Lisa Ann takes young cock

Lisa Ann takes young cock
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Spring passed into summer, and summer into early fall. John and I became inseparable. We enjoyed each other's company, both in the bedroom and out of it. We found ourselves spending so much time together that, when his lease came due in early August, he moved in with me. Gail and Mark, my friends who had been at Tyler's pig roast where John and I had met, and Sami, Carey, and Tina, the young girls from his office, all helped with the move.

We had a great time, and celebrated our "housewarming" with a camping party in my back yard. We began to live like a married couple, although our behavior was more like that of a pair of teenagers than of a couple who had forgotten how we had spent our fiftieth birthdays.

As in most relationships, there were a few inconveniences that we had to deal with, the most major of which was the fact that John's work often required him to travel. Sometimes, he needed to make day trips, leaving at the crack of dawn to drive a few hours to a potential customer, spending the day making presentations and glad-handing, then driving home in time for a romantic late dinner and some phenomenal sex.

Other times, he had to travel farther. On the mornings when he would have to leave, I would always lick him awake, and then we would make love. Our fun would continue in the shower, and on a few occasions he almost missed his flights. Most times, he would have to be away for a few days at a time, but occasionally, he would be gone for a week. We always talked on the phone several times a day, and "phone sex" in the evenings served as a substitute for what we really wanted to do.

I went through a lot of batteries with my rabbit while he was away. This became a constant source of amusement for us, so much so that I would sometimes call him in his hotel room and greet him by saying, "Mr.

Rabbit and I just wanted to call and say hi!" On John's first overnight trip after he and I got together, he bought me a small gift to celebrate his homecoming, and gave it to me when we went to bed.

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This became a habit for us. When he would come home from a trip, I would meet him at the door dressed in some sexy outfit (or sometimes completely naked), and he would give me the small gift-wrapped trinket he had brought me. Since my rabbit was a source of comfort for me when John was away, he sometimes brought me a pack of batteries in a little gift box. When John's birthday approached, we were disappointed to learn that he would be spending the few days prior, out of town on one of his increasingly annoying trips.

I was upset at first, but I said that I would make the evening of his birthday, after he arrived home, very, very special.

I wouldn't say anything more about what I had planned. Whenever he asked, I just gave him one of my by-now-familiar smoldering sidelong glances that told him that he was in for a major treat. On the evening of my birthday, I pulled into the driveway around 9 pm. Jeanne and I had discussed the time I would arrive. We agreed that 9 o'clock was pretty late for dinner, so we had both already eaten.

I walked in the front door and was greeted by dim lighting and soft music on the stereo. With the way the house is set up, I could see from the front door that there were torches lit on the patio out back.

Since Jeanne did not appear to be in the house, I went to look outside. As soon as I walked out the back door, she grabbed me from behind. "Happy Birthday, sweetheart!" she murmured in my ear. "Come see the present I got you. Well, actually, I got it for both of us." I turned and saw that Jeanne was dressed in a terry-cloth robe, and was holding one for me.

Behind her on a secluded corner of the deck was a new steaming hot tub. "Wanna get wet?" she asked with a smirk. She came to me and kissed me, holding me tight against her. Our tongues quickly started to dance, and her hands grabbed me by my ass, helping her to grind her robe-covered crotch against mine. Finally, she released me and said with a smile, "Get undressed." I wasted no time, and despite the cool autumn night air, I was warm in my new, badly tented terry cloth robe.

Jeanne pulled two beers from a cooler she had carried out to the deck, set them on the edge of the hot tub, and dropped her robe. The light from the torches lit her face beautifully, and accented the curves of her voluptuous body.


"Let's play," she said as she lowered herself into the warm, churning water. She didn't have to ask me twice. I dropped my own robe, revealing my bobbing cock as I walked to the tub. I lowered myself into the hot water and reached for her. We resumed our passionate kissing, and soon I was fondling her breasts. She reached down and started lightly stroking my erection. "Oh God, Jeanne," I sighed. "It's good to be home. It's good to hold you in my arms. And, by the way, I like what you're doing." "Oh, yeah?" she said.

"Well, I bet you'll like this even more." She began to breathe deeply, almost hyperventilating, and then suddenly ducked under the water to swallow my cock. Her lips and tongue engulfed me while her fingers fondled my balls.

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Several times, she came up for air, kissed me passionately, and then resumed her underwater blowjob. As wonderful as this was, I wanted more. When she came up for air again, I pulled her to me.

"Baby," I said, "I want to be inside you." She gave me a look that nearly boiled the water in the hot tub. "I want you inside me, too. I need to feel your cock throbbing inside me, and I need to feel you cum inside me." I scooted my butt forward on the hot tub seat, and Jeanne squatted over me, her knees on either side of my hips.

She grabbed my cock to steady it, and lowered her sweet pussy onto me. "I miss this when you're away, John. Make love to me." she said. I was only too glad to do just that. She locked her hands behind my neck, and I grabbed her ass with both my hands.

Working together, we managed to splash a good amount of water onto the deck. Our lovemaking was wild, primal, and deeply satisfying. Holding her afterward, still joined, I wondered if the neighbors had heard us. "I have another birthday present for you, darling," Jeanne whispered in my ear after I had softened enough to slip out of her. "A better surprise than this?" I asked, indicating our new tub.

"What is it?" "You'll find out. It's something I've never given anyone. But it's something I hope you'll really like. Don't bother asking me any questions, because I won't tell you until I'm giving it to you. Let's dry off and go inside," she said. We quickly dried ourselves and put on our robes. Jeanne took my hand and led me inside.

"Give me one minute, and then come into the bedroom," she called over her shoulder as she walked down the hall. I counted off the time, wondering what the next present would be. After a minute had passed, I followed her to our room. A dozen scented candles lit the room, filling the air with the smell of autumn spices. Jeanne was standing next to the bed, nude and beautiful, holding a small box topped with a bow. "Is this my present?" I asked. "It's something you'll need to get your present.

Open it." Eagerly, I tore off the paper and opened the box. Inside was a tube of lube. "Now that's an interesting present," I said, leering at her. "I told you, that's not the present. It's what you'll need to get your present. You're the only one who will ever get this present, and I really want to give it to you." "OK," I said, a little puzzled.

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"What's the present?" Jeanne shot me one of her smoking looks, came over to me, and began stroking my cock. She then knelt in front of me and took me in her mouth, sucking and licking me the way she knew I liked.

When I was almost painfully hard, she stopped. She stood and smiled at me. "You know how much I like looking at some of the videos on the web?" "Of course, honey. We've watched a number of them together." "Well, it was a few of those videos that made me decide to give you this last present," she said. She turned and positioned herself on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees.

"I want you to take my anal virginity." "I've never done anal," I said. "I know," she replied. "But I want us to learn together how good it might be. Spread some lube on your fingers and work them into my ass. From what I've learned on the web, you'll need to stretch me a little before you can enter me.

Then smear some lube on that cock of yours that I love so much, and see if you can enter me. I'll do my best to relax." From our first time making love, I had marveled at how tight Jeanne's pussy was. But that was nothing compared to the sensations I soon experienced. Slowly, carefully, I entered her. I was very afraid that I might hurt her, but soon she was pushing herself back onto me, until my cock was completely buried in her ass and my balls were slapping her pussy. "Oh my God," Jeanne moaned.

"That's so good. I think I'm going to cum really hard from this." "Let's see what we can do about that," I said. I reached around her and began to play with her clit. "Oh, yes!" she panted. "Oh God, that feels wonderful!" Our thrusts increased in speed and depth until I was pounding her. At the same time, I was fingering her pussy and rubbing my thumb in circles around her pearl. This felt so good that I wanted it to last all night, but all too soon I felt the cum boiling in my balls.

"I'm going to cum, baby," I grunted. "Me too," she gasped. Suddenly, I felt her vagina squeezing and pulsing on my fingers. She duplicated this with her rectal muscles on my manhood. It was too much for me, and in no time I was jetting spurt after spurt of my cum deep into her bowel. When we were done, we both collapsed in exhaustion. After we had caught our breath, we both said, "Did you like it?" We laughed, weak, tired, and happy.

"Oh Jeanne," I sighed, "that was amazing." "I take it you liked it," she giggled. "I know I sure as hell did. I can hardly wait to do that again." "So this wasn't a one-time thing?" I asked. "I sure hope not," Jeanne said. "I love pleasing you, and you surely pleased me." I was in love.

God, at my age, I was in love. We talked about being together forever, but we never spoke of marriage. We really didn't need it. We lived and loved with such passion, and we experimented when we wanted. Hell, John even bought us handcuffs and a blindfold to play with. We enjoyed life and each other, and our lives were never boring. With his travel, our moments together were always incredibly special. Or was that because we loved as deeply as we did?

Was that because we appreciated what life was offering us, at our ages? And it wasn't just when we were physically together. When he couldn't be with me, we had amazing phone sex. I would light my candles, get out my trusty rabbit and together we would get off. I think for me, it was his voice; the richness of it, telling me what he wanted to do to me, and my hearing his voice catch as he came.

I loved to hear him cum. One night when he called, he could tell something wasn't right. I couldn't believe it myself. Not now. "Baby, what's wrong?

Don't try to hide anything from me; I can tell you're upset," John said, reading me like a book. "John, I don't know how to tell you. I know you won't think it's so bad, but I do. Oh God…," my voice began to crack. "John, the rabbit died." I never heard John ever sound nervous, but I swear I heard him gulp. "The rabbit died?

Are you sure Jeanne? I mean, was there a test? It really died? I didn't think that could happen." "Of course I'm sure, John. And of course I tested it.

How else do you think I would have found out?

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I even tried changing the batteries, but it's dead. Completely dead," I said, tears forming at my loss. "Batteries?" John sounded surprised. "You need batteries for a pregnancy test?" "What the hell are you talking about, John? What pregnancy test? My rabbit died!" John sounded relieved and started to laugh. "Oh baby, I'm sorry, but when you told me the rabbit died, I thought you meant you were pregnant. Come on, you remember when they used to say that when a woman found out she was pregnant." I started laughing through my tears.

I now understood what I had said and how ridiculous I had sounded. "Oh no, my love, I killed my toy. The thing won't move, no matter how I coax it.

And you know what hell I went through to get it.

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I don't want to do that again." "Jeanne, honey, I think I know enough places that we can both go to, to find a replacement for him. In the meantime, half my trip got canceled, so I'll be home around seven tomorrow night. You won't need the rabbit." True to his word, John walked in the door just before seven.

I had candles burning, wine breathing and dinner laid out in the dining room. I wanted him to feel special, so I turned on some soft Celtic music for background, and dressed in my sexy, little, black dress and blood red stilettos. When I wore this dress, I felt gorgeous and sexy, and I knew what his reaction would be.

Our reunion was tender, loving and passionate and we didn't fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. I surprised Jeanne with breakfast in bed the next morning. Just as she was so good about licking me awake, I figured turn-about was fair play. It was music to my ears when I heard that inhaled scream from her orgasm.

Every day should start out that well. We managed to tear ourselves away from the bedroom, and get ready to go out and shop. I knew exactly where to take her to replace her beloved rabbit.

I drove about fifteen miles out of town, on the highway that ran along the river. Discreetly nestled among the other shops was "HIZ-N-HURZ", adult toy store. It was what I considered a more upscale, low-key establishment. Jeanne's eyes widened when we pulled up.


"John, I don't know if I can go in there with you. I mean, what if someone sees us?" "Who's going to see us, who isn't a customer here themselves? Besides, you know I'm traveling again next week. I don't want you to be alone." I could tell Jeanne was pleasantly surprised when we walked through the front door. The store was decorated more like a bed and bath shop, than a porn and video store. There were vignettes of sexy boudoirs and romantic bath settings.

The lingerie was naughty, but nice. I could see her eying the crotchless panties and peek-a-boo bras, and I wondered if I were going to get a gift, too. We made our way past the bedrooms, clothing, jewelry and books, to the back of the store, where the toys were displayed. "Oh my," Jeanne breathed.


"I don't think I've ever seen so many different sizes, colors, and shapes. At least, not in the store I was in." Jeanne started walking down the first aisle. "How the hell am I supposed to choose?" I was trying to be helpful, honest I was. I picked up the first package I saw. It was an eighteen inch black dildo.

"Honey?" Jeanne turned bright red, but started to giggle. Thank God she has the same sense of humor I do. I put it back, and went to hug her. She raised her head to kiss me, and ground herself against my cock. "Let's be realistic," she said. "Nothing can compare to you." We acted like a couple of silly kids, laughing at the ridiculous items that were for sale.

There were all sorts of vibrators, dildos, anal toys, masturbators, and dildo harnesses. There were even vibes for men, but we didn't go there, if you know what I mean. She tried to talk me into a vibrating cock ring, but somehow the thought of having something clamped around my dick (other than Jeanne's mouth) did absolutely nothing for me. Jeanne finally decided on a new rabbit-style vibe.

This clitoral bunny had seven functions, three levels of vibrations, one level of escalation and three progressive patterns of pulsation.

The glow-in-the-dark toy had a beaded g-spot shaft with six independent speeds of rotation and an array of strobe lights. I kid you not when I tell you it was more complicated than the inside of a cockpit, but if it made her happy, far be it from me to question all the bells and whistles.

I wasn't sure what she would do with all that stuff, but also decided that maybe I could help her experiment. On the way to check out, I noticed Jeanne did pick up some lingerie and try to hide it behind her back.

The clerk looked more like someone's gray-haired old grandfather, than someone you might see selling sex goods. We paid for our purchases, but as we turned to leave, he gave me a huge grin and a thumb's up.

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Now I was the one who was blushing. So, how can I bring our story to a graceful end? Well, there really is no way. "They lived happily ever after" sounds so lame. I will tell you, many happy hours were spent with our new pet, both together and while we were apart. And this is one rabbit that did not die.