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Two milf sex stone massage at nuru massage
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I woke up in an unfamiliar room, alone, disoriented and with the worst head ache of my life. I vowed to myself to never drink so much in my life again.

Then I laughed softly, knowing I would party just as hard the next time I got the chance. I looked around the room and saw different flags from England and a lot of clothes on the floor.

Men's clothes, and some sports equipment, gosh, what had I gotten myself into now? I found my phone on the floor and saw all of my clothes next to it. Shit, I didn't even notice that I was naked, oh wait, no, I wasn't naked. I had on a big shirt, a button up. Oh my gosh, I was wearing a man's shirt, in his bed, with out panties on.

I grabbed my phone and called my best friend to find out what happened last night. She explained to me that we got shit faced at a college senior's house last night and that I was picked up by one of the guys that lived there.

She couldn't remember who though, I was worried. I grabbed my panties and slipped them passed my slim tanned legs and onto my hips over my large ass. When they reached contact with my mound I groaned, feeling the cold wetness of them, and yanked them off as fast as I could. How nasty, I never hooked up with any one and here I was, worried about who I stayed the night with.

I heard someone coming up the stairs, I threw my phone and rolled over onto my stomach and pretended to sleep. The door creaked open and I heard footsteps coming towards the bed. "Hey sexy," he gently nudged my shoulder and I moaned, as if I was too sleepy. He then put down a cup and then I smelled it, hot chocolate. Only one guy knew I preferred hot chocolate over coffee in the morning.

"Blake?" I whispered, turning around to see his face. He was closer to me than I ever thought he would get. I looked down blushing at his closeness, and his torso was naked, and a majority of his legs were bare. I dared to look at his crotch and he had on tight, tight, tight, shorts that just reached the top of his thighs.

My stomach jumped, because I could see his huge cock, erect, under his shorts. I looked up at his face and he smiled, knowing he was having an effect on me. "Do you remember last night, Sammie?" he asked as he crawled over my body and onto the other side of the bed. He brushed his body against mine intentionally and I felt his bulge through the blanket.

"Not at all. Did we do anything?" I whispered, worried of his response.

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"Are you fucking kidding me? We didn't fuck, though I tried, you were being a huge tease last night.

It kept me hard all night long." he said, a smirk spreading over his face. "You are such a liar!" I smiled and smacked his arm.

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He grabbed my wrist and led my hand down to his hard cock. The feel of him sent lightning through my stomach. I pulled my hand away and realized he wasn't joking. We were never sexual before, and that move meant there was a change. "Do you want to know what you did? You should know how dirty you were last night." He looked into my eyes, so seriously, I knew even if I said no he would tell me, so I nodded my head.

"Your mouth is the best I have ever felt. Your soft tongue worked my ten inch cock like a pro, you sucked me off so many times.

All I could think of was your cunt around my dick, and all you would allow me, is to put it in your sweet mouth." His dirty words made my stomach flip, I couldn't believe I had sucked him off so willingly. He shifted around and pulled himself closer to my body. I felt his now bare, long, thick cock push itself against my flat stomach and I could feel my body react to him in a way that no one had conjured with in me. My hand went to his shaft and I wrapped my fingers around him firmly.

His eyes closed and he moaned, his hands reaching up to his shirt I was wearing and he pulled it apart, exposing my breast. His mouth was on my right nipple then, his tongue running over me, his teeth scraping softly against my hardening nipple.

I started to move my hand up and down on his cock, his foreskin moving with my hand. His cock twitched as I moved and he began to gyrate his hips. He was so much taller than me, his limbs and torso were so much longer and that made me feel engulfed by him. His hands felt as if they were every where on my body. His hands settled on my thin waist while he tried to suck my entire C cup breast into his mouth.

I moaned, and he took that as an invitation. He pushed me onto my back and spread my legs.


He moved into my lap, his cock laying on my mound and his mouth exploring farther than my breast now. His tongue lingered on my collar bone, his lips brushed my jaw line. He began to hump me, his cock moving over my mound and skin, teasing me with his heavy member. His balls pressed against my cunt and his chest was at my face. I leaned up and brought his nipple into my mouth and licked it firmly, biting it with force.

He moaned and pulled his cock away from my mound and began to prod his head at my moistening entrance. I moved my hand down to his cock and tried to push it away. At one point I was capable of knocking it away from my soaking cunt but he simply grabbed my hand and brought it above my head to hold me down.

His cock found its way back to my entrance and was threatening to squeeze its way passed my tight protective walls. His actions were slow enough to imply that he would be gentle, but as soon as I relaxed a bit knowing I couldn't stop this, he rammed his cock into me, reaching about five inches in. I screamed at the pain and surprise of his fat dick which forced him to put his hand over my mouth hushing me.

"My room mate is still here.


I don't want to piss him off." He said, as he began to push himself farther into me at a slow pace. He wasn't pulling his cock out at any point to give me a moment to relax. My moans were audible through his hand and he couldn't help but chuckle, "Sammie, have you never been fucked by a big cock before?" He smirked and pushed his way in, reaching about seven inches inside me.

He finally pulled out to bring my juices forward, slicking my entrance more for easier access. "Blake, I have never had cock before." I whispered through my gasps of breath as he pushed back inside me.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of me creating a loud popping noise. I could feel my juices leak out onto his sheets as I attempted to catch my breath. I looked up at him to see his reaction and his face just seemed frozen and glazed over.

"Don't worry I am not a virgin I just haven't experimented with a guy yet. You know me, I like girls." He then leaned down and began to gently kiss my neck in sweet soft pecks. His touch was gentle and when he placed his cock up to my cunt he was slow about it.

"Woah, woah, woah," I sat up putting my hand on his chest and sliding out from under him, "no way is this getting lovey and soft. Just because this is my first time having dick does not mean that I want you to make love to me. Now grow a pair and fuck me like you have always wanted to." While I had been saying this I had pushed him back against the wall. He was sitting with his cock pointing straight at my stomach, his back to the wall and his hands at his sides.

I maneuvered myself to straddle his cock, his blank stare turned into a smirk that I knew so well. His hands moved to my hips and I tensed knowing what was going to happen. I knew it was going to hurt because now I had threatened his manhood, I had challenged him into fucking me and now he was going to give it his all. In a split second all ten inches of his dick were inside my pussy.

I yelped as I bit down on my lip to keep myself from screaming again. We stayed still for some time before he began to rock his hips, pushing his dick harder into me. The bed began to squeak as we attempted to silently fuck. We heard a door open across the hall and foot steps hurry over to his door.

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We stopped to listen, holding our breath hoping that he wouldn't come in. Several minutes passed and we figured he had gone back to his room. I could feel Blake's dick pulsing inside me and all I wanted was for him to pound me harder. I began to rise up on him to allow myself to fall back onto his cock. On my way back down the bed let out another squeak as I moaned heavily.

Then there was a knock on the door, hard and deliberate. Derek walked into the room, his hair long and shaggy, completely nude, and his hardening cock beginning to point right at me.

I looked back to see him and my stomach was doing flips, his cock was now completely hard seeing my nude form impaling itself on Blake's rod. His cock was even bigger than Blake's, maybe by two or three inches.

I had never played with any cock before and now here there were two, really long, thick cocks in the same room as me. Blake laughed because he felt my cunt clench. Derek walked towards me and gripped my hair, pulling my body towards him and his cock. He ripped me off of Blake and threw me over his shoulder. Blake stood and walked with Derek as we moved into his room. Derek's bed was huge and I realized that they were moving me in here so that they could fuck me together as he threw me down onto his soft mattress.

Soon Blake was underneath me again but his cock was not at my cunt but at my face. My juices were still dripping down his shaft from our previous fucking.

Derek grabbed my hair again and shoved my face into Blake's dick. My juices smeared over my face as Blake yanked on his shaft. Before I knew what had changed, Blake had put his hard cock in my mouth and was fucking my face as if this was going to be the only chance he got.

Derek got behind me and lifted my ass into the air. I felt his head slide over my clit and pussy as he wet his cock. He didn't waist his time and shoved himself into me forcing me to scream on Blake's fat cock. Derek sped up his pounding, his cock would soon be engulfed inside me. Blake, was slowly pumping his rod in and out of my mouth while I sucked him and licked around his head.

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I ran the tip of my tongue over the tiny slit on top of his head and allowed my tongue to linger to taste his precum. He was moaning more and more with each thrust as my tongue ventured over his three and a half inch thick head. I wrapped my hand around his even thicker shaft and attempted to get my small hand to reach all the way around it. I squeezed and pumped his cock with my hand while I worked his head in my mouth.

Blake suddenly pulled away and replaced his cock with his heavy balls in my mouth. I sucked hungrily and let out a low muffled moan. Just as Blake had shoved his balls in my mouth, Derek was ramming my hungry cunt harder, close to blowing a load inside me.

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I clenched my pussy around him, milking his cock, he shoved his cock in me one last time as I felt blow after blow of his juices. Blake pulled out of my mouth and lifted me up to be on Derek's lap as he crawled behind me.

I felt the dripping of Derek's juices on my ass crack and flowing down my leg. I was moaning constantly now, feeling so dirty at the fact that I had my best friend's roommate's cum deep inside me. I soon felt Blake at my ass, his thick cock probing my virgin hole. I tried to move away but he held me tight in place. His mouth was on mine and he was massaging my hips. I continued to try to get away knowing Blake was going to make my ass his prize and that it was going to hurt like a fucking bitch.

His head was back at my entrance and I couldn't move at all with both their strengths against my own. He then quickly pushed his head passed my entrance and took my ass as his own.

He moaned, mumbling something about me being so tight. Tears streamed down my face, as I whimpered and gave in to his wishes, holding onto Derek's neck firmly, moaning softly as the pain receded and pleasure took its place. Just as I was getting used to his cock moving in my ass, Derek began to move his cock in my cunt at the same time. This new feeling was going to make me cum harder than I ever had.

They kept going, getting harder and faster with my holes. All that was heard from the room was grunts, moans, and the occasional high pitched scream from me.


It didn't take long, I was beginning to tense as my orgasm hit me with a strong force and both of them came in my holes at the same time. We all fell back on the bed then, falling asleep with both their cocks still in my cunt and ass.