Black dude was sucked off by hot ebony beauty Aryana Starr with curves then fucks her

Black dude was sucked off by hot ebony beauty Aryana Starr with curves then fucks her
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Mom Tall Thin Tiny Tits Mom and I were watching an old movie called Footloose when I turned to her and said, "Mom you look just that girl." She did too. Even at thirty-five years old my mom was tall, thin, and had brown curly hair past her shoulders just like the girl in the movie.

Mom even had the same tiny tits too. I loved my mom's tiny tits. All of my friends like bigger tits better but not me.

When mom put on her ultra tight blue jeans I could see a gap under her pussy where her legs did not come together just like the girl in the movie too. In my opinion my mother had the perfect body. At fourteen years old I jerked off a lot and almost every time I did I was thinking about my mother. She was an obsession of mine.

Every night after mom took a shower I would go into the bathroom and take her panties so that I could sniff them while I jerked off and fell asleep at bedtime.

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I often fantasized that mom knew that I used her panties and that she left them right on top of the hamper for me to find on purpose. +++++ I was very flattered that my son liked my body.

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I did look a lot like the girl in the Footloose movie. I took pride in my body, even my little boobs. I knew that my husband really liked them. He always says that more than a mouthful is a waist. However he can't help but look at a big set of tits with plenty of cleavage. I even check them out myself. I had seen my son stare at my crotch lots of times but mostly when I was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a button up shirt with a few of the buttons undone.

He was always trying to look down my top so occasionally I would bend over and let him. I barely fill out an A-cup bra so there was never much to see but I appreciated the fact that he wanted to look.

When he was about thirteen years old I found a pair of my panties under his bed. They were the pair that I had worn just the day before. He had jerked off into them, they were all stuck together, and they were crusty. At first I was disgusted and wanted to chew him out after he came home from school but then I had second thoughts. He wasn't doing any harm and I would have to wash them anyway so I left them right where I had found them.

I looked the next day and there was nothing under his bed so I looked in the clothes hamper in the bathroom and there were the pair that I had worn the previous day however he had jerked off in them too and returned them to the hamper.

I couldn't help but smile that my own son found me an object to fantasize over. After that I made it a point to leave my used panties right at the top of the hamper so that he could find them easily.

Actually it excited me to know that he liked my panties so I went out and got some very sexy ones to wear. +++++ After we had watched that Footloose movie mom started wearing her tight jeans more often. I loved it when she wore them and so did dad. When he thought that I wasn't watching he would walk up behind mom and slip his hand in between her legs and cup her pussy.

He liked doing that and I wished that I could do it too. One day from my vantage point I watched as dad massaged her pussy through her jeans, then pressed his cock into her ass, and then he reached inside her shirt to play with one of her tiny tits. Mom loved it, she pressed her ass back into dad's crotch, and purred like a kitten. The hornier that dad got the bolder he got too. Soon dad had mom's shirt unbuttoned and her jeans undone.

He had her shirt out of her pants and her whole bra was visible for me to see. With her pants unzipped I could see some of her white panties showing too. One of dad's hands was wrapped around her and cupping one of mom's tiny tits while his other hand had slipped down inside her panties to cup her pussy.

Mom was moaning louder then and said, "Let's go upstairs so that we can finish this uninterrupted!" Dad said, "What's wrong with right here?" Mom replied, "We are not the only two people that live in this house!" Dad smiled and pinched her nipple then he said, "Maybe it's time that the boy learn about the facts of life then!" Mom laughed and said, "Shouldn't he learn that in the back seat of a car with a girl his own age like we did?" Dad reluctantly said, "Okay!" Then I watched dad take mom's hand and practically drag her up to their bedroom.

+++++ One day when my husband got frisky I could see our son spying on us from another room. It just seemed to make it all that much more exciting for me when I felt my husband's hand slipping between my legs to cup my throbbing pussy.

When I felt his hard cock press into my ass I pressed right back letting him know that I liked it. When he reached inside my blouse to cup my breast and pinch my nipple my breath caught.

It was wonderful and I started to purr. He likes it when I do that. I could hardly believe it when he started to undress me right there in the kitchen with our son watching us from the living room. He unbuttoned the shirt that I was wearing, unfastened my jeans, and pulled my shirt out of my pants. I turned ever so slightly so that my son could get a better view of my exposed body. I had an orgasm when my husband slipped his hand into my panties and touched my clit.

It was instantaneous.


Of course my husband wanted to fuck me right there and right then. I considered it and I almost let it happen too but I chickened out. Maybe next time!

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Then we went up to bed and I let him ravish me. He though that it was all his doing and I let him think that. As he fucked me I could only think about my own son fucking me. My mind wandered. I had not fantasized like that in years. My husband was a good lover, a good father, and a very good provider.

I loved him very much. As my orgasm hit and my husband filled my pussy with his cum I was only thinking about how much my son was going to enjoy these panties. I was going to put on a fresh pair just for him so that he would have two pair to jerk off into that night.

He would need them. I wasn't going to wash up after sex either. That would make for a nice sticky pair. Thinking about my son just kindled the fire that was burning in me. That afternoon delight was only the beginning of a very good night of sex. +++++ After that incident in the kitchen with dad I paid a lot more attention to mom.


It might have been my imagination but I thought that I was catching more glimpses of her coming out of the shower, of her bras, and even of her panties. Mom had bought some new skirts but she never wore them out of the house even though dad begged her too.

She said that they were too short to wear in public but that they were okay around the house. They were shorter than the skirts that the girls in my school wore. I almost always saw mom's panties in them.

Mom bought some new blouses, the kind that you can see through, along with some very sexy new bras too. Her bras were lacy, sexy, and none of them were white. I was treated to red bras, blue bras, and green bras through her with tops. When I would come home from school mom would be there to greet me.

She would ask my opinion of her outfit that day and then model it for me. I would get a boner and she would pretend not to notice it. Then mom would sit down and ask me if her panties showed. When I told her that they did she would ask me what they looked like to verify that I really could see them. Then she would ask me if they showed too much, if she should change, or if she should leave those clothes on.

Of course I always said that they looked great and that I liked them. She would also stand up, turn away from me, and bend over to. She always wanted to know if I could see her panties and if it was okay. It was always okay especially whenever she wore a pair of thong panties or her G-string panties.

Then one day mom wasn't wearing any panties! She went through her normal ritual as if she was wearing panties but she wasn't. I in turn went through my normal responses only I got to see her beautiful shaved pussy, her moist slit, and even her tiny brown asshole when she turned around and bent over.

Mom had never looked more beautiful to me. I had to rush up to my bedroom to beat off. There on my bed was a pair of mom's panties. I picked them up, inhaled her odor, and jerked off for an hour. +++++ After getting almost fucked in the kitchen in front of my son I couldn't get him out of my mind.

I started taking showers when I knew that he would catch me coming out. I would use the smaller towels to cover up with too. I went out and bought some very sexy clothes. I got some micro mini skirts that I wouldn't dare wear in public but I would wear them in the house for my son. I got some transparent blouses and some very sexy underwear. I purchased everything that made me blush and made my pussy twitch. I started wearing them when my son was due to come home from school.

He sure noticed and then I would flash him in a subtle way at first then outright blatantly soon after that. Soon I was putting on an outlandish display for him. He would be hard within minutes of getting home. I exposed myself to him in every way that I could think of. Then one day I knew that there was only one thing left to do. I just had to show my son my pussy. I spent all morning taking a bath and shaving my pussy clean. I played with myself and put on a pair of panties to catch the moisture.

Just before he was due to come home I removed my panties and laid them out on his bed. I knew that he would need them before I was done. I was so anxious for him to come home that I had an orgasm just from anticipation alone. I ran one of my fingers through my pussy lips as I saw him coming up the sidewalk toward the house.

I took a deep breath, my heart was racing, and then he opened the door. I started in with what had now become a daily routine where I show my son my panties and he gets hard. Only this time I wasn't wearing any panties. I had shown him most of my ass in those tiny little G-strings but never my pussy before.

I brazenly sat down and opened my knees for him. My heart stopped beating, I couldn't breathe, and then he smiled and told me that my panties looked beautiful. My heart started beating again and I could breathe.

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I stood up, turned around, and bent over giving him an excellent view of my asshole. I opened up my legs to let him get a better view of my pussy too from behind. I felt sorry for him.

His cock must have broken in half trying to get free when he stood up. Then he ran up to his room. I just smiled. I knew that he would find my panties on his bed and that he would be jerking off for a while so I started dinner. +++++ I jerked off for an hour.


I only cum three times but I managed to wear my cock out and my right hand too. I went back downstairs. Mom was fixing dinner when I entered the kitchen.

I looked at the clock and knew that dad wouldn't be home for another hour. As mom stood at the sink peeling potatoes I walked up behind her, reached around her body, and slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her bare wet pussy. I reached around her with my other hand and cupped a breast just like dad does and then I pressed my cock into her ass.

I hadn't bothered to put my clothes back on. Mom pressed back at me and started to purr. I liked that. Soon my cock had worked its way up under her short skirt. We were skin on skin as tiny electric shocks sent a thrill to my brain. I was cumming. I was pumping yet another load of my cum right onto my mother's ass cheeks as I humped into her.

I pinched one of her nipples and touched her clit with my finger. Mom humped back at me as I gave her an orgasm. I had dreamed about this moment for months and I wanted to savor it.

Mom recovered and reached down to remove my hand. She lifted it up so that I had a tiny little tit in each hand. Then mom reached between her own legs and pulled my cock into her pussy. It slipped in very easily.

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I was fucking my mother, my dream girl, and right in the kitchen too. Mom did most of the work this time. She thrusted her ass into my crotch, she tilted her pelvis to accommodate me, and had several orgasms. Not just one either, mom was having orgasms left and right. Mom was purring like there was no tomorrow.

Time stood still. Eventually mom looked up at the clock and told me to get up to my room before my father caught us. +++++ My son had been up in his room for longer than I would have expected. When he came down I caught a glimpse of him in the toaster.

That is how I always knew that his father was sneaking up on me. Only this time it was my son and he was naked. I just held still to see what he would do.

When he reached around and cupped my bare pussy with his hand I thought that I would die. I had an instant orgasm. Then he cupped my breast like he had seen his father do that time. Then he pressed his crotch into my ass. I couldn't feel his cock so I wiggled around a little until I did. At that very moment we were fulfilling one another's dreams. I could feel his urgency as he pressed his cock into my ass crack. Then we cum together.

His warm cum shot up my skirt and landed on my lower back. I knew that some had landed in my ass crack too because his strokes were more lubricated then. He pinched one of my nipples and tickled my clit but it wasn't really necessary, I was cumming anyway. However I wasn't satisfied and I knew that my son wouldn't be either until we had joined properly. So I reached down and took his hand from my pussy and gave him my other breast to play with.

I then reached down and forced his cock into my aching pussy. I couldn't wait a moment longer and had another orgasm as he entered me. I couldn't remember ever having that many orgasms in my life. I was really excited. I had no idea how long we had been at it but just as he was starting to cum inside of me I saw my husband's reflection in the toaster.

I saw him smile and then go back into the other room. When I had finished fucking my son dry I looked at the clock and sent him to his room. +++++ Soon my husband came back through the front door.

I was right there to greet him too. I grabbed his hard cock and asked him if he had enjoyed what he had seen in the kitchen.

He was surprised that I knew but he immediately picked me up and carried me up to our bedroom. He even left the door open a crack. The End Mom Tall Thin Tiny Tits 94