Cheating My Wife WIth Her Female Best Friendle Best Friend

Cheating My Wife WIth Her Female Best Friendle Best Friend
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My First Cum Craving Weekend Once I started sucking guys off and getting fucked I was very basic and careful.

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Pretty soon after I realized I was a fetishist, and one of those fetishes was cum. I never knew why I hadn't swallowed yet or only had one facial. I had always loved girls in porn getting covered with cum and swallowing huge loads. So I decided I would swallow some cum.

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I was about 22 at this point, and one weekend I got really horny for cum. Little did I know how much I would end up getting. I started posting on craigslist that I wanted to swallow cum and I wanted it in public. I posted my usual stats 6' 180lbs slim athletic brown hair blue eyes.


I posted that I wanted married men, I hadn't really gotten much guys my age back then, I had a bit of a daddy fetish. I also figured married men stayed cleaner. I got a ton of responses as usual. Lots of married guys wanting to nut in a young guys mouth. The first guy agreed to meet me in a Home Depot parking lot in his car, I would pull up get in suck him off, eat my reward and go. He was married and only lived a few miles from the store, which I liked.

When I got there my heart was pounding. We looked at each other and nodded, I licked my lips when I could see he was jerking off. I kept looking around to see if anyone could see and no one was even paying attention. So I quickly got out and got in his truck.

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His dick was hard, shiny and about average size. He said "do you want it, Im close already." I said "really"?


Just then he started moaning and a spurt of cum shot out on my lap, as I quickly started to go for it another string went across my face, then I got my mouth on it.

As I did he said "oh fuck yeah." and I took about six more spurts in my mouth and swallowed. He apologized for it being so quick, I told him not to worry about it and got out and left. I had my first real taste of cum, but it wasn't enough.

I wanted to bring a cock to climax with my mouth, and I wanted a bigger load. When I got home I checked my emails and chose another married guy. He was a little older and not as good looking but he promised his load was big. We decided to meet in a parking lot of a restaurant. I got in his car and we pulled around to a empty parking lot.

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He was nervous and very discreet, but he did allow me to film it if I didn't show his face. When we parked it was broad daylight, as soon as we stopped he pulled it out.

It wasn't hard yet but getting there. I put my mouth on it and began sucking very aggressively, I really wanted a load of cum! He was moaning on and off, his cock was big and veiny, just the way I like them.

Just as I thought he was gonna cum He said "shit, some body is coming, some body is coming." I quickly sat up as he started backing out and I saw a regular guy walking by who was trying to pretend he hadn't saw us.

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As we drove around the corner he said "shit, I got cum on my shirt, thats why I wanted you to swallow, so I didn't have cum on me for my wife to see." I said " I didn't know you were cuming." I never felt or tasted his cum but I did see some on his shirt. As he dropped me at my car I did start to taste his load, but I wanted to feel it shoot in my mouth and fill it.

The next day I posted the same thing. This time I made sure it had been several days since he came and he said he always shoots huge loads. I had had my first gloryhole experience a couple of weeks earlier, when A crossdresser sucked me off in a porn arcade (which is a whole other story).

I have a gloryhole fetish too so I wanted to be on the sucking end this time. So me and this guy agreed to meet at the same place I had been sucked off. I waited in the booth and eventually he came. He had told me his dick was six inches but it was smaller then that, which really turned me off, but I had his dick hard already and as a guy I understand blueballs so I aggressively went at it so I could get to the next cock.

He started moaning very loudly, which I loved and blew a huge load in my mouth. I tried to swallow spurt after spurt. As I went to swallow he shot a string across my face. His cum also tasted really good. There was so much of it lining my mouth that I couldn't swallow it. When I went out to get more ones for the arcade I still had lots of cum in my mouth and the clerk knew and seemed disgusted, which I liked.

I went back and let the guy suck me off. When I told him his cum tasted so good he said he drank tons of pineapple juice, it was seriously good.

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But I wanted cum from a big cock, and still I wanted a bigger load. I went back to my email and found one more cock to suck. By now it was Sunday I had swallowed three loads, which was a lot for a young bi-curious suburban boy.

But I still wanted more. I found a guy who said He had not cum for 6 days, and sent a picture of his cock which was a huge shiny 8 inch long and wide veiny cock. We agreed to meet at a park that was known for gay cruising. We met in our cars but decided to do it in the park. So we walked into the park making small talk, once we got into a dark corner surrounded by trees I immediately dropped to my knees. This made him very excited.

He quickly unzipped and pulled out his nice dick. It was a little hard already but not very. Once I put it in my mouth it started getting hard fast, I could tell he had showered before because I could smell the soap, which I liked. He began getting very excited. He had originally told me it would take a while for him to cum, but all of the guys I had sucked off before came in minutes.

So I knew he would cum faster than he thought. I really started getting into it. I was trying all different techniques; I was twisting my hand around it as I pumped it in my mouth, I was licking the shaft as I was sucking. He then grabbed my head with both hands and began fucking my mouth hard and gagging me on it, which would make me moan, and he loved that.

Then I started applying pressure to the bottom of his cock with my bottom lip and that did it. He said " are you ready"? Before I could respond I felt and saw his balls lift and his cock swelled and I could feel the cum rush up his shaft and BOOM! My mouth was so full as he moaned and groaned my mouth was overflowing. There was so much cum I couldn't take it all and a bunch of cum came spilling out of my mouth.

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I was so overwhelmed with cum I coughed, it was so hot. After that fourth load I decided to take a break for a couple months. He and I ended up meeting up for a couple years after that.

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I don't do this anymore but a lot of times I want it so bad.