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Wicked doggy for milf xvideoscom follada oculta
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I had to part my lips from his. "Damn, how can your lips not be tired? We've been making out for ten minutes straight," I pondered, looking right at him, as I stood only a few inches in front of him. "Well, I'm sacrificing so I can make out with my pretty wife for as long as possible. If a little pain comes with it, I can deal with that. I would think you'd do the same for me." "Well, if you are committing to making our lips hurt, maybe you can make another body part feel good.

You know I'm your wife, now its not frowned upon if you want to feel me up or rub my bottom. They tend to actually like it when you touch them." He grinned and his hands slithered their way onto my buns. "So your butt is in fact aware that I'm feeling it at this very second?" I nodded.

"Oh, you are caressing it too? Damn, you can't stop kissing me and you wanna massage my bare butt too? Do you have a thing for me or something?" I wondered, as I felt his cock rub onto my stomach. "Well, as you said, you are my wife, and not to ruin the moment with a dirty thought, but I do have a hard thing for you." "Don't worry, I married you for your dirty mind," I reminded him, before I kissed him. "It wasn't your black hair, brown eyes, the fact that you are six inches taller than me or even this hard thing you refer to," I told him, before I snatched his member with both hands.

"Why'd you marry me? It wasn't for sex, even though you've always been a horny bastard. We only made love a handful of times before you proposed. Was it because of my blonde hair or my big hooters?" I asked, closing the gap between us completely and stroking his cock.

"I didn't marry you for any part of your body, but just because I fell for you three weeks into our relationship." "Damn, that's all it took, three weeks? I'm flattered, Dan, seriously," I chuckled. "Well, its true," he made clear, continuing to rub my butt cheeks. "After ten years and two kids, would you say you love me more now, than when you proposed?" His head turned to the shower only for a couple seconds.

"Why don't you come into the shower with me and find out, Carol," he suggested, taking his hands off my butt and stepping towards the shower. My lips went inside my mouth and my palms slid off his member. I smirked slightly and slanted my head down as I stood still for a few more seconds. "Hey." I looked over at him in our standard sized tub as he leaned out a bit and let his cock dangle around. "Care to join me?" he inquired, putting his hand out.

"I'd love some company." I took it immediately and went into the shower with him. As soon as I was in there, he pulled over the tan shower curtain and brought me to him.

"May I kiss you for an undetermined amount of time?" "Really, you wanna kiss me again, you don't want to have sex in the shower? Keep in mind, I'm horny, hot and you can't say 'No' to the woman you love most in the world." He slanted his head up slightly and his eyes drifted away. I raised my eyebrows and my hands found their way back onto his manhood.

My left hand tickled his balls, while the other stroked his wood. "Your hard thing seems to like the sex idea, so I recommend that you listen to it," I advised him, leaning towards him. I kissed his chest and left shoulder a few times as I rubbed his pecker the whole time, but he just stood there and tried not to respond.

"Oh, are you playing hard to get with me? That's very naughty, Dan," I warned him, shaking my head. My strokes never halted and I glared at him. "Oh, you are shaking now, could you be fighting the pleasure?" He began assaulting my face with his breath. "Yes, its coming isn't it? You are shaking, taking rapid breaths and now are you covering your face too?" "Fuck, that is good, Carol." "Then you can at least wrap your arms around me, can't you?" He fulfilled my order and kissed my neck and shoulder several times.

"Are you gonna cum for me?" "Maybe," he confessed, tightening his grip on me. I aimed his cock up and my head as well. We kissed each other over and over again as his nose attacked my lips. 'Wow, only three weeks? I'll be damned.' Then his lips abruptly came off mine.

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"Yes, you are gonna get your cum, sweetie." I backed away sightly, and glanced down at his member, while he put his hands onto his face.

His seed erupted straight up and got all over the top half of my body. He vibrated continuously the entire time and maintained a cheesing smile too. After he was done, he let out a deep breath. "Oh, shit, Carol, you haven't lost your touch. I'd never want another woman's hands to touch me," he endorsed me, slanting his head back to me. He maintained his hard cock and it poked me on the stomach.

"Great, I don't have to go to the tanning bed now that I have these cum marks on my tits, face and stomach," I told him, caressing my left boob. He just grinned, but he didn't show any teeth.

I brought my fingers from both hands to his cum covered chest. "This is a good look for you, Dan," I told him, rubbing in his seed with my other hand.

"Anything for you." "Anything at all?" He nodded his head. "Will you place your hands on the back of my head?" "Yes, I will." Then I casually lowered myself to my knees as his hands remained in place. "If I had to pick one body part, I'd say they were those eyes. Blue eyes that perfectly go with your blonde hair, and I love them," he mentioned, before granting my request. "That's technically two body parts," I reminded him, seizing his cock with my right hand.

"If you say so." "I do in fact," I replied, leaning towards his schlong. I slanted it up and rubbed my left check up against the head. "Oh, precum, Dan? Can't you hold it even for a minute?" I pondered, glancing at his face. His grin faded and he just took in a deep breath. I rubbed his johnson all over my face for a few minutes, but of course, it moved around as he twitched.

"Would you say that I'm already driving you nuts, Dan?" I giggled. "Something like that," he answered, viewing the white paint on the ceiling. "Will you please look at me?" He did and I blew him a kiss. "I love you," I mentioned, before I took his manhood into my mouth.

"Holy shit, I love you too, Carol. More than anything or anyone else in the world, I swear," he declared, covering his face with both hands. I went all the way back, taking his entire eight inch cock into my mouth. My hands were down on the floor behind his feet and had water hitting them. I continued to look at him as I managed to keep his entire dick in my mouth. 'Move your damn hands, I want to see your face as I pleasure you.' He refused to remove his hands.

'Okay, I'll play dirty,' I thought, before I began to thrust my mouth. He instantly dropped them both and I laughed slightly. He brought them back to the back of my head and he caressed it slowly. I was only thrusting my mouth a couple inches on his rod, but yet I still had him jiggling. Then I tilted my head back towards his crotch and closed my eyes. I used my tongue to slither around his dick a few times, but after that, I caressed the bottom of it. He blocked the water from hitting me, so I knew it my own perspiration flowing down my forehead.

Even at my slow pace, I found him loving it, from his moans, to his constant movements and everything else that made him enjoy the pleasure.

After a couple minutes, I leaned back and extracted his schlong. "You aren't done, are you?" "No," I answered, stroking his member again. "Maybe I'm playing a little hard to get too. I'm not just gonna suck on your cock nonstop until you cum. I'm gonna make you feel good, but you'll have to wait for your big payoff." We both grinned at one another for a few seconds and then I reinserted his dick into my mouth again.

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I immediately began thrusting my mouth again, but I was going back and forth about halfway with each thrust. His hands rose up above his head and he grabbed the curtain bar with both of them.

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We eyeballed one another again, but nothing was said. I also turned my head back and forth numerous times as well. 'He is losing it, he's got his fists clenched up around that bar. I got this hung man in the palm of my hand.' "Oh, you made me wait two years into marriage before you'd give me head, but it was worth the wait, baby. I fell in love with you all over again," he moaned. I glanced at him again.

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'He's gonna collapse.' I instantly ejected his member, stood up with him and moved the curtain. "I think you need to sit down," I warned him, bringing him out of the shower.


With the shower still running, I pushed him down onto the toilet and fell onto my knees. "I'll make you cum again and maybe you'll fall in love with me just a little bit more," I let him know, before I bent down and took his cock back into my mouth. A lot of water got onto the floor, but we didn't care. I began thrusting my mouth onto his pecker once again, but at a faster pace. His head leaned back onto the wall, but his hands made their way back onto the back of my noggin.

"Oh, only a loving wife would share her ever so silky lips with such a solid dick. One that I love more than life itself," he moaned, while breathing heavily. I slanted my head up slightly and grinned. I also felt the perspiration sliding down my body, but the taste of his precum and his dick itself, just made everything feel so great. He leaned forward slightly and his arms dropped down towards my tits that were dangling down.

"Those boobs are a nice touch too, sweetie. I fucking love you and everything you are, Carol: my hot and loving wife. What more could I ever ask for?" Then my hands floated up and came right to the base of his schlong.

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I held it as tightly as I could and his legs rose. His eyes closed again and his entire figure began vibrating, which made me shake as well.

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'I can make this man jiggle around and go nuts, I love that. What more could I ask for, Danny?' "Shit, my lady," he moaned, slamming his legs back down.

I extracted his member and leaned back somewhat. "Are you ready to shower me?" I inquired, stroking his pecker and looking at him with a puppy face. "Yes, sweetheart," he chuckled. I glanced back down at his manhood and watched it move around slightly as I kept rubbing it. "Here you go, angel," he muttered, before covering his face again. My eyes were wide open until the very second the first shot bombed my face.

"Oh, there is that cum," I said, just before he shot out some more. "You got it in my mouth too," I laughed, as I aimed it down towards my knockers. I swallowed what I could as he came on my breasts as well. "Oh, there is nothing more gratifying than the fact that I can get my thirty-five-year-old husband hard and get him off without missing a beat. It always feels so hot for like two seconds, and just turns ice cold immediately after that," I told him, standing up.

"And there is nothing more you could ask for, babe." I brought both of my hands to my melons and rubbed in his seed. "Who says having two kids slows a happily married couple down?" "No one, come here." I came to the side of him and sat down on his lap. I circled my arms around him and brought my face to his.

"Care to kiss your wife again?" "If you think I'm gonna turn that down just because you my cum on your lips, then you are crazy," he made clear, before he pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around me too. We made out for about ten minutes straight. A few tears formed on my face over the duration of our make out session and then I tightened my grip on him. He squeezed me tighter as well. "I can play that game too," he said, while still kissing me.

After another five minutes, I backed away a few inches. "My lips are tired, they were just sucking your rod and then we made out for fifteen minutes straight. You gotta let my elegant lips have a break." "Anything for you, but I'll still be kissing for undetermined amounts of time in the future." "Even if I have your seed on my lips?" He nodded.

"I take it back, your mouth is my favorite body part." "How about we actually wash each other now?" "I like that," he answered, pushing me towards his left side and lifting up my medium sized body. He carried me back into the shower.


"Damn it, the water is cold now." "Don't worry, you have your ravishing wife in here with you, so your cock won't go limp," I reminded him, before he put me down. "We don't need an expensive lifestyle or anything like that.

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We just need to each other, do we can make each other happy, physically and mentally speaking." "Good point, I love you, Carol," he told me, placing his hands onto my lower back. I placed my arms onto his shoulders and let my hands hang off. "I love you too, Dan," I replied, before I kissed him. Then we actually washed each other and didn't just let the water run, for a few minutes anyway.