baltoh just gave a soft laugh as the three sex partners closed their eyes and became silent. On the other side of the room, Rosemary was hurriedly getting dressed, now flushed with shame from what she had done and felt, having watched Baltoh, Selene, and Molly have sex, masturbate to the sight, and feel sexual attraction to the two women.

For hours she had played with herself, watching the three engage in the essence of sin. She couldn't believe what had happened to her in so short of time.

Barely maintaining her intangibility, she passed through the window and frantically flew away. Baltoh opened one eye. "Selene, Rosemary just left." "Hmm? What?" Selene asked, having been just about to fall asleep. "Rosemary, she was in the room watching us the whole time. She just left." Selene bolted up in shock. "What? She was watching us?! How did you know? I didn't sense her!" "Her focus on her concealment spells briefly wavered every time she had an orgasm.

It seems that she was pretty busy while she watched us," He replied with a smile. Selene gained a coy look on her face. "Well then, how about we invite her to our next session?" she asked, licking her lips. "Are you sure?

I mean, I can understand why you originally invited Molly, but you barely even know Rosemary at all. Have you two even talked to each other? I find it hard to believe that you are this willing to share me." "Oh, I'm sure. And as I said before, I love to watch. Besides, after everything you've told me about her, I know she cares about you and I know you care about her. I want you to make each other happy, I want all four of us to be happy.

How about after the next battle, when all the Angels are tending to the wounded, you go see her and "invite" her?" "Uh… sure… whatever you want, honey." He shrugged. They were both silent, just staring into each other's eyes.

"You know that I love you, right? You know that you are the only woman that I truly want to be with, right?" "Yes, I know. I also know that you really enjoy these little sex parties.

I see that they make you happy, and they certainly make me happy. Listen, I know when we do this, you're always afraid that someone is going to get jealous and their feelings will get hurt, but I know you, I know us, and I know the love we share. Besides, I know I'll always be your #1." "I know, but I just don't want this to complicate things. Molly loves you and Rosemary loves me. I just want to make sure we don't end up crossing a line and we're unable to ever go back to the way we were.

I don't want to be without you Selene, I would rather lose my powers and be cast back into Hell to be tortured for all eternity than be without you." Selene's smile then gained a loving tenderness that was so beautiful that it brushed aside Baltoh's worries like dust against a broom.

"You will never lose me. My body, mind, and soul, they all belong to you, I'm yours now and forever. No matter what happens or how complicated things become, all that we need is to love each other, because that love will bind us together forever," she murmured, placing her hand on his cheek. "I love you, Selene. You are the only being that I adore, that I worship, that I obey, and that I live for. You are the only one who can tell me what to do, the only one who I will always follow.

Everyone has something that makes them subservient, something that puts their life in others hands like a leash if it is found. Everyone tries so hard to hide his or her leash, to keep from being vulnerable. Selene, I give my leash to you, because you will forever have my love and my loyalty.

You are the only one that can make this creature retract his claws," he said before leaning forward and kissing her. "I could say the same thing to you, because I will always obey, follow, and love you.

I would do anything in this world for you, anything accept leave you. I lost my life because I refused to leave you, and I would do it all again, just to show you my loyalty," she whispered, returning the kiss. "You're an Angel, you know that?" "Screw that, I'm a goddess," she mused, making him chuckle.

"I love you," they both said simultaneously before kissing again. "Jeez, would you two get a room already? I'm trying to sleep," Molly tiredly mumbled with her eyes closed.

"Said the girl that is curled up naked against me after I fucked her in the ass…" Baltoh began. "And I straddled her face, IN OUR HOTEL ROOM," Selene finished. The three all gave a small laugh and then closed their eyes, drifting to sleep. A blinding light woke Baltoh up in the middle of the night, shining in through the window with the intensity of a stage light. Cursing, Baltoh shielded his eyes and looked through the balcony window.

The stone shaft around the city had now been replaced with a swirling sea of molten rock, as if New York had been plopped right into the middle of a lava lamp. The city had literally burned through the Earth's crust and was passing through the mantle. The only thing that kept New York from being instantly burned to a crisp was the fact that it was already technically separated from the physical universe of Cinereo. "Time is running out…" Baltoh muttered before laying his head back down on the pillow.

With Selene and Molly's naked bodies held tightly in his embrace, Baltoh quickly rolled to the side and flipped the bed as a stray blast struck the hotel room balcony and sent rubble and broken glass flying through the air.

Outside, a battle had just started and the forces of Hell were once again advancing on New York. "Girls, are you hurt?" Baltoh asked, pushing the mattress off them with his tail. They both shook their heads, jittery from the sudden shock. "Good, then let's get dressed. It is time to fight once again," he said as he stood up, still clutching them against his bare chest. After getting dressed, the hybrid and two Angels flew out of the destroyed hotel room and looked out over the city.

Already, Archangels and Demons were zooming between the buildings while their blades and spells clashed, massive torrents of Gargoyles were bursting out of the ground like geysers of oil, and Bleaks and Sinners were marching through the city, battling the residents of New York.

Baltoh quickly shot off towards the nearest deluge of Gargoyles with Selene and Molly following him. "Angel Art: Wings of the Crusader! Demon Art: Blades of Darkness!" he called, stretching his wings to their maximum length. Extending almost ten feet, two tempered auras of white light radiated from his Angel wings while two steel-like fins of dark energy stretched from his Demon Wings.

Spinning like a top, Baltoh dove into the Gargoyle horde and instantly began carving a massive gap in their numbers. With his powered wings, he sliced the forces of Hell to pieces as if they were pieces of meat dropped into a food processor. Misty clouds of blood sprayed out from the rising pillar of Gargoyles and shredded body parts blanketed the surrounding area like sleet.

The sound of gunfire pulled Selene and Molly's attention away from me and drew it downwards, where a van was speeding down the street with the driver desperately running over the Sinners and Gargoyles on foot. With how the vehicle was able to shatter the skeletons of the Sinners and rip apart the Gargoyles like pieces of fruit, it was obvious that the entire vehicle had been blessed, as well as the bullets being fired out the window from all the passengers. As the van plowed through the dark forces that filled the street, glass rained down from the office building to their right as Sinners leapt from the windows, howling curses with their rusty swords in hand.

"Molly, try and hold them off!" Selene yelled as she swooped down to protect the van. "Leave it to me!" her friend countered with fire in her heart, having developed a natural affinity for combat, just like Selene. Pointing her hand at the raining skeletons, Molly launched the only long-range attack of the Angels; a narrow Divinity Ray, just like how Gargoyles could launch miniature Dark Pulses.

The blast whiplashed across the building, not powerful enough to slice it in half like a full-sized Divinity Ray, but packing more than enough strength to obliterate the Sinners. With broken and charred bones falling like hail but more Sinners continuing to land on and around the van, Selene took drastic action. Standing on the roof of the vehicle, she spun around like a ballerina while crouched with her wings extended, almost making the van look like a helicopter with its rotor spinning.

Any skeletons that tried to land on the van instead collided with Selene's wings, which were glowing with holy energy. On contact, the skeletons were shattered like glass vases and their bones were charred as if sprayed with blowtorches. Just beneath her, the passengers inside the van were firing their guns at the Gargoyles and Sinners that were chasing the van like lions after an elephant.

Blessed by Angels, their bullets were more than affective against the dark legions, shattering the Sinners' skeletons and blasting gory holes straight through the Gargoyles like deer slugs through wild boars. Up ahead, Molly landed on the roof of a city bus which had an interior caked with blood and aimed her hands at the hordes of Sinners and Gargoyles chasing after the van. With a roar of fury, she launched two beams of golden energy from her palms, sending them streaking past the van and carving through the dark forces.

With each she one cut down, five more would take its place, drawn by the commotion of battle. But no matter how many showed up, she refused to allow her supply of energy to run out. While she had told Baltoh and Selene that she had accepted and moved on from her death, it was not 100% true. The thrill of battle and sight of the Gargoyles and Sinners were bringing back memories of the pain and humiliation she suffered at the hands of the Demons.

That pain was turning into rage and determination, and the steely resolve to avenge her own death and fight back against the unholy spawn that had raped and tortured her. Every flash of a memory from her death made her blood burn in her veins like molten metal and caused angry tears to stream down her face, but it also caused the twin beams of light shooting from her hands to increase in size and power, almost turning into actual Divinity Rays.

With a loud shriek, she doubled her output, making the ground shake and the windows of the bus shatter into pieces. The beams of light obliterated the Sinners and Demons, finally allowing the passengers in the van to get some semblance of safety. "Get to Yankee Stadium, that's where everyone is being guarded," Selene said to the driver as the van came to a momentary stop. Once the van left, Selene flew over to Molly, who was wiping away her tears.

"Hey, are you ok?" she asked softly, brushing back a lock of Molly's golden hair. "Yeah, fighting is just helping me get over some issues," she replied, taking a deep breath. With a tender smile, Selene leaned forward and kissed her. Their consolation was cut short as the building behind them exploded into a tidal wave of rubble from a Bleak clawing its way up from Hell and into New York.

Selene and Molly quickly raised their hands and each fired a beam of holy energy at the evil conglomerate, managing to singe its body but only inflicting as much damage as a pair of magnifying glasses on a tree trunk. The beast snarled and shielded its face from the lasers, causing two narrow pillars of smoke to rise up from its hand. Reaching down, the Bleak grabbed Selene and Molly and held them up, squeezing them in its powerful grip.

Crying out in the pain of the vice-like strength of the Bleak's skeletal hands, Selene and Molly both aimed their hands at the creature's face and fired a beam of light into its eyes, blinding the creature and causing smoke to pour forth from its eye sockets.

The beast reared back and howled in agony, tightening its grip on Selene and Molly to the point where they both coughed up blood. With its vision blurry, the Bleak opened its jaws and began charging a Dark Pulse. A kilometer away, Baltoh was facing five Demons with their powers enhanced by eating human flesh and they were proving to be a bit of a challenge to him.

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Looking over, he spotted his lover and his friend in the hands of the Bleak. "Selene! Molly!" he shouted, just before one of the Demons managed a lucky shot and plunged her bone katana into his chest and pierced his heart. Ignoring the injury, Baltoh threw his sword at the colossal Bleak, striking it in the temple and ripping off the upper portion of its face and much of its cranium.

The Bleak staggered back and tried to stay alive and on its feet, allowing Selene and Molly to slip free of its grip. Before Baltoh could breathe a sigh of relief, one of the Demons attacked from behind him and managed to stab him the neck with a pickaxe made of leg and arm bones. "You're pissing me off!" Baltoh roared, showing weakness, even while bleeding profusely.

Breaking the katana and shoving the pickaxe aside, he lunged towards the five Demons with a furious snarl. First reaching the she-beast that had stabbed him, he pulled his hand back and plunged it straight into the center of her ribcage, piercing her chest with his claws and ripping out bloody strips of her heart and left lung. The Demon vomited blood and tried to draw another katana from the back of her neck, but Baltoh stabbed her with his hand again, this time striking just above the heart and tearing out all the major arteries, as well as a portion of her spinal column.

The other four Demons attacked at once with their weapons burning with black flames to inflict more damage. Materializing his sword, Baltoh blocked the pickaxe strike of the second Demon, used his right wings to block the skull-headed hammer impact of the third Demon, used his left wings to block the serrated jousting lance of the fourth Demon, and used his tail to strike back against the fifth Demon, who was wielding a giant cleaver sword.

Baltoh cringed at the pain of the hammer breaking the bones in his right wings and the lance piercing his left wings, but he was able to detour the attacks of the second and fifth and his wounds from the previous altercation were already healing.

Spinning around, Baltoh struck down the second Demon with his tail and the third and fourth with his sword, carving all three in half. He looked down, about to slay the fifth, but the Demon had escaped and was flying towards Selene and Molly, who were on a nearby roof, tending to each others injuries with a nameless healing power.

The Demon raised his cleaver sword above his head and laughed maniacally as he approached, "Damn it!" Baltoh cursed, chasing after him. "You will not hurt them!" Rosemary shouted, appearing next to Selene and Molly with her hand aimed at the oncoming Demon.

"Angel Art: Spear Of Destiny!" From her palm, a golden voulge blade shot forth, made solely of light and as large as a car, but also being as thin as paper and moving as fast as lightning.

The giant spear completely slipped through the Demon's sense of detection and struck it without it even knowing what was coming. The blade struck the Demon head on, slicing it in half right down the middle. With the beast defeated, Rosemary turned to Selene and Molly, without actually facing them. After watching them pleasure each other and Baltoh, she was too confused and embarrassed to look right at them. "Are you two alright?" she asked, keeping them just out of her peripheral vision.

"Don't worry, as long as you're watching over us, we're fine," Selene said with a lazy smile.

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Rosemary's eyes widened in shock and she glanced at Selene. Did she know?! "Uh, good. Once you're healed, you are to return to fighting. This battle isn't over yet," Rosemary ordered before flying off. Hovering in the sky with his health restored, Baltoh watched them with an aroused grin.

Selene was right; this was going to be interesting. Rosemary kneeled before the giant crucifix in one of the churches of New York City. The battle was over, and as usual, every church in the city was packed with people, praying for God to save them or mourning over those who had lost their lives in the fighting. The room was blood-red from the light of the Hellfire fence around the city passing through the windows, combining with everyone's gaunt faces to make the church seem like the scene of a brutal massacre by Demons.

Mixed in with the sound of priest's dry dull and desperate voice were the unappeasable sobs and sniffs of crying people, either crying for people they had lost, crying or themselves and their hopeless situation, or just crying.

Rosemary had made herself invisible so that she could pray in privacy, not wanting to be flooded by distraught citizens that would beg her to bless them or their families, ask why God was not putting a stop to this, or to thank her for what she was doing. She did not want to be bothered, especially for the latter, since she considered every death that happened to be a personal failure.

Almost every Angel and Archangel that wasn't busy healing the wounded and repairing the destroyed city had taken a similar form of solitude. This time, she was praying for clarity for the feelings she was experiencing for Baltoh, Selene, and Molly. It was forbidden for Archangels to be in romantic relationships, and here she was, lusting after the most forbidden man of them all, as well as two women.

She was disgusted with herself for these powerful sexual needs and desires, but the taboo of it only made them stronger and more arousing. Behind her, the priest continued his sermon. "…And so we must never lose faith in the Lord, for by his love, we shall be delivered to safety. We must continue to fight and continue to pray, so that we may show our devotion and he will save us." Suddenly, the doors swung open, causing everyone standing around them to become more tightly packed.

In stepped Baltoh, shocking everyone that had looked to the door. Word had spread throughout the city of this mysterious figure, many had seen him fighting the Gargoyles, Demons, and Sinners that were rising up from Hell and occasionally he could be found healing the wounded.

The only information that could be gleaned of him was from the Angels who chose into interact with the humans, and their answers and depictions of Baltoh were heavily biased in either direction. After all of the battles that had taken place in the city, he had become a legend.

Many people revered him as the savior that would rescue the city and the world from the brink of destruction, due to his power and the fact that he walked between the worlds of light and darkness, while others feared him, due to his half-Demon existence and his questionable history.

"It is not your God that will save you," he announced with a voice so deep and commanding that it made everyone shake. Rosemary's eyes opened and she gasped at the sound of his voice. Baltoh began to walk forward and everyone in the aisle backed away from him.

"Excuse me?" the priest asked shakily. "Jehovah will not save you, he abandoned this world long ago. Right now, only humans and Angels can stop the darkness. If you're going to pray, pray to us." He then rolled his eyes to the click of a gun pointed at the back of his head. "You're no Angel, you're a monster!" the man holding it hissed. "I am Baltoh.

I am half-Demon and half-Archangel, and stronger than both," he corrected, spreading his wings to their maximum length. The room was filled with hushed muttering of shock from everyone as they stared at the two feathered marble-shade wings and the two black leathery bat wings. "I suggest you put your gun down, I wouldn't want to destroy it.

This place will do none of you any good. This church will not protect you from the forces of Hell, it will not get your aloof deity to reach down and save you, and it will not get you entrance into Heaven. The only thing that will protect you now is your own resolve.

Go, all of you. Don't waste your time praying in this house of lies, instead try and help those around you. There is much work that needs to be done in this city, people to help and problems that must be solved. If you truly want to get into Heaven, then I suggest you stop needing someone to hold your hand and get to work helping those around you instead of praying for your own soul." Whether it was fear or obedience, the people left the church, streaming by Baltoh and muttering to each other.

Everyone kept their distance from the stony hybrid, but they did as he said and left to get back to work. The doors of the church closed, leaving it silent with only Baltoh and Rosemary inside. At the end of the church, near the crucifix, Rosemary revealed herself and stood up. "It's strange that you tell these people to work instead of wasting time, when you yourself could being doing a lot to help." "I just healed over a thousand people who were injured in the battle and I repaired fifteen city blocks.

I'm now on break," he said, walking down the aisle towards her and stepping around the podium. "Why do you bother trying to crush their beliefs when you of all people know how true it is?" she asked without turning to him, instead keeping her eyes on the crucifix. "Because I know more about Jehovah and the universe than they ever could. Jehovah has done nothing for this world in two thousand years.

Why do you still worship and follow him and he does not care about what happens to the people of this world or even his servants?" "And what about you? Don't even try and tell me that you care about this world," she replied bitterly, finally turning to him. "I care about slaying evil. I care about destroying the darkness so that it cannot harm others. I was born from the hatred of evil, and I use that hatred to protect all that evil wishes to harm. I do not love this world, but I have done more for it and its people than Jehovah ever has.

So tell me, why do you still follow and idolize him?" "Because he made me, that's why," she answered defensively. "He did not make you; he made Michael and the others. You on the other hand are one of the many Archangels born through the collaboration of virtuous human souls, all wishing to fight evil, just like I do. You are a fusion of the souls of people that were made on Earth by this universe, not Jehovah.

You owe him nothing." Rosemary took a deep breath. "Why did you come here, Baltoh?" she asked impatiently as her wings retracted. Baltoh took another step towards her, standing right behind her. With him so close, Rosemary had a hard time not shaking in excitement. "I wanted to thank you for saving Selene and Molly," he said with his breath flicking Rosemary hair and causing her to shiver from the sensation.

"It was nothing, it was my job," she shrugged, clutching herself. Baltoh leaned forward, his lips just an inch from her ear. Rosemary's breath was shaky from his proximity. "No, it was more than that. I can't imagine how awkward it was after seeing us together like that," he whispered in her ear, making Rosemary's lungs stop working and her whole body become like a statue. "Oh my god…" she gasped in humiliation. "Don't worry, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You just need to work on staying focused on your cloaking spell while having an orgasm," he whispered, brushing his lips against the side of her neck.

She held her face in her hands. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." She repeated with her face in her hands. Baltoh wrapped his tail around her body and felt the curves hidden beneath her baggy Archangel outfit. The gentle squeeze made her whimper in embarrassed arousal. "Noastmi olt feitharsi (Be at peace). "I know what you want.

I know what you desire. Say it." "I want you, I always wanted you, ever since we first met in Hell." she finally murmured, taking a deep breath.

"And…?" He flicked his tongue against her ear and sent a powerful tremor through her body. "I want them, Selene and Molly. I want to be treated just like you treat them and they treat each other.

I want to feel the pleasure." With a smile, Baltoh began running his hands across her body, feeling her beautiful form through her clothes and making her squirm in arousal, kissing her neck and pressing her against him. "Then I will give it to you. I will give you what you desire. All you have to do is open yourself up to me, give yourself to me, and we will show you more bliss than you thought possible." Rosemary shook her head from side to side as if waking up from a trance.

"No, this is wrong. I'm not supposed to be with you or them, and you're supposed to be with Selene, not me," she said, desperately searching her mind for something she could say to fight her own sexual hunger. "This was her idea. I told her about you watching us and she suggested I invite you to join. I admit, at first I was skeptical about it, but the taste of your flesh is really changing my mind." "Do you really do everything she tells you?" Rosemary asked, trying to keep her mind clear.

"She tells me what to do and I am her herald, I tell her what to do and she is my apostle. We both obey and love each other; that is our bond. And now, we both want you." He grabbed the collar of her vest and the shirt underneath and tearing them away, revealing her perky breasts. "Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this," she whined, more confused than ever in her life.

He rubbed her breasts with his palms, making her writhe in pleasure from the tickling feeling. "But you want it, right?

You want me inside you, you want to feel Selene and Molly's tongues against your body, you want to feel orgasm after orgasm rush through you. This is what you always wanted." "Yes, oh yes I want it so bad," she groaned, having another change of heart. "Then give yourself to me, and I shall grant you everything." Wearing a look of confused innocence and lust on her face, Rosemary glanced back at Baltoh and he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately and sending his undulating tongue into her soft wet mouth.

Rosemary purred at the intrusion and mirrored the act, exploring his mouth with her tongue while carefully avoiding his sharp teeth. While the flavor was long since gone, Rosemary could almost taste the juices of Selene and Molly in his mouth and they drove her wild in kinky thirst. With their lips locked and Baltoh's tongue filling her mouth, Rosemary did not feel him tear away her pants with his claws, but she shivered at the feeling of the air against her bare legs.

Baltoh worked his tail between her legs, catching the waistband of her panties with the sharp tip and cutting the garment away without nicking her. With her wings retracted into her body and her clothes gone, the only thing separating Rosemary from Baltoh's powerful erection pressing against her was the fabric of his pants.

Wearing nothing but her rosary bead chains around her wrists and feeling Baltoh's cock standing at attention against her ass like the nudging of an elephant, Rosemary trembled at the feeling of powerlessness that filled her. She felt so vulnerable, helpless, like she wasn't obeying her own will but submissively bending to his. She had felt fear in battle before, but this was a new fear, one that she was actually enjoying. She felt like a mouse at the mercy of a powerful lion and the sensation was sexually exhilarating.

This feeling of being so overpowered by the man that she felt so much longing for was indescribable, the fear and the bliss that came with it made her tremble in excitement. She wanted to feel him; she wanted to be overwhelmed by him; she wanted to be crushed by his will and his manhood; she wanted to submit to him and be dominated, though that word was not the one in her mind.

As if reading her mind telepathically, Baltoh could sense this new confusing form of arousal within her. He felt like he was holding a wild animal, and while he knew what she wanted, she almost felt unpredictable, like her mind was still trying to decide what to do and what it expected. Deciding to experiment, Baltoh rubbed his tail against the smooth lips of her snatch like a slithering snake.

Rosemary purred at the sensual touch, and when she reached down to feel her moistening clit, he grabbed her hands and held them together, restricting her movement. Rosemary shook in his embrace and grinded against him like an affectionate cat, humming in bliss at the feeling of being overpowered.

"Oh yes, hold me," she gasped, the words passing between their locked lips. 'I had a feeling she would be like this. In battle she is as fierce as all of the other Archangels, but when sexually open and vulnerable, she is completely submissive, almost masochistic.

This just keeps getting more and more interesting,' Baltoh thought to himself, feeling his demonic sense of sexual dominance beginning to reveal itself. "What do you want?" Baltoh asked, ending the kiss.

Rosemary just gave a whining hum. "What do you want?" he asked again, holding her off the ground by her wrists as if she were in a dungeon. "I want your cock," she whimpered, rubbing her legs together tightly as the feeling of helplessness made her hot and wet. "What do you want?" he asked a third time, holding her out and dragging one of his claws up her smooth rear and along her spine, gently enough to only make the skin rise and not actually draw blood.

"Please, I want your cock!" she begged as she felt the bite of the razor-sharp talon against her bare flesh. Baltoh grinned at the complete personality change.

"I'll give it to you, but only if you submit to me. Do you promise to do what I say and obey me as your new master? Do you want to be used like my little fuck-slave?" he whispered, blowing in her ear.

"Yes, please fuck me!" Baltoh dropped her and she landed on all fours. "Get on your knees," he ordered, taking great enjoyment in fulfilling her submissive desires. "Yes Master," she whispered, turning around to face him. With a small smile, Baltoh undressed and hefted his erect cock, which was pulsing with each beat of his heart. On her knees, Rosemary stared at it with awe and fear, similar to Selene when she first looked upon it in this situation.

However, being a virgin with a less developed body, Rosemary's bright eyes and freckled face were radiant with innocence. Even though she was in her twenties, her virgin innocence and young body made her look so young. "Start playing with yourself." Nervously licking her lips, Rosemary leaned back and began working her fingers between her legs.

Her breathing became quick and shallow with soft flutters of her voice and her hand became damp with her juices. The more she worked, the more her pussy began to open up and reveal itself, letting Baltoh look down at the pink interior and the wet flower petal-like folds within.

Rosemary was scarlet from how much she was blushing as she pleasured herself, putting her young naked body on display with Baltoh looking straight at her with his cock in his hand. She could feel his eyes on him, his gaze as hot as the summer sun, making her want to hide away.

"Keep going. Harder, faster. Don't stop until you cum." "Yes Master," she whimpered, rubbing her pussy frantically and fingering herself. She lied on her back, working her hand as fast as she could and pinching her nipples for added stimulation. Sprawled out on the floor, she kept her eyes screwed shut so that she would not see the crucifix above them or the rest of the church, for she could not bear the shame. But the shame turned her on. "On your hands and knees." Rosemary did as she was told, getting on all fours with her ass pointed up at Baltoh.

Burying her face in the crook of her arm, Rosemary continued to finger herself with her whole body shaking with each pleasurable stir of her hand, all with her anus and glistening cunt in view of Baltoh. For a few minutes, Baltoh stood like a statue and watched her as she pleasured herself, desperately trying to achieve an orgasm. Finally, he decided to give her some help in a way he knew would work best for her. Like the snake slithering towards Eve in the Garden of Eden, Baltoh moved his tail over to the Rosemary.

Gently, he wrapped his tail around her throat and gave a light squeeze. It wasn't enough to restrict her breathing or cut off blood flow, but it filled Rosemary with a euphoric terror. It would have been so easy for him to kill her at that moment, to snuff out her life like she was nothing but a small animal. With Baltoh's tail wrapped around her soft throat like a boa constrictor, reminding her of his supremacy over her, Rosemary crossed the threshold into a squirting orgasm. She writhed and moaned as jets pussy juice sprayed out from between her fingers wildly, pooling beneath her.

Her hand became a blur as she rubbed herself with new speed, crying out in happiness from her climax. After almost a minute, collapsed and rolled onto her back, gasping for air with her chest heaving and her tits jiggling with each breath.

"Now lick it off your fingers." With her whole body trembling, Rosemary held up her hand to her face, looking at her oiled fingers, glistening with her juices. Revulsion filled her as she considered such an act and she wondered if she really had it in her to do something so sinful.

Baltoh's tail tightened around her throat, replacing her disgust and nervousness with submissive arousal. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and began sucking her fingers clean, humming from the delicious taste of the wetness.

Once she had licked her fingers clean, Baltoh pulled her up with his tail as if it were a leash. He set her on her knees with his cock just inches from her face. "Kiss it," he said with a small grin. "Yes Master," she panted. Leaning forwards, Rosemary kissed the head of Baltoh's cock, shivering as the warm member touched her lips like a steaming sausage. "Now open your mouth and stick your tongue out." Rosemary nodded and did as she was told, opening her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out like a landing strip.

With a bit of pre-cum dribbling from the end, Baltoh rubbed the head of his cock against her tongue, teasing her and himself. He pulled away his cock and she pulled back her tongue, rolling the pre-cum around in her mouth. "Do you want this cock?" Baltoh asked, loving the dynamics of this situation.

"Yes, please Master. I want to suck your cock," she begged, having completely transformed from a noble and virtuous warrior of Heaven into his submissive sex slave, betrayed by her feelings. With his hand on the back of her head, Baltoh forced his cock into her mouth, making her gag from the size as he pushed it all the way to the back of her throat.

Rosemary tried to pull away as his cock plowed past her gag reflex, but Baltoh's tail around her throat kept her still. She could no nothing but gag and retch on the mass stuffing her throat with tears streaming down her face. Just when she thought she was going to suffocate, Baltoh pulled his cock out, letting Rosemary gasp for air and puke on the floor. Once she had caught her breath, Baltoh wrapped his fingers around Rosemary's hair and smeared his slime-covered cock across her face, mixing her saliva and other bodily fluids with her tears.

He pushed his cock back into her throat, forcing it all the way in and making Rosemary have full-body convulsions. After a few seconds, he again pulled it out, leaving Rosemary as shaky as a leaf and with slime dripping from her mouth and nose from retching. As filthy and pitiful as she looked, she was overwhelmingly happy. None of her fantasies had ever been like this, but it was better than all of them. She was loving the treatment, she was loving being dominated and brutally used.

It was fulfilling some deep desire that she had never even known existed. Once she wiped her face clean, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of Baltoh's cock and began stroking it, manually becoming used to the size and shape while she caught her breath.

Finally ready, she began blowing Baltoh the way she had seen Selene and Molly do it, bobbing her head back and forth and stroking him with her hand while she sucked him. As usual, Baltoh just groaned and let his head roll back as he felt the softness of her mouth against his manhood and listened to the wonderful squishy sound of it moving back and forth inside her.

Deciding he wanted more, he wrapped his entire tail around her body and picked her up, holding her upside-down with his cock staying in her mouth. With Rosemary upside-down with Baltoh's head between her legs, he buried his face in her snatch, going down on her with far more aggression than he would with Selene or Molly.

Having never experienced the feeling of someone's lips and tongue on and in her pussy, Rosemary moaned in bliss and continued to suck him off. As he feasted upon her hot wet cunt and licked up every drop of her delicious juices, Baltoh wrapped his fingers in her hair to hold her head stationary and began thrusting forward with his pelvis, fucking her throat with non-caring brutality, causing Rosemary to retch with each powerful punch to her throat and making tears run from her eyes.

After a few minutes, Baltoh decided it was finally time to fuck Rosemary like the little whore she was. He dropped the exhausted Archangel onto the puddle of filth on the floor and stood ever her, watching the ruined girl try to regain her strength. Once his patience was at its limit, he grabbed her by the ankles and picked her up. "Ready to get fucked by your Master? Ready to get your pussy shredded by my dick? Beg for it like the little slut you are," he demanded licking his lips with an evil smile.

"Please fuck me, Master! I want you to take my virginity with your big cock!" she begged, holding herself up off the floor with her arms shaking. With his tail around her waist, Baltoh used his free hand to press the head of his cock against her waiting virgin slit. Hanging upside-down, Rosemary was begging and pleading for him to put it in, to fuck her so hard that she would scream and cry. She was completely in the palm of his hand.

Securing the head in the glistening lips of her cunt, Baltoh returned his hand to her hip and took a deep breath. With a single powerful shove, he forced his entire cock into her slender body, not caring how loud she screamed. Even with her Archangel body opening up to accept him in a way that no human virgin could and the pain almost nonexistent, she sobbed from the harsh sting from the brutal penetration and the huge mass inside her. The sensation of his monstrous manhood stuffing her to the point where she felt like she was going to be ripped open mocked her wildest fantasies and nightmares.

The idea of experiencing this as a human terrified and confounded Rosemary as she struggled to breathe and stay calm. Baltoh slowly lowered her, pulling his missile out of her bruised snatch. Upon its near removal, blood from her pulverized hymen trickled out from between the spread lips, running down her smooth belly, between her hanging breasts, up her throat, and reddened her mouth like lipstick.

Baltoh reinserted his cock back into his sexy servant, taking great amusement in her masochistic scream. Having never used this position before, it took Baltoh a few thrusts to get used to the mechanics of fucking her, but with the help of this tail to hold her still, he was fucking her like a machine in seconds.

Rosemary was no longer holding herself up like a human wheelbarrow; instead, she just had her face buried in the crook of her arm against the floor while Baltoh slamming her lower body against his cock. The dominating hybrid had a smile on his face and was licking his lips as he listened to Rosemary's tearful moans of happiness and watched as his powerful thrusts sent ripples through her pale naked body. Wanting to see more, he smacked her across the rear with the back of his hand, jiggling the soft flesh and making Rosemary cry out as a large red welt formed.


He smacked her again, loving the sound of his hand against the soft bare flesh of her tight ass. Still, he wanted more. Her cries of painful euphoria were like music to his ears, satisfying one of his Demonic sexual desires. Holding her up with his tail, he reached out and grabbed her wrists, holding her arms back as if she was handcuffed.

He held her up horizontally, using his grip on her wrists and his tail around her throat. With Rosemary's legs wrapped around his torso and her tearful gags and cries of happiness cheering him on, Baltoh continued to fuck her like she was third-world teenage hooker.

He had her arms held back and had his tail wrapped around her neck with the perfect level of tightness, meaning that she was basically held in a sex swing and completely at his mercy. "Oh god!" she suddenly cried out, approaching her next orgasm. "Do you want me to make you cum? Beg for it." "Please make me cum, Master! Please make me cum!" she begged, lusting for his cock deep inside her. Moving like a machine, Baltoh fucked her at top speed, making her whole suspended body shake wildly as he rammed her to the point that it was a miracle that she didn't start bleeding.

Rosemary's eyes were screwed shut and she was screaming at the top of her longs with her angelic voice bouncing off the walls of the church.

"OH MASTER!" she finally shrieked as she had another particularly wet orgasm, spraying the floor and Baltoh's legs with her juices. Without hesitation, Baltoh set her down on her feet and then pushed her over to the podium. With Rosemary bent over the podium, Baltoh stood behind her, rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks.

He tightened his tail around her throat and pulled it up while he kissed her neck. "You ready to get your ass fucked and shredded?" Rosemary just gave a pitiful whimper and nodded her head, desperate to get her anus slammed like Selene and Molly's. Spreading her legs and forcing her head down against the bible on the podium, Baltoh readied the head of his cock against her anus, instantly feeling the ring expand and open up as it awaited the penetration.

With Rosemary's scream echoing through the church, Baltoh worked his cock into her tight little asshole with a single shove of brutal strength. Ignoring her painful cries and focusing solely on her beautiful masochistic tone and the wonderful feeling of her tight rectum clenching every square centimeter of his cock with the tender wet skin, Baltoh took his natural pace, pumping into her with long, deep strokes and slowly building his speed. Before long, Baltoh was swinging back and forth like a woodpecker, rocking the podium wildly with Rosemary clinging to it for dear life and moaning as she looked around the church.

The colored glass windows of the saints and Angels and the rows of pews for people who attended the house of God all seemed to be closing in on her, as if they were living beings glaring at her in disgust and judgment as Baltoh anally punished her and she begged for it. She was overwhelmed with shame and self-loathing at what her lust for Baltoh had reduced her to. One part of her mind hated herself for willingly turning herself into Baltoh's little cock-hungry concubine, but the rest of her mind was excited and aroused by her shame.

When it came to being submissive to Baltoh, her degradation was pleasurable in and of itself. She enjoyed being at his mercy, being on his leash, being subservient to his wants and desires at the fulfillment of her own. Having developed a love of bondage, she now belonged to him. Relishing the feeling of his member stuffing her asshole so quickly and powerfully that it risked tearing her, Rosemary raised her head and released a deep moan of ecstasy, with her voice shaking with her body from the rapid pounding of his cock.

Baltoh pulled her back with his tail around her neck, exposing her jiggling breasts so that he could smack them hard with his palm, making her purr from the sting of the sensitive mounds. He also kissed her, licking the blood of her hymen off her lips. He then pushed her head back down and pulled out of her asshole.


She groaned as he entered his pussy, just like he had with Selene and Molly, but in this case, it felt much more wonderfully degrading. He continued his thrusts, violating her womanhood as he kept her face pressed against the Holy Bible, both to humiliate her and spit in the face of God as he bent the beautiful Archangel to his will.

Finally, the podium fell out from under Rosemary and she collapsed to her knees with Baltoh never coming out of her. Instead, he just mounted her like a dog, fucking her with Rosemary on all fours and his hands around her throat, making her moan in happiness as he pounded her like a giant jackhammer.

For several minutes, they continued in his fashion with Rosemary riding Cloud 9 and Baltoh riding Rosemary. Over and over again, he switched from her ass to her pussy, painting the two orifices with her juices. However, as time passed, Baltoh could eventually feel his own stamina beginning to fall. Suddenly pulling out of Rosemary and leaving her asshole gaping open, Baltoh stood up and walked away, while keeping his tail around her throat.

Disappointed, Rosemary began shaking her ass at him and rubbing her swollen clit. "Please keep fucking me, Master. I want your cock inside of me." "Crawl over here, I have something you'll like." Moving on all fours like his pet, Rosemary obediently did as she was told and crawled over to Baltoh, who was crouched down with his cock in his hand.

Grabbing her hair, he smeared the oil of her ass across her face with his cock as if it were a paintbrush and then forced her to suck on it. As she gluttonously gobbled his cock, Baltoh began to manipulate his tail behind her, causing two sections to bend back over each other and twist into a pair of double helixes. With perfect aim and unstoppable strength, he forced the two twisted portions of his tail into her ass and pussy, fucking all three of her orifices at once as if she were the victim of a hentai tentacle monster.

With Baltoh's cock grinding against the back of her throat and his tail pummeling her vagina and anus like a fair of fuck machines, Rosemary's eyes rolled back into her head and she nearly became limp, giving into the indescribable pleasure flooding every fiber of her being as she was violated like a whore at a frat party. Baltoh finally released a demonic roar as an eruption of semen sprayed from the head of his cock, coursing down her throat, filling her belly, and overflowing from her mouth.

He completely disengaged from Rosemary, pulling his cock out of her mouth and his tail out of her pussy and asshole. Rosemary collapsed on the floor, facedown in a puddle of semen. "So, was that everything you wanted?" "And more," she panted, happier and more exhausted than ever in her life.

"Than I have your heart and your loyalty?" "Yes Master," she purred. "Good, then I'll give you some time to recover before I let Selene and Molly have a turn with you." Then, in contrast to the brutal BDSM fucking he had just given her, he lifted her chin and gave her a gentle and loving kiss. Please vote up and comment!