Pornstar kinsley Anne begs for more black dick from a rapper after concert

Pornstar kinsley Anne begs for more black dick from a rapper after concert
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I'm trying to get all of these done quickly for y'all. I am hoping that it helps grow a fan base. So once again I am typing this on my iphone! But that doesn't mean it won't be amazing. I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors, as I said this is being done from my phone so I miss a few things in my proofreading.

Please let me know what you guys think. Good or bad. Also I thought I would let you know that "The Genie Chronicles" and "The Succubae Seduction" were the two series that really inspired me to start posting some public stories, if you like my story you will love theirs. Both series can be found on XNXX. With that out of the way, here is: Chapter 4 === === Rebecca felt much better after the fresh wave of energy that Nathan dumped deep within her slit. Nathan had dosed off, obviously tired from today's events, but she was awake, still resting her head on his shoulder as she had been the last few hours.

She was still wondering exactly what was going on with Nathan, he was good hearted, so Rebecca knew that he would never order her to do anything that would hurt her. Yet, after thousands of years of doing whatever she wanted, this felt like slavery.and what was even more troubling was how hot she was getting at the prospect of someone owning her. Rebecca decided that she would find someone to give her some answers and would bring it up to Nathan after he woke up, which wouldn't be much longer.

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked down at the cock she had recently enhanced. She was hungry for it again. Not only did the mental like she shared with Nathan make her want his dick all the time, but with the subconscious mental nudges she has been giving him, Nathan has become quite the lover. She used her new power to slowly lift herself up off of Nathan so that he did not wake up, and rearranged her beautiful body closer to his cock.


Lucky for her Nathan had fallen asleep on his back. A quick glance at the clock told her it was almost time for him to wake up anyway. She was perched between Nathan's legs, her arms down on either side of his waste holding her up.

With Nathan's cock inches from her face. A quick thought turned off the alarm clock blinking on the night stand next to the bed. She had a much better way to wake him up. A little more magic and his cock stood at full attention. Slowly she licked the tender part just beneath the tip. He didn't move, Nathan was a heavy sleeper. She opened her mouth wider and stuck her tongue all the way out and licked from the baseball the way to the top with the whole of her tongue, much like the way you would lick Ice-cream.

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This caused Nathan to stir a bit, but beep breathing told her that he was still fast asleep. Rebecca let her mouth fall onto his massive member to about half way before closing her lips around it and sucking her way back up to the tip. When she reached the top she applied plenty of pressure with her tongue to the soft underside and slid her mouth back down all the way to the base. She felt the last few inches of his cock slip into her throat and was satisfied this would wake him up and simply stayed at the base, allowing her throat to contract around his sensitive head.

Nathan felt an amazing sensation that quickly woke him up, cracking his eyes open and glancing down to see the beautiful Rebecca with her lips locked around the base of his cock. She had his entire member buried in her throat and the pulsing felt wonderful.

Nathan quickly thought that he would choke her before remembering that she was a magical being. "Good morning" Nathan said with a smile. Rebecca responded with a long moan that he felt vibrate his shaft, and she smiled.

The best she could with a huge cock into her mouth. Sucking her way back up his cock slowly so that Nathan would feel it, she let he cock pop out of her mouth with an audible sound. "Good morning Nathan, I hate alarm clocks, don't you?" It was obviously a rhetorical question because right after she went straight back to sucking his cock. But if this is how he was to wake up every morning he made a mental note to throw away his alarm clock.

Rebecca continued her wake up call, moving her mouth around his cock, each and every thrust she went all the way up and all the way back down againnever allowing for a pause in stimulation. She knew he wouldn't last long, not many could. She soon added slurping sounds and soft moans to help him along, and reached one hand to gently caress his balls. This sent Nathan over the edge and Rebecca soon felt his warm, salty seed till her mouth, she quickly slammed her lips back down to be base and swallowed again and again to collect the precious liquid.

"Oh fuck yes" was all Nathan could manage as Rebecca swallowed every drop of cum and came up only to lick his cock clean. "Thank you master, I feel wonderful now" Rebecca said with a smile, loving the wave of power she could now feel deep within her. "We should probably get cleaned up for work" Nathan tried to move but his still rock hard cock was in the genies hands. His dick didn't hurt at alland he didn't feel an drain on his libido. His wish had workedbut he still needed to get to work on time.

He tried to will his cock to go down, but to no avail. Rebecca sensed that he didn't want to be late so she got up and went into his bathroom to start she shower. "Let's get cleaned up" Rebecca called from the bathroom. Great, a hot shower with a gorgeous brunette should help with my massive erection. Nathan thought to himself. He was beginning to wonder if his last wish was a good idea.

After an uneventful shower his boner eventually went away. Nathan dried himself off and walked to his closet to get his suit on. "Do you think it's a good idea to drive the lambo to work? I mean I don't make nearly enough to own that car." Nathan wondered aloud to Rebecca.

Rebecca appeared in the closet doorway to watch him get dressed and responded, "well that is up to you, you could always make up and excusebut ultimately how you deal with the humans is up to you." "Well I'll figure something out.

But it's probably best not to take the car for now" after he was dressed Rebecca spoke again. "Nathan, there is someone that I need to go talk to.

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I need to find out what is going on between us. I have a meeting set up for this morning with her, is it okay if I go while you are at work?" Nathan thought for a moment.

"Well, where is meeting? Can I tag along?

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I can play bookie for a day, what is the point in having a genie if I have to go to the same boring job everyday?" "Yes it would be much better if you joined us, I will tell her you are coming. And if you aren't going to work I think that means you can take the car" she added a wink at the end. Nathan liked this plan even more now. "Can you make it to where it looks as if I am at work?" "Yes I can make sort of a clone of you, not really a real person, more like a shadow of you.

He will work just fine as long as your new little work slut leaves him alone." A clone that goes to work for him? Nathan was really liking this plan now. "Okay I'm ready" Nathan told his genie. Just outside of the city, on a forgotten highway, a lone patrol car was driving towards town. The officer inside barely saw the blur of the car pass him on the opposite side, he flipped his lights and slowed down to turn, but before he could the car was gone.

At nearly 200 miles an hour Nathan was white knuckling his new car. He was intensely focused on driving despite Rebecca's promos that the car would not let anything go wrong. The amazing speed made short work of the trip. Soon they were parking the lambo in a dirt driveway of a seemingly abandoned diner/gas station combo.

An old woman opened the screen door to usher then in, please sit down, I'll be with you shortly.

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Nathan and Rebecca sat down in the diner and the white haired, wrinkly last returned to bring them some water cups. And menus. "We aren't here to eat" Nathan explained "we are meeting someone." "Is that so?" The woman retorted "well whoever you are meeting here would be a rude host to not allow you to eat, I'll bring out some pancakes for everyone" and with that the woman was back in the kitchen before he could respond. The smiling genie across from him told him that he was missing something, was the old lady who they were here to meet?

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He didn't have to wait long for answers as she brought out the pancakes she promised and sat down to join them. After moving a few cakes to her own plate the woman spoke again. "Becca, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" "Forgive my rudeness, this is Nathan. He is the human I told you about." Nathan new that this old lady was something other than human because If Rebecca's calling him a human. He decided to let her do the talking, not like it his experience with his first other worldly being.

"And you used him as your anchor?" The old ladies voice gave no indication of her age. "yes, I didn't have much time and he was the only thing around" she spoke as if trying to apologize to the woman for using Nathan as an anchor.

"This is the first I've seen this in a very long time. I have the information you want, I require payment of course. But we can handle that after we speak." She gave Nathan an odd look before continuing.

"The effect that Nathan has on you will continue to grow.

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It is not like using an object as an anchor, when we do that we can control the object and can destroy it to return to our world. When you use a human to bind you here you are using an object you cannot control. The anchor has a will, and since you gave yourself over to him to bind you here, you gave yourself over to his will.

The amount of control Nathan has over you will grow as the bond between you grows." The old woman began eating her syrup covered pancakes and gestured the other two to join in. They obliged. "What are you?" Nathan let out before really thinking about it. "Nathan NO!" Rebecca quickly apologized. The old woman spoke again, "that is quite alright Becca, I am accustomed to humans rudeness while going through the awakening.

He doesn't know who I am. So I will answer his question." Nathan quickly regretted speaking up. She looked at Nathan and spoke again "be careful when meeting beings from our realm boy, not all of them are as forgiving as me. I am a Jynn.

A leader of sorts of the genies. I made Becca a few thousand years ago. I am much older however. One of the few remaining from a time when there were no barriers between the realms. Now then as for you Becca, do not make any trouble in this world like you did last time, I will not be able to save you from the consequences again.

The elders will want to know of your bond with this human. I will speak in your favorbut ultimately they may want to speak with you. It was not wise for you to this." "Yes of course, mother." Rebecca's response broke Nathan out of his trance just as the old woman spoke again.

"As for my payment, I will be waiting in the next room, send him in when he is ready." And she was gone. "Okay well that only gave me more questions than answers.Nathan exclaimed, turning back to his genie. "I am sorry but that will all have to wait, she needs her payment for her time." "And how am I supposed to pay her?" Another giggle came from Rebecca. "Nathan as I said beforethere is only one thing that matters when you live for centuries." The sudden realization that he would have to fuck the old lady waiting for him almost made him gag.

"I can't fuck an old lady!" He tried to keep his voice down. "Ha, relax silly boy, she is a woman of many talents, go see for yourself, I will be in the car." Nathan slowly got up and walked back to the kitchen, following where the old woman had gone. Just beyond the kitchen a small hallway led to a door slightly ajar, the flicker of a candle could be seen bouncing it's light on the door. Not really seeing any other option, Nathan walked in. The woman who was in there however was not the same woman at alland he wondered if he'd walked Ito the wrong room.

Standing before him now was a beautiful woman. She had short black hair and dark ebony skin. Her body pea actor glowed as she smiled and removed her sheer robe. Her breasts we smaller than Rebecca's, a small B cup if he had to guess, but her beautiful stomach and hips led to a very large round ass.

He looked into her eyes that almost matched her hair. "I thought this form would be more appealing". She wasn't wrong. "You are stunning." He told the newly transformed woman. Nathan walked over to the bed where she had just laid down and joined her. "I don't even know your name." The beautiful woman looked confused at the question and laughed. After a long moment of thought she responded, " I suppose you can call me Gena if you simply must give me a human name.

Now stop waiting time and fuck me." Gena pulled Nathan down on top of her and began to kiss him, probing the insides of his mouth with her tongue.

She snapped her fingers and Nathan felt the weight of his clothes disappear. His cock was already hard and pressing against her stomach. "Taste me boy" not wanting to upset her, he slowly started to kiss down her body, making Gena gasp with each well placed kiss. He made his way down and eventually found his lips gently kissing the outer folds of her shaven pussy. He reached his hands up to pinch and pull a her nipples, making her moan "mmm, yes I love that" growing impatient, Gena grabbed Nathan's head to urge him to continue, and locked her fingers around his shaggy brown hair.

Finally Nathan stuck out his tongue and let it slide between her moistened lips to gently flick against her swollen clit. Another gasp.

His hands continued to massage her breasts and pull at her nipples, they were hard now. Gena grabbed Nathan's head to hold it firm and started to rub herself against his face, "oh yes like my pussy, make me cum" Nathan made a silent wish in his head and willed it outside towards his waiting genie and soon his tongue started to grow longer, he let it slide deeper into the dark beauty. "Oh yes that's wonderful" her moans and grunts urged him to continue. He tried to move his now freakishly long tongue in and out of her.

But she had a firm grip on his head and was still rocking back and forth on his cock-like tongue. So Nathan used it to lick at her insides drawing out more moans from her. "Oh Nathan I'm going to cum, fuck yes!" She was now vigorously impaling herself onto his face, wildly bucking. Keeping his tongue in her slit he opened his mouth wide and encompassed her whole pussy inside of it, he grabbed at her clit with his top lip and began to suck on it as she bucked against his face.

That was all I took for her to scream out and Nathan felt the wave of her juices flow into his mouth and eagerly licked all of it up. He still licked at her slowly as she came down from her orgasm. "Well that was lovely, but I can't get my payment until you cum" Gena explained as Nathan kissed his way up her body once again to lock lips. The powerful woman expertly grabbed onto him and flipped them over so that Nathan was now on his back with Gena straddling him. "I prefer to be in control, I know you don't mind".

Gena lowered herself onto him, she was plenty wet from her recent orgasm, and her pussy lubed his cock as she eased it into her inch by inch. "My you are big" she said when she had finally taken his entire length into her body.


She lifted herself up into a kneeling position, holding herself up with her hands on his chest. Using just the power in her thighs and legs she lifted her ass off of him and let it call back down around his shaft, she let out a soft moan.

Nathan reached up to once again caress her small breasts. She now had a good rhythm going as she lifted and dropped her self on him, her ass making a smacking sound that was slowly being drowned out by her loud moans. Her pussy was very tight, in enveloped every inch of Nathan's cock and felt like nothing he had ever experienced. She looked up to see the beautiful creature expertly riding on his massive member, working her way to another orgasm.

"Cum with me Nathan, I want to feel your power," Nathan was now moving his hips back into her with each downstroke as if to try and get more of himself inside.

He was close to cumming as well. Gena was now forcefully slamming her ass against his cock at the breaking point of her second orgasm, but she needed him to cum as well. "Please Nathan fill me up" she said, trying to get him to give her the power locked within him. She probed his mind a little and found the information she needed. Nathan watched her as Gena arched back, one hand was now on the bed, supporting her, and the other was wrapped around his balls, gently massaging them, she was still using her legs to buck against him, it was obvious she was cumming, her tits were bouncing up and down as she moved and her screams Nathan was sure could be heard by Rebecca.

Finally Nathan felt the point of no return and lost control of his body, slamming himself back against Gena, but she lifted herself up and off of his cock, and moved quickly to start to jack him off, while her other hand still massaged his cum out.

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The first shot of cum hit Gena on the cheek and ran down the side of her face, the next hit her small breasts, Gena opened her mouth and caught the third as she lowered her mouth to catch the last shot and lick clean his cock. "I don't let many people cum in me. Besides, I prefer to swallow it anyway" Gena told him as she gathered the gooey substance from her face and tits with her finger to lick clean.

"You may go now." Nathan blinked and the woman was gone. He was tempted to relax a little as was customary after an orgasm like that, but he did not want to upset a powerful being. He looked around to find his clothes, but they were gone, vanished to wherever Gena sent them after she magically removed them from his body.

He looked around outside for a moment and hurried to his new car, Rebecca was in the drivers seat and had the engine running. He climbed in and wished himself some new clothes. After getting on the road home Nathan decided to get some answers.

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"Okay who was that? Who are the elders? And what is going on?" "Okay Nathan, listen closely, that was the genie, or a Jynn. She was one of the first, genies aren't born, they are created by Jynn. She created me a long time ago to help bring her humans for their power. She cannot freely roam this world and requires assistance, but I have long sense been free.

The elders are basically the rulers of my realm. There is one for each of the main types of beings that love there. Gena is one of them. You don't have to worry about them, they don't interfere much. As for what she said about us, it makes sense really. You have a power over me now. I can feel yawl growing closer to you.

It cannot be controlled. And there is no way to stop it. My only advice is to be very careful in using my power. You can do whatever you'd like with a properly worded wish, but I will not hesitate to kill you If you abuse my power." Her words send chills down Nathan.

"I would never abuse your power, I will try to be careful to not do anything without your consent. I will ask you first. Why can't Gena roam the earth like you do?" "She is much too powerful, she is one of the few creatures with the power to roam freely between the realms. But when she is in this one she has to remain within a building of her choosing, usually on the outskirts or a town. This limits the amount of power she can claim from unsuspecting humans.

It is a precaution the elders took a long time ago to make sure one of them didn't gain too much power over the others." Nathan only had more questions, "I think I understand, this is all so hard to take in at once. Just the other day I was a normal middle class guy." "Well you aren't anymore, which reminds me. If we ever meet another being from my world, NEVER speak unless mentally consulting me first.

I can shield our metal conversations. If we would have gone to see any of the other elders they would have hid you in their dungeon and used you for sex until all of the energy was drained from you.

Gena could have easily killed you. Be very careful Nathan." Her warning was absolute and Nathan knew it. The rest of the trip was silent and soon they were once again inside his crappy little apartment, he made a mental note to do some wishing about that. They both sat on the couch and Nathan turned on the tv just to have some back ground noise. Soon he found Rebecca's head in his lap as she laid her body along the length of his couch "Before I set up the mental block, what did you learn about me?" She snickered a little at the question.

"Nathan I learned everything instantaneously. I know all of your sexual desires, everything that has happened to you, your entire story." He grimaced slightly knowing that she knew his deepest fantasies. She obviously understood and continued. "Yes Nathan, even those. Don't be so worried, I am not some human girl frightened by a little kink. Why do you think I knew to stick my finger in your ass when you fucked your boss?, if you wanted you could wish me up a cock right now and we could get really kinky!" She laughed.

"NO, NO! I don't want to do that! I might like a finger when I'm on the verge of an orgasm but I've never wanted a dick!" She only smiled innocently. "If you say so Nathan, we can experiment at your own pace, after all I am tied to you now. So I want to keep you happy. Oh and Nathan, call me Becca." === === Okay so there is chapter 4. Obviously there was a little hint at the end of the possible stuff in future chapters. But for now things will stay relatively normal while I lay out the story line a little better.

I really hope all of you enjoy this chapter! And as always please comment and vote! I am literally checking every few hours for them. Thanks again for reading guys!