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Gratis porno büro
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Katie, Jasmine and Lucy had known each other since, well as long as they could remember. They were now all 18 and had had a fair bit of practice when it came to sex. However the event which this story follows is one which they had never practiced before. It all started 2 weeks previously. The girls were in Jasmines house chilling out as it was raining heavy outside.

Katie and Lucy loved being in jasmines house, simply because they fancied her twin brother Carl. "Hey Jasmine is Carl in" they asked as they sat slumped on her big double bed. "I think he's out with our parents" she replied "why? You want to see if you can get a piece of him"? They laughed softly before Katie and Lucy reminded Jasmine that she new that was what they wanted.

"Do you think he's like…………gay"? Lucy asked "What makes you think that" Katie and Jasmine said together "Well" Lucy went on to explain "he's so gorgeous, and tidy, mostly only gay men look after them selves like that.

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And he knows we want to fuck him, yet we still haven't, and he doesn't have a girlfriend so he's got no excuse." "Wow, good point" Katie said "id still fuck him though" she added "Hey can we go snoop around his room please, see if we can find anything" Lucy asked Jasmine.

"Jasmine didn't even think about it, she just said yes and followed her friends in her brother's room. They looked through his drawers, under the bed, under the mattress, in the wardrobe. "Hey I've found his stash" Katie said, pulling the bottom drawer out completely to reveal a few magazines and half a dozen DVD's. "How did you know to look under there"? Jasmine asked. "It's where I keep all my stuff" Katie replied with a smile. They pulled the stash out into the middle of the room; there were 4 magazines, 3 of which were lesbian ones, and 7 DVD's, 4 of which were lesbian ones.

"Well he's either straight or he's a lesbian" Jasmine said, putting the stash back where they found it. "Hey these lesbians on here look quite hot" Lucy said in a joking voice. "Let's watch one" she added. The 3 of them would try anything, and have tried a few things so they decided they might as well see what was so good about lesbian porn. Lucy grabbed one of the lesbian DVD's and the girls went back into Jasmines room.

"You never know girls, we might like it" Katie said in a joking voice as she motioned licking her right nipple. Jasmine and Lucy laughed and closed the bedroom door behind them.

Jasmines room was hot and as it looked like they were going to be in there a while they took their tops and shoes off, Leaving the 3 girls in their tight jeans and t-shirts which exposed their stomachs. They got comfortable on the floor, lying on their fronts, and pressed play on the DVD player.

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The DVD lasted 90 minutes, and as they weren't masturbating over it they were able to watch the whole lot. Commenting and discussing things al the way through it. "Well, I didn't think that was too bad" Jasmine said Lucy and Katie agreed. "Have any of you two ever done anything like that" Lucy asked. "If we did you would know about it, we don't keep secrets from each other" Katie said "Yeah I know but we are bound to have 1 or 2 secrets what we never speak of" "Well I haven't done anything like that, I haven't even kissed a girl before" Katie replied.

"I have" jasmine added Lucy and Katie were quite surprised by this. "You know when I was going out with mark, well I was at his place and his next door neighbor came round whilst we were fucking. She was quite hot if I may say so, small with blonde hair and big boobs. He wanted to have a threesome. Well I was already lying naked on his bed, she had seen every inch of my nakedness so I though I might as well try it, see what it's like.

It would make a change from 2 guys. So after she stripped nude she sat on the bed next to me, I stayed lying down and she leaned over and we kissed. Then her hand slid down to my pussy and I freaked out." Jasmine looked at Katie and Lucy, there were both just staring at her in disbelief with their mouths slightly open.

"H& come you never told us about this"?

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Lucy asked "Well I thought you two might think I was weird or something". "Of course not, we would have just asked you what it was like." Katie said "so……what was it like" Lucy asked "Well. It was pretty much the same as normal kissing, except her lips were soft, like a girls, so it kind of felt better.

As for her touching my pussy. The shock and the fact that she was a girl made it feel nice." "Wow&hellip.I'm jealous of you now" Lucy said jokingly "Yeah me too" Katie added "Why" Jasmine asked, a little confused "Well you've experienced some intercourse with a woman before us.

We always said it would be Lucy who would be the first to do anything with another woman" Katie said "after all she is the more bisexual one out of the 3 of us." "Yeah exactly" Lucy stated "I can't believe you ran out of marks room girl," "Yeah I know.

I would probably have liked it" Jasmine said. "Would you try it again"? Lucy asked. "Erm&hellip.yeah probably" jasmine replied. "With people you know better" Lucy asked "Are you on about you" Jasmine asked. "Well&hellip.yeah I would try it, I've tried almost everything else" Lucy said "What about you Kate. You up for it" Lucy asked "Count me in if you two are in" Katie said. The girls shuffled a little closer together on the floor. "Kiss me" Lucy instructed Jasmine. Jasmine hesitated momentarily then slowly moved her lips closer to her friends.

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Jasmine could feel the warm breath of Lucy as their lips connected. Lucy pressed her lips firmly against Jasmines and kissed her.

They both stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes. Wild thoughts rushing through their heads. They couldn't resist each other. Without hesitation they clamped their lips together once again, this time their tongues explored each others warm mouth. A few minutes later they broke their passionate kiss and looked at Kate. Ten minutes had passed by the time the three girls had finished kissing each other, then indulged in a three-way kiss. They were now all sat facing each other on jasmines bedroom floor.

"Lucy, what would you have done if we said we didn't want to try it" Jasmine asked Lucy "To be honest I didn't think that far ahead. I just thought that the fact we have just sat here and watched an hour and a half of hardcore lesbian porn then we must all be at least a little interested in it" Lucy replied.

Just then the door downstairs opened and Jasmine's mother shouted upstairs to see if she was in. "Were going to have to take this a little further some other time" Jasmine said, to which the other two girls agreed. Katie, Jasmine and Lucy had tried for two weeks to find somewhere where they wouldn't be interrupted. The thought of them trying out new things with each other had made them horny each time they saw each other. They had kissed loads of times in the two weeks, even gotten as far as feeling each others breasts and occasionally rub each others pussy's through their jeans or panties if they were wearing a skirt.

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This mostly happened on the bus or in someone's bedroom when people were in the house so they didn't want to take it too far. Lucy's parents had booked a weekend vacation and seeing as though she was an only child this meant her house would be empty.

This is where they planned to hold their big experiment. The weekend came and Lucy's parents had left for the airport at 8 a.m. Katie and Jasmine would not be round until 11 a.m so this gave Lucy plenty of time to get the house sorted. She was feeling very horny when she got into the shower. The hot water running down her naked body only amplified the feeling and it wasn't long before her fingers were inside her dripping pussy.

Lucy loved the taste of herself, she had never thought of it as a sick thing to do since the first time she tried it, which coincidently was the first time she had masturbated. Her shower lasted just short of an hour, after fingering her self, tasting her pussy juice and finally getting washed, dried and dressed; Lucy went downstairs and waited for her friends to arrive.

At 11 o'clock the doorbell rang and Lucy answered it. Katie and jasmine were standing at the doorway in their usual casual clothes, ass hugging jeans and a t-shirt which was just as tight. "Come in" Lucy told them and walked into the living room before them.

Katie walked over and closed the curtains then switched on the light. Katie and Jasmine sat down on the 2 seated sofa and Lucy sat on the single chair opposite. Jasmine leaned over and kissed Katie as her hands wandered from her smooth stomach up and under her pink t-shirt. Her tanned skin was as smooth as silk. They broke their wet passionate kiss and Katie grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head and threw it across the room to Lucy who was sitting caressing her own breasts.

"You can sit there and watch" Jasmine said to Lucy, giving her a sexy look as she licked her lips. Jasmine returned to Katie's naked breasts, they were a nice firm C cup and jasmine wasted no time. She lowered her head into Katie's left breast and sucked on her hard nipple. Katie moaned slightly as she fixed her gaze onto Lucy's eyes. Lucy was still sitting on the sofa with her hands on her t-shirt covered breasts, she was being tortured as her friends indulged in their fun. "How's that" jasmine asked Katie after she removed her mouth from her breast.

"MMM" was all Katie could say. The feeling had spread through out her body and was weakening every muscle. Jasmine pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it to Lucy, revealing her D cup dark brown tits. This was the first time Katie had seen jasmines breasts in all their glory. "Take your t-shirt off Lucy" jasmine said.

Instantly Lucy pulled her t-shirt over her head and un-clipped her bra, letting it drop to the floor. Lucy's breasts were also a C cup but her skin was lighter than Katie's. Lucy walked over to Katie and pressed her lips against her friends. Their tongues pressed against each others as they explored each others mouths. Their breasts pressed firmly against each others and the feeling of the other girls breasts against theirs was getting too much to handle. Jasmine separated them slightly and joined in their wet kiss.

After a few minutes and a few exploring hands, the three girls stopped their kissing and stood looking at each other. Each of them standing their in only their tight jeans, their perfect round tits out for all to see. "time to take the rest off" Lucy said as she reached down to the front of her flat stomach and un-buttoned her jeans, then un-zipping them before sliding them down, shaking her hips from side to side as she pulled her jeans down over the sides of her thong, past her round ass and slid them down to her ankles.

She stepped out of her jeans and threw them with the rest of the clothes on the floor. She was now standing in just her blue thong, which stood out against her smooth light skin. "Wow, you really can't wait can you" jasmine said to her "I know, I like to try new things, especially with you two sexy girls" "Ooh, your making me even hornier than I was" Katie said as she began to un-button her jeans.

She slid them down slowly as her two friends watched her, then threw them with the rest. "Wow, no panties" Jasmine excitedly shouted out, quickly noticing Katie's small patch of hair above her pussy. "I couldn't find a descent thong" Katie said, running her fingers through her small patch of hair.

Jasmine had already un-buttoned her jeans and slipped them down her long brown legs. Leaving her in a pink g-string which hardly covered her swollen pussy lips. "I can't believe were doing this" Lucy said as she stood in front of jasmine and grabbed her ass as she stuck out her tongue. Jasmine touched the tip of it with her tongue then took it in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop.

Lucy grabbed the sides of jasmine's g-string and slid it over her round ass and down her long sleek legs, kneeling down as she did so. Jasmine slowly stepped out of her g-string when it reached her feet. Lucy licked the top of jasmines right foot, then slid her hands up her long brown legs as she kneeled up so her head was directly in front of jasmines shaven pussy. The sweet smell of jasmines nectar reached Lucy's nose and guided her into her friend's cunt.

Luck ran her tongue along the slit between jasmines swollen ebony sex lips and flicked it over jasmines clit. Jasmine moaned lightly as Lucy's tongue glided over her cunt lips. Lucy placed her hands on jasmine's hips and guided her backwards to the sofa and sat her down with her ass on the edge so her pussy hung over the edge.

Jasmine opened her legs in a wide V and leaned back, lifting her breasts up to her mouth so she could suck her hard nipples. Lucy crawled in between jasmines legs and stared at the luscious black lips in front of her. She opened her mouth and placed it over jasmines wet pussy, sucking on it and licking up and down the slit. Lucy knelt up as high as she could and opened her legs. Her wet pussy glistened in between her legs and ass cheeks. Katie sat down behind Lucy and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

Lucy's tight ass hole was clearly visible between her round cheeks. Katie let some spit drop out of her mouth and landed directly on Lucy's puckered ass hole. Lucy let out a moan into Jasmine's cunt and continued to moan slightly as the spit ran over her ass hole and down her pussy.

Katie stopped it dropping to the floor with her tongue and licked up Lucy's slit and across her asshole. Lucy continued to moan into Jasmine's sweet black pussy as she licked in between her wet lips, pushing her tongue into her hole, making Jasmine moan loudly in ecstasy. Katie also had her tongue pushing into Lucy's hole as she lowered her left hand down to her own pussy and rubbed her wet lips.

Taking her index finger, Katie ran it up and down Lucy's pussy a few times before slipping it into her love tunnel. Lucy's pussy covered Katie's finger in sweet juice which Katie enjoyed the taste of. Lucy started to finger Jasmine's pussy hole, collecting her juice and rubbing it over her tiny asshole.

Jasmine's ass and pussy twitched as Lucy's finger rubbed the pussy juice around her asshole. After licking her finger, Lucy slowly pushed the tip against Jasmine's butt hole. Jasmine relaxed as much as she can as Lucy's finger slowly slid into the first knuckle, then the second, then as far in as it would go. "Ahh, ahh, ahh" Jasmine was moaning loudly. Katie followed suit and slowly slid her finger into Lucy's sexy tight asshole. "This isn't fair, my pussy isn't getting any action" Katie said to the other two girls.

"Lets, ahh, make a tri, ahh, angle" Jasmine said as Lucy's finger slid in and out of her ass. "What"? Katie replied, concentrating on the hot ass in front of her too much to realize what her friend had said. "A triangle" Jasmine replied, like a three way 69. We lie on our sides with someone's pussy in your face and someone's face in your pussy." "I'm up for it, my pussy is aching for some loving" Katie said with a laugh.

Jasmine Lucy and Katie lay down on the floor, Katie was between Lucy's legs, Lucy was between Jasmine's legs, and Jasmine was between Katie's legs. Sure enough it was some sort of triangle and it was working. The three girls wasted no time in getting back into action. The 'weapon of choice' for all three of them was a finger up the ass whilst licking pussy. It wasn't long before a good rhythm was built up. All three girls were moaning loud, filling the room with their cry's of pleasure.

Their asses had given way to the invading fingers, which had now been doubled to 2, and their pussy's were wet and sweet. They continued finger fucking and pussy licking in this position for a good 20 minutes before swapping ends, Jasmine was now at Lucy's pussy, Lucy was at Katie's pussy, and Katie had the delight of being at Jasmine's sweet black pussy. Having already been on the way to an orgasm before the switch, Jasmine was soon moaning loud again as Katie thrashed her tongue in and out of her pussy and slid 2 fingers in and out of her tight round ass.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck my ass Katie, FUCK MY ASS, unghhh, oh yeeeeees, ah fuck I'm cumming" Jasmine moaned out, trying her hardest to still be able to finger fuck Lucy. At the sound of Jasmine's moans of pleasure, Katie pushed her tongue and fingers further into Jasmine, determined to get her first proper taste of her friend's cunt juice. Jasmine's eyes rolled up into her head and all the muscles in her body gave way, her ass and pussy tightened around Katie's fingers and tongue before relaxing again, followed by a warm, sweet, watery river, which flowed into Katie's waiting mouth and onto the inside of Jasmine's thigh.

For Katie the moment was over to soon, a fair amount of girl cum had gushed from Jasmine's well fucked pussy and Katie saved a mouth full as she rubbed the remains all ever her own tits and pussy. The triangle broke apart and Katie, still with a mouth full of girl cum, kissed Jasmine passionately, allowing the cum to get passed back and forth between them. Kate then grabbed Lucy's arm and shared a kiss with her, passing the cum into her mouth and back again.

"Mmm you taste so fucking sweet Jasmine" Lucy said as she swallowed the cum. "Thanks, it did taste quite nice" Jasmine replied. "You two sit down, I'll be a minute or two" Lucy said as she left the room and could be heard going up the stairs.

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Jasmine and Katie sat down on the sofa next to each other with their legs open slightly. Katie placed her hand over Jasmine's pussy and Jasmine did the same to Katie. With their other hand they caressed each others breasts as they kissed again.

"Calm down" Lucy said to them as she re-entered the room. Katie and Jasmine broke their kiss to see what Lucy had brought but still continued rubbing each others pussies Lucy placed a bag on the floor and opened it, revealing a selection of sex toys. She picked out a rubber cock with straps coming from the back. "Katie, lie on top of Jasmine" Lucy instructed as she stepped into the straps on the rubber cock. Jasmine lay down on the sofa so her pussy was over the edge and opened her legs wide, her juice still slowly dripping out of her pussy.

Katie climbed on top of her and lay forward, pressing their breasts together. Lucy pulled out another strap on; this one only had one strap which made a loop. She clipped it around her waist above the other rubber cock. Lucy grabbed both of the rubber cocks and placed the head of the top one between Katie's pussy lips and the bottom one between Jasmine's pussy lips, then she slowly pushed her hips forward, sliding both the rubber cocks into her friend's cunts. Katie and Jasmine moaned as they stared in each others eyes, their tits still pressed together.


Lucy quickened her pace, slipping the cocks in and out of the girls pussy's faster and more forceful, nudging them both forward as she bottomed out. Katie and Jasmine moaned loudly into each others mouths as then lock them selves into another passionate kiss. This time it was Katie who was ready to orgasm as she pushed her pussy hard onto the rubber cock that was slipping in and out of her tight wet cunt hole. "Ah Lucy, Lucy, yes baby, fuck me harder, make me cum baby" Katie moaned as she reached round and inserted a finger into her ass.

Lucy instantly began to slam the rubber cocks into Katie and Jasmine, desperately trying to make them cum. It wasn't long before Lucy got what she wanted as Katie's pussy erupted, spraying cunt juice past the cock in her pussy and all over the front of Lucy. It ran down onto Jasmine's ass hole, making her moan in pleasure, then onto her pussy lips and lubed up the strap on cock that was now easily slamming to the hilt in her pussy.

After Katie's orgasm had subsided, Lucy pulled the wet rubber cocks out of her friends pussy's with a 'plop' sound and sat down on the floor. Katie climbed further onto the sofa so she was kneeling over Jasmine's head and offered her dripping pussy to her, Jasmine licked the sweet nectar with her long tongue and pushed it in Katie's hole and sucked hard on her swollen clit.

Katie and Jasmine got up off the sofa and Jasmine lay on the floor on her back. "Come here you dirty little whore" she said to Lucy. Lucy shuffled over to Jasmine and kneeled over her in a 69 position. Katie stuffed some cushions under Jasmine's head to lift it up and Jasmine began to devour Lucy's wet shaven twat.

Lucy returned the favor by lowering her head into Jasmine's sweet smelling, wet ebony pussy, grabbing and pushing her legs apart. Katie slipped the strap on that had a mixture of her own, and Jasmine's cum on and crawled to the back of Lucy. She offered the slick wet rubber member to Jasmine who sucked hard on it, like it was a real cock.

When it was now covered in Jasmine's spit, Katie pressed the tip against Lucy's puckered ass hole as Jasmine returned to licking and sucking her pussy. Lucy moaned into Jasmine's pussy at the feel of the cock pressed against her ass.

She pushed her ass onto it which caused the head of it to go into her ass and Jasmine's tongue to go deeper into her hole.

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"AHH FUCK" Lucy screamed out "YES" Katie slowly continued to push the strap on deeper into Lucy's tight ass, the view Katie was getting of it pushing into her ass almost made her cum again. It took about 2 minutes to get the whole length, which was about 8 inches in length and about 5 inches diameter, into Lucy's ass.


"Have you ever had anything in your ass before?" Katie asked her "mmmh, 2 fingers is the most" Lucy replied as she pressed her ass hard onto the intruding cock.

Katie slowly pulled it out until there was about an inch left inside, collected some spit on her hand, rubbed it around the fake cock and pushed it back in her friends ass. It was beginning to slide in easier now so Katie quickened the pace, pulling all the way out every now and then and offering it to Jasmine, who sucked the ass flavor off before returning to Lucy's pussy.

Watching Lucy's gaping ass slowly close up when Katie pulled the cock out was sending Katie over the edge, she slammed the cock in and out of Lucy's ass and asked Jasmine to finger her pussy.

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Jasmine's fingers found Katie's cunt and she pushed three in, stretching Katie's cunt slightly. "Stop Katie" Jasmine said Katie slammed the strap on into Lucy's ass and stopped. Jasmine removed her 3 fingers from Katie's wet pussy and slowly pushed the tip of her index finger into Katie's ass. When her whole finger was in she removed it and slid 2 in, stretching Katie's ass. At the success of this Jasmine put the other 2 fingers in Katie's pussy, so she now had 2 fingers in her ass and 2 in her cunt.

"Ok baby you can continue now" Jasmine said. Katie forced her weak muscles to continue ass fucking Lucy, each stroke she took pushed Jasmine's fingers deep into her pussy and ass, she was going to have another orgasm for sure.

The sexual activities had gotten the best of Lucy too, she was moaning loud and thrashing her ass hard onto Katie's strap on cock. "oh yes, harder, I'm going to cum, harder," Lucy yelled before burying her head back in Jasmine's twat.

Katie couldn't take it no more, she collapsed forward onto Lucy's back with one last hard push and her pussy gave way again, squirting a small amount of cum onto Jasmine's fingers and face, Jasmine collected what she could in her mouth, then Lucy screamed out loud in a blind rage of ecstacy and her pussy erupted directly into Jasmine's open mouth.

A huge amount of girl cum over flowed onto Jasmine's face and into her hair. Katie un-clipped the strap on at the back and dropped to the floor, leaving the fake cock buried deep into Lucy's ass. "Mmm you taste so fucking nice" Katie said as she lapped up as much cum as she could. 'SLAP' "You are 'SLAP' such a good 'SLAP' tasting, naughty 'SLAP' little girl" Jasmine said to Lucy, slapping both her ass cheeks hard.

Lucy couldn't support her self any more, she dropped down onto Jasmine and the three girls lay there in a heap on the floor, panting and covered in each others warm nectar. RING RING……&hellip.RING RING Lucy picked her self up off the floor and walked over to the phone, her cum was dripping out of her pussy onto the floor and dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

She picked the phone up "Hello is Lucy there please" a deep voice said. "Speaking" Lucy replied "Lucy it's Carl, is Jasmine there with you" Carl asked as Lucy scooped some of the dribbling cum from her pussy and tasted it "Mmm, yesss" she moaned out, forgetting she was on the phone. "What…erm…could you put her on please" Carl asked. Lucy handed the phone to Jasmine and sat down with Katie, she sat facing Katie and opened her legs, Katie opened hers and they slid together until their pussy's met.

Their swollen, hot, wet pussy lips pressed together as the girls lifted their asses off the floor and began grinding together, mixing their cunt juice together. After a few minutes, Jasmine told Lucy that Carl wanted her again and swapped places with her.

"Hey Lucy, erm& parents had to go out of town and&hellip.erm&hellip.well I asked Jasmine if you guys wanna came over here coz it's kind of boring.

She said ask you and Katie………&…& you guys wanna come over?" Carl asked in a rather nervous sounding voice.

"Yeah sure" Lucy said. "Ok…&hellip.erm…Lucy…………I don't know if this was a big joke or not but……&hellip.well………Jasmine said you and Katie really fancy me." Carl paused. "Yeah that's true, why, you have something in mind?" Lucy asked. "Well……if you want to" Carl replied with a noticeable tremble in his voice. "Sure, we'll be over soon honey…&hellip.bye" Lucy said and put the phone down.

"Come on girls were going to Jasmine's" Lucy said to Jasmine and Katie who were still grinding their pussies. "Oh and Katie, Carl finally wants to fuck us" Katie and Jasmine stood up, gathering their composure "What are you going to do Jasmine" Katie asked, realizing Carl was her brother.

"He can only fuck 1 of you at a time" she replied "I'll fuck the other one. I have no problem being naked in front of him; he has no problem being naked in front of me, and he already knows were bisexual" "What&'ve seen each other naked……and how does he know were bisexual?" Katie and Lucy asked at the same time.

"I told him we would be doing this today" Jasmine explained "and he walked in on me when I was taking a shower when we were 15, he was naked also because he was going to get in the shower. Since then we just never shied away from being naked. It's quite useful really when you only have one toilet and one of us is in the bath or shower, then the other can use the toilet." Jasmine was expecting some disgraceful looks from her friends but they didn't seem bothered about it. "Well let's get ready girls" Lucy said and they picked up the pile of clothing from the floor and got dressed, conveniently forgetting any underwear or bra's.

"Can I quickly use your toilet" Jasmine asked Lucy. "Of course" Lucy replied. When Jasmine was out the room Lucy leaned close to Katie's ear. "I don't mean to sound sick, I'm just horny," Lucy whispered "do you think we will be able to get Jasmine and Carl to do something, like fuck each other or give oral or something" "Erm.

It sounds good for us but I don't think they would do that kind of thing" Katie said as an image of Carl fucking Jasmine from behind entered her head "we'll see." Jasmine returned from the toilet and the three of them left for Jasmine's house.

Leaving Lucy's living room smelling of girl cum.