Sie will es sehr schwer

Sie will es sehr schwer
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By seven o clock the next morning we'd packed up most of our possessions that couldn't easily be replaced in to three suitcases and headed in to the town centre. We stopped for breakfast in a café and at nine o clock we were through the front door of an estate agents looking for a new flat. With money not being a problem due to the earnings of Fiona especially and Alice whilst at Donald's warehouse I was able to purchase a three bedroomed apartment on the fifteenth floor of a new build plot right in the heart of the city overlooking the new shopping complex that was full of shops, restaurants, a casino and a few bars.

The apartment was well overpriced at £400,000 but I had money to burn and purchased it with my card. We got the keys and went there instantly in a cab leaving the estate agent with a massive smile on his face as he sorted out the necessaries. One thing that was an added bonus was the fact it came fully furnished as an offer to shift the place.

"Right you two, here's a credit card. Go out in to town and treat yourselves to a complete new wardrobe, but make sure all underwear you buy is top quality and sexy. Your both having a couple of months off from your normal 'duties' as well so take the time to chill out and relax because like I say it's only a bit of time off. I'm going to get myself some new clobber" With that I left them in the apartment and headed out hailing a cab right outside and telling him to head to a village seven miles out of town to a shop owned by my step uncle and his wife my step auntie I suppose.

Now I hadn't seen or been to their shop in about two years but I had heard that they were now selling some really good designer gear and I thought that maybe being near enough family I'd wangle myself a bit of discount.

But before that let me give you a bit of background on my auntie and uncle. When my old dear got with her new fella I'd of been around fifteen my new stepdad had a brother called Mark who was about thirty at the time and he'd just found this new women called Emma who was about twenty seven. To be honest I didn't really like Emma because she was so stuck up her own arse because she came from a well off family and she thought she was better than most around her.

She was average looking to, maybe five foot eight with long shoulder length brown hair and a fairly rounded arse. She never seemed to dress in tight fitting tops so guessing the size of her tits was pretty hard but I thought maybe 34c/d was about right.


Anyway they went on to have two kids by the time she was thirty six and they'd came in to some money and opened up this shop selling expensive gear. The transformation in Emma was bloody amazing, after her second child she'd made a huge effort to shed her baby fat and had slimed down to a sexy curvy size 12.

Her breasts had grown during pregnancy and retained and extra size even after weight loss. The added factor that she was now loaded and she'd bagged herself a big five bedroom house, nice car and four holidays a year just added to her thought of greatness above others. On the odd time I had used their shop she'd sorted out her presentation and regularly wore dresses that finished just above the knee showing off her lovely tanned and toned legs and all seemed to have plunging necklines that showed her breasts and cleavage and even a hint of bra.

She was in all essence now a milf in every sense of the word. At the last family party about three years ago when she'd of been about thirty eight and myself twenty four she'd been sitting close to me on the sofa in the snug at my step- grandparents and I saw a different side to her once she was full of drink. Emma had turned in towards me and her right breast had been rubbing my arm and it was impossible for me not to see right inside her gaping dress.

She saw me looking and ran her left hand up my left leg and didn't stop until it was on my crotch, she held it there for a good ten seconds and then moved it and smiled before getting up to leave. That was the last time I'd seen her. I entered their shop which was a small place just off the main road in a nice little courtyard with three other little shops; she saw me as soon as I entered as she was stood talking to a customer near the rack of clothes near the entrance.

She didn't say anything but just smiled a little sheepishly. As I walked further in to the shop I found Mark sat at the desk. "Oh hi" he said standing up and offering me his hand.

"Long time no see, how's things?" "Yeah I'm all good thanks Mark, your right it has been a long time it must be nearly three years at the party" I said raising my voice slightly so that Emma could hear not eight feet behind me. "Yeah you're probably right there, how time flies. What can I do ya for anyway?" "Just after some new clothes to fill my new wardrobes in my new pad" "Oh where you living now then?" "Just bought one of those three bed apartments in the new complex opposite the new shopping and entertainment park in town" "Crikey they don't come cheap" Mark said as I walked over to a rack of shirts in the opposite corner to Emma so that I was looking towards her.

"No" I said loudly and noticed Emma look over briefly "Cost me a cool four hundred grand" "Bloody hell you won the lottery or something!!?" Mark said laughing Again I noticed that the money obsessed Emma was half listening to her customer and half listening to me so I continued bragging about my new found wealth; although I thought it best I leave out the fact all the money has been made from whoring out my mother and sister in law.

"Yeah I've had three great years and got a whacking great bank balance to show for it" again Emma looked over. I sort of looked at the clothes on the rack in front of me but also cast my eye over Emma. In the three years she had kept her new slimmer figure intact and her appearance was pristine; her makeup was done and she wore subtle pink lipstick. Her hair was in a nice short bob which made her look a couple of years younger and her clothes were expensive.

Her legs were tanned like she'd recently come back from sunning herself and she wore a pair of white expensive heels. When she finished with her customer she walked towards the desk.

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"Hi" was all she said as she popped behind the desk and pushed herself past the curtain that hung hiding the backroom and kitchen/toilet facilities. She still liked to wear low cut dresses and the one she had on today was no different because as she walked by her cleavage was quite clearly visible as was the white frilly pattern on the top of her bra.

I spent a good half hour and selected over five hundred pounds worth of jeans, jumpers, t-shirts a coat and some trainers; I made sure Emma was at the till as I handed her the money in crisp notes I'd earlier withdrew at the bank across the road. She loved the feel of money in her hand and spent a little longer than necessary counting it out and putting it in the till. "Is there anything else you need?" asked Mark looking pleased as punch I'd just filled his till in one shopping spree.

I'd noticed a nice jumper that wasn't in my size and so I had an excuse to come back I asked Mark if there was any more in my size, after checking out back he came back empty handed.

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"We don't have any at the minute but I can get my supplier to bring one over tomorrow" he said being overly helpful. "I won't be here but Emma is here all day so just call in after eleven and she'll be able to sort you out" I looked down at Emma as he finished his sentence and smiled "Oh that'll be lovely I'll see you tomorrow then Emma" and with that I left with my bags full of shopping.

The next morning I drove over and swung in to the parking at the rear of their shop as I knew that Mark's spot would be free as he told me he was away for the day.

I flicked the alarm on and walked round the front and entered the shop at around quarter past eleven. Emma was just showing some shirts to an old fella so I perched on the edge of the desk and waited looking her up and down as she expertly talked the customer in to buying the new expensive shirt.

Today Emma was wearing a button up red blouse that conveniently only had buttons to just above the middle of her breasts, although she had the blouse buttoned correctly the top of her tanned boobs were still on show and through the thin material of the blouse the lacy design of her bra could be seen.

Her hair and makeup was again immaculate. She was wearing a thin pencil skirt that finished just above the knee and hugged her bottom and thighs and it was obvious that she was either wearing a thong or no knickers at all, as her knicker line wasn't visible. She'd finished her outfit in the same expensive shoes that she wore yesterday. I let her finish up with the customer and eventually we were alone in the shop, with it being a Tuesday morning I didn't envisage it being to busy so assumed we'd be alone for a little while at least.

"Shall I get you your jumper" Emma said walking towards me. "It's out the back I won't be a minute" I'd positioned myself so that she would have to squeeze by me to get out the back and as she pushed passed me her right breast brushed against my shoulder and I dropped my leg blocking her path and making her stop.

She was now stood between my legs right close to me as the gap between the desk and wall wasn't that big, maybe three foot.

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As I was leaning on the desk with my bum she was standing looking down towards me her tits almost level with my face. I reached round behind her and grasped her wonderful arse in both my hands pulled her towards me a little more making chest come even closer to my face and held her their a moment and then pushed her back. I smiled and then replied. "Yeah my jumper would be good Emma" and I moved my leg so she could pass and she disappeared behind the curtain. I quickly got up and turned the shop sign to closed and slid the bolt at the top across locking us in.

"What are you doing?" I turned and saw Emma standing their behind the desk with my jumper in her hand and a concerned look on her face. I didn't reply to her question and casually walked back towards her and round to her side of the desk and took the jumper I was going to buy from her hands and threw it on to the desk. "What are you doing?" she asked again "Can you remember the last time we saw each other before yesterday Emma?" "At the party" "Yes and can you remember doing this?" I said reaching forward and grabbing her left hand, the one she'd used three years ago to stroke my leg and cock and moved it directly on to my dick that I knew she'd be able to feel through my tracksuit bottoms without my boxers on.

"Do you remember stroking my leg and grabbing my cock?" "I…&hellip.I……vaguely remember; but I was only messing around" "What you were doing was being a dirty prick tease Emma by showing off your tits and grabbing my dick" "No&hellip.No…I wasn't" "Look at you yesterday and today dressed with your tits nearly out, your just a prick tease" I said moving her hand up and down the length of my dick until I could feel it twitch in to life and it stiffen a little.

I continued moving her hand on my cock until it had grown and was straining against my tracksuit bottoms. "There is only one way to deal with a prick tease Emma, do you know what that is?" "No" she replied her hand now gripping my dick rather than just stroking it as it continued to fight against my trackies.

"Well I've found the best thing to do is give them some prick" I watched as her expression changed ever so slightly. "So Emma this is what's going to happen; in a minute I'm going to release your hand and you're going to use both hands to pull my bottoms down exposing me cock" She began shaking her head but didn't try to pull her hand away.

"This is not up for discussion Emma this is what's going to happen. You're then going to unbutton your blouse and pull the front of your bra down exposing your wonderful tits after that you will unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor around your ankles.

Once you've done that you will bend forward and rest your hands on my thighs before taking me in your mouth and from then on we'll see what happens" I held her hand for another ten seconds on my now raging cock and didn't take my eyes from hers. I then slowly released her hand and she stood up straight looking at me and the large tent in my grey tracksuit bottoms. This awkward moment seemed to last ages but in reality was probably about fifteen seconds. Emma reached forward and with both hands pulled the front of my tracksuit bottoms down, I had to lift my bum off the desk for them to go the whole way and my cock was now free; fully erect and solid as a rock.

Emma looked at it and said "Oh my it's so thick" She then unbuttoned her blouse without looking and not once did she take her eyes from my thick solid dick. As she let her blouse fall open I saw her expensive lace red bra cupping her tits just before she pulled the front down letting her gorgeous breasts fall out. They were a fantastic size and shape, still fairly pert and only dropped a little so not bad considering her age. Her areola was pretty small in comparison to Fiona's and a lot pinker.

Her nipples were small and delicate and a lot more round compared to Fiona's bigger squarer cubes. My dick seemed to grow again as she unzipped her skirt letting it fall round her ankles in a heap.

Her thong matched her bra and through the see through material a strip of pubic hair was visible as were the outline of her cunt lips. "Just open your legs a little bit" She did as I asked and opened as much as she could with her feet somewhat restricted by the skirt and now the bottom of her thong was able to be seen and the material disappeared ever so slightly between the lips at the bottom of her pussy.

I looked up and smiled at her and I knew from her face that she knew I could see the little dark patch of material right at the bottom of her thong. The prick tease was moist.

"Well" I said looking at my cock. Emma didn't need telling twice I knew full well that she wanted some cock and she leant forward placing her hands on my thighs to steady herself before leaning over and opening her mouth.

Her lips touched my helmet and I let out a little moan of my own to show my appreciation and her mouth widened as she realised that she would have to open wide to accommodate my thick cock. Once she'd stretched her mouth to new limits she sunk lower taking half of my cock before gaging and coming up for a breath.

She caught her breath and went straight back to it settling in to a nice steady bobbing rhythm that I was really enjoying until the door rattled. "Shit" Emma said lifting her head a little as she saw a bloke try the door again and then peer between the posters trying to see in.

from the desk where we were there was a few clothes rails so we couldn't directly be see but from the main windows people would be able to look between the few shirts that were hanging there and get a bit of a better view but not a complete view.

"Can we go out back please?" "Not just yet suck me for another three minutes and then we'll go out back" She took me back in her mouth and sucked me like mad and I could see that she was a little panicked but there was no other attempts on the door and after a couple of minutes I lifted her up and she stepped from her skirt heading towards the back.

"Hold on" I said pulling her back and bending her forward on the desk. "I changed my mind we'll stay here a while longer" "Please this is our business" "Your only business at the minute is my cock Emma" I hooked my fingers under the thin read elastic of her thong just near the love heart emblem in the middle at the back and pulled them from between her cheeks and away from her cunt.

As i bent down in order to lift her feet from her knickers my face was only inches from her fantastic hairless pussy; I stopped for a moment and admired her perfect puffy cunt lips and smooth anus, they looked absolutely delicious and already I could smell her sweet aroma from the moisture that had already oozed from between her folds.

I then thought about the first time I fucked Fiona and how over the first few weeks I had to educate her about shaving her pussy and keeping it nice and smooth, Emma on the other hand was already doing this as she was the sort of person that knew all about image and looking after herself; a nice clean shaven cunt was standard practice for this prick tease.

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Once she'd stepped from her red thong I stood up and screwed it into a ball in my hands and launched it towards the window display, Emma jumped up on to her hands on the desk and watched her thong fly through the air towards the window area and she called me a stupid bastard and tried to stand up and push past me out the back. "Fucking get back on that desk we haven't finished here yet" she leant back down on her hands and looked over at the thong that had landed on the corner of one of the shelves in the window and was hanging down slightly, anybody looking in would see it if they looked around the whole window.

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"You fucking prick" she said in an angry voice but didn't try to move again. I then stood behind her and began rubbing my hands over her beautiful arse cheeks every now and then letting my hand rub across her puckered anus and her damp lips, after a few minutes I began letting my forefinger work its way between her folds feeling her wetness more and more on my finger until my finger found her entrance.

She let out a little moan as I pushed it in and I was surprised at how tight her pussy still was after having two kids, I knew Emma worked out and presumed she'd of done everything possible to keep herself nice and tight.

Whatever she'd done it had worked as her cunt walls gripped my finger as I pushed it completely in. I worked her hole about ten times and then added my middle finger to the mix and pushed it inside again making her moan as I mashed my fingers around working her open as she began to get wetter and wetter. I decided to go straight in with the next step just to see how Emma would react so I let a bit of spit fall from my mouth right in to the dip created between her cheeks on to her tightest hole.

She didn't even flinch so using my other hand I sucked it in my mouth and then pushed it against her anus. "What the fuck are you doing?" she said spinning her head around "Have you ever had anything in your arse Emma?" "No&hellip.and I'm not going to either!" she scowled "Ok" was all I said letting her think she'd put me off and went back to fingering her now soaking cunt that had loosened nicely and was now taking my two fingers quite easily.

"Turn around and suck me again" I said and leant back against the wall waiting with my cock pointing angrily in the air with a string of precome hanging from my helmet. She turned around but found that she had to stand with her bum sticking out to the right in clear view of the window. "Go further that way" she asked or almost tried to tell me. "No here's fine" I said pulling her face towards my cock and ramming my dick between her lips forcing her to open wide and suck me deep in to her throat.

Again the door rattled as a customer tried it and again Emma tried to pull away but I held her in place with a hand on either side of her pretty face and the customer instantly went away leaving us in piece yet again. I enjoyed my dick in her mouth for another five minutes and then I pushed her off and told her that I wanted to fuck her.


"Let's go in the store room" "No we'll go in there" I said pushing her across the shop in to the small changing room. In the corner of the changing room was a little stool and with a little bit of manoeuvring Emma was soon sat back on it with her arse resting on the edge and by leaning back slightly she was able to lift her legs and hold them herself with her wrists behind her knees. Like this her pussy was opened up and access was very easy and from the angle I'd be driving in to her from I'd be getting nice and deep too.

I crouched down a little by bending my knees and leant forward using the back of the cubicle to lean against with my hands. My thick cock moved within an inch of her wet glistening hole. "Stop" she said "Shut the curtain" "I don't think so, nobody can see properly from out there" which was true nobody could so I pushed forward letting my big helmet push against her lips and I watched them part and slide over my dome and down my shaft as her tight cunt gripped me.

"OH MY FUUCCKKINNNNG GOD" she began to say through gritted teeth and sharp breaths "YOUR COCK IS SO THICK……"OOOOOOOOHHH YES YES……&hellip.DON'T STOOOP…&hellip.PLEASSSSE DON'T STOOOOOP…………&hellip." I fully filled and stretched Emma's hole and stopped when my pubic bone ground into hers, I held myself inside her for a good minute looking in to her eyes all the time and at her perfect hard pink nipples.

"Has Mark's cock ever filled your pussy like this Emma?" "No" she said looking ashamed "Have you ever cheated on Mark before?" "No" she said looking even more ashamed "But you like being a prick tease don't you Emma?" "Yes" "Today won't be the last time you cheat on Mark will it Emma?" "No" "And do you know why that is Emma?" "Yes" "Tell me" "Because I'm going to fuck you again" "That's right Emma I will fuck you again and many times after do you understand that, now ask me to fuck you hard" "Please fuck me hard" With that I withdrew and slammed back in her hole and she screamed the bloody shop down as my pubic bone banged hers over and over as my dick drove deep in to her hungry hole.

"That's right Emma I will fuck you again and many times after do you understand that, now ask me to fuck you hard" "Please fuck me hard" looking straight into my eyes and the unmistakeable look of lust was in her eyes and I was without doubt sure she wanted my come inside her that very afternoon.

With that I withdrew and slammed back in her hole and she screamed the bloody shop down as my pubic bone banged hers over and over as my dick drove deep in to her hungry hole; and I didn't stop my assault on her for a good eight or nine minutes when her moans and groans turned in to short sharp intakes of breath and tiny little squeals. "OH SHIT I'M COMMMING" she said her voice faltering as I put a bit of extra force in to my thrust so that I was really hitting her spot hard and again Emma squealed and screwed up her pretty face.

"I'M GOING TO COMMMMMEEE…………ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH UMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHH" She tried to clamp her thighs together as her whole body tightened and her cunt gripped my cock as her orgasm began to rip through her body; id pinned her legs back as far as her knees would allow as they hit the cubicle walls and I forced my meat deep inside her hole as I fucked her hard and deep through the entirety of her orgasm that seemed to last for over a minute.

Her eyes remained closed the whole time and face was screwed up with only her lips open slightly as she continued her short sharps breaths. Once I could feel that her legs had stopped shaking and her body began to loosen up as the intensity of the orgasm left her body I slowly released her legs so she could wrap them around my back and I slowed my pace down just giving her half my cock for a minute or so until I removed it completely leaving her hole gapping and soaking wet.

The skin all around her pussy hole and around her anus was now glistening in the bright shop lights from all the juice that had seeped from between my dick and her extremely puffy pink lips as her cunt had released itself during her minute long orgasm. I looked down at her and she smiled and then sat up on the stool and pulled me forward opening her mouth to accept my dick in to her very willing mouth.

She slurped away on my cock for a couple of minutes and then I was ready to fill her pussy again so pulled her up and led her from the cubicle across the desk, only this time she didn't seem as bothered about walking in view of the window if only for the briefest of moments.

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Once at the desk I had her lift her right leg up onto the edge and then pushed her forwards squashing her breasts in to the wooden top. "Reach round and pull your pussy open Emma" she did as I asked and her swollen lips opened and the gapping entrance id vacated moments earlier was there and as inviting as before.

I edged forward and easily slide my thick six and a half inches back inside her cunt for yet another hard fuck session. As I boned my dick in to Emma the door again was tried by two people at the door who glanced at the sign and walked away, Emma didn't even flinch this time as she seemed too engrossed in fuck herself back on to my shaft and moaning like a whore. From where we were Emma was not visible but would be and I was able to watch the window and door but people just passed by.

I gave Emma everything I had during those next fifteen minutes and was happy with myself when I again felt her body go tense and her cunt muscles grip tight as her second orgasm ripped through her body and she let out a long high pitched squeal followed by a long moan.

This orgasm didn't last as long but I could feel the moisture around my cock increase so I pulled out and watched as her juice almost cascaded from her pussy and down her thighs. Emma looked back as if to say why is my cunt empty so I filled her up again much to her satisfaction as a big smile spread across her face.

"When you come make sure you come deep inside me, I want your come so bad" she said which took me a little by surprise considering she was still young enough for babies with Mark; so I had to assume she was on the pill or could no longer have kids.

Either way whether she'd of asked for my spunk in her pussy or not little did she know that's where I was going to dump it anyway. Emma got her wish about three minutes later when I drove in to her cunt and went up high on my toes and blew my full nuts in her pussy. My dick spewed about a gallon of the stuff it felt like and after five or six twitches and spurts my cock was spent and I let it slide from her saturated pussy with a huge stream of my gooey white sperm following.

I made sure Emma held her position for a moment and watched my spunk start to fall from her entrance in a long strand until it got to heavy and dropped to the floor between her legs.

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I then let her stand up and turn around before pushing her to her knees and feeding my dick in to her mouth so that she could clean me up whilst getting a little taste of my semen. Once I was all cleaned up and all the come was drained from my balls I stepped away and got dressed. With Emma still on her knees I passed her my phone. "Put your number in there for me and store it under whore Emma" she gave me my phone and she'd done as asked.


"What days is Mark away from the shop?" I asked. "Always today and Thursdays, Fridays he's away but Nicole is in with me" "Nicole, is she a prick tease too?" I said whilst laughing "Maybe, I don't really know" I wasn't expecting Emma to answer or why she really did but I let the thought sink in to my over active sexual brain anyway.

"Right I'm off Emma I take it you don't want any money for the jumper?" I said picking it up from the desk near her head. "No of course not" she said beginning to get up and look for her clothes, except her knickers until she had dressed.

"Just one more thing" I said digging out my phone and dialling her number. Her phone rang seconds later somewhere out the back and I clicked end call. "Make sure you answer when I call ok?" "Yes of course" With that I left the shop turning the sign to open as I left.