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I have decided to go home for the holidays, and I don't want to drive. I figure taking the train would be a bit different, almost exciting. I buy my tickets, booking a first class compartment, and run home to pack. This is something new for me. I have never ridden the train before. I get to the station, and the conductor shows me to my cabin. It appears I will be all alone this trip. The train is hardly full, and nobody else has come to share my compartment.

I settle in for this 16 hour trip. I won't get home until noon tomorrow. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It seems I will have company after all.

I open the door to find the most gorgeous man I have laid eyes on in recent times. He's about 6' tall, dark wavy hair, trimmed beard and mustache, delightful green eyes, with a wonderful athletic build.

He is wearing a conservative suit, an carrying a brown leather briefcase. I will enjoy this trip with this man! But, he has decided to disappoint me. He settles in and opens his briefcase, taking out some work. We ride along for several hours like this. It is now evening, and I go to the dining car. I eat by myself, noticing the lack of others. The food is great, the wine wonderful, but there is still something lacking. When I return to my compartment, I discover my companion has turned the lights down very low, very seductively.

He has changed from his form-defining suit into a pair of loose casual pants and silk robe. As I sit down on my side, he moves over and sits next to me. His cologne is delicious - warm and spicy. My heart begins to race and pound. "Sorry for being so stuffy earlier," he apoligizes, "but I had work that had to get done.

Now, though, I can play." Normally, I would laugh in his face for assuming that I would play with him. He hasn't said two words to me up until now, and here he is, trying to seduce me all at once. How dare he! He knows I want him, and he's daring to use that against me.

As he caresses my neck and shoulders, I begin to melt. I allow him to unbutton the top two buttons of my blouse. I begin to moan gently as he reaches under my blouse and cups my breasts in his hands. I notice he has locked the compartment door, placing the "Do Not Disturb" sign out. My heart is pounding so loud now.

I want him so much, need to feel him in me and on me. I offer him no resistance as he finishes unbuttoning my blouse and peels it away.


"Oh, so lovely," he murmurs as he buries his face into my breasts. I feel his hands around my back, unhooking my bra.

In a moment, that too has been removed. I am laying here with a stranger, naked from the waist up! And totally enjoying myself, too. He begins to nuzzle my breasts, stroking one and sucking on the other. I arch my back to his face, wanting him to take the entire breast into his mouth at once. He takes the free nipple between his fingers and pinches gently. I moan with delight. He has me so wet and hot.

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I have been this way since he came to share this compartment. I just never thought this businessman would ever get around to me. I feel a soft flutter by my inner thigh. He has moved his hand under my skirt, and has begun to caress and stroke me. I can feel him move up past the top of my stockings, past the lower edge of my silk panties, and up to the waistband. He hesitates, looking deep into my eyes. He gives my hot mound a pat, and then suggests I strip for him.

I stand up, and slowly undo the waistband of my skirt, letting it pool around my ankles. Next comes the slip. Now, I am standing before him clad in my garter belt, stockings, panties, and high heeled shoes.

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He grasps me around the waist and pulls me to him, his mouth all over my breasts. I push myself back, and slowly begin to remove the panties first, allowing my dark bush to peek out. I hear a sharp intake of breath from him as he reaches out to finger me.

"Now, wait", I tell him as I turn around and bend over to undo the stockings from the garter. I feel his warm breath on my ass as he kisses it. He slips a finger into my hot gash. I gasp, and move my legs farther apart, using the seat in front of me for balance.

I bend over farther now, begging for him to play with me. I delight to feel his tongue on my ass, moving all around, probing gently. His fingers are at my hot little slit, opening the lips and caressing my clit. He pushes me more forward, bending me even further. Suddenly, his tongue is my pussy, stroking, lapping, sucking. Keeping one hand on my clit, he now moves the other to my wet pussy, coating it, and then stroking back to my ass.

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He is nibbling and sucking away, and then he inserts his wet finger in my virgin ass. I moan with delight, and move back against him. He gently pushes me away with his shoulder and goes back to stroking that finger in my ass. His beard tickles as bites and sucks. Before I know it, he has brought me to a climax, a gentle one, but a definite climax.

I flood his face. He reaches down into this pool of juices and coats his cock. I'm so relaxed I hardly protest when I feel him spreading my ass cheeks and lubricating my hole.

Suddenly, I am filled with warm, hot, throbbing cock. It hurts at first, but he is gentle, and allows me to get used to this sensation. Then he begins pumping away, holding onto my tits for support, squeezing away in his excitement.


Just before he is about to cum, he stops. He sits down on the seat, turns me around, and has me straddle his legs. He lifts me gently, and impales my hot wet dripping pussy on his huge throbbing pole. Moving me up and down, all around. He is so strong! He turns and pushes me down onto the seat, and now begins to drive into me with all his strength.

Thrusting, pumping, stroking me. I begin to get close to a climax, and I know he is, too. He reaches down and fingers my clit as he moves his shaft in and out of me.

"OOOOHHHHHH, AAAHhhhh," I begin to moan loudly. I feel him cum in my hot pussy just as my pent-up dam releases. What a flood. He collapses on top of me, and rests for a moment, until the throbbing subsides.

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I am exhausted, but delight to feel him back down between my legs, lapping up our combined juices. When he has me nice and clean, he comes back up to my face, and asks me nicely to lick his cock clean. I have to oblige and am happy to take his huge cock into my mouth. I feel him getting excited and engorged again. I begin to suck and stroke him, working him to that edge.

He tells me he wants to cum all over me, on my face, on my tits. I agree and suck him to the explosion point. Hot streams of cum fill my mouth. I try to swallow them all, but he pulls back, and aims that jizz at my tits. Great white bursts shower me.

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His cum is hot and sticky as he now works it into my tits and begins to suck it clean. I decide the only way to get really clean again is to take a shower. I tell him of my desire, and he gets a devilish look in his eyes. "The best part of being on an empty train is not having to worry about neighbors," he says as he pulls me though the compartment door, and down the passageway to the shower.

We are both totally naked! I am embarrassed, but there is no one about. Once in the shower, we take our time soaping each other up, and rinsing each other off. I do feel the need to take him into my mouth again, just as he felt the need to fill my cunt up again with that hard cock.

Finally, we are clean and tired. We dry each other off, and rush back to our compartment. We fall asleep, he with one hand on my mound and the other on my tit, me with a hand on that gorgeous cock. I can hardly wait until morning!