Ladygirl fucks teen and amateur tied I know you have been stroking

Ladygirl fucks teen and amateur tied I know you have been stroking
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MY T H R E E M O M S He had three mothers, and he had all three! b y O e d i p l e x 8 = = 3 ~ My name is Pete, not Peter; it's a joke, because I almost was twins.

However, something happened early in the pregnancy and it turned out that it was just me that made it to full term. Supposedly, that is the case that twelve percent of us start out as two, and the one is lost early. I guess you could look that up.

The point is that my folks were informed by the Doc the ultrasound showed two fetuses originally. While there were some medical concerns, I was born healthy and mom was okay. But my father had a sense of humor. The other kid was 'RePete', I know, bad joke. Most everybody has forefathers, I'm the only guy I ever heard of that has three mothers. Now, of course, I have only one biological mother. That's Danni, or more properly, Danielle; my step-mom is Susan, everybody calls her Susie; and Danni's partner is Shannon.

They've all raised me since I was three. Danni and Shannon live just a block down from Dad and Susie. Me, I live in both houses. Everyone gets along with each other. All the drama was over before I went to kindergarten. Dad had an affair with Susie when I was just past two.

Danni found out about it six months into the relationship. She was pissed and about more than just dad cheating. But then she was seduced herself by Shannon, who she knew from work. Shannon was a lesbian and Danni discovered that she was bi-sexual. She was happier with Shannon, Dad was happier with Susie. It was a friendly divorce; an amiable custody sharing.

I wound up with four parents and two bedrooms. They had the details worked out on everything, long before I learned to play one off the other. Thus, I usually had the best of both worlds. Except on importation issues, and then Dad and Danni would confer and come to an agreement. Susie and Shannon were my allies, unless I really screwed up. In that case, I had four angry adults to contend with. But that was seldom. Each of the three gals was like a mother to me.

They had their strengths and weaknesses, like anyone does. But they were all 'moms', mothering women, and that's what I called them; Mom, or mother, sometimes mommy, when I was little, or get emotional. When any two were in the same room, to avoid confusion, I called each by their first names. If I skinned a knee, I ran to the closest mom.

Any of the three would comfort me, and I loved them all, each in their own unique way. Just like a parent loves each child, though they have several. Only I was the single son, to the four parents. I wasn't pampered, nor spoiled, but I learned to get my way.

It was learning family politics, that and my natural charm, which made for a smooth childhood. Those skills were the same things that helped me seduce all three of the ladies who mothered me.

I turned twenty-one a week before Easter. Not that I hadn't lusted after each of them long before then, since puberty, really. It was only happenstance that things started to fall into place, just then, that provided the opportunity to make love to the trio.

One at a time, no orgy, just your ordinary seduction, times three. Sometimes I was doing the seducing, other times I was seduced sort of; and there was all kinds of fiddling around that went on otherwise which I'll mention, since they were part of the dynamics behind this story. Now sometimes the odder things are, the more apt they are to be the foremost to fall.

Think of it this way, the more unbalanced of items is the most likely to topple first. So it was Shannon (I don't mean that she was unbalanced in any way); however, she was the woman's woman who turned out to be this man's first mom to be enticed into incest!

That's right the lesbian. Now I don't want to get into a politically-correct argument with any ladies reading this, that may take issue. The facts are as reported, the feelings as they were related to me in conversation with the females I had sex with, my mothers. Just accept at face value the story, you can argue any philosophical points with the mom of the moment in question. Shannon, though committed to same-sex desires was perfectly capable of fucking a male, just as a gay guy could screw a girl.

Better; if you consider motivations, desires, and mechanics. I was her first guy. Not bragging, just a happenstance. It might have been dad, except that he was wiser than his son.

Two beauteous girls have lesbian joy masturbation and smalltits

Pop knew better than to stir up a hornets nest, sexually speaking. Once stung, read caught cheating; twice as shy of. . well technically he had the stinger so to speak; let's say he learned to keep to the honey-pot at home. Shannon, having married mom, Danni, and sharing their bed together with pillow talk about former lovers, grew curious of what it would be like to be with a man.

Not that she especially wanted to. Bluntly speaking, some guys may wonder what it's like to take a cock up their ass, but are not about to go experimenting under normal circumstances. But sometimes, under special conditions or with extenuating developments, with a particular partner or with close relationships, those kinds of encounters may happen. The unusual or strange or even bizarre behavior of humans from cannibalism to self-immolation to mass hysteria is known to happen from time to time.

So is it so wild, that maybe a little incest, and perhaps a heterosexual encounter with a lesbian might occur? What are the odds of those odd things taking place? Who could predict that Shannon would be bit on the ass by a horsefly while sunbathing? While I happened to be the only other person in the house that day?

Those buggers are big, and their bite is bad; very painful. Her bikini was quite tiny, and the spot was right on the rump, very close to the thigh. She was on her stomach at the time, her top loose, and the yelp she let loose, scream really at full volume, brought me running. Shannon is a statuesque redhead, Irish grin on a elfin face, pin-up body; temper terrible when angry, but temptress when she wishes to get her way with men.

Of course, they never do get any compensation they may have hoped for, as she is orientated to the opposite, to her own distaff side of the genders. But she can turn on the appeal to both sides of the aisle when she wants, claims it as heritage from the Emerald Isle, Celtic charm. As I came scrambling out of the back-door onto the low deck, she was fit to be tied!

Her top wasn't tied on though, it lay where she had been stretched out. Her rosy nipples and bodacious bust were bare and there for my eyes to capture in a mental snapshot, even as I was trying to discern what her stress was all about.

"THAT FUCKER BIT ME ON THE ASS!" She turned so that I could clearly see a big red spot on her very shapely derri?. She looked back at me over her shoulder, it was a pose right out of one of those pin-up calenders of old. My brain imprinted the sight. Hey! I'm only human and male and a horny youth, what do you expect? I told you that I had a thing for my moms. Just at that moment, the big bad bug buzzed me.

Only I saw him coming, and WHAM! I slapped the fly flat onto the ground and stomped on him. He was a grease spot on the boards of the patio. "Good for you! My hero!" cheered Shannon, "OW!" She added as she tried to sit on the lounge chair where she had been sunning. She didn't seem to notice she was topless in the midst of the action and with the punishing pain. "I've got got the perfect thing for your sting." I said, realizing my supplies from camping, up in my room, had a first-aid stick that contained a neutralizing/anesthetic ingredient designed for just such insect injuries.

"I'll bring it down!" "Meet me up in my bathroom, instead." ordered mother Shannon, as she grabbed her sunglasses and bikini top and headed inside. I followed and sprinted up to my room and dug out the 'Sting-Stick' medicine tube.

I proceeded to the master bathroom off of Danni's and Shannon's bedroom. Shannon was running cold water on a wash cloth. She was dressed in an over-sized towel, wrapped like a sarong around her, held up by a twist and her tits. She took the cold cloth and pressed it to her butt. "This will do better than that." I assured her. She turned so that I could apply the ointment to the bright spot on her lower buttock. I took off the cap and bent down to get an angle to smear the waxy balm.

I didn't bobble, but I got a shock. I was looking straight into the split of her buns. She had taken off her swim suit bottom and she was bare under the terry cloth. I pushed the stick on the red mark lightly and smeared the cure on her hurt. I could see her red fuzz. As she was bent over providing her rear for first-aid and my inspection, I saw the labia, the pink slit, even the puckered ruddy anus! . Jeez-Louise! . I didn't know what to make of the spectacle.

Was this on purpose, my getting to view her womanhood, or was I to be like a physician, strictly clinical in perspective? Or was her familial nudity a non-sexual necessity, like when you change a baby's diapers.

Well, she was the babe, and I wouldn't mind playing doctor. Even if I did know of her orientation, that didn't make me less heterosexual in my reaction to the beautiful woman on such intimate display before me. Surely her nakedness was not meant to arouse me? I couldn't help the erection her exposure evoked, but certainly she was not coming on to me? She had not invited the freaking fly to bite her in so painful a place in order to play the temptress. Not Shannon, the lesbian lover of my mother, one of the mom trio, and poor injured lady I chivalrously was administering to.

I shivered with nervousness even so, as my hormones made madness in my mind, as my nose was inches from her center of erotic scents.

It was summer. She had been sunning herself, I was in my shorts and a tee-shirt and flip-flops. My shorts were as tented as the canvas we guys had erected on our camp-out, earlier in the season.

If I had not been crouching, she could have seen the lodge-pole at my crotch. But now the medicine had been applied and it was time to stand. I did. She turned around. I knew from the look in her eyes, she knew of my condition, it was a look of understanding and one of sympathy and one of.

of. ? "What would my hero, the slayer of the flying monster that attacked me, like for his reward?" I knew that sultry tone of voice. It meant that you were going to get what you wanted, but would have to pay a price.

Like when I was a kid and she had asked, "What would you like to be paid, for shoveling the snow from our driveway?" Yeah, the treat was a couple of beers and a back-rub from her. I was a couple of years younger and she knew what I wanted back then. She knew what I wanted now, too. So she was using her sexy body for my enjoyment and her purposes. But why? Not that I really cared much at the moment, my male mind having gone stupid at the sight of her gorgeous ass.

"Would you like this?" she asked. With a flick of her fingers, Shannon undid the towel and it dropped. There she was in ALL her glory! The burnished muff, like copper Brillo. The round bright pink nipples popped out like push buttons, the best tits of the six that graced my three moms; their shape, the classic upslope and swelling down curve. Her flat taut tummy, which those exercises at the gym maintained; the legs that were two sculpted pillars of perfect proportions.

Even her petite feet were a turn-on. My gaze zoomed up and down in seconds trying to gather it all in, focusing on parts and compiling the feminine form as a complete whole.

How could I blame Danni for falling in lust with her, discovering the beauty of bi, with a babe as ravishing as she. Certainly there was love too, I mean we all loved Shannon, she just had that kind of magnetic personality.

But she was certainly attractive physically too; to my biological mother, Danni; to me obviously, and I long admitted it. Maybe dad, though he dare not ever indicated it, except in the most chaste of compliments, if he wanted to keep his head (and dick) from being chopped off by Susan.

Even Susie had to admit the stunning glamor of Shannon. In fact, I'm not sure that there might even be a curious inkling in Sue as to what Danni gets from her relationship with Shannon.

So you get the picture, super-model redhead naked with a youth having hard-on right next to her. THEN she pulls me into her arms and kisses me. Not a mom kiss, not French either, but a big juicy lip lock so hot that it would melt steel. My bar pressed against her abdomen is oaken and it just ignited.

She breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear, "You'll have to come back later, and see if I need to have a poke in the ass with your stick again." Of course my 'stick' is actually poking her front, but the double entendre is obvious in it's meaning, even if the shift in the needle of her sexual compass is confusing. But who am I, horny guy, to question another opportunity to have even a passing perusal (if not an actual 'poke') at any of her anatomy?

Something was up, and I don't mean my meaty member which certainly was. But what Machiavellian machinations Shannon was hatching, I wasn't concerned with. I simply asked, "When"? "Tonight, after Danni goes out for her yoga class." I actually cooked dinner that evening for mom Danni and mother Shannon, as I was staying in their house for a few days. Momma Susie was doing some redecorating and I was best out of the way for that three ring circus of craftsmen, carpenters and furniture movers.

Dinner was a stew that they had taught me to throw together, when they both had been busy and had 'custody' of me for the evening. I like to do things for my mothers, it made them happy and had it's rewards, usually some privileges or relaxation of rules, or perhaps an extra treat or small gift, like a new CD or gas money. But it's nice just to do stuff for people you love, even without the return of some kind of reward.

But tonight, my hero's reward might just turn out to be something special. I was hoping, but didn't have too high of expectations. After all, Shannon, was one of my moms. In any case, I did bring the medical 'Sting-Stick' with me. The front door slammed shut as mom Danni rushed off to her two hour yoga session. Almost immediately I heard Shannon call, "Pete, I'm in the bedroom!" I took the stairs two at a time. There she was stretched out on her stomach on the bed, a towel draped over her torso.

But her tush peaked out, without panties. She spoke, "I told Danni about out my bug-bite and she looked at it. She recommended ammonia and ice, but I told her you had a anti-sting thing from camping, I could use. But I think that it's easier for you to put on, since you can see better. CAN you see where my boo-boo is?" She pulled the edge of her covering up to expose more of her buns.

"UH. . uh-huh." I was mesmerized. And getting tumescent too. I moved closer, the swelling had gone down on her injury, but mine in my loins was returning. I moved next to her on the mattress, I took the cap off and again applied the balm, my personal stick was wanting to touch there as well. She removed the towel, I shucked my shirt.

She put her head down on her folded arms and raised her bottom a bit and spread her legs slightly. "Go slow, be gentle, I'm still tender there." I didn't have to be told to get rid of my shorts.

I had wondered, I had hoped, I had not worn my jockeys-undies just in case. I knelt and straddled her legs, the target was clearly sighted and open, ready, glistening. Even though she still had her feet only about a foot apart and my knees were on the outside of her thighs, the opening at that angle was an easy mark. I placed my hands on each side of her waist and moved my hips forward. I leaned over a tad and the tip made contact with the cavity that it sought.

I pushed and with some small adjustments on both our parts it dipped in. It slipped in and slid deeper. Once I was sure of the aim, I let the full length drop slowly down, until I was balls to butt, encased in the steamy vagina of my mother Shannon. Then with great deliberation I began to move, I drew up and pushed in, I pulled back and hunched forward.

I used my pelvis to create the motion, and with every entry and half exit it was better and better. We began to be partners, her hips rocking to match mine and our coordination had rhythm and syncopation. Shannon made little 'u h - u h' sounds as I was going 'ah - AHH!' Her noises grew higher in pitch, while mine went lower. In and out I went, in and out and quicker and harder now!

I couldn't last much longer, I was so strung tight with the erotic tension. She started with, "Yes! YES ! YYEESSS! Now N O W W!" and I let out a quiet cry, almost a silent sigh, exhaling a gasp of gob-smacked convulsion. My cock gushed the wonderful load I had saved up since that moment she kissed me in the bathroom.

I jammed it in as deep as I could and let loose! I let myself down on her back. For a few minutes we just lay there. As I softened somewhat, she moved and with gestures she indicated she wanted me on my back. Turning our positions topsy-turvy, she now was riding on my thighs, playing with my mast that was getting a second wind, working to cock my pistol which was reloading. In short, my putz that was putty in her hands was rapidly becoming a solid length of Pete's peter.

She looked down at me and a sly smile came over her features, "You just became my first man. What do you think of that?" "Jeez, Shannon, I'm the first dick you've ever had in your cunt?" "First live one. I've had dildos of course. I wondered what it was like." "So, did you like it?" "Yeah, but I want to talk about something else for a moment.

She moved up so she could mount my saddle-horn, as she slid down and I slipped up her pussy once more, she placed her hands on my chest. I reciprocated with my fingers grasping her tits. "I know what you waannt, what you reealllyy waanntt!" In the sing-song of teasing, her voice chanted and taunted, as she was screwing with a rolling motion. I was having a great time, so I took the bait, which of course was her plan. "What?" I grunted, trying to thrust up and have some input to the action.

"Yoouu want to fuuckk Danni! Don't you naughty boy? You want to fuck your mommy!" (Yeah, no duh! What's was new?) "I love fucking you, mother Shannon." No fool I, to not compliment the lady on my prick at present. "But you got the hots for your real mom, don't you? I know you do. Maybe I might help, if you do me a favor. We could help each other. Think about having your big cock in Mommy Danni, Pete.

Doesn't that turn you wild, wouldn't you love to put it into her?" My answer was in the bucking I was doing, as the turn-on of getting to make love to mother-prime was filling my imagination.

"That's it, fuck Danni, put it in your first mommy, let her have your seed, cum in Danni, Pete, come on, C U M in her N O W W!" Zoom! Did I ever blow my wad!

I didn't think I would cum as much as the first time, but that second climax was spectacular as well. All because Shannon had played hob with my lust and I had let myself enter the fantasy.

She seemed to have another orgasm too, but not as shattering as her first time when I balled her initially. "Mmm," mother Shannon murmured as she bent and rested her wonderful pillows on my furry chest.

Then she rolled off and said, "I want to be in the kitchen when Danni gets back. Get dressed and meet me there.

I'll get a couple of cold beers from the fridge. With that she bounced off the bed and grabbed her robe. By the time I got myself clothed again and down there, the brews were opened and she was sitting at the kitchen table. I joined her. She spoke after having a long pull on her drink, "To answer your question, about how well did I like fucking a guy?

Well, first of all, you were fine, very nice and considerate, especially taking me the first time. I admit I was a little nervous, just the same. But I trusted you. That's why I picked you. Danni has talked about what it is like to be with a real male, the heat and the difference that no dildo can truly imitate.

So, I was curious. I didn't plan the bug bite, that was serendipity, but since we sort of got intimate with your first-aid, I decided that you could be my first that way too." She paused. "Did you ever see the movie, 'The Graduate'?" "On TV, a long time ago." "Well there is this line, that compares shaking hands with fucking." I looked confused. "My point is. . well how would you feel about shaking hands with. . u h. . Angelina Jolie? I only mean just shaking hands?" "Yeah, that would be really cool!" "Yes, and she's a hot sexy babe, as well as a big star.

Have you ever shaken hands with the minister after church?" "Yeah, I've shaken Pastor Roger's hand on Sundays." "Okay, compare the two." "I'd rather shake Angelina Jolie's." "Now, the pastor has a nice firm handshake, it's not bad, but not nearly as exciting or as a sexy star right?" "Absolutely!" "So, okay, I'd.

. I'd rather shake hands with Angelina Jolie myself, and I've heard rumors that she might have sometime earlier. . 'shaken hands' with some gals herself.

Now I'm talking in the symbolism of 'The Graduate'. It's not that your 'handshake' upstairs was in anyway unsatisfactory; just that my druthers, if you will, are much more excited by the ladies, that I am intimate with. Now, of course, I'm committed to being Danni's partner." "I think I see what you mean. But what did you mean about my getting to fuck mom Danni? And are we, me and you, ever going to. ." "Fuck again, you and I? Well, we'll see.

But first you want to conquer Danni, right?" "Uh. . Yeah!" "Okay, then as I said, we can do each other a favor." She looked at my face and added, "Yes, you did me a favor, but that was a different sort of.

. well, kind of a mutual benefit. You want to get into Danni's panties and I can help; but I'd like you to help me get into Susie's knickers!" Shannon had to pound my back as the beer swallow went down the wrong way. "You want to. . you want me to help you seduce Susan?" "If you manage, I'll get you into bed with your mom, Danni." "Can you help me get Susie into bed, after you get to make her?

Wait! What would Danni say about you and Susie. I guess you are going to keep that a secret, like you are keeping us a secret. Right?" "It's too complicated to explain right now, but some secrets are temporary and some are long term; but trust me, nothing in this family stays secret forever.

Do we have a deal on Danni for you, Susie for me? - Susie for you, I don't know if I could help. Let's stick to sticking it to one mother at a time Okay? Deal?" I saw mom Danni through the garage door about to come into the kitchen and nodded my head vigorously. I took up my bottle, Shannon clinked hers to mine to seal the pact, and we both knocked back and had a long sip as Danni entered and called out, "Hi you two, what ya been up to?" "Just talking about some old movies, replied Shannon.

I rose, kissed Danni on the lips chastely and smooched Shannon on the cheek and went to my room. Talk about wild thoughts, I had a bunch from reviewing the events of the day, and educational evening, and thinking about the future. When I slept, I dreamed of all three moms as a harem, but all I was allowed to do by Rev.

Rogers was shake hands with them. Yet, Angelina Jolie was making out with all three! At least I got to watch that scene. In the morning I jerked off thinking of Danni. I wondered what Shannon could do to get us together, and how the hell was I going to facilitate Shannon getting her licks in with Susie?!


It was a complicated, convoluted, and thoroughly maniacal sort of strategy, but when Shannon got me alone several days later she let me into some of the family closets and to see the assorted bones of the skeletons therein. It seems that the way that Shannon had seduced Danni was through cunnilingus. Because dad was not very good at that, and he didn't really like to do it.

Go figure, I love to, and I wasn't bad at it, so I was told by my dates. Mom Danni had been really pissed at discovering about pop and Susie, so she was vulnerable both emotionally and really turned on by Shannon going down on her.

Her having an affair, made Danni more understanding of my father's peccadillo; since she liked it with Shannon and they had their own pecker - dildo as well. Thus Mom Danni discovered her bi-side. Then something really made Danni really hit the ceiling. But she wouldn't even tell Shannon, not even to this day, what it was. But that was the last straw. She told dad that he was welcome to Susan, she had Shannon. Pop was shocked, but what could he do?

Then he realized that it was all for the best, and agreed to a divorce. They decided to bury the hatchet, after all everybody was getting what they wanted right? Except, of course, there was me. They both wanted me, in fact all four wanted me. So luck of the Irish, Shannon saw there was this lovely house down the block for sale. No tug of war, no worry about visitation problems and guidelines were established for the decision making about how to raise me.

It was a friendly divorce, an amiable custody sharing. No complaint here, I usually had the best of both worlds. But now, I was educated to the fact that these rather liberated adults were evidently not the innocent souls I had earlier thought them to be.

Example one, Shannon and I. I was learning that sin may blindside you. Nor was I so blinded anymore to the faults and foibles and failings of my four parents. Example two, Shannon informed me that while she and mom Danni were a committed couple, that they were not without the occasional outside liaison. Danni was bi, so once in a while she had a one-night-stand with a man, with Shannon's foreknowledge and permission. There is 'nothing like a 'm a n',' goes the Broadway song the other way sometimes, I guess.

Likewise, Shannon might have a special tryst with another gal-pal which had aroused her libido. With Danni's knowing about it up front, and her okay. They did not let the sideshows spoil their main event.

Danni never wanted to hook-up with my father, that would be too weird. Besides which, they each respected Susie, and were supportive of her. Nor did they want to queer the deal, if I may use that old fashioned term, with the stable environment I was being raised in; one dad, two homes, three mothers, four parents to obey, but one happy boy. But now that I was grown, well. . It's not like Shannon had never suggested to Danni that she might like to do Susie sometime.

In fact, the revenge factor, on my father - not Sue, was delicious for Danni to contemplate. But it was not to be, because while Shannon was lesbian and Danni was bi, Susan was obviously hetero. But now, many years had gone past, and Shannon thought that perhaps. . Susie might miss cunnilingus, as much as Danni had back in the day that she and Shannon had their first flirt and fling with one another. With the seduction of myself, (inadvertent though it had been, and not so bad in bed) well, there was an Angelina in the wings, in the house up the block, that just might be willing to 'shake hands' with the other side.

Try-out what she was missing, that Danni had discovered as delightful. "Mmm?" went Shannon, "Maybe? What do you think, Pete? If you could get the message to Susie, maybe she might figure that a little action on the other side of the street could be fun.

You think? In any case, I want you to try." Shannon put it to me after the long history lesson of my parents switching partners, switching sides, and swinging ways. Danni both ways. It was Danni now, that had captured my focus and interest as my next mom to make love to. "How are you going to get Danni to commit incest with her own son? That's a bit of a ways off from just a casual fling with a male who's got a real live ding-a-ling." "I have my ways with her, it just takes some.

. imagination, if you will. Trust me, I'll get you with her, if you can hook me up with Susie. But to quote another old movie, 'These things must be done delicately!' heh - heh heeah." Shannon imitated the voice of Margaret Hamilton, one of the green Wicked Witch of the West scheming scenes out of 'The Wizard of Oz'.

"So look for an opportunity to drop a broad hint about the delectable love of the feminine tongue on a neglected cunt. I don't think you want her to get the impression that you could. . fill in the oral ministrations that your father is inattentive to. That might get you her, but it wouldn't get you Danni, get me? I'll have a better idea how you can bag mom three after I get her in to my sack, see?

So does that give you something to go on for our joint mission to make mom and momma? "Yeah, that's a start." Quite an interesting insight to the love lives of my three moms too! Two days later I happened on Susie out in her garden, she had some tomatoes she was picking.

I helped her do a little weeding before I made an off-the-cuff remark about watching out for horseflies. That lead to a bowdlerized version of my administering to Shannon's bite. Susie mused that Danni's mate was mighty attractive. 'Don't you agree?' I realized that this could be just the opening I needed to broach the 'delicate' subject I wanted to discuss with her somehow. I replied that, in fact, Shannon had recently remarked, in my overhearing, something similar about Susan.

Susie held up a red globe and asked in a Mae West bawdy tone, "Does she think I'm ripe for the picking?" I did my Groucho Marx and wiggled my eyebrows, "I don't know, I'll have to ketchup to her and see!" Mae/Sue said, "Well, get two of us toe-mate-tahs together and we'll see who's the saucier!" Groucho/me, "Would there be linguine with wine?" Susan in her own ironic voice, "I bet 'Red' could make me whine, with her linguine, if she knows how to use her noodle." I took a moment to make sure that I got the 'gist' of the double entendre, then cautiously, as my own self, inquired, "What about the Man-icotti your marinara'd to?" "What?

Doesn't a person sometimes want to go out for a pizza. . ass, once in awhile? I mean, bread-sticks are fine, but sometimes I think I might like to try.

. uh, calamari? Some dish that's a bit squirmy and covered with fragrant oil. Or maybe, clams she food, if you catch my drift." Susie is looking me in the eye. She knew what she was saying, she understood the real underlying meaning our innuendos were implying and she was communicating back to me that she got it.

S H I T ! She was letting me know that she was aware that Shannon had the hots for her and she might be willing to take her up on the offer. Damn! Great moms think alike. . L O L ! That worked out well. I was halfway into mom Danni's panties. I nodded to Susie. She put the ripe tomato to her mouth and bit the bright round veg; juices ran down her chin, it was a sensual declaration of her readiness to get messy.

Christ that was a turn on for me too! I stepped up and kissed her with all the goo still on her lips. I hugged her and whispered in her ear, 'I'll make sure your appetite for 'she' food gets to the gal who cooked up this whole thing.

She looked surprised at my bold move, but didn't pull back, rather let her breath fill her chest and pressed her breasts against my torso instead.

She gave me a quick peck back. "Ask your dad about my herbs sometime," she sighed, "no more weed." as her hand swept the air, indicating her little garden. I wondered about her enigmatic response to me.

What that was about? But now was not the time to be tempted by a tangent. I left to clean up and go over to the double mom's residence. Susie saucy spaghetti - was ready to be eaten! When I got to mom Danni's and mother Shannon's, they had ordered in pizza and had a cold six-pack out on the table. They had gotten three big pies, what wasn't eaten was frozen for later and always came out crisper from the toaster oven than when delivered, or if picked up even. That's why they always ordered extra.

Shannon liked beer better than Danni, who was more of a white or rose' wine lover. It was just coincidence that they had pizza, but my thoughts went to how I could get Shannon alone to mention the progress with Susie.

We polished off nearly half the pasta and all of the beer. This prompted Shannon to remark they were out of her 'Bud's-suds' and there was just time to get to the package store for another 12-pack. Danni said she had some work to do on her laptop. Shannon asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Perfect! I gave a short review of gabbing in the garden with Sue, and Shannon was pleased that things were humming along. When she had gotten a 'date' with Susan, she would then engineer the tryst with me and Danni.

She saw my eagerness, and the disappointment at waiting, in my expression. She patted my knee, and then ran her hand up to my crotch. Thank God I wasn't the one driving! She assured me that she did have a plan, and that I might get a preview of what my assignation with Danni might be like if I could come up with a computer cam.

I told her I had a good friend who could loan me his when I needed it. "Okay," Said mom Shannon, as we came out of the liquor store with supplies, including some Peach Tree for me. "I'm going to get Danni to play 'four - N' with me." "Foreign?" "No, but that makes a good pun, because the game is played with 'foreign objects' if you will. The game is 'four - N', she spelled it out, 'objections'.

Those being: naughty, nasty and never-never. Did you ever here the dirty joke of 'no, no, never never'?" I hadn't. She continued, "It's one of those shaggy-dog stories, the girl in every step of the progression of getting seduced says 'no, no, never never', finally when the guy has screwed her, he asks if he can take his dick out of her pussy now, and she says. ." "She says, 'No, no, never never', okay, that must be an old chestnut from way back, but how does that relate to your game with Danni?" "Well, we play a version of twenty-questions.

One person is the 'victim', who is blindfolded. The other partner, slash-player, has a dildo, or boy-toy if you will; girl-toys are most anything else. Toy are 'foreign objects' so to speak; they could be beads, a tongue substitute, feathers, all kinds of fun items. The object of the game is that the 'victim' is being seduced by somebody and they have to guess who.

It's fantasy role-playing, and lets us imagine a scenario, which we might not ever want to have happen for real." "What are the four N's about?" "Well, a situation might be Naughty, that's not so bad and not outside the realm of possibility; even if we don't seek that sort of action, it might be interesting under certain conditions.

The Nasty is bad and likely we would not want to do it; except that this is just a fantasy with a safe partner and, so it's safe to dream of those, to imagine the danger or really sinful sex. The Never-never is very way out and it might be a rape or having to do it with a stinky ugly guy, or even an animal.

We don't go that route often, but once in a while we will test the limits, and we can always call it off. But sometimes, you let the terrible thing take over and you are over-cum with abandon and primitive urges that no self-respecting woman would do but it is shocking what a thrill it can be. Think Fay Wray and King Kong. Did you know that in the original uncut film, the ape pokes a finger in her crotch and smells it?

The female sexual oder, pheromones, that's how he finds her in New York City, by her scent! "Was King Kong un-cut?" Shannon screamed with laughter at my joke.

"I'm sure that the monkey was uncircumcised, and certainly he had to be a few sizes too large for Fey under the circumstances!" "So, would Danni consider incest with her own son, as naughty, nasty or 'never-never'?" "Well, when it cums to sex and being naughty, or even nasty, with Danni, you never-never know.

It just might be that she would be willing, but you have to do something to prime the pump, if you understand my meaning." "Just tell me what I need to do." "Somehow we have to get your mother Danni to see you naked and erect.

That one I'm still working on. If you have any ideas in the next few days, discuss them with me. Don't want to blow an opportunity with a poorly executed exposure and turn her off, or get her angry." I agreed to talk over with her any ideas I thought of, to be suggestively nude, with my flag-pole raised high for Danni's inspection.

I meanwhile contacted my buddy with the camera and borrowed it. I gave it to Shannon and we made the necessary arrangements to cue me when to go on line, so getting her feed of the video, when she was going to play the game with Danni. I would log in and watch. I expected that would be a very wicked program! I was going to learn if mom Danni, might actually find sex with me to be merely nasty as opposed to 'never-never' and what might be the best approach to seducing her, or with Shannon's guidance, to bed her somehow.

That still left mother Susan to figure out what the key to her cooze was. But the games had to wait until after Susie and Shannon had their rendezvous. I unfortunately, don't have the details of that 'tete a twat' lark. It was a one on one, not a three way with Danni, though she of course knew of the date. As with all their 'side action' the other partner was informed and approved of the deal. This was especially sweet for mom Danni that my dad was being cuckolded by the 'other other' woman in the change-partners-and-dance - dosie-doe of the double duos 'switcheroo'.

But I think she may have also gotten to watch with the borrowed camera, I couldn't be sure at the time. And afterwards, well, you'll see how complicated things got later on. While I was batting zero for ideas on how to expose myself to mom Danni, with a straight stalk standing stiff to boot, Shannon figured out that it was not as difficult as we thought at first. It had to do with timing, and attitude and motivation. Timed so that Danni would have to be confronted with the image. I had to have the attitude that I was trying to hide my manhood, since it was in boner mode.

Besides which I was to have behavior apparently innocent in my (seemingly) motivation; but ultimately accomplished what need to be done. Now Shannon and I had always played a rough and tumble tag game since I was little.

It was a bit of 'Gotch-ya!' and some of 'swipe-and-swat' with a good dollop of general mayhem. As a kid, I'd steal her cookie, candy, some sort of treat and run. Then she would chase me and try to swat me for being a 'thieving knave'. If she caught me, she would tickle me until I gave the purloined treasure back, but if I was able to consume the item before being captured then she would pretend to spank me to teach me a lesson. I always ended up in gales of giggles as a consequence no matter what.

All done in fun. Now we would regress to that ploy and rig the results to be rather risque. One day, as mom Danni was coming in from her work, as planned I flew past her with only a towel on, twisted around my waist.

Shannon was hot on my tail chasing me. "Come back here you damn little thieving knave, that's the last cold beer in the house!" Indeed I carried a sweating beer bottle, as I was scampering and dodging mother Shannon, who sought to grab me and reclaim her chilled brew.

Shannon was also using a towel for her only article of clothing. Prior to Danni's arrival she had been massaging my member and talking dirty about our memorable first time. She tried to grabbed my beer. Shannon explained to her partner, as I used Danni as an obstacle to block Shannon's grasp, that I was up to my old tricks.

"Serves you right for taking all the hot water for the shower, leaving me none!" I defended my actions, as I feinted one way and scrambled the other. Shannon at a disadvantage, with one hand to hold her single garment in place, had a hard time changing directions. But then at a pre-arranged signal, the swig of beer that I took as I stood still for a moment, she clutched at the bottle, missed (on purpose) caught the knot of my own terry cloth skirt [kilt?] and OOPS!

off it came! There I was naked and erect in front of the both of them, one surprised, the other not so much, since she was in on the gag. Now to cover up the scandalous scam, but not the scamp and his rampant rod and scrunchy scrotum. Holding the towel as hostage, Shannon in her most serious warning tones, proclaimed, "Give me my goddamn beer or your not getting your lion-cloth back.

I swear I will smack you so hard on your bare butt that my imprint will last past dinner!" "Just teasing momma Shannon, tasted good!" I said handing her the brew. I turned to mom Danni, like I was naked before her everyday, "Jeez! I was just having a little fun. She didn't have to be such a bitch about it." and walked back toward the bathroom without a stitch on. Mom Danni got a good gander at my stanch man-stander and gonads, then a vista of my muscled buttocks.

Now it was planned, but you don't use the 'B' word in the home of the double moms and get away with it, especially if you're applying it to one of them. "You are a mean male pig!" Shouted Shannon, who used an insult that was at least thirty years out of date, and she did slap her hand on my retreating cheek, leaving welts. It had to look real, like we were not play-acting. It stung, but I laughed and ran to the shower.

Mission accomplished, an eyeful of my Eiffel Tower and an added bounty of buns for mom Danni. So now she had to be well aware of the maturity of her son and how he had grown into a man, and what his manhood looked like grown large as well.

In the meanwhile, I thought some more about the enigmatic last statement Susie made in the garden to me, but was not really clear of its meaning. She said to ask my father about it, so on the night she was out; 'to the movies with some gal-pals', but actually down the block with Shannon going down on her; I was sitting and watching a ball game with dad and I quoted the remark, or close to it, to him and sought his input.

It turned out that was a smart move, one that had been planted as a seed by Sue, to lead me into more than just that messy kiss and sexy squeeze. Thus I came to acquire the secret that she had deliberately hinted at and she was hoping would open the door our connecting, in more ways than one! "OH! God, that. . well. . you're old enough. When I met Susie, she was younger than me as you know and way more hip.

She was into somethings that I hadn't tried, like pot. She had this little plot of land on an old farm, she had charmed the fella who owned it into loaning to her. I think she might have screwed him once or twice, to get him to go along, but she never actually said so. Anyway, she grew veggies, tomatoes, beans, corn; in the corner of the field far away from the road, 'bout a quarter of a mile, you had to walk to get there. But between the rows of corn, she raised weed.

Not weeds, weed, grass, pot; and she had a private stash just for herself, didn't sell, just smoked her own." "She loved to screw when she was stoned. You remember that I met her when I stopped to buy a few ears of her fresh corn at the little stand she had. Well, she was buzzed from coming back from the field, where she had smoked a joint, and she was horny just then. I looked pretty good to her and she offered me a roll in the hay.

Literally, since she took me back to the farmer's barn and we did it the hay loft. I admit, that a quickie with this pretty little blond cutsie was too tempting to pass up. Then she turned me on to dope the next time we hooked up at a motel, and that opened my eyes. I was hooked on stoned sex with Susie, and had no self-control when it came to my infatuation and my habit of getting high on marijuana." "It was bad enough that I was having an affair, but when I also was risking everything by possibly getting busted for drugs, and when your mother Danni found out.

. well shit hit the fan three ways from Sunday. The rest you pretty much know. Shannon turned your mom gay or bi or anti-guy, whatever, and then we settled out our affairs; you should pardon the pun, but it fits.

So, here we all are in our respective homes. Susie has a garden in the back, but it's too uncool to grow in the neighborhood, much less she was afraid Danni might blow the whistle. I don't think Danni is as militant on the subject as she used to be; but we still are not in the 'back-forty' somewhere, and there was you to raise, so it sort of petered out.

Besides, now that we are older, our contacts are middle-aged and don't have the connections they used to have either. That's why we don't have the chance to get high anymore. We both miss it though." Ah-Hah!

If I could hook up Susie, perhaps I could get her to hook up with me? That was what she meant and what she had hinted at. THAT is what would work to let me get more than a quickie with my pretty little blond momma, who was too tempting to pass up, for this boy as well. Like father like son, and I liked all the women in my family. But Danni was next I figured. I wondered how Shannon was making out with Susie?

Pun intended! Evidently, that female fandango of frolic went fine. Which motivated Shannon to get Danni into a play-time scenario soon to make sure that her partner didn't feel neglected. So three days hence, a Sunday night, I was given the heads up with a text message, that I ought to log in at 8:30 and not to get discovered by dad or Sue. I locked my door, put the headphones on and waited. I had Astro-Lube lotion handy and a box of tissues too. Shannon must have pre-arranged the evening's agenda with her lover.

She at first blindfolded and stripped Danni; lay her on the bed nude, but for the black cloth covering her eyes. When she lit a scented candle, she also uncovered the undercover camera and adjust it to view the bed. Then she got out the dildo. Shannon had not exactly measured me, but she got a very good 'handle' on my dimensions when she had been on top of my thighs. The new boy-toy she had bought, having had the. . er. . balls to walk into the local adult shop and choose a model that very closely matched my dong, was my.

. uhm. . stand-in, if you will. So the experience would be simulating my physical presence during penetration. The image I was getting over the net was alright, though I couldn't control the focus or zoom, it still showed what the action was and the sound was clear.

Shannon positioned herself on the bed beside Danni, but so that the camera's view was not blocked. After a little cunnilingus for warm-up, she started moving the dildo up and down the slick slot of her partner's pussy. "It's a boy-toy," declared Danni. "Yes," said Shannon.

"Kind of more slender, is he young?" "Yes. A small push between the labia, but not quite going in yet." "Is it, someone I know?" "Yes." Shannon played the shaft up and over the clitoris, in a teasing fashion. "Is it someone I see often?" "Quite often." "Someone at work?" Danni spread her thighs a bit.

"No." The dildo went to the abdomen and rocked sideways on her naked tummy. I guess to let Danni get the feel of the length and breadth of my 'stand-in'. "Umm. the pizza-boy? "Noo. and that's five questions down. Do you want a hint?" "Okay is he naughty or nasty?" asked Danni.

"Definitely more than naughty!" Shannon worked the tip in Danni a little again. "He seems eager and hard. Have I ever thought about him?" "Maybe, but you never mentioned it to me that you considered him as a potential lover. But to be honest, you did comment that he was well equipped." "His package was discussed by us? Then I must have seen him in his swimsuit!" "And in his tux and in his underwear, and.

." "Brad Pitt! He's been in a tux and swimsuits and underwear in all kinds of movies. You know I have a thing for him. Are you sure his dick is that skinny?" "Not Angelina's hubby. I was about to add that you've seen him in his birthday suit too." "Is it a movie star or celebrity of some sort?" Her knees were going wide and her pelvis was tilted up, as the male substitute was dipping deeper but still not penetrating more than halfway. The blindfold on her head made the entire game more erotic for me somehow, even though I was just watching on my computer screen a block away.

I had to start rubbing my prick, it was hot seeing mom even if the image might be slightly blurry, to bad it wasn't a close up, and the lighting was dim. Still, this was going to be instructive for when my turn came for real, with Danni.

"Remember, it's someone you know." "If I see him often, and he's not from work, young. . a neighbor? Jeff Thompson, from down the block that delivers the paper, isn't he kind of young?" "Ten questions to go, want another hint?" The dildo was regularly sawing in Danni's cavity, but still just teasing, it came out and moved all over the surrounding area spreading the lubrication it had soaked in.

I could see a dark center where it had been moments before. "Hint!" "He has the hots for you. Had them for a long time!" "That does sound nasty, like maybe.

. have I ever seen him. . uh. . hard? Have haven't seen that many men hard since you and I. . ohh! - put it in again!. . since we became a pair." "I believe you said that you have.

. seen his rod rigid." Shannon went back to working the dildo in and now she was making it more a serious fucking motion. "God, I'm stumped. It can't be my ex. Haven't seen him since before the divorce. My last liaison, the guy was thick and not as long.

There was that guy that lost his swim suit at the gym's pool last month, but he wasn't hard. Cute, and a nice piece of meat, however soft, so that leaves him out. The only male I've seen naked and hard lately was. . waass.

. Shanni! You can't be. . not. . that would be a 'no-no-never-never'. . not Pete, my own son? You couldn't be meaning. ." Shannon pushed the boy-toy deep into Danni's cunt and started a slow in and out with full strokes. "He has the hots for you, has for a long time. You knew that, you once discussed his incestuous cravings for not only yourself, but for Susie and even me as well.

The boy is quite the handsome lad! You saw his dick upright the other day, wasn't it nice and long and slender, but very stiff, and mouth-wateringly sexy. That's what you said. You can't deny that you haven't wondered what he would be like in bed. Susie and I have, you too, right?" The dildo was thrusting with authority, as if I was taking mom Danni and nothing would stop me - us!

"Ohh! Shanni. . " She called her partner Shanni? in bed, Danni and Shanni. . I had never heard that nickname used before for Shannon, not by my mom Danni nor anyone.

Danni was continuing to protest even as her hips jerked in response to my 'fill-in-fella' fucking her. "Not Pete, he's not. . I would never. . GOD! My own son, that would be too nasty, that is a 'never-never-class' type of thing. I couldn't fuck my own kid, Uhooh. . Shanni, oohhh! That's good, like that, Pete!. . I mean. ." "AHH! You are thinking about him, aren't you? That peek at his erection was erotic, wasn't it? Admit it, that handsome young rogue would be a great lay, even if he is your own son.

And he wants you, he really has a full-blown Oedipus complex for you. He wants to screw with his mother Danni. He wants to make love to the woman that gave him birth. Wouldn't you like to love him back that way? Take him in your arms and between your legs, and inside your body; let him complete the joyful union that he has always desired? Because that is what you secretly have yearned for too, since he started to get to be a man? Admit it to yourself Danni, love and let go, let his cock conquer your cunt!" Danni gave in with this pressure from her partner and let her body take command; started to buck and the fake-me went to town in her vagina.

"Yes! Oh baby! Honey! Pete! Fuck your mother, Pete. Make me cum, cum in me, my sweet son. Give me your hot seed in my pussy, fill me with your jism, NOW! NNOOWWW!!!" While I watched, my mom Danni climaxed pretending it was me cumming inside her, making her have the aching orgasm that was racking her body.

DAMN! I wish I was there, but with this game finishing like that, I knew my time was not so far away! It came to me then, this is what Shanni, er. . Shannon had meant when she had said, it just takes some. . imagination. Mom Danni had been imagining she and I doing the dirty-deed.

From there, the reality was not that big of a step away. As it turned out Susie was my next mom to make it with me. I was able to connect with a girl who had a regular supply of product for sale, pot in other words. This was very good stuff and cost a pretty penny, but I had an important goal to use it for.

Bribing and bedding Susan, mom three, or two depending on how you counted, chronologically, or who became the stepmother first. Technically, Danni and Shannon moved in together before dad married Susie, but Susie moved in with Dad before Shannon became my step-uh.

. can't say step-father, step-partner? Step-mother in a way too. But who's counting? I cleaned the grass, and bought a smokeless pipe from the local head-shop, and waited until I could get Sue alone. She came in dusty and sweaty from her garden the next day. Dad was out on a golf game, so the timing was fortuitous. I hurried to my room to get the marijuana in a glass vial and the new pipe. I knocked and entered the master bedroom. But I was too late. Or too early, depending how you look at it.

What I was looking at was a Susie in her bra and panties. She had stripped her dirty duds and was about to take a shower, just going into the bath room off their bed room when I arrived. She squeaked an 'EEK!' Grabbed a towel and held it in front of her. "I'm sorry, Susie. I should have knocked but since you were done weeding I thought you might like to get rid of a different kind of weed.

That is to say, by burning it. Or if you will, the herb you can't grow in your garden anymore. I have a supply of I wanted to give you, as a gift because. ." [I had to think fast because I was winging it at the moment. I needed to come up with an excuse. I mean, you don't say, 'I got you some dope because I hope to hop in bed with you by getting you stoned!', which of course was the truth, but too bold to be stated outright.

My motives would soon enough become obvious. So what to - I've got it!. .] "Because I know that is what you were referring to when you suggested I ask dad about, with that broad hint you made the other day." "When you propositioned me of Shannon, and kissed me and held me tight so you could feel my tits against your body?" "Yeeaahh, that time. Pop told me about your. . earlier vegetable garden with the special herb you grew that you turned him on to.

So I thought that you guys might like to. . mm. . relive old times, revive those fun days of buzzed love making. Dad said he missed it. [SHIT! Now I had blown my chance, I made it seem like it was for her and dad, without her and I having a glow-and-go at stoned loving.] "Well, that is really sweet of you!

First you act as a go between for Shannon, and now you get some grass for your father and I to share and perk up our staid sex-life. I hope you got some for yourself. Pot I mean, I don't expect that Shannon's kind of kink got you any of her tail. I suppose that you might have played match-maker out of the sheer goodness of your heart. But knowing Shannon, I'm sure that she has some sort of incentive to provide a extra benefit one way or another." "I won't say that I didn't have the motive of some kind of gain promised, [which can not be revealed at this time!] But naturally, I was glad to make my moms happy if things went well.

And I hope they did." Susie relaxed a bit and leaned on the door frame to the bathroom, she let the terry cloth droop a bit. "OH! It certainly went well. A well is a deep and wet hole, and that is what she discovered with me. I was certainly satisfied, and it satisfied a long standing curiosity. Though, I wouldn't want it as any kind of regular.

. diet, eating or. . being dinner. But getting stoned I never tired of. "You got it there? Come in the bathroom and let's get a buzz on. The fan can exhaust the smell." She led the way and I followed, as she tossed the towel on the toilet and turned with a huge grin on her cute little blond face. Like a naughty angel, so petite almost like she was still in high school, the perky imp that had seduced my father stood in her demi-bra and scanty low-cut briefs.

I had seen her in her underwear, on occasion glimpsed her so, and once even nude. She wore the tiniest of bikinis at the beach or out in the back yard for sunbathing, but never hinting she would be less modest with her stepson. That was certainly quite enough skin to stir my fantasies of her for masturbation sessions. Now we smoked a bowl, passing the pipe. She declared it primo (the cleaning always helps that of course) and wanted another bowl before taking a shower.

She said that she loved to be high and wet, any kind of wet. Including, as she put it looking me directly in the eyes, 'where my dirty young mind was thinking about'! She smirked and held the smoke in. Finally, Susie blew her last toke into my mouth and made it a kiss as well.

Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she asked, "Want to watch me take a shower?" Since the answer was obvious, as witness the large bulge in my jeans, she stripped off her top and bottom. Naked as a water nymph she stepped into the shower stall, but didn't close the door.

I was pretty sure that she was not expecting me to share the enclosure with her, nor had she indicated that I would be welcome. She sudsed up her torso and legs, then washed her hair. The yellow tresses darkened and collected like a horse's tail trailing down her back, the long tresses she took pride in. Susan made clear her intention to be singular in the spray when she said, "I'm so horny, Pete, I just have to get myself off.

Make sure I don't slip and hurt myself, so you keep watching." Like I could tear my eyes off her pink nipples capping the perfect small breasts and the golden fleece that was now host to her delicate fingers rubbing gash that ran down and around the firm tight bottom of her tush. Her face, open mouthed and closed eyed was turned up, though out of the direct spray, and was a vision of a girl in the throes of happy frigging. It didn't take too long, and she had a nice little shuddering peak. I was leaking pre-cum from the shower show she had shared with her youthful companion.

['But what about me??!!', Mr. Pete's peter asked.] Not to worry. Susie rinsed once more and stepped out, grabbing the towel and handing it to me.

Obvious I had the pleasure of drying her, even if I didn't get to run soapy hands all over her, and use my fingers to fiddle in her middle. Then when she was dry, only damp down where I had foregone to touch, she lead me to the bedside and began to strip me. When we were both nude, she got the pipe and we proceeded to smoke another bowl.

['OH-BOY!', I thought.] Her nips were sticking out and my dick was sticking up, as we sat side by side in the altogether. She blew out the last toke, and grinned a wicked little smile at me. "Your turn!" she said, as Susie pushed me flat on the mattress. She leaned over and put her mouth on my dick. Turning so she was T-'boning' me as she performed an expert job of fellatio, I saw her boobies hanging down and reached out to fondle them. They were firm and yet still full for her figure, the points were berries to be plucked, and I made sure they got their fair share of attention.

Her mouth was this wonderful 'O' that ringed my cock and worked up and down three quarters of its length. You wouldn't think that a small woman had that depth, but it must have been technique. But this wasn't going to get me off inside her vagina, where I really wanted my hard-on to lose it's load. I asked, "Would you like me to reciprocate? I eat pussy very well. I bet you don't get much of that from dad." Susan looked up at me and gave a little laugh.

"He didn't used to, I had to teach him; but now he does just fine when it cums to cunnilingus. You know, Shannon hinted at some thing similar. I guess that was the case with your mom, Danni, but I knew some tricks she didn't. He has enjoyed going down on me ever since. I let Shannon have her 'lunch', and I had 'snacked' on her snatch to see what it was like with a woman. I never had that college-dorm opportunity, like some girls get a chance to experiment at that age.

Two young guys oral sex hot gays fuck

I've been feeling adventurous lately, middle-aged restlessness I guess." "Also, I think that I was secure enough with my relationship with your Father by this time, and comfortable enough in my own skin as to my sexuality, to try a walk on the wild side. It still was in the family so to speak, and it wasn't going to turn into a complicated jealousy sort of thing. After all, Danni knew before hand what was going down, pardon the pun, though your dad didn't have an inkling.

Nor do I want him to learn about this little. . 'dabbling on the side'? Would you like to see how I converted him, it still makes him happy and I have the fixin's right here?" "Yeah! What's you're secret to converting pop into a 'muffin-muncher'?

"Nothin' that was earthshaking. Just sort of a 'bird and bee's' kind of thing. Question? What do hummingbirds, and bees, have in common?" Yeah! Right! Like my brain worked well with a golden naked nymph noshing on my salami - not! I had no clue at the moment.

"Nectar!" she said looking up from my dripping lollipop. "And how do flowers attract the bird and bees to help them spread their pollen?" "Their perfume?" Not entirely stupid, I could figure out that girls wore perfume to attract guys, and I definitely wanted to 'pollinate' this elfin creature even if she was deflowered many years ago! "Right!" The perky pixie beside me rolled over to her end-table and opened the drawer.

She took out a tiny little glass phial with an ornate stopper in the top. She shook the vial and dabbed a drop of the amber oil on her bush. Then returning that to the stand, she with drew a small jar of a honey-colored thick fluid and smeared that on her labia and clit. "Lick me lover!" she commanded. My pleasure, this was exactly the best next step in seducing this lively and lithe tease I wanted to make so much I could taste it. Now I was getting to taste the place I wanted to pleasure with my pole.

The perfume was a heady sweet flowery fragrance that wafted up from the heated loins of the lovely lady I was lapping. A musky over-tone was mixed with the blossoms as her natural scent gave an aromatic note of her arousal. As I slurped the syrup of her sex, the other flavor was honey.

Yes, honey and Jasmine were the simple things that had turned my father's taste in women, from Danielle to Susan. Maybe things might have never. . well, speculation of that sort is useless; the point being - so now my father was fine with eating pussy.

Nor did he necessarily need the sensory enhancers anymore to get get him over the hump, or mons as it were. So Sue explained, but added that they were still a nice romantic touch, so she kept them handy for the occasional evenings when she wanted to encourage his lips to linger longer down at her labia.

Now I was being allowed to work my magic at her womanhood, with talent of tongue and lots of lip-smacking smooches and even my nose got to tickle her nookie; as I inhaled the heady mix and savor Susie's sinful sauces.

She was beginning to have her hips rise and her moans were more and more like she was approaching climax. But again, not the in the mode I desired as a gratification which would be for us both. It was almost time to make the move to between her thighs. I was sure she was more than slick enough for me to stick my stinger in her honey-pot.

She had enough pot and this honey blond was open as a blossom in the bright morning. I was the son who wanted to shine on her petals, only one thing kept us from the consummation of our growing desire. As I had learned from Shannon, these sort of seductions had to be handled 'delicately'.

Delicious as the moment was and as licentious as our liaison was, it need to be an inevitable moment of incest. Even though technically it wasn't consanguine, it was unsanctioned, and I would not rape any woman, though gladly would I ravage at her request. Thus I needed her to ask, beg or somehow confess 'that she couldn't stop herself, nor me, from the spiraling coil of coitus that carried us into compulsory copulation.

The urgent stirrings that overcomes the conscience, the physical craving that makes mincemeat of morality, the burning lust that sweeps all rational thought and emotional inhibitions aside. That flood of need for the two of you to unite, and rejoice in each other's rutting revels together. But I guess it wasn't such a delicate moment when Susie cried out, "Fuck me, FucK Me! FUCK ME!!

FUUCCKK MMEEE!!!" But it was certainly the go ahead point for our genitals to be hitched in tandem. Like the pistol into it's custom holster, I socked my loaded weapon into her sheath. 'And away we went!' as the saying goes.

Like rabbits, hunching in rapid motion to make the most of the time we were having fun. After I had brought the first of her pent-up cums to fruition, I concentrated on making my banana last as long as possible, so that her split was not creamed too early. Have tasted her appetizer, before the main course, I wanted to make sure that she got all the desserts she deserved.

Then I could be allowed to cream. Bad jokes, I know but great sex! Perhaps it was the grass, or my youth, maybe the naughty (or was it nasty) sin of having her step-son in her bed; possibly the return to the heterosexual side of the street, or the just novelty of another man - like the new experience of making it with a woman; or the whole weirdly insane scene that these blended into, within only just a few days of each other.

Whatever the combined effects of the factors that went on inside Susie's body and brain and heart, she really was rock-&-rolling, after that first orgasm the climaxes kept on exploding, chains of cums and big bombs blasting off, she was multi-O'd to the Nth degree!

She wanted it from all angles, every several minutes we would switch to a new position, after she had a cum or two. I was on top, then she scissored her legs around to doggie; flipped over to be on top with her riding me, then we went back to missionary. I had never realized that she was so gymnastic! Like having the tiger by the tail, I had to hang on, so that I would survive the experience with this wild pussy! Finally, having lost and regained my tumescence once or twice in the merry melee, as I floated on her form fucking the manic minx who I was making love to, I managed to get my own climax accomplished.

I pressed deep and felt my tip bump her uterus nubs. So beautiful to release your semen into the warm, wet cavity that accepts your love lotion as an offering of worship. It feels like part of your soul is spewed out in a gush of rushing liquid. With the urging of her body to connect with yours, as you both pound together in a final tumult, clapping clashes of tympanic genitalia, your grunts and groans are the echoed by her cries and wails.

Sex is wonderful and special, and raw and raunchy, spiritual and earthy, human and animal, the most miraculous and most common of phenomena, all at the same time. It is the physical way that I demonstrate my love to females. Who do I love more than my three moms? Why wouldn't I make love to those three desirable ladies if I could? It turns out that I was able to, and did.

At least, two down and one to go! Four days later, I was going into my second home, that place I was equally happy to dwell at, though as of late I actually spent more time there. It was sometimes referred to by dad as 'lesbian's lair'.

He still had a little resentment to having lost mom Danni to mother Shannon. Even though he had been the one who had cheated first. On the other hand, earlier, before peace was made between the two couples, Dad and Susie's home was spitefully dubbed 'The Hovel of His and Whore's' by the double moms.

When I entered I called out, but neither mother Shannon, nor Danni answered. I was going to my room to get a video game cartridge, when I heard crying. It was very soft, coming from their bedroom. I knocked. Mom Danni said in a small voice, "I'll be out in a little while." I normally would have gone about my business, but it was unusual for her to weep. I tried the knob and it was unlocked.

I opened the door and went in. Mom was on the bed in a robe and she had a box of tissues next to her. Her face was a bit puffy and her eyes red. I went over and sat next to her and began to rub her shoulder. She whispered, "I'll be okay, it's nothing." I felt protective. "What is it, can I help? Don't feel bad, Shannon and I can make it all better, I'm sure." With my words, she burst into a new set of tears.

I was unsure of what was going on. "Just hold me, Honey." I stretched out next to her and took her in my arms in a comforting hug. "Tell me, please mom? I want to share what is bothering you and be there for you." Having three mothers makes you sensitive to the feelings of others and helps one to know how to get them to open up.

I empathized with her even if I didn't understand yet what was upsetting her. She took a new tissue from the box and had a big blow of her cute nose. "I didn't think that I would feel this way." "Which way?" "It's complicated. . and. . private." "I'm not old enough to know all about the secrets of this family of mixed nuts?" That got a little laugh from her, because of course there were not many secrets left to hide, after all these years of living with all four of them.

"It's not my secret to tell." "So where is mom Shannon? I'll ask her, does she know you're crying?" "She's not here right now.

She had to go to get something for her job at a place that was hours away. She'll be gone for the evening, back late." "I'll phone." "NO!" "Then I'll get Susie and we'll cheer you up in no time. Come on mom, you can't be be 'Miss Misery', and not love some company?" A paraphrase of her 'Mr.

Misery' pep talks from my childhood. Instead of getting her to giggle as I expected the remark drew a grumble-mumble I didn't catch. "What? Say again." Still a grumble-mumble, but clear enough the second time she voiced, "I don't want Susan, either!" I thought I was beginning to catch on now. "Is this about Shannon and Susie's.

. date?" She looked up at me surprised. "You knew about that?" I didn't know if mom Danni knew about my being instrumental in the arrangement, so I went low key for the moment. "I sort of gathered that dad got. . a second pair of horns from your partner." Now the humor worked and I got a chuckle. "Yeah, but while I knew about it before hand, and even gave my permission, I didn't.

. I didn't. . expect to feel jealous. . AND I DOOO!" Back to weeping as she burst into fresh tears with her outburst of a pitiable wail. I held her and shushed her and rocked her a bit. Kissed her forehead and caressed her hair, trying to calm her. "You wanted to mess around with Susie too?" Now I knew this was not so, but it was a tactic to get her to open up about the dynamics, it wasn't meant to be funny, and I immediately followed with, "No.

. You don't want Shannon to have temptation living up the block, too close to home. Huh? That it? Afraid that you will have to share Shannon with the woman that was your rival for your husband, back in the day. And now you are afraid another triangle will make things complicated again. Right?" Mom Danni hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips and looked into my eyes and smiled, even. "How was I ever so lucky to have such a smart son, who sees right into the very center of things and identifies the heart of the matter?" "Mom, you are just blessed, 'cause God loves you, and She sent me, then Shannon to love you and bring you the joy that you deserve.

You helped me so many times when I had romantic issues and teenage angst. I learned from you about hearts and love and happiness. Now listen and pay attention.

I know for a fact that was a special sort of, how does Shannon put it, that British expression she uses. . ." "One off" "Yeah, just a one time only happening. Susie is not going gay or bi, she just wanted to see what you have found to be good, and now that she has gotten to try, she doesn't have to wonder anymore. And Shannon, well, she had her own curiosity all these years, and now that has been taken care of. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I think that a taste of the milk dish on the other side of the fence has satisfied both pussies in this case." "Jeez!

Where the hell do you come up with those awful puns? You get that stinky shit from your dad." "Speaking of eating and dad. I happened to know that he has since learned to eat pussy! So Susie doesn't have the lack of licking, if you will pardon my tongue in cheek," mom Danni slapped my arm for that one, "to motivate her in jumping the fence like you, she gets the lapping at her lap all she wants now days." "How, young man, do you happen to know such intimate things about their love life?" "Uh.

. it's a secret?" This was a the sort of thing that started my mom Danni to tickle me when I was a youngster, in order to get me to tell something. It usually worked because it was a game we played and I love teasing her so that she would do it. We always had lots of fun, though it was a bit of rough housing, and as I got older and bigger she did it less and less, because she no longer had the physical advantage. But as I had hoped, the phrase changed the mood and she reverted to the old strategy to get the secret out of me.

She started to wiggle her fingers in the spots she knew I was vulnerable, and I tried to defend myself. We rolled around on the mattress for a few moments. I came to realize that she didn't have on anything underneath the robe, so her thighs and breast would flash, the tantalizing view of her pale skin, furry patch and dark nipples. I couldn't help the arousal the wrestling created in my groin and her belt began to loosen. I wasn't the kid any more and with the weight and strength of a male I soon pinned her beneath me, instead of what had been her being above me like when I was a child.

I was pressing my manhood into her middle and making no effort to conceal my body's interest in her form. "Mom, Shannon doesn't get jealous of your occasional foray back into heterosexual encounters, does she." It was a statement not a question and there was no denial either on Danni's part.

Her eyes got wide though, as she realized that I was hard and on top and male, and that I might just be more than hinting at an incestuous coupling. She looked up at me, not struggling any more, not making any come hither looks, nor any indication that what I might be driving at would be out of the question. Indeed, I knew from the show Shannon had arranged for me of her and Danni acting out the fantasy of Danni and I; that mom would very much consider the possibility of her son fucking her.

Yet she had always been a good and responsible mother, she said slowly, "Pete, I don't think that that would be the solution to the issue of my dealing with being jealous of Susie and Shanni. Two wrongs don't make a . . I'm not saying that what Shanni and Susan did.

. but you and I are. . I'm.

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. .it would be. . you really would like to?" It was like watching a locomotive slow down and then begin to back up, there was a lot of weight to stop and inertia to overcome, but the forces were powerful and steamy and when the wheels began to turn the other way, slipping at first then the direction was the exact opposite, even though on the same tracks.

Those tracks were the physical guides to the train that could run either way, like the ones with an engine at each end. Not to mangle the analogy, but right then I wanted to stoke her to full pressure and get the piston pumping and make her whistle blow! Mom was bumping her pelvis against my hips even as her mouth was saying, "No, no." I put my lips to work silencing that protest as one hand finished the undoing of her belt tie and the other was cupping the side of her ribs, then sliding over her soft cushiony mammery.

She was murmuring, "Baby, we can't do this", as she pulled my tee-shirt off over my head. "You're my son. ." as Danni undid my buckle and pant's button, then drew down the zipper, all the while whispering, "This can't be happening.

." I extended an exploring middle finger and found her damp at her juncture. I bent to suckle her buds, then peppered her face with kisses, before giving attention back to those ruddy round caps. She was sighing and making weak protest with mews of "mm'mh" and "nn'uh, uh-ahh.

. oouh, noo." I moved down to make my own homage to her nether region where Shannon had, but dad not so much. Now I did the honors and her legs parted involuntarily as my face prayed and preyed and played; I worshiped, I feasted, I frolicked. Oh the fun we had with tickling of another type!

She her secrets revealed opened before me and I my confessions made with silent tongue which delved into them. As I came back, climbing the bed like it was a cliff, making for her cleft with my prick-ax, the cliffhanger of whether we were going to have sex was no longer in question. I shucked my loosened trousers, like a snake shedding its skin, flipping the shoes off as the garment sloughed to the floor at the foot of the flat expanse that was now our passion's pleasure platform.

My birth mom's thighs cradled me as I prepared to returned inside her, my baby-maker member probing at her crotch. I rested on her chest, her bosom pressed so soft against my chest.

Our lips engaged in serious mutual eagerness, to mingle, as if to consume one another. Her hands roamed my back, squeezed my butt cheeks, went to tangle in my hair.

I clutched her shoulders, to hold her to me, for leverage of my hunching hips, for the love of being so close physically and emotionally in this wonderful moment. My knees found purchase in the mattress, I made the movement which brought my instrument of overflowing love and burning desire to the damp crack - that held the slick slit - that opened to the hot hole that led inside my mother.

I pushed at that place of feminine mystique and went into the world of wonder and maternal welcome. I could feel the entry, a sliding of super sensitive skin stretched tight over the straining phallus that my rod was. Like a probe of advanced scientific development, every square millimeter was aware of its surroundings. It broke through the initial outer entryway, the portal petals parting to allow the blunt bulb to bull its way past. Engulfing heat and wetness swallowed the meat, cooked the sausage that soaked in it, boiled the beef in the pot of Danni's carnal cauldron.

For long moments as I sank into her body, when I reached the full length of my cock in her cunt, I just held it there. But soon the urgency to rut and ram and run my prick in and out of that most exquisite of places invented by God took over, and I was doing the rabbit. Huma-humpa-humpa-hump, thumpa-thump, the bedsprings rocked and twanged with my pounding. Mom Danni just lay under me taking my driving prick in her pussy with no protest.

Just accepting of her son's heaving hard-on as it sawed her sex in sweet excitement. But then she approached her first climax, buckling her body, banging of pelvis to clap at the loins of her boy. Slap-pap-slap-pap-slap, the smacking of middles clattering to join the creaking of the wood frame.

The whole bed shook so much it seemed a wonder that it didn't fall apart, so agitated were the jumbling gyrations of our furious fucking. If we had any time to worry about such trivial things in our mania, if we had not been so intent on our passion, so focused on the intense feelings that flood our entire beings; the whole image of the shaking bed from the over the top screwing might have been funny.

But the time had arrived for our enthusiastic union to be infused with the full force of our galloping gonads going at it. Mom made a strong grab at my ass and like she was holding me from falling back down the high cliff, pulled me to her as she hooked her heels around the back of my legs and pressed her hips hard to my groin.

She had an orgasm of profound power. This triggered my lock-in-and-fire mode, I thrust as hard as I could, as my own genitals finished their jousting and ejaculated several jolts of jism. Even as we lay gasping in the aftermath, my penis made short slow moves in mom Danni's vagina and was on the road to reviving. Soon the tumescence was being renewed and our energy got a second-wind. At this point mom Danni had ideas of her own for the next phase of our coupling.

Once having given into her incestuous urges, she was now the leading lady of engaging in sinful high-jinks. She had me move off her and she turned around so that she was facing the head board on her knees. She looked over her shoulder and explained, "I once saw this in a rented porno tape with your dad, but by the time the scene came on he was too tuckered out to try fucking this way.

The next week I found out about him and Susie and we never did it, and I haven't ever had a partner athletic enough until now to service me this way." With some hand gestures and a series of instructions, this is how we began our next intercourse, it was a real lesson. She put her hands up against the wall and spread her knees, not unlike she was being frisked by the cops, only she was on the bed, not standing.

I got up behind her, between her knees. My hands went on her tits to hold and manipulate, while I penetrated her pussy from behind. I had to bend at the waist and rise to slide in, almost a kind of vertical doggie position. It did take a good deal of agility and energy on my part, but evidently it put pressure internally on her G-spot, and I had my hands on her swell tender ta-tas.

I couldn't cum like that but she did, twice in a row! The second time she climaxed she folded in to a supplemental posture with her ass in the air and holding on the the top of the high headboard for support.

I was still rampant and ready for my second spurt. The target her bottom framed was a red maw of inflamed tissue, quite messy with juices from our love making. My arrow had no trouble hitting the center bullseye and it sheathed easily and solid.

I held her hips and pumped away, my balls bouncing off her mons, the clit getting its fair share of the buffeting. I was ready to shoot quite soon as the previous position had primed me. I speed up as the urgency of my drilling made my tool begin to buzz with the onset of the arriving peak. Then I was once more blasting my seed in my mother's womb, striking the nubs of her uterus so deep was my shaft shoved, my love-lance lunging in Danni's center.

As she felt me spew my goo in her, mom had once last paroxysm and her own froth joined mine as the milky mix spilled out of her like melted vanilla ice-cream. We settled into a cuddling huddle, my arms around her and our faces together making little kisses and whispering endearments. Thus we told each other how we had wanted to do this for a long time, but she couldn't admit her desires, and I couldn't figure out how to get her into bed with me.

But now that we had broken the taboo and finally made manifest our inner yearnings, this wouldn't be the last time. We promised one another. IF Shannon had no objections. Danni thought that Shanni wouldn't mind her partner having a once in a while tryst with me. It was better to keep it in the family and less complications to deal with. After all we had been in love all our lives, so now that I was an adult, being in lust was not too far removed from that feeling, right next to it as far as I was concerned.

In my private contemplation, I was sure that Shannon would not mind. Considering her recent 'experimental experience' with me, she might even entertain the idea of a three-some I hoped! I didn't mention that to Danni, nor about what had transpired with Shannon's Machiavellian bedroom mix and match. As well, I knew better than to admit the fact that I had banged Susie, and was hoping of an occasional assignation at the other end of the street also!

For a few weeks things went back to normal, though our odd family set-up wouldn't be considered the norm even so. Momma Susie and dad smoked the weed, got high and had great sex. I could tell, because they were so noisy when they fucked stoned. That and they made a lot of late night trips to the fridge for snacks.

Mom Danni and mother Shannon, she who instigated all the recent round-robin of naughty bed hopping, were getting along fabulously and never seemed happier or more into each other. SHIT! I was the only one not getting laid.

(Not counting the co-ed from college I picked up at the pizza parlor one night. She like that vertical doggie position mom taught me!) The one day I got a text message. '911 come home now & see me 1st Shan'.


Oh Boy! I wondered who had died, or been shot by an angry partner maybe, something was up and what had gone down was definitely not good. Shannon was never the one who broke bad new to me, it was always mom Danni or dad. I got a sick fear in my stomach that maybe one of them had cancer. Mom was who'd tell me if it was about dad, so that meant. . Oh! Jeez!


Don't let it be so! I grabbed my keys, jumped in the car and rushed home from my buddy's house. Thank God no cops saw me run three stop signs! I pulled in to the driveway and saw that both Danni's and Shannon's car was in the driveway.

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Was that good or bed? I found Shannon in the living room. She was in her flannel 'misery robe' and had a glass that looked like Scotch whiskey, a very bad sign, since this was the same set up as when her own mother had died. 'AW DAMN!!' I thought. "Coommee heerree, buh bab-by" she blubbered. Mother Shannon, never called me 'baby', only mom Danni, where was mom Danni?

I want my mommy! "I have to tell you something, and I didn't want you to go to your father's house and discover it." "Is my mom. . is" I was petrified with terror. "Is mom Danni okay?" "She'sh fine, fine - I hope." What the hell was going on? Then I figured it out. "Dad and Susie got busted for pot, didn't they? Is it bad, do they have a lawyer yet? They didn't rat me out did they? Shit! That's it. I'm going to be arrested for selling them the dope.

But I gave it to them. How is that selling? It was only an ounce. How much trouble am I in?" Shannon waived both her hands, palms out, fingers spread and pointed toward the ceiling, "No, no, it's nuss-sin like sat.

Sid dow ness to mee." She sounded tipsy, slurring her words a bit. She had been drinking the hard stuff for a little bit, it seemed. "Your father foun doubt." "What?" I sat next to her on the sofa. "Your dad dish covered bout you and Shusie!" "OH!

OHH! How did that happen?" Shannon went to take another sip from her glass but I waylaid it and gulped the rest of the tumbler myself. Then choked on the liquor, remembering that I hated the taste of Scotch.

II preferred Peach Tree on the rocks. She pounded my back and said, "Your hippie momma Shusan, blurted out your name wild high and ballin' your hold man, when she wash cumming real hard." "How did you find that out?

What did dad do?" "Shusie told us, Danni and me. He wast really angry, I mean reeeally bad mad. She came and told us today, he didn't speak to her all lass night. Thenz thish morning he made a shugest yon. ." "This morning he made a suggestion?" "Mmm. . She came and told us, all in tearsh." Shannon lay down on the couch with her head in my lap.

I caressed her red tresses. "What did pop suggest?" "He wanted a three way." "A three way?" Maybe the soothing was helping, she sounded calmer. "Susie didn't want to get another woman involved, and she wanted to have your father mita. .mitagash. . so he was not so angry at you for cuckolding him, like I did." "So what did Sue think of, to mitigate my father and not have the three way?" "Oh, they're having the three way.

Riightt nooww!" And Shannon burst into tears. Something that very rarely happens. Like when her own mom, died or if her partner had something awful happen to her I was starting to get a glimmer of the picture. "Tell Pete what's going on in the other house, Shanni.

It will be all right, I promise." "Duh. . Duh. . Danni's up there and she. . they. . the three. ." More weeping and gnashing of teeth. I lay next to her now to rub her arms and cuddle with her in spoon fashion. She really was bad off. "Why, Danni?" "'Cause that's what your dad's fantasy was, to have both of 'his women' at once. Susie knew it was a thing he had a dream of doing someday. But since Danni was with me, there was no way any of us would let that happen.

But your father was so angry, and Susie was scare what might happen.

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She didn't want to ruin your relationship with your dad. She didn't want him to be pissed off at her. She didn't want to have another woman in their marriage bed. She didn't think Danni would ever want to screw with your dad, nor that I would let her do it. But she didn't know what to do, so she came to us. She was scared. But Danni said, that she would, this one time; to protect you and to get Susie off the hook. So they are up there right now. I couldn't let you walk in on them and discover that scene, so I texted you to come here first." The thought of my pop porking both women was actually quite an arousing image.

After all, I had fuck each, all three of my moms in fact. A three-way sounded kinky, but cool. I had thought of a three-way with Danni ans Shanni, I wondered if I could get all three moms with me and. . Well, that might be a fantasy beyond the realm of possibility.

Still, look what I had been able to manage so far! Fucking all three of my moms. Including the lesbian that was lying next to me here on the divan. And her hot bottom was up against my woodie!

I wondered if the Scotch and her tears might mix and make her mood open to some more nookie with yours truly. "Are you worried that Mom Danni might like it with my dad and want to do him too, like she had the fling with me?" "Uh-huh, a little." In a little girl voice, sounding vulnerable. "But it's not just the sex that draws us together, it's the love.

Danni doesn't love my father anymore. Not like that. And you and I had a fling too, one time. That didn't disrupt your relationship with your partner, did it?" "Uh. . she doesn't know. . yet." "Were you going to tell her?" "Eventually, when the time was. . right." I poked my stiffy in her butt. "You also said you might do it again with me. Maybe this might be as good a time as. ." Shannon interupted, "YOU are such a naughty boy! You got all three of us in to bed and now what, you're going to do another round?" "Shanni, you did Danni, me, and Susie, and are not exactly as pure as the driven snow." "Well, I think it was Mae West's line, - 'I drifted'." We both laughed, but I put my hand tentatively inside her robe.

Yup, nothing under there but skin, and her nipple responded. "Shanni," I whispered in her ear, "Would you like to 'shake hands' with your son once more, for old times sake?" "Oh, we couldn't not while they are up there, doing, you know." I took my hand out of her robe, but put it on to her rear and slid it over the buns covered by the soft material. I found the divide and ran my fingers up and down lightly.

She sighed. That was a good sign! "Danni and Susie and daddy are having fun, why shouldn't we? Everybody is doing everybody, except you and pop.

." "THAT will never happen!" "Yes, I never thought that it would, my point is. ." I lifted the flannel high to reach under and touch her tush. "I think I know what your point is. Or where it is. That is to say, I'm sure I know where it wants to be. That plum capped pointer that has fucked three mothers." "One mother, and my other two mom's.

Each of you were happy I did, and willingly gave yourselves to me. You helped me seduce my own birth mother, your partner, which you seduced as me, even before I did it for real and with your blessing. It is good, it is nice, it is okay, to have a man once in a while, even if you would prefer Angela Jolie to Brad Pitt." With that I found her slit and hot damn! she was wet, what do you know?!

"Did you like your date with Susie?" My finger was wiggling its way inward. "Yes, she was fun, and delicious. I wonder if she and Danni are tasting one another tonight?" "Would you like that?" Shannon pressed her bottom toward me opening more and her robe was getting looser.

"I think it would be cute to see, but even better to have my own three way with them!" "Now who is the naughty one around here. Come on. . lets you and I be 'naughty nasty'? Don't say "never never", at least until I'm done!" That got her to chuckle and I knew I was 'in like Flynn' with this lez-colleen.

I unhooked my belt buckle. "Wait, I want to do it so I can see the heterosexual action this time." She sat up. "Get on your knees before me." she shucked her robe off her shoulders. "Strip first!" she ordered me. I did with all dispatch. "Use the pillows." She tossed down a couple of throw cushions from off the sofa. She could have been directing a porn flick. Too bad I had returned the camera, maybe we ought to get one? That would be a kick, perhaps everybody could get their action recorded and we could watch each other's videos.

I would have to make a proposal, but only after all the brouhaha settled down. I did as I was instructed and we both watched the proud prow of my prick plow into her pussy as she had her hips hanging nearly over the edge of the seat. Her legs were wide and her sex glistened. I put in just the head and withdrew to just touching her labia.

Shanni nodded and I repeated, pushing more in then retreated, again and each stoke going deeper, until at last I was socked right in to the root and held it there for her to feel the sensation of a man.

"That is good, I do like it, the feel of flesh instead of plastic. No matter how realistic, the warmth and texture are not the same, are they? Still, you're not the great Ms. Jolie" I began to stroke, "But I am jolly, 'cause you've got a great pitt!" "I'm glad I'm being had by the 'Brad' and not some cad. That's one thing a dildo doesn't have, is a sense of humor.

Thanks for cheering me up." she said, clamping her Kegels. I moved my pelvis to make the 'motion of the ocean', the waves of the rocking boat, the tide rolling in. We watched the disappearance/appearance of my peter in and out her cavity.

I was again amazed at her acceptance of my male member in her womanhood, with such grace and enjoyment.

I'm not as open minded, and I was certainly not bi. But I was definitely not adverse to incest or family 'relations' when it came to my moms. Shanni was getting too good for me to last much longer. She had great control over those internal muscles.

I began to make more vigorous movement and she slid lower a bit and wider to take my robust rutting. Then like a surprise to both of us the moment rose and steamrolled over our coupling, and our copulation became uncontrolled sheer ecstasy. ""OohH!! YESS!!" She cried out, wide-eyed as the blooming cum swept over her body. "That's the ticket! Pete! Bang your Shanni momma! Darlin', fuck me, FUCK ME!!" "AHH! GOD! SHANNI! I love you!

That is so good, inside you, uhh, here's some more!" I squeezed another spurt inside her. I don't think I converted her, and I wasn't trying. . but I wanted to show her that a guy, a nice gentleman, could give her a good time too.

I gave it 'my best shot'! It also helped to have a sense of humor, as that did help to relax things, so there was less tension. That worked with all women. In fact people in general, actually. I wondered how my dad had made out, or if he was put out if the two gals made out and he was a bit left out. 'Twould serve him right, if so. So what, I bagged his wife? He got his pot and stoned sex again, didn't he.

And it's not as if I planned. . oh, yeah I sort of did, didn't I! Anyway, I still want to go back for seconds with mom Danni. And Susie might not mind a 'rePete' round with the the cum back kid, I would wager.

Then perhaps I might see if I could get Danni and Shanni in the sack with me. But these things must be handled. . wait for it. . (all together now, everybody say it!) "DELICATELY"! THE END?