Hawt sex with lovely pretty girl hardcore blowjob

Hawt sex with lovely pretty girl hardcore blowjob
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"Darby, I can't say I'm proud of what yall did." "I'm sorry, sir" "Darby?" "Yes.sir?" The girl gulped.


"The lord forgives, and as do I" "Thank you, sir, this time I promise I-" "Hold on now, I don't remember saying I was going to forgive yall. You failed Darby. I don't accept failure.

You lost, and in my mind, losers ain't worth the salvaging." "Sir, please, please, I know I can-" "Now, Darby, we all know you can, but why couldn't yall?" The elderly reverend asked, "Let me get you a drink." Roy Greene walked from his desk and over to the mini-fridge behind him. As he opened the fridge and pulled a soda can from the inside, he opened the can and benignly slipped a small blue pill from his coat sleeve into the can. he walked over to the desk, and sat in his navy office chair.

"Here, Darby. Drink up, and lets talk about your situation. How about that?

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What should I do, so that you can do, what you do?" "Well, sir, I think Will is different than the other boys." "I thought you said he was willin' to consent?" "He was, sir. But only once. Afterwards he told me that we should be friends, he actually cared about what I might want. He was so kind, and he even-" "Well sounds to me that you may have a little romance with his fella." "Ummm.I guess so, sir." Darby said, blushing.

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"Well, if you think that yall have reached him emotionally, I recommend you leave it. Not all boys are driven by sex I suppose" "Thank you, sir" Darby said as she was suddenly overcome with relief and joy. She extended her arm and took the reverend's peace offering.


As she drank the soda, the reverend smiled evilly at her. As Darby took a second sip from the can, she began to taste something unusual in the soda. She smacked her lips to try and remove the taste, and cringed her nose at its bitter flavor. "Everything alright, Darby?" Rev. Greene inquired, as he glared at the poor girl.

"Ye-yes, sir, every-ever-everything is-is." but before Darby could say another slurred word, she felt her eyes grow heavy, her body go numb, and she fell to the floor. The old pick-up came to a screeching halt as Rev. Greene stopped somewhere in the Nevadan desert. He left Darby, still passed out form the drug, on the cool sand and left two water bottles next to her head. "There we go" He said in a grandfatherly way, as the old man dropped the bottles near the girl's head.

"You sure was a pretty girl, Darby. Too bad. I'll tell that Will boy of your's you said 'hi' " The reverend got back into his pickup and drove away, leaving Darby in the middle of the endless desert. The sun setting on the horizon, Darby began to stir in her sleep. "Will?" she muttered, as she then returned to her drug induced comma. Will, his cousin Maggie, and the three girls continued watching the movie in the TV room. Despite what Will had suspected, the atmosphere wasn't as awkward as he thought it would be, especially since his cousin just saw him practically masturbating in front of three teenaged girls.

Will also sat next to Brook, who was reclining on his chest. Will felt content with his life at this point, his favorite cousin was staying for the week, his newly made friends were surrounding him, and the girl he loved was leaning on his chest. As the movie ended, the three girls set up their sleeping bags, while Will, in a gentlemanly way, offered the couch to one of the girls, which ended up being Brook. As Will walked up stair to get pillows for the girls and himself, Maggie began to talk to the girls.

"So.why was my little cousin doing that in front of you guys?" "Well."Lisa started. "Whenever he looks at my cleavage without my permission, he has to show me his, well, 'dic'" Brook said bluntly, while getting comfortable on her couch.

"Yeah.so while I'm around, would you mind not doing that? I mean I understand that it is an equal trade, but I don't really want to see my thirteen year-old cousin jacking off every time he catches a glimpse of some tit." The three girls laughed at maggie response. " Sorry Maggie." "It's no biggy. But I do have another question for you guys" "What is it?" Anna asked. "Are there any guys here in Brownsville" Maggie asked.

"Cause just from traveling through here, I didn't see a signal guy." "Well.no.not exactly" Brook chimed in, as she explained the ultra-conservative laws passed in the town, and what had happened to the male population in Brownsville.

"What?" Maggie said as she learned that male masturbation was illegal in Brownsville. "Yep, that's kinda how we met, Will. We just didn't want to see him end up like all the others." "Does your grandpa know that probably every boy in all of existence has masturbated? I mean, as a wellness teacher, I learned that that's not an 'immoral' act, its just natural." "Do you think I could do something about it?" Brook responded, "even though this is a small town, and everyone is a girl, I don't have any say in this place either." "Don't worry" Maggie began, "When I leave, I'll make sure to make this insanity known!" As Maggie finished stating her promise, Will returned with pillows for the girls.

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Maggie hugged him and whispered, "Self-control!" in his ear as she waved good night to the kids and went to go sleep in Will's mom's bed. Will, understood the joke and smiled as he got into his sleeping bag and wrapped his arms around his pillow. The four talked and laughed, and as the night grew late, they began to sleep. Will was tied to his bed, his arms and legs strongly secured, as he found himself naked.

"Hi, Will" Brook said as she walked into the room. "Brook! What is this!

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Let me Go!" "Will, you know I can't do that!" She said as she grabbed his erect dic. "I love your cock, Will.

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It's big for your age, isn't it" "Please, Brook. Stop! Let me go!" "NO! NOW BE QUIET!" Brook ordered as she flicked one of Will's balls. "OW!" He yelled in pain,as Brook began stroking up and down on his dic. "You have a lot of pubes too, Will" Brook said as she rubbed her right hand in his bush, as she continued rubbing his dic with her left.

She cupped his balls and began stroking quickly on his cock. Bending down, he say her lick the underside of his dick-head, then while still licking the head, she reached up and pinched one of his nipples, making Will groan.

Brook then began to suck on Will's head, sucking hard while swiveling her mouth around his gland. "OH!" Will moaned with pleasure, "Ohhhh Brook!" "You like it?" she asked. "Yes, yes I love it!" He yelled.

"Good" Brook said as she continued sucking on his cock, she then began to bob up and down on his shaft, licking the cleft of his head as she did, "Now say your my bitch, Will!" "I'm your bitch, Brook! I'm your bitch!" Will yelled back as he felt the wondrous sensation of a blow job.

"OHHHhhhh.Book.I'm gonna cum! Ohhhhhh!" Will yelled. "Ohhhhh!" Will moaned as his voice woke himself up. He looked around the room, none of the girls had heard him.


He quickly ran to the downstairs bathroom and dropped his boxers. He was viscously leaking pre-cum, and quickly grabbed his cock and stroked it feverishly, and in no time at all, Will felt the sensation of a pre-orgasm coming. "Oh yes." He moaned again, but as he did, the door flung open and Will quickly covered his genitals in shame. "ANNA!" He yelled. "SHH!" Anna whispered back, putting a finger up to her mouth as she grabbed Will's dic and began to stroke it.

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"Anna! Wha-what are you doing!" Will yelled at her. "Will, please, just let me do this" Anna said as she picked up on the speed of which she jacked him off.

"Anna.Oh-OHhhhhhh.Anna!" He moaned as he felt the cum travel up his dic. "Ooohhh!" Will ejaculated onto the bathroom floor in two globs of white semen. "Anna.I.why did you.do that?" Will asked, now out of breath from his hand-job. "Will.I know you like Brook, but, I like you too, and I really, just wanted to-well, give you something, that Brook won't." "What?" "Oh, Will. Brook won't give you a hand-job, kissing is probably as far as you'll get with her.

Please, just don't tell her. I can be your secret girlfriend. Please, Will" With the promise of more hand-jobs and the slight possibly of sex, Will's hormones made him gladly accept Anna's request. "Okay, Anna.

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I won't tell anyone else." As the two returned to the TV room, Maggie turned the corner and tip-toed back to her bed room. Will's yelling had woken her up, and she had decided to eavesdrop on him and Anna's conversation.

"My my my. Will, you have turned into a player!" She though to herself, as she wagged her head back and forth, smiling. "Hello there Emily. How are yah doing this evening ?" "Good, sir. And yourself?" "Well not to great, Emily. Have you heard about the unfortunate events that have led to us 'deporting' poor Darby?

I assure you have. Any time a girl goes astray, I hate it when we must do things like this." "I understand, sir." "But yes. Emily, please, if yall would be so kind, replace Darby's position, she failed and now I need a true expert." "Thank you, sir, I will assume her position, sir" "Good, good. I trust yall will NOT fail me?" "yes, sir. I promise." "Excellent. Now let us pray.".TO BE CONTINUED