Veronica Avluv Gets Off On A Black Cock

Veronica Avluv Gets Off On A Black Cock
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I was both blessed and cursed to marry a good woman. Blessed, because she is the old fashioned type who would never dream of cheating.

Cursed, because when it came to sex she was very conservative and not very experimental. In the five years we've been married, I've come to know most of her turn-ons and turn-offs, and I know exactly which things she loves and which ones she hates.

Much to my dismay, one of her biggest turn-offs has been the one thing I wanted to do with her more than anything else. Anal. This is something I know I share with a lot of married men, but I am here to share the story of exactly how I turned my conservative wife into my anal slut.

My wife loved to do it doggie style, as long as my cock stayed away from her tight, little virgin asshole. Usually when I was doing her from behind I'd act like I was rubbing her ass, but actually I was just spreading her cheeks so I could imagine I was fucking in the ass.

However, if my hands strayed to close to her crack, at best I would get reprimanded, at worst I'd "ruin the mood".

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As a guy I'd always listened to the guy who told the story about how he pretended he "just slipped". I can say with an almost 100% guarantee that that guy was lying. So for five years I was reduced to sniffing her panties or waiting until she went to sleep and sniffing her ass.

To some of you this might sound weird or even gross, but as long as the ass is clean the smell is like a pussy but even better. On Christmas Eve things changed, and hopefully what I did will work for you too. She wasn't "in the mood" but I was and I was determined to get her that way.

I started off with a back rub, but let me warn you to be careful with this. (If you do too good a job you're wife will fall asleep and you'll have to jerk off in the bathroom.) But a back rub IS a good method to get your wife naked and relaxed, which is a good way of getting her horny.

When she was good and relaxed, I stopped rubbing and started tracing the tips of my fingers very lightly over her naked body. I was just barely touching her. (Be careful to avoid any ticklish spots!) Several minutes of this has almost never failed to get my wife in the mood, and if your just wanting sex this is a pretty good way.

If you want more, then don't stop there.

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She wants you to touch her more, but you keep teasing with this gentle, half tease half massage technique. Teasing stokes the fire better than anything I've ever found. Before long she had rolled over on her back and was trying to pull me on top of her, but I just smiled and started teasing her front.

I ran my finger tips gently over her nipples, down her stomach and then over her pubic hair, but I didn't go in for the pussy yet. Just let her think I was going there. (If you had patience and done your job right, now she will have her eyes closed and may even cum a little without you ever having touched her clit.) I kept going, running my fingers down her legs, then back up her body, brushed passed her nipples and then over her lips.

At once she was sucking on my finger, and I knew I was going to score big because she has never been much of a woman for giving blowjobs. My first instinct was to stick my dick in her mouth and let her suck me off, but I wanted more. As she sucked my finger, my other hand went to the breast farthest from me and my mouth went to the closest one. I playfully flicked my tongue over one nipple while I gently caressed the other with the tips of my fingers. She moaned and attacked my finger like a starving person with a hotdog.

I know without a doubt I wouldn't have lasted two minutes the way she was sucking. Finally I took my finger away and went back to rubbing her body again, only this time I was licking and sucking her nipples. This time when my fingers caressed her pubic hair her hips thrust as she cam big time, and still I hadn't touched her pussy.


As soon as I knew she was cumming, I attacked. I gently bit her nipple (you can bite harder once she's ready, but go too soon and you'll mess things up) and slid two fingers inside of her.

At once she was screaming. I started finger fucking her throbbing pussy, and found the top of her clip with my thumb. I had just gotten my fingers into her pussy and she was already dripping juices on the bed. Then, while she was still cumming I pulled my fingers out and started to kissed her.

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As we kissed, my hands once again found her breasts, and it was time to grope them. Then she was pushing me down, and I obliged. I found her clit with my tongue, and as I started to lick that special spot, I shoved to fingers back inside her. Some guys don't like to eat pussy, but I love it. I could spend hours down there.

But I was starting to come up with my plan. I stayed down there about fifteen minutes, and then worked my way back up, licking her stomach then her nipples. I ran my hands up her body too, and then put the fingers that had been inside her near her mouth. She attacked them again. I rolled her over onto her side, and moved into a side-by-side sixty nine position, and she didn't disappoint.

She wrapped her legs around my head, and then started sucking my cock.


I had to stop eating her pussy twice and make her stop so that I didn't blow my load in her mouth. When I finally knew I couldn't take it any more, I told her to get on her knees.

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I got behind her and just pressed the head of my cock into her pussy, and then I dropped down and started licking her pussy from behind. I'd never tried this before, but apparently it works very well. I slid my tongue inside her pussy, and started rubbing her clit with my finger. She was begging for it, but instead I slid fingers into her again and finger fucked her.

Then the opportunity presented itself. She was relaxed and on her knees, but I knew what would happen if I tried to stick my cock in her ass. Instead I kept rubbing her clit and started licking her pussy from top to bottom (I guess its actually the other way in that positon).

Every time I'd get my tongue just a little closer to her ass crack, and finally I went all the way. She moaned and jumped, so I kept doing it. Then she was pressing her ass back into my face.


I moved my tongue up, and started licking her asshole, my whole face buried in her crack. Then she pulled away, and between deep breaths she whispered, "No, quit.

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That's gross." "Does it feel good?" I asked, still rubbing her clit. "Oh gods yes." So I went back to licking and sucking on her asshole. She moved her body just right that her cheeks spread perfectly for me. She moaned and gasp for breath. I slid a finger up her ass and rubbed her hole. "Please I need to feel it," she gasp. I gently slid my finger into her and she moaned. I slid another finger into her pussy, and could actually feel them from inside her ass.

"No, fuck me in the ass please." After five years I finally had the green light, and I wasted no time. I found her asshole with the head of my cock, and pressed against it. (Go slowly, because you don't want to hurt her or you'll never get it again!) I lowly pushed more and more until finally her ass opened and swallowed my cock.

I only fucked her in the ass for a few moments before both of us cam big time and collapsed into the bed. But she's asked for it in the ass at least once a week since then. It takes patience, but you too can fuck your wife in the ass if you follow these steps.