Hot girl showing boobs to boyfriend

Hot girl showing boobs to boyfriend
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I had signed the contract and now there was no going back. A week earlier, I was looking online for an orgy party, and there happened to be one nearby that payed each person 50 bucks to join.

I had instantly contacted the hosts, which were very private about the location. I begged to be invited, so eventually a phone call was arranged. A man called me at 1:00 AM. Yawning, I rolled over, shirtless, and picked it up.

"Yo," I said. "We are inviting you to the orgy party. Arrive on Friday, 4:00 PM sharp. Don't bring anyone with you. You'll need to sign a document when you arrive. The address is 414 Yellowthorn Rd. See ya." The man hung up. A few days later I drive over to the address. Surprisingly it was on a farm, a few miles away from the nearest house.

Chickens grazed everywhere and a few horses trotted alongside the fence. I stepped out of my car and walked up the short path to a small house. An older man came out. He looked outside to make sure I was alone, and then closed the door behind me.

"Sign here," he barked. Without reading the agreements, I scribbled my name on the paper: Edward Wagner. He invited me to have some tea as two dozen other men arrived.

They were all hot and I was eager to get going.


The older man soon ordered everyone to sit down while he explained the rules. "Alright. We are going to be locking you gentlemen in our barn for 24 hours. We have a small refrigerator, so you'll be okay. In that time, you can do whatever you want with each other. We need everyone's cell phones, and then you can get started." It was strange that they confiscated our phones, but I was horny and went along with it.

The man escorted us to the barn, which was large, red and had one horse inside. Opening the door, he ushered us inside. I was the last one in and grinned as the other guys began to make themselves comfortable. The old man then snickered "fools" and grabbed a padlock. Firmly locking us in, he then went back to his house. Within s matter of seconds, a guy next to me ripped off my shirt and was kissing my neck and another was ducking my cock.

The barn was filled with moans and other expressions. "You're hot!" "Nice, man." "Yeah!" "Suck that cock!" "Fuck yeah!" Everybody kissed each other at least once and we even had a very large circle suck. It was a little awkward with the horse watching us from it's stable, but I ignored it.

The circle suck was the main event. A muscular Asian dude was sucking me off and I went down on a dark skinned man, who was an eleven inched. We did this all day, and slept in a heap of clothes st night.

The next day, I awoke. Everybody was having sex again. Horny, I spotted two blonde guys kissing, rubbing each other's cocks. I joined them, and had a sexy triangle suck. But by the end of the 24 hours, everybody was covered in cum, exhausted and ready to go home. At the exact promised time, the old man came back and unlocked the padlock. But to our horror, he was armed with a shotgun.

He threatened us with it as he rolled the small refrigerator out and locked us in. Everyone was feeling uneasy - panicking, we tried to beat down the wooden walls, but they must have been glued together because they wouldn't budge.

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One dude started crying, and others had more sex. I just sat in a corner, staring at a dull clump of hay. Another dude joined me and sat to my left. "Hey." "Hi," I replied, not really in a talkative mood. "How old are you?" "23, you?" "Ten." I looked at him more carefully and to my shock he really was 10!

I sputtered in disbelief and he grinned, looked at his boots. "You were here the whole time? That's illegal!" "My dad is that man over there," he said, pointing to a 40 year old man, who was making out with the Asian dude who had sucked me. "He brings me to this stuff a lot. I was hiding in a hat bail." "Um, kind of stupid parenting shouldn't be here, little guy." "I know. Don't have much of a choice though." Awkwardly, I just stared at him. "I'm straight," he replied.

"What? No, I wasn't.I wasn't trying to, ugh, have sex-" "I was kidding," he laughed. "I'm Andrew." "I'm Eddy." Another day passed and we were still lost in the barn. Everyone was worried sick, and I was worried about Andrew. Some guys were passed out from thirst and everyone was leering at the horse; if we weren't let out soon, we would have to do unspeakable things.

"I need everybody's attention!" one of the men yelled. "If we go another day without water, we'll die from dehydration. Everyone, search everywhere for any sources of water." We did, but there was not any to be spoken of. The pony was dehydrated too, and was taking a nap. One long haired man stared at the pony.

"Kill the horse." Grabbing a pick axe off of the shelf, she raced forward and slammed the weapon into the horse's side. Blood poured out, and it kicked forward, breaking out of its pasture. To my disgust, ten other men held the horse in place and started taking raw chunks out of its flesh. Andrew started to cry. The poor thing was being devoured, but we had no choice. Soon it was dead, and the men were helping themselves to its blood and meat.

Many vomited, so they had to eat more. The corpse attracted flies and soon 90% of it was inedible. Nobody spoke. Terrified, me and Andrew kept away from everyone. I grabbed a piece of slimy meat off its abdomen and offered it to Andrew.

"You have to eat it." "I'm not eating that shit. I'd die before I'd do that." But hunger won, and the next day, me and Andrew ate the horse's head. There was still no way out of the barn. "Maybe the farmer got in a car wreck," one man suggested. "They'll come to his house eventually and find us. We'll be out in no time!" But that proved to be wrong three days later, when the horses's body had been picked free of meat. Only bones remained.

Nobody said anything, but we all knew that a human feast would soon be necessary. The time did come, eight days afterwards. The oldest man, aged 53, slit his throat with a shard of broken pipe. As soon as he started to gag, the men piled on top of him and preceded to devour his corpse. Andrew and I were still disgusted, but we had to survive. "We're going to die," he cried, burying his face into my chest.

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I could only comfort him as he wept. Three weeks passed, and not only five people died - our humanity was lost too. Many had become animals, having sex 24/7, and biting people at random.

I found a small pistol in a barrel; it was always present when a man was near me and Andrew. One day a handsome, muscular guy came over and started to kiss my neck. I was tired of sex, but it felt good so I let him. Another joined him, who started to suck my stomach.


Soon everyone was on top of me, kissing and sucking every part of my body. To my horror, each had a flash of hunger in their eyes. Hastily, I pinned the attention on another guy, by noting how tasty his cock was. Five seconds later, I squirmed out of the pile.

The man was screaming as he was sexually eaten alive. Andrew stared on in horror. He was never the same after that.

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Two days later I woke up. A dark skinned man was eating my ass, with hunger in his eyes.


I avoided eye contact. Me and Andrew were the only sane ones now. Only 14 of the 27 men remained, each one horny and hungry. The man stared at Andrew, licking his lips. He lunged forward and tried to take a bite. I grabbed him from behind and broke his neck. I couldn't get a breather, as the other guys instantly ran over to get the remains. Nine days later, two more had been eaten. Nine left besides me and Andrew. We climbed into the loft one day, both very miserable.

The ten year old always looked dazed; he was a genuine target.

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We relaxed in the loft, when Andrew surprised me by crawling over and laying on top of me. "I was lying. I'm not straight." It felt weird doing it with a ten year old, but I let him relax; it was the best I could do.

We only did oral, since I was afraid of hurting him. Once done, we lay together in the hay clump, exhaling. "I'm sorry," he whimpered. "I'm crazy - like all of them." "It's fine," I assured him. A week later, only seven besides me and Andrew were left. We lay on the hay on the bottom floor of the barn. One man crawled over and started giving Andrew a handjob. "Stop it," I growled, punching him. He backed off, but came back did seconds a minute later.

He was joined by the others, with hunger filled in their eyes. "Get off of him!" I screamed, kicking their bare backs and groins. One grabbed Andrew's face and chomped into the base of his skull. "Edward!!!!!!" Another bit his nipped and another sucked his left ball as he screamed in agony. I grabbed the pistol. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! All shots were spot on, and the remaining three ran behind a hay bale. One lunged at me. Bang! I shot his chest.

The other two were the dude that had sucked me, and Andrew's father - what kind of psycho would enjoy eating his own son! The Asian man took a bite out of Andrew's side, but I rolled on top of him, skirting his throat with a piece of zinc.

Andrew's father was the sole man besides me. "Stop," he rasped, grinning. "We can eat the boy together.

Then we can have some fun afterwards." Bang! He fell dead to the floor.

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I ran, crying, over to Andrew. Bite wounds were all over him and he sobbed. "You're okay," I cried, hugging him. "Thank you." "For - for what?" "You a father to me.even in this nightmare.thank y-you." He fell limp.

I screamed in defeat, kicking the other corpses in anger, sadness and frustration. I looked at the barn door. I kicked the padlock in easily fell open. The lock was fake. We could have escaped all along.