Gay porn sex big cock man and boy They barely wasted any time getting

Gay porn sex big cock man and boy They barely wasted any time getting
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"Morning sleepy head," said Sarah as she set down a cup of coffee on the table beside her brother. Mark wearily opened one eye and began to sit up, screwing his face up in pain as he did so. "That sofa isn't very comfortable is it," winced Sarah, "but at least that was your last night on it.

What time does your train leave?" "Two o'clock," he mumbled, rubbing his back. "Well it's been lovely having you here," smiled Sarah, playfully ruffling his hair. Sarah doted on her younger brother and thought the world of him. He was such a polite, well mannered lad, not like most 15 year olds. So she was happy to oblige when he asked to stay a few nights and see the sights and sounds of the city, a far cry from the dull rural existence Sarah herself had escaped a few years earlier.

"Kirstie's not up yet, that's strange," mused Sarah as she went to check on her flatmate who'd been her best friend right through school. Ahhh, Kirstie. That was a big part of the reason Mark had come to stay, although he didn't tell his sister that obviously. Those big brown eyes, short blonde hair and the smoothest skin Mark had ever seen. He'd had a crush on this pretty 24 year old for ages and Kirstie knew it a woman as attractive as Kirstie was used to males eyeing her and could read the signs.

She had always been a bit embarrassed about the attention her large 36DD breasts received. Despite her good looks and sexy, curvy figure she was actually very shy and mostly covered up her body, revealing it only to boyfriends. So she was uncomfortable having Mark around stealing glances at her massive chest when he thought she wouldn't notice.

She always made doubly sure she locked the bathroom door and didn't wander round the flat in anything skimpy or tight. He was Sarah's geeky little brother and she had no time for him the sooner he went home the better. "Thank you, please send the Doctor as soon as you can," said a flustered Sarah as she came hurrying out of Kirstie's room.

"What's up?" asked Mark. "I don't know, but Kirstie's temperature is through the roof and even though she's shivering you could fry an egg on her forehead!" "Crikey!" said Mark.

"I know, she's really feverish," said Sarah as she frantically grabbed a towel and ran it under some cold water. "I don't need this today, I've got my interview at 9.30am and I'm gonna be late now!" "Calm down sis, I'll be here to let the Doctor in, you can't miss your interview," said Mark. "Um, well I guess that would be OK, thanks kiddo.

I'll just sort Kirstie out before I go," said Sarah as she dashed back into Kirstie's room to mop her sick friend's brow.

Mark quite liked the idea of being alone with Kirstie maybe he'd get to see her in her nightwear he thought to himself as he headed for the bathroom. He'd seen her in a bikini a couple of years earlier at the beach but Kirstie had covered up soon after Mark arrived, annoyed and uncomfortable that he was staring even though he didn't mean to. As he walked past Kirstie's room he noticed out the corner of his eye that in her haste Sarah had left the bedroom door slightly ajar.

Stopping suddenly, Mark could just make out his sister bending over her friend in the dim light as the curtains were still drawn. With a rush of guilt and excitement Mark realised he'd have a much better view if he got a bit closer, so he summoned up his nerve and slowly crept towards the door, his eyes transfixed on the small space between door and doorframe that was offering a clearer picture the closer he got.

Luckily for Mark Kirstie's bed was slightly to the right of the doorframe he was peering past and on the far wall facing him and he could see the middle of the bed fine but not the two sides of it as the gap was too narrow. As Mark got right up to the door Sarah suddenly pulled the covers off and Kirstie's shapely legs came into view. She was lying on her back but frustratingly for Mark his sister was stood in the way and he couldn't see Kirstie's top half as Sarah wiped her face and neck with the damp towel.

Kirstie moaned slightly, not really aware of what was going on. "It's ok Kirstie," said Sarah, "the Doctor will be here soon. Let's get you out of these sweaty things," and to Mark's delight Sarah began removing Kirstie's pajama top, lifting her arms above her head ready to take it off.

Mark's dick was growing harder by the second, he could feel the blood rushing to his loins as he realised the woman in all of his fantasies was going to be naked just a few feet away! Unfortunately his sister's back was still in the way and all he could see now were Kirstie's legs as Sarah obscured the top half of her limp, tired body. Kirstie's pajama top came off and was slung to the floor as Sarah moved down the bed to remove her panties. Mark breathed in sharply as he realised Kirstie's massive breasts were uncovered and he held his breath, praying his sister would move so he could see them.

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Suddenly Sarah stood up and moved towards the door and Mark panicked, spinning round and briskly moving down the hall. But Sarah didn't open the door, she'd only gone to get a chemise from the chest of drawers to put on Kirstie.

Mark's heart beat at a million miles an hour and after about 20 seconds he slowly inched back towards the door, his desire to see Kirstie naked far outweighing his fear of getting caught. By the time he was back in position Sarah had removed Kirstie's panties and already got the chemise over her neck and was once more stood in the way as she struggled to pull the chemise over Kirstie's shoulders. Mark desperately moved his head from side to side, even going on tiptoes as he tried to get a clear view of this beautiful, helpless creature who he'd jerked off to countless times already.

Kirstie was lying on her back totally exposed but tantalisingly out of Mark's sight. But just as Mark's heart sank and he thought he'd missed his chance, Sarah knocked over a glass of water on the table beside her as she tried to dress Kirstie and screamed in frustration as she quickly moved to mop up the mess.

That was the moment Mark was waiting for and with Sarah no longer tending to Kirstie and finally out of his eyeline, Mark quietly gasped as he saw for the first time Kirstie's wonderful naked body lying completely exposed to him.

Her chemise lay bunched up around her neck as she breathed heavily, eyelids flickering and head occasionally moving from side to side as she slipped in and out of a restless sleep, unaware the 15 year old boy who gave her the creeps was staring at her beautiful, huge breasts.

Kirstie would have been mortified to know Mark was admiring her pert nipples, erect from the touch of the damp towel and his gaze drifted down her body, along her taut stomach, her hourglass figure giving way to slightly widening hips as he tried to focus on her pussy, which he couldn't make out properly as one leg was slightly higher than the other.

Mark jumped as Sarah resumed dressing Kirstie, looking up at the door just as Mark moved away, silently darting back to the lounge where he sat on the sofa still dazed from the treat he'd just been given.

"OK Mark, I'm going," said Sarah a few minutes later as she hurriedly pulled on her coat and grabbed her bag.


Pausing by the front door, she looked at Mark and said: "Let the Doctor in when he arrives and call me to let me know what he says. I should be home by lunchtime." "OK, good luck sis," smiled Mark, desperately trying to sound relaxed and nonchalant despite his adrenaline still pumping. A cushion was casually placed over his crotch to hide his raging hard on but Sarah never suspected a thing. She still saw Mark as her innocent kid brother who wouldn't hurt a fly and had no idea he fancied Kirstie.

"Thanks," said Sarah as she shut the door behind her, leaving Mark alone with the beautiful and, Mark realised, quite vulnerable Kirstie. Summoning up his courage Mark walked back towards Kirstie's room. The door was shut and he pressed his ear to it, listening for sounds she was awake but he heard nothing. Desperately thinking of an excuse to go in, he decided to ask if she wanted anything should she wake up, but hopefully that wouldn't happen. He slowly opened the door and inched his way towards the bed, his heart pounding in his chest as he saw Kirstie lying on her back with her arms resting on the pillow beside her ears.

The covers were up to her neck and moved up and down in rhythm with her slow, deep breathing, a sure sign she was asleep, and her pretty face was turned away from Mark. By now he was stood right next to her and dared to whisper her name. "Kirstie? Kirstie, can I, erm, get you anything?" No response. Fantastic, he thought. He reached down and touched her warm shoulder, gently shaking her, praying she wouldn't wake. "Kirstie?" Wow, he thought, she was hot, literally and metaphorically.

She was totally out of it all right and Mark got braver, slowly pulling the covers off her all the way down to her ankles, admiring her legs as he did so. The bottom of her white chemise barely covered her milky thighs and Mark's dick stiffened as he imagined himself between them. Glancing at her face to make sure she was still asleep, Mark gently rested his hand on her right knee.

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Studying her breathing for a few seconds to make sure it was steady, Mark slowly moved his hand up her soft thigh, reaching the bottom of her chemise and dragging it up towards her hips. Slowly the material travelled up her hip, teasingly revealing her pussy and Mark gasped as he saw her thin covering of pubic hair. Taking hold of the other side of the chemise, Mark lifted the hem right up to her belly button and stared open mouthed at his first real live pussy.

That that pussy should belong to his dream girl was an outright bonus.

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Mark instinctively rubbed the bulge in his pants, a huge mistake as the poor lad almost came right there and then. But he controlled himself and pushed the covers right off the bed, letting them fall to the ground.

Then he delicately lifted Kirstie's right leg so it was slightly bent at the knee and let it fall gently outwards. Doing the same with her other leg, she was now spread eagled and Mark half climbed on to the foot of the bed between them, his face inches from her glorious pussy, close enough now to make out her folds and even her clitoral hood.

Reaching his trembling hands towards her, he delicately parted her lips and instinctively flicked his tongue at her exposed opening. He was licking Kirstie's pussy, he couldn't believe it!

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Getting closer still he gave it a longer lick before using his thumb to push back her clitoral hood and brush his lips against her tender, sweet bud. Suddenly Kirstie moaned, a slight murmur escaping her lips and she moved her head the other way, eyes still closed.

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Mark jumped up and was halfway towards the door when he noticed she hadn't woken. After spending a few seconds composing himself and reassuring himself she was still asleep, Mark knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and got back between her invitingly spread legs.

He continued to lick and nibble at Kirstie's pussy, encouraged when her juices started to flow. Kirstie may have been unaware what was happening but her body reacted to the steady probing of Mark's eager young tongue.

He'd seen enough pornos to know what to do and he flicked her tender clit with his tongue, burying his face in her warm folds as he tasted this beautiful young woman. Kirstie moved her head again as she moaned, a little louder this time, but Mark was too excited to stop. He reached his left arm up, running his hand up her body until he found her huge right breast, squeezing it roughly through the thin material of her chemise as he raised his eyes trying to see that amazing fleshy mound but finding himself unable to drag his mouth away from her warm inviting thighs and sweet pussy.

RRIIIIIIIIIINNGG!! Mark jumped to his feet as the doorbell rang, his heart skipping a beat as he hurriedly pulled down Kirstie's chemise, threw the covers over her and ran into the hall. Taking a few seconds to steady himself, he walked to the door as casually as he could and opened it.

An elderly gentleman with white hair and not a day under 60 was stood on the doorstep. Smiling politely he said: "Good morning young man, I am Dr Lewis.

I was told to stop by and see a Miss Lane." "Yes, please come in Doctor," said Mark, standing aside to let him in. "Thank you," said Dr Lewis as he entered. Turning to face Mark as he shut the door he said: "Are you feeling ok young man, you look a little flushed?" "Oh, um, well… it's just… I'm worried about Kirstie," stammered Mark, thinking on his feet as Dr Lewis smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't you concern yourself. I may not be her Doctor but I've treated many patients in my career, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of it. Now, where are your parents?" "Um, no parents… it's just me and Kirstie," said a slightly confused Mark, his heart still hammering in his chest. "I was told to wait and let you in." "I see," smiled Dr Lewis. He sure did smile a lot, thought Mark. He seemed a little patronising but harmless enough.

"Well, we can call them afterwards. For now, I'd better check on Kirstie." Mark smiled nervously and led the way towards Kirstie's bedroom. Call them later, what was he on about? Mark opened the door and walked up to Kirstie's bed with Dr Lewis right behind him, relieved to see she was still asleep. "Hmmmm, she's been tossing and turning I see by the state of these covers," remarked Dr Lewis as he set his bag down and sat on the bed beside Kirstie.

Mark nodded nervously.


"My goodness, she certainly does feel hot," said Dr Lewis as he placed his hand on her forehead. Kirstie groaned softly at his touch and moved her head.

Dr Lewis said: "Kirstie dear, can you hear me? Kirstie?" He picked up her arm and took her pulse. "Hmmmm. Kirstie, I'm Dr Lewis. I'm going to take your temperature, ok?" And with that he rummaged around in his beaten-up old doctor's bag and emerged with a thermometer. "She's not very responsive," said Dr Lewis gravely, "and I'm very concerned about her temperature. She's awfully warm." Turning back to Kirstie, Dr Lewis said: "Kirstie, open your mouth please and hold this thermometer in place for a couple of minutes.

Can you do that for me?" Kirstie just moaned again. "Kirstie, please, can you hear me. It's crucial I take your temperature." Still no proper response. Turning to Mark, Dr Lewis explained that he couldn't put the thermometer in her mouth if she wasn't fully conscious in case it choked her. "I'll have to take it rectally," he announced and stood up, dragging the covers off her. Mark's ears pricked up. Rectally?! "Oh, um, really? Oh, ok then." "You'll have to roll her onto her side please young man, I'm afraid my back isn't what it used to be." "Oh, um, ok," said Mark and he bent down, rolling Kirstie on to her left side so she was facing away from them.

Kirstie moaned again as Dr Lewis sat on the bed by her ass and casually lifted her chemise up, revealing her voluptuous round buns. Mark's dick began to twitch as he stared at her peachy ass. He was a little surprised Dr Lewis hadn't asked him to leave but he wasn't complaining as the Doctor carefully spread her cheeks and pushed the thermometer into Kirstie's tiny tight anus as gently as he could.

"Sorry Kirstie, this may smart a bit," said Dr Lewis as Kirstie moaned much louder this time, in obvious discomfort despite her spaced out condition. Mark stared admiringly at the curve of her hip and the flawless state of her supple flesh. How he'd love to be Dr Lewis, shoving that thermometer inside her, placing his hands on her round ass. After a minute or so Dr Lewis removed it and stared at the reading.

"Goodness me, that's astonishing," he exclaimed and rushed to his bag again, concern etched on his face. "What's the matter Doctor," asked Mark, his eyes transfixed on Kirstie lying helplessly exposed with her chemise still hitched up above her ass. "Boy, go and draw a bath immediately! Cold water only, no hot whatsoever! Your sister's temperature is dangerously high and we must get it down immediately!

Quickly now!" Sister? What was he talking about?! "Um, sorry Doctor? Whose sister?" "Do it now! Time is of the essence young man!" Mark was gobsmacked he thought Kirstie was his sister?! Silly old fool, thought Mark as he ran to the bathroom and turned on the cold faucet. No wonder he'd let him stay for the examination. Mark ran back to the bedroom while the tub filled up. "OK now, you'll have to carry her to the bathroom, I can't lift her.

Can you manage?" asked Dr Lewis. "Um, I guess," said Mark as he bent down and rolled Kirstie back onto her back. He glanced at her face, full lips slightly parted, her eyes shut tight, and noticed even now, wearing no make-up and looking her very worst, she was still strikingly beautiful.

Sliding his right arm under her knees Mark realised that in the panic nobody had pulled her chemise down and it was still up by her waist, her pussy exposed to him at close quarters yet again. His cock grew harder as he slid his other arm under her back and lifted her off the bed, her arms limply flailing and her head falling backwards as he felt her warm body against his stomach.

"OK, lead the way boy," said a flustered Dr Lewis, "let's get her in that tub double quick!" Mark started to walk towards the door carrying Kirstie like a rag doll and noticing with all the rolling and lifting that her bulging left breast was half out of her chemise, the mammoth tit straining against the thin material.

As he walked her breasts jiggled and wobbled and Mark kept his eyes on them the whole time, using his left fingers which were under her armpit to pull at the chemise, trying to expose her nipple.

The thin strap had long fallen off her shoulder and was hanging uselessly by her elbow. As he walked through the bathroom door her nipple finally popped out, a hard pink bud set amidst her large brown areola, and Mark had to stop himself from instinctively placing his mouth on it. Instead Mark lowered her body slightly so her hip rubbed against his dick and he pressed it against her bare skin, her chemise by now having ridden all the way up her waist.

He had slid his right hand on to her ass and had his palm flat against her butt cheek, feeling it's hot, soft smooth surface. How devastated Kirstie would have been to know her best friend's little brother was using her body without her knowledge for his sexual gratification, feeling her up and staring at her most intimate areas. Dr Lewis rushed by Mark to check the tub, which was directly opposite the door, and Mark stopped fondling Kirstie in case he noticed.

Dr Lewis, though, was so panicky there wasn't much chance of that. "It's not very full, this faucet doesn't have much pressure," complained Dr Lewis. "Nevertheless, put her in it now. Hopefully the cold water will wake her up a bit and cool her down." Mark did as the Doctor instructed and lowered Kirsty into the tub, her feet at the faucet end. But the water barely covered her legs it would take a while yet to fill up.

"Mmmmppph!" mumbled Kirstie as the freezing water brought her back to her senses somewhat, her eyes briefly flickering open before shutting again.

Instinctively she tried to get up and out of the tub but she was so weak she barely moved at all. "Kirstie, don't try to move, save your strength!" said Dr Lewis, still rather excitable. "You've a dangerously high temperature and I'm afraid this is necessary to bring it down." Kirstie opened her eyes again, blinking slowly and rolling her head in the direction of the voice.

She was still very groggy but was now at least more aware of her surroundings. "Don't worry dear," Dr Lewis said reassuringly, "I'm a Doctor, and your brother is here too." "Brother?" Kirstie thought, her brow furrowing as she tried to understand what was going on.

She managed to summon up the effort and opened her eyes, looking towards Mark, desperately trying to focus but it was hard to concentrate or think of anything else but the ice cold water.

Mark was still crouched at the side of the tub and sheepishly looked away, but was unable to stand up in case Dr Lewis or even Kirstie noticed his erect cock poking at his pants.

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Finally the penny dropped and Kirstie recognised Mark. "Hmmmmph! Hhhh nnnnt mmmm brrthrr," she mutterred as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on. She was ill and in an ice cold bath to reduce her temperature - ok. And a Doctor was here - ok too. But why was that creepy kid here? Why was he pretending to be her brother? Where was Sarah? The fact Kirstie was naked from the waist down and her left breast was half hanging out was hardly even noticed by Dr Lewis.

He'd seen nakedness all his life, it was routine when treating patients and amidst all this panic Kirstie's exposure wasn't even an issue, especially as he thought Mark was her brother. "Easy dear, don't try to speak," Dr Lewis said soothingly as Kirstie closed her heavy eyelids again.

"Young man," said Dr Lewis, turning to Mark, "I'm going to call ahead to the hospital so they're ready in case we need to take Kirstie in." Looking at the still low level of water, he added: "Swish the water around a bit and get her entire body wet, especially her head. I'll try and find some ice while I'm out there." "OK Doctor, the phone's in the lounge" said Mark and Dr Lewis nodded and left the bathroom.

Mark looked back down at Kirstie. Her chemise was still bunched up around her waist and he stared at her pussy once more, half of it submerged, doing what the Doctor told him and using his arm to splash the water on Kirstie's legs and up to her waist. Kirstie opened her eyes and saw Mark staring at her crotch. Following his gaze, she wearily noticed for the first time that she was only wearing her flimsy little chemise.

And as her eyes focussed she saw to her horror that her pussy was on view and Mark was gawking at it! Her stomach tightened. She felt utterly embarrassed, helplessly exposed and too weak to even pull her chemise down. "Nnnnn.

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Sttttp ttt. Ggg awwwwy," she muttered and Mark snapped back to his senses as he realised he'd been caught staring. Mark went bright red. "It's ok Kirstie, don't try to speak, um, erm, I'm just doing what the Doctor told me," he stammered, avoiding her gaze. "I've got to get your upper body and head wet, the water hasn't reached there yet." And he reached into the water by her arms, resting limply by her side, and splashed her stomach, the thin material of her chemise instantly becoming transparent.

"Nnnnngggg…!" said Kirstie as the cold hit her. She tried to get up again but it was no use. She ached all over and was helpless, her eyes closing once more. Mark was getting braver by the second as he realised Kirstie was totally powerless. He cheekily splashed water on her breasts, watching her exposed left nipple stiffen instantly as the icy water hit it. "Hhhhhnnnn…!" she exclaimed, moving her head to one side, eyes scrunched tight in pain. He cupped some water in his hand and placed it on her throat, rubbing his hand down her chest in between her massive cleavage, slipping her other strap off her shoulder and down her arm.

The chemise clung desperately to Kirstie's large right breast just above the nipple, erect and clearly visible beneath the transparent material.

Her left tit was by now totally exposed and hanging tantalisingly within Mark's grasp. He reached across and cupped it in his hand, feeling its full weight and slowly sliding his palm up and over her nipple, gripping Kirstie's breast tightly and watching her flesh squeezed between his fingers.

"Nnnnnngggg!" she protested and tried to raise her arm to get him off her but she was too weak. God, what is wrong with me, why can't I stop this? thought Kirstie. She felt as though she'd been drugged or had too much alcohol and it reminded her of a recurring nightmare she had where a monster slowly closes in on her and even though she could easily outrun him her legs are paralysed and only waking up saves her. Kirstie had never felt more humiliated in her life. Her head was pounding and she felt so utterly weak but Kirstie mustered the strength to open her eyes as Mark moved level with her chest and lifted the chemise off her other breast leaving her glorious rack completely exposed at last.

Mark paused to stare in admiration, noticing her erect nipples were the size of cigar butts.


His inhibitions totally gone, he grabbed a breast in each hand and leaned right over the edge of the tub, clamping his mouth down hungrily on her right nipple, sucking it and running his tongue around it while his other hand kneaded the soft flesh of her other huge tit.

"Nnnnnnnhhhhh, ssstttp, nnnnnngggg" cried Kirstie, barely able to open her mouth and utter her protestations as Mark ignored her, treating her like a piece of meat as he roughly fondled and groped her fantastic breasts. Not only had he finally got to see the tits he'd thought about for so long, he was actually playing with them!

He couldn't believe his luck! He was getting so into it Mark nearly fell in but caught himself just in time. Then grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her down the tub towards the faucets, dunking her head under the water to get her completely wet as the Doctor had told him, watching as her breasts bounced and swayed before lifting her back up.

"Waaaaaaah, spllhhgerf!!" Kirstie spluttered. She was a little more alert now as the ice cold water hit her face, her temperature falling by the minute.

"I can't find any ice," shouted Dr Lewis as he walked down the hall towards the bathroom. Quick as a flash Mark pulled Kirstie's chemise back up, covering her just as Dr Lewis entered the bathroom.

"How's she doing?" asked Dr Lewis. "A bit better I think," said Mark breathlessly. "I just dunked her." Kirstie was still trying to get the water out of her mouth and nostrils. "Dddddccctrshhpllff." "Good, good," smiled Dr Lewis, placing his hand on her forehead. "She's a little cooler but I'm still worried. Has she been able to move or talk properly yet?" "Um, no, she's pretty much out of it," said Mark casually as Kirstie opened her eyes and looked towards the Doctor.

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Just then the phone rang. Kirstie tried to speak but the Doctor said: "That'll be the surgery, I gave them your number. I must take this," and he got up to leave. "Nnnnooo, ddccccccttttrrr!" exclaimed Kirstie. Dr Lewis stopped at the door and turned round. "Good, you seem much more alert dear," he smiled, "your brother will take care of you for a few moments, I'll be right back." Kirstie groaned inwardly as he left once more, leaving her at the mercy of Mark.

He wasted no time. Dropping all pretences Mark ripped her chemise off her breasts once more before sliding his right hand beneath the water between her legs, reaching for her pussy. Kirstie tried to shut her legs but he easily forced them apart and she squirmed slightly as she tried to shake him off.

But she was still too weak and could only look on helplessly as he cupped her exposed cunt, rubbing up and down against her clitoris. Her eyes widened in pain and revulsion as he forced his middle finger between her lips and into her pussy, probing inside her, feeling her, and then shoving a second finger up her.

Mark was totally lost in the wonderful, powerful feeling of being inside this sexy young woman. Kirstie closed her eyes and a tear of humiliation trickled down her face as she lay utterly exposed.

She felt complete shame, her huge breasts hanging out, nipples erect and her most private, delicate area that she saved for her special someone being roughly abused by a horny kid. [Part two to follow]