Amateur Frau Orgasmus Gesicht nach unten

Amateur Frau Orgasmus Gesicht nach unten
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Tales of My Depraved Life - Part 1 My neighbor Val was 53 and had big tits. By looking at her face you could see where her daughter's pretty looks came from. One day I removed a wasp's nest from a tree in her backyard. When one of them stung me, she took me into her laundry room and ran cold water on my hand.

In the process she leaned into me; her pelvis on my hip, and her tits against my back and arm. She occasionally turned for some reason and the points of her tits would rub against me. This happened several times and I kind of felt it was intentional.

From that time on I started fantasizing about her and we would often exchange long glances over our backyard fence.

One day I was in my attic and I opened a small window for some air.

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It was low to the floor, about waist high. I noticed that from that angle I could see most of Val's bedroom.

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Late one night the light in Val's room was on. Looking out the window I could see her folding clothes and putting them in a dresser. My cock got rock hard just watching and soon cum was spurting out of me.

One hot Sunday morning I was in the attic and I heard Val clipping a bush on that side of the house. She had on a loose fitting old housedress that probably doubled as a nightgown.

It revealed a good deal of her ample cleavage. From my angle I could almost see everything. I got hard in seconds and I fought to free my stiff prick. It was wonderfully erotic but I was able to forestall ejaculation so I could enjoy it longer. I fingered my expanded head and only occasionally would I stroke my cock. I was breathing heavily. Then Val got off her knees and I was afraid she would leave. I popped the window open and said "Hey Val".

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She looked up in surprise, first at my bedroom window and then up to the attic. She had to shield her eyes from the sun, and when she did; her right tit almost fell out of the loose fitting dress. I was so close to ejaculation, "Where are you"? She asked. "Up in the attic, nice day isn't it"? "What". "I said it's a beautiful day", and there was a look of lust mixed into my more than neighborly smile. She stared at me for some reason and I was all for that.

I pumped my cock feverishly with one hand as the other rested on the sill. I was about to burst and the look on my face changed to one of depraved lust.

The smile faded and I got that serious look with my mouth open and the breaths coming short and shallow. I had to pull back from the window and go to my knees. When I came, loads of cum flew everywhere. One or more shots splattered the window which tilted outward.

I imagine some fell out the window and may have been caught in the sunlight. I hoped she saw it. It was then as I lay back to relax on the bare plywood floor that I realized I had no shirt on. Val must have seen my shoulder and chest muscles gyrating.

She must have known what I was doing even if she hadn't seen all the sperm on the glass. When I peeked out again she was gone; I felt relieved. But then the realization that she had 'caught me' turned me on even more. My wife was in her 7th month of pregnancy and we hadn't had sex in two months; soon I was hard again. This time I relaxed in the heat of the attic, sweat drenching every pore in my body.

I lay back and fantasized about having Val on top of me. Just as I was about to cum I got on my knees again and went to the window. With a slight cool breeze airing my stiff cock I came again. The cum splattered that window again and again and more fell to the ground.


And I imagined I was looking down with Val looking up. Before I left, I cleaned the window with a rag.

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I checked carefully to see if it was clean and that's when I noticed Val stepping away from her bedroom window. I jerked off to that sequence over a hundred times since that day. But the best was yet to come. A year later my wife went to work part time selling real estate. One Saturday afternoon I was alone, the baby was asleep and the doorbell rang.

It was Val, this was very unusual and I wondered if anything was wrong. She said she baked a cake for us asked me to open the door. She said "I know your wife is always busy and I've never done anything for you". Those words and her eyes told me there was more to it than that. I let her into our little hallway and she handed me a beautiful Carrot cake.


As we turned to go to the kitchen she brushed against me with those big tits like she had in her laundry that time. That's when I knew something was going to happen.

Either she or I was going to make a move within the next minute or less.

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I was scared shitless at the ramifications of getting caught somehow, or of making a move and being rejected. But Val ended that fear.

I placed the cake on the table and when I turned Val was opening the buttons of her sweater. Under it she had on a purple sun dress that had about ten buttons going all the way down. The top buttons were undone and the sides of her tits came into view when the sweater opened. She had no bra on and I was gaping and breathless.

Slowly I drew closer to her, my eyes never left her chest. We seemed to draw close as if a magnet was accelerating the motion. The next thing I knew, I was reaching into her top. At the last split second I halted to see if she objected. It was the only split second my eyes were unglued from her great breasts. Her face had a devilish smile and I knew it was all go. My right hand went to her left tit and I cupped it and bent my knees.

A second later I had the fullness of her in my mouth and I was sucking like there was no tomorrow. Val moaned as I sucked and her breathing was very heavy. My left hand reached up, Val had pulled the dress off her shoulders and now she was fully exposed.

If someone, like her husband, had been in my yard he could have seen us. I grabbed Val's other tit, and I do mean grabbed. I leaned in to suck her and pinned her against the wall. We were like teenagers in heat. I felt her knee rise up and brush the side of my head as her leg went around my back. I put my right hand down between her legs; there were a few large buttons to open.

Val started breathing even more heavily and her moaning got even sexier. When the bottom of her dress finally fell open I stood and kissed her full on the mouth.

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She was warm and wonderful and her tongue slid with mine in unison. My palm was on the front of her panties and then I reached into them from underneath and probed with my middle finger.

She spread her legs to me and her moans turned to whimpering desire.


I slid down and sucked the same tit again, and as I did my finger found its objective. It slid in and out of her mimicking a fucking motion with my palm slapping her mound. As I sucked, Val was gasping for air. Now her right leg went around my hip and she asked me to make love to her. "Take me on the couch" she said.

I fully expected her snatch to be soaking wet like my wife's would be by then; but she was mostly dry. It was like trying to fuck a virgin. It took agonizing seconds to enter her. But when I did she was like hot lava and we fucked hard and deep on my sofa. Val came before I did and then I let loose in her. My cock continued to throb with excitement and with about a minute of rest we were at it again.

I guessed correctly that this would be the only time we would fuck and I wanted to make it last. That second fuck was the best.

Val lay moaning and fed me a string of lines about how great I was. How wonderful my cock felt in her; how Max never did it anymore; how she loved having her tits sucked. We stayed together for an hour or so and when I thought my jaw would never close again she finally turned around and put me in her mouth for a long sweet blowjob.

I ground into her and held her head against me like she was a whore. I loved every second of her soft sucking mouth on me. The taboo was such a turn on, outside bright sunshine fell on the green grass and the colorful bushes. The window was open and I could hear the birds singing; and softly the sucking lips on my cock head smacked, and Val was moaning lovingly.

I moved into a bigger house two years later.

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And we never did get together again, I was so afraid of getting caught. But twice I did the attic scene with Val looking up at me from her yard. The last time, I let her see me cum as I kneeled close to the window. She smiled and quickly disappeared into her back door. Often when my wife goes down on me I think of Val.

I have to be careful I don't call her name out as my wife gulps down my sperm.