Monique is a real treat

Monique is a real treat
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The World's First Futa Futa's Naughty Jobs Chapter Two: Futa's First Naughty Reality Show By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "You don't make it sound like your time on Living with the Futa was all that much fun," Adelia said as she interviewed me. It was a long one. We had been going for a few hours as I relived the roller-coaster fun of my life as the world's first futa. "I thought it would be," I said. "I really did. Me living in a house with four girls, getting to know them, making love to the same women over and over instead of just fucking four or five strangers a day, promised something new.

It was a break from all the meaningless, if amazing, sex. I was feeling restless. I was, what, twenty-nine. I hoped I would find true love on the show. I really, really did. I wanted it to work, but the producer." "Oh, was there drama behind the scenes as well as on the screen?" asked Adelia, her interviewer senses sniffing an exciting story.

"You have no idea," I said, leaning back. "That's what they wanted. Drama. Ratings. I swear they cast girls who would butt heads with each other and drive me nuts." "So not the best people?" asked Adelia. "They were all 'personalities,' to put it. politically. All except Rosalía, and she was a wilting flower put on the show to be bullied, or that's my theory." I sighed. "It was going great for the first couple of days and then it all blew up." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 20th, 2028 Before becoming a futanari, when I had more time to watch TV, I was a big fan of reality shows.

Whether it was American Idol, the Bachelorette, or even Top Chef, I watched them all. They always did these interview segments, what I had learned in the last few days was called a talking head segment. I just don't recall the interviewer, in this case the producer Shanelle, impaling her pussy on the interviewee's (that would be me) cock. I had changed the world. I groaned as her pussy engulfed my dick as I sat in the chair, a pair of cameras shooting us, one over my shoulder, the other over hers.

Shanelle, a willowy redhead with a gold nose ring glinting beneath the camera lights, let out such a moan of delight as she settled onto my lap, her cunt sliding down my futa-cock. I groaned, twisting in my chair, pleasure flooding through me. "There," she said, her naked body shifting, her round breasts nudging into my tits.

We had about the same size bust, our tits both perky and firm. Her dusky nipples kissed mine, sending another tingle of delight racing to my juicy pussy. "How has it been going, Becky?" "Getting to know the girls," I said. "Mmm, yes, yes, we've seen," Shanelle said.

"Got some great footage of you and them. Especially what you did with Essence last night." "Essence." I sighed, and not in a good way. Despite the amazing hummer she gave me followed be me sodomizing her while she bent over the railing of the back porch for all of the Hollywood Hills to witness, I wasn't a fan of her.

"Interesting," Shanelle said, a naughty glint in her blue eyes. "What is your impression of Essence, besides that girl can deep-throat your clit-dick with gusto." "Well." I bit my lip. I had to be honest. "She's a prima donna. She thinks she's hot shit, you know. Just the best thing in the world. She parades around the house like once that I've seen her cute ass, I didn't need to enjoy another woman's ever again.

"And, trust me, Essence ass isn't that hot." "You would know," Shanelle said, shifting around on me and letting out a coo of delight as her pussy clenched down on my dick. "Mmm, and what do you think of the other girls? How are you getting along with them?" "Vikki just keeps telling me about his 'amazing' business opportunity," I said, shaking my head.

Even with my dick buried in hot, tight pussy I couldn't keep my irritation out of my voice. My hands squeezed Shanelle's ass, shifting her on my dick. "I think she'd rather have me co-sign a loan with her then feel my dick fuck her pussy now that I've bred her." "Ooh, the deliveries will make such an amazing nine month reunion," sighed Shanelle. "Big ratings boast. Get a lot of streaming views." "What about cable ratings?" I asked. She shrugged.

"It's almost dead. It's all about streaming over the internet. Mmm, and you're content. People can't get enough of you, Becky." She squeezed her cunt around my dick.

"What about Mollie?" "She seems sweet," I said, "but she's always trying to badmouth the other girls. You know, belittling them. It's annoying. I hate that sort of thing. I can only imagine what she's saying behind my back to the cameras." "Well, when the episodes air, you'll just have to watch and find out," Shanelle said, wiggling on me, rubbing her nipples against mine.

"Ooh, you have such an amazing cock, Becky. I just want to fuck you so hard but. What about Rosalía?" I smiled.

"Now she's sweet. She's quiet and cute and. I like her." My fingers dug into Shanelle's ass. I hadn't spent so much time with the same girl since. college. Since I stopped hanging out with Kurt, Dona, Chris, and Tiffany. I used to fuck Dona and Tiffany all the time. Even Mrs. Albertson and her step-daughter, plus the president of my college. Since college, I didn't have that. While I was in Japan doing Futanari Explosion, I didn't make any real friends.

I just had a stream of sexy schoolgirls, hot pop stars, and naughty adult idols streaming into my bedroom when I wasn't fucking on stage for the game show. "I like her a lot," I said, nodding my head. "I wish she was a little more assertive. She's a bit passive, but.

She passes the time." "Wonderful," Shanelle said, lifting her pussy up and down my cock. "Mmm, I'm glad you're swishing with her." Swishing? Was that some new slang? "Yes, yes, just so glad you're here," Shanelle continued, her breasts rubbing on mine, our nipples kissing, as she rode my cock. "Me, too," I groaned, squeezing and kneading her rump as she worked that fine ass up and down my girl-cock. Her cunt gripped it with such hot passion. It felt incredible.

I didn't want this bliss to stop. I wanted her to keep fucking up and down my shaft until I erupted. And from the way she grinned, she wanted the same thing. The sexy producer worked that tight, hot pussy up and down my dick. I whimpered, loving the cameras filming this. It was so hot. I never got tired of getting naughty on television or the internet. My girl-cock throbbed and twitched in her pussy as she worked that hot cunt up and down my dick.

My digits massaged her ass, kneading into her rump. My fingers clenched and relaxed as her cute butt flexed beneath them. She slammed down my cunt again and again, only to slide back up so she could impale herself again.

Her pussy squeezed so tight as she rose, making me whimper. "Work that bred pussy on my futa-cock!" I moaned, my head tossing back and forth, my blonde curls spilling about my shoulders. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" she hissed. "I'm going to enjoy this.

I'm going to cum so hard on your girl-dick!" "Then you're going to be famous!" I whimpered, my fingers sliding into her butt-crack.

I loved caressing up and down a woman's warm divide and finding their naughty backdoor. Her eyes widened when my fingers played with her back there. She let out a whimpering groan of delight, her pussy clenching about my cock as she rose up it.

My dick throbbed inside of her as my digit danced along her asshole. I arched an eyebrow at her. "Yes!" she hissed. I thrust a finger into her asshole, the camera behind her pivoting down to capture the naughty action. Her bowels clenched about my probing finger. I pumped my digit in and out of her, loving the velvety heat engulfing it. I shoved a second digit into her. I could feel my clit-dick through her flesh.

I pressed into my shaft, massaging it as she bounced on my shaft. Her tits heaved as she leaned back on me, hands hooked behind my neck. "Becky!" she squealed. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, Becky!" I groaned and throbbed. My dick twitched inside of her pussy. She engulfed me in her passion. I whimpered. A wave of bliss rippled through me. My dick spurted. My cum fired into her. Hot jizz splashed over and over into the depths of her snatch.

Her pussy clenched then spasmed around my dick as she joined me in climatic ecstasy. It was such a wonderful thing to experience. My eyes squeezed shut as the rapture crashed through my body.

My head tossed from side to side. Such bliss burned through my body. I drowned in it. "Yes!" I groaned as her pussy milked my jizz from my snatch. "Mmm, I really, really love these talking head segments." "They're the best," Shanelle panted, her body twitching on me. "You're really changing the world, you know that, Becky? Just making it so different." She groaned. "What will happen when your horde of futa-daughters hit eighteen?" "No idea," I said.

"Maybe they'll flood the world with more futas, or maybe they'll be more like guys." "Mmm, it's going to be interesting. Just eight or so more years until your firstborns are adults." I blinked. Where did the time go?

"Well," Shanelle said, lifting her pussy off my girl-dick, "I have to hit the editing bay. This was good stuff. You enjoy your afternoon.

Don't forget, we're all attending the premier of the new X-Men movie tonight. It's kicking off a new franchise." "Didn't they just reboot that two years ago?" I asked. "Three," she said, shrugging. "But I'll be great. You're going to breed the girl playing Jubilee and the girl playing Storm. So that'll be a great segment of the show." I sighed.

"I thought I was just spending time with the four girls here." "They'll be there, too," she said. "This is a great bit of cross-promotion. Got to keep the corporate masters happy since the Mouse owns us and Marvel." I blinked.

"Oh, I didn't realize that.


What don't they own?" "Paramount, so no Star Trek," she said and shrugged, my cum dripping down her thighs as one of the male crew (Shanelle was the only female member on the crew for obvious reasons) handed her a towel. She mopped up the jizz. I drifted out of the interview room and through the house.

It was quiet, no argument between Essence or Mollie. Or between Essence and Vicky. Or even between Vicky and Mollie. At least Rosalía stayed out of that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 21st, 2028 I sighed when I saw someone had eaten my salad. I just wanted to savor it after the long night. Yes, it was fun breeding two movie stars as part of the promo for the newest superhero film, even if I meant I had to sit through said superhero film.

The paparazzi were out in force. I had to pose so many times in my sparkly dress, talking about who made it and blah, blah, blah. I'd much rather just sit on the couch and eat a salad.

I always needed to recharge after those sort of media circus events. I closed the refrigerator door, my stomach growling. "Essence." I became so aware of the cameraman behind me after I made that sigh. I glanced at them. "It was her, wasn't it?" The sound guy, following along behind with earphones on, just shrugged. "Why did I fuck her this morning?" I groaned. "Because I was horny. I'm always horny in the morning." The sound guy and the camera guy both grinned at me.

I gave them a naughty smile and groaned, "Pervs." "Becky, could you join me in the living room," Shanelle called. "Got something to show you. Want to know your opinion." I sighed. That meant Shanelle was trying to create some sort of drama. But if it showed Essence eating my marked salad, well, I would kick that skank prima donna's ass so hard she would still have my footprint stamped into her butt next year.

I strolled into the living room, my kimono robe—yes, I got it in Japan and, yes, it had an oriental dragon on it—open. My tits were almost spilling out, my dick chubbing up half-hard at the sight of Shanelle in a pair of tight booty shorts that hugged her cute rump. "What?" I asked. "Well, we recorded this naughty romp this morning," she said, tapping her phone. A video played on the TV. There I was in crystal clear, 8K ultra high definition brilliance.

You could even see mole on my rump as my ass flexed, driving my cock in and out of Essence pussy while she was bent over the tub in the bathroom. Her blonde hair and big, fake titties swung back and forth as I plowed her. Her butt-cheeks rippled every time I buried into her juicy snatch. "Yes, yes, yes, cum in me!" moaned Essence, her face hidden by the curtain of her sun-bleached hair.

"Just spill that jizz into me!" "Trying to get me hard?" I asked Shanelle, my dick reaching its full girth, my nipples tingling against the silk of my kimono robe. "Because it is working. Mmm, look at those tan boobies sway. Essence might be a prima donna, but that body." "So you don't know what she did after you flooded her cunt with your jizz?" Shanelle asked.

I shook my head. "No. I went back to bed with a smile on my face. I'm sure your cameras caught that." "Well, this is what she did." Shanelle tapped her phone again. A new video played. Essence had Rosalía kneeling before her.

The blonde stood facing the cameras, her fake tits round and plump. Rosalía had her hands behind her back like they were. restrained. They were cuffed together, the Hispanic woman squirming and moaning as she devoured Essence's pussy. "That's it,you nasty slut!" groaned Essence. "Mmm, yes, yes, I got Becky to fuck me just so I could enjoy the look in your eyes as you ate me out.

You're just so disgusting. Such a slut for that futa and her cum you'd do anything to taste it. Even eat my pussy.

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Ooh, yes, yes, get that tongue in me, you filthy cunt! You are so disgusting." My brow furrowed. "Just a piece of shit!" groaned Essence. "Ooh, yes, yes, that's good." "Look at that little slut eating your taco," Mollie said from off-scream. "Mmm, guess she was missing a taste of home, right? Make that little Hispanic slut eat your pussy. Then I'm next. I want that cunt-lapper's tongue buried deep into me." "Why didn't Rosalía say anything?" I groaned. "She's just so passive, right?

She just went along with it. Let them say those mean things to her." "You say things like that to women," Shanelle said. "You've called me a slut and a whore." "Not to humiliate you," I said, glancing at her. "Right? It's hot when I do it. It doesn't make you cringe. Look at Rosalía shudder. They're picking on her." "She agreed to it," Shanelle said. "If it wasn't consensual, we would have stopped it, but." "Yes, yes, yes, you little taco-muncher!" hissed Essence.

"Work that tongue into me. Ooh, nothing like enjoying a brown slut's tongue working into my pussy. Gonna cum so hard! Gonna drown you in my cream!" I marched out of the living room, seething.

The cameras followed. I know I had seen rope in the garage. I was positive I had. A thin, silky smooth sort of rope.

I didn't know what it was used for, but I was angry and hard. My girl-dick bounced before me, my tits swaying beneath my open robe, nipples popping out before vanishing beneath the silk again. I entered the garage, the scent of motor oil lingering. I found it, hanging on the wall. I grabbed it.

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"Capture it all," I heard Shanelle hiss as I walked back into the kitchen. "This is going to be great! We picked the right group of girls." That almost stopped me. Almost. But I was just so pissed off at Essence I didn't care how I was being manipulated by that cunt Shanelle.

I just marched back into the living room. There was a bar along one side. And it had a button. You pressed it, and everyone in the house was supposed to come running.

I pressed it. Rosalía scurried in first. The Hispanic girl wore a sleeveless, tube dress that hung so low on her tits that it barely covered the nipples of her large breast, her darker brown areolas peeking out along the top. She gave me a shy smile before sitting down at the bar, her lush boobies jiggling. Vicky sauntered in next, a big grin on her face. She had her tablet with her and she was already tapping it to load her presentation.

I didn't need to see it again. I didn't care about her plan to market vanity canine capes. It was such a dumb idea. Mollie came in next, a sweet smile on her face framed by curly, black hair. She was naked, her round breasts bobbing before her. She had fat nipples, thrusting hard from her chest.

She scampered right up to me. "Hey, Becky! Good morning!" "It's afternoon," I pointed out. "Is it?" she gave a girlish giggle that made her boobs shake. "Where does the time go?" "Oh, you know, eating tacos can make it go fast." Her smile slipped just an inch.

Then the prima donna herself strode in on her stiletto hills. Her large, fake tits bounced, as golden-tan as the rest of her body. She had sliver necklaces that fell across her cleavage, the only thing she wore. Her pussy looked as freshly waxed as it did this morning when I found her bent over and filling the bathtub when I stumbled into the restroom. Bitch was waiting for me just so she could make Rosalía lick her clean. "What is going on?" she asked.

"I was just about to go sunbathe. Need to maintain my tan for Becky. I know how much you love it." "So much," I said, playing with the rope in my hand. "I thought of something that will be so hot for everyone at home to watch." "Oh?" asked Essence. "Hot? As in ratings hot? Mmm, I like that." Did this stuck-up bitch really think this show would launch her into stardom? "I just need you and Mollie to let me tie you up.

I learned a little bit about Shibari while I was in Japan. You'll look so hot bent over the bar with your hands bound behind your back." Essence arched an eyebrow. "That sounds like fun," Mollie said. "I'm game. It'll be sexy. We'll be all nice and helpless, getting fuck by your wonderful cock, Becky." The black-hair, sweet-faced girl grabbed my futa-cock and stroked it. I shuddered at her touch. "Mmm, yes, yes, I love this idea. Just love it." "You want to tie me up?" Essence asked.

"Uh-huh," I said as Mollie's hand slid up and down my girl-dick. "Doesn't that just sound so fun?

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Mmm, think of all the naughty things we can do if you're all tied up." Essence's brow furrowed. She licked her lips. "Maybe that's more Rosalía's game. Right?" "I wouldn't mind being tied up," whispered Rosalía, shivering as one of the cameras filmed her.

"I. I could even get naked. If you'd like, Becky." "See, Rosalía wants you to tie her up," Essence purred, giving me such a big grin. "Do her." "But I'd rather do you," I said. I arched my eyebrows at her. "Just imagine all the naughty things I'll do to you when you're tied up. Doesn't that sound. intriguing?" "Yes," Mollie breathed. The sweet-faced bitch was already bent over the low counter of the bar, her rump pointed right at me, her shaved pussy framed between her sleek thighs.

She thrust her arms behind her back. "I want that. Come on, Essence, this is going to be hot. Going to make us famous. People love bondage these days." Essence shifted. "Really?" "Once I tie you up, every woman in America will want to be in your place," I said, so aware of the cameraman filming us. Essence shuddered, her big, fake titties swaying before me. She nodded her head, her eyes gleaming with delight. "Fine. I'll do it." "Don't sound like such a martyr," Vikki said as she fingered her shaved cunt, her labia thick and long.

"There has to be a way to market this, Becky. Your own brand of bondage rope, maybe? Ooh, I know a supplier." Her chocolate-brown fingers danced along her juicy pussy lips while her dyed-red hair swayed about her face.

The bi-racial girl had sweet features, but why did she have to spend so much time talking about her business plan? "Later," I said as Essence joined Mollie at the bar. The blonde bent over her, perfect, tanned rump aimed right at me.

Like Mollie, Essence had a shaved pussy peeking between her thighs, just a hint of her inner labia thrusting out past her out vulva. I bet she had a labiaplasty, trimming back her pussy lips to give her a tighter, younger looking cunt.

My anger swelled for fake bitch as I advanced on her, rope sliding between closed hands. I loved the feel of it, excited to do this. I reached Essence, pressing my futa-cock into her rump while I made my first knot about her wrist. I learned a lot of interesting things while hitchhiking, like how to tie up a baby calf on a ranch. My hand moved fast, wrapping her wrists together and pulling the rope taut so that she couldn't escape.

Then I dragged the excess to Mollie lying beside her. In moments, they were both trussed up, their asses thrusting right at us, two delicious rumps. Pussy juices ran down both of their thighs. My girl-dick throbbed as I stared at them.

I licked my lips, the cameramen moving in to capture the sight. Shanelle lurked in the background. I could feel her quivering with excitement. "Ooh, what are you going to do to us now?" Essence asked, wiggling her ass at me. I had more rope. I knelt down and looped the rope about her left ankle and Mollie's right, pulling tight, bringing their feet together and tying both girls legs in place.

I shivered as I yanked the knot tight. I stared up at them, two shaved pussies begging to be licked. But I wasn't about to do that. "Rosalía," I said, beckoning with my fingers to the quiet, Hispanic girl. "Come here and take off that dress. We're going to play with them." "Ooh, yes, get that taco-munching slut licking my twat," groaned Mollie.

"I know how much she loves pussy!" "A little taste of home, right?" I asked, my words icy. Mollie's butt-clenched. Her wrists tugged at the rope. Then she looked at me, brow furrowed. I gave her a sweet smile, my futa-dick pulsing and throbbing in anticipation of the fun to come.

Rosalía took off her dress, exposing those nut-brown tits. She had such a lovely shade of skin and her rich, brown hair fell in luxurious curls around her face. She was short, but stacked, her breasts so bountiful, her hips curving out into lush thighs.

She had a rump that made me drool. It was an ass made to be fucked so you could watch her cheeks jiggle. She padded to me and took my hand. She stared down, an almost timid shiver running through her. I pulled her closer to me. She swallowed, her sweetness only making this more exciting for me.

We were going to make them pay. "Which one would you like to spank?" I asked. "Essence or Mollie? I saw that tape. You don't have to eat their pussies if you don't want to. And you certainly don't have to let them demean you." Rosalía's head lifted to my eyes.

"What?" Essence hissed. "Spank us?" "You didn't say anything about spanking!" Mollie gasped. "You said you were going to fuck us." "No, I said do naughty things to you," I said, a big smile crossing my lips. "And this is such a naughty thing, isn't it?" I cupped Rosalía's face and stared into her doe-soft eyes.

"Which one would you like to spank?" "Ooh, bitch, if you think of laying even one finger on me, I'll kick your bean-eating ass all across the room!" Essence snarled. "You're only good for eating my taco, you wetback bitch." Wetback bitch?

We were a quarter of the way into the twenty-first century, and Essence thought she could be a bigot and not have her life ruined? "Well, Rosalía?" I asked her. "She won't do nothing to you.

Not when me around." I moved closer, my futa-dick nudging into her silky-satin stomach, my precum smearing against her flesh as my cock slid up her.

"Which one?" "Essence," she said. "Because you're not a wetback bitch, are you?" She shook her head. "Say it," I ordered. "I'm not." She drew in a deep breath, her large tits just grazing mine for a moment. "I'm not a wetback bitch!" "Now teach her a lesson!" "Teach me a lesson?" shrieked Essence. "Ooh, I'm going to—" "There," Vikki said, shoving a pair of panties into Essence's mouth. I had no idea where Vikki got them.

Probably fell on the floor, discarded and forgotten. "Enough of listening to her bitchy mouth. I'll just watch you two. have fun." "Oh, fuck," Mollie groaned as I advanced on her rump while Rosalía took Essence's tanned rear.

"I'm sorry, Becky. I thought Rosalía was into it and—" SMACK! Mollie bucked, her bound wrists swaying behind her. A bright, red handprint blossomed about her ass. It was such a delicious sight to witness.

It made me so excited. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. "Don't lie. You always are saying such bad things about everyone behind their backs," I said. "You deserve to be spanked just for that." SMACK! I landed my next one on her other butt-cheek. Her spine arched while my girl-dick throbbed. I had never spanked a girl beyond giving someone a playful swat while fucking them. My palm drank in the stinging delight of discipline. I glanced at Rosalía.

She trembled behind Essence. The blonde-bitch squirmed, spitting fury into her panty gag. She squirmed, her bonds rustling. Rosalía glanced at me, her brown face some how looking pale. "You can do it," I said, drawing back my hand. SMACK! Mollie's rump jiggled. "Just spank Essence, Rosalía.

Punish that cunt for what she said about you." "Punish her," Vikki moaned, her fingers plunging into her pussy as she leaned against the wall on the other side of the bar.

slap. The timid spanking hardly rippled Essence's rump. I doubt the struggling bitch even felt it. I shook my head at Rosalía. I stared at her hard, my eyes boring into her.

She shuddered as I drew back my hand. She lifted hers. I nodded my head at her. SMACK! SLAP! The double sounds of our spankings echoed through the kitchen. I let out a groan of delight, my futa-dick throbbing, pussy juices dribbling down my thighs. The sound was such a wonderful thing to make. Rosalía smiled at me as she raised her hand while Mollie groaned and Essence squealed into her panties. Together, Rosalía and I brought our hands down on the two naughty sluts' asses, spanking them hard.

SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! SLAP! "That's it!" I groaned, pussy juices running down my thighs "Yes!" Rosalía moaned, her heavy tits swaying, her nipples thrusting hard atop them, her own thighs glistening with her passion. "I'm not a wetback bitch!" she hissed. SMACK! SLAP! "That's right," I said, loving how she looked, the way her tits bounced and heaved. They crashed together, rippling as she put her all into disciplining Essence. My own spankings faltered as I became enamored with Rosalía's passion.

SLAP! My pussy clenched. SLAP! My dick throbbed. "Spank them both!" I moaned, taking a step back. "They were both mean to you!" "Yes!" Rosalía moaned. "This is so hot!" Vikki gasped, her round, chocolate-brown tits heaving as she fingered her cunt, her eyes smoldering. "Just spank both those bitches." "Uh-huh," I moaned as Rosalía shifted into place to bring her hands down on them both. As Rosalía lifted her hands, my eyes flicked down to that cute rump of hers.

I fell to my knees behind her. I pried about her butt-cheeks.


I felt so naughty. I buried my face between her butt-cheeks. I licked and rimmed her asshole. SLAP! SLAP! "I'm so sorry, Rosalía!" gasped Mollie. "I was such a cunt to you! I just got carried away." SLAP! SLAP! "I'm not as disgusting as Essence!" Mollie whimpered. SLAP! SLAP! I savored those sounds as my tongue danced about Rosalía's asshole.

I savored her sour musk. Her butt-cheeks clenched every time she smacked her hands down to spank those two naughty whores. It made me shudder. My tongue pressed against her anal ring, pushing on it.

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I penetrated into her velvety depths. I probed my tongue into her, swirling around, loving the texture of her. She squirmed and groaned. Her passion echoed through the room. It resounded, echoing back and forth. SLAP! SLAP! "Oh, Becky, yes!" she moaned. "Your tongue. your tongue is so deep into my asshole!" SLAP! SLAP! "Uh-huh!" I moaned, ignoring the throbbing ache in my girl-dick. Every time her hands cracked down on their rumps, it only swelled my own lust to ravish her.

But I didn't what to just fuck her. I wanted her to beg for it. SLAP! SLAP! "Oh, my god," Mollie groaned. "Spank my cunt! Spank my naughty cunt! I was such a naughty girl." "Yes, yes, yes, spank her cunt!" groaned Vikki.

"Holy shit, this is so hot." I felt the shift in Rosalía's stance. Her hands drew back low. I shuddered as I heard her hands streak forward. Two wet, loud smacks echoed through the kitchen. Mollie screamed in rapture. Essence moaned into her gag. "They're cumming, Becky!" gasped Rosalía. "They're. they're such filthy sluts they're cumming from being spanked." "Uh-huh!" I groaned and then wiggled my tongue so deep into her bowels, fluttering through her sour musk, just giving her pleasure.

"Oh, Becky, that so nice!" she moaned. "Ooh, it made me so wet to spank them. And them. Your tongue is licking my asshole. No one ever done that. It's such a dirty place." "Nothing's dirty about you," I panted.

I licked at her asshole again. "I could eat your ass as much as your pussy." "Becky!" she moaned, a sound of such need. I could tell what she wanted.

She wanted my dick in her. I couldn't wait any longer, listening to her administering justice on those two skanks sent me on fire. I rose, my futa-cock coming up to smack Rosalía's shaved pussy. That wet sound echoed through the room. She whimpered, her thighs clamping around my shaft, pinning me to her cunt. She ground on it, humping her hips and rubbing that silky twat on my dick. "Damn," I groaned.

"Mmm, just bend down between them. We have one last part of their punishment to deliver." "Ooh, what?" Mollie asked, sounding so eager for more. "That was such an amazing cum, Rosalía. I should let you spank me whenever you want.

Mmm, doesn't that sound hot?" "I guess," Rosalía did, obeying me. She bent over the bar between them, her thighs still holding my dick tight against her pussy.

"Now what, Becky?" "I'm going to fuck your asshole so hard, Rosalía." I said, drawing back my hips, my dick sliding between her satin thighs. "I'm going to make sure you cum on my futa-cock.

You're going to scream your head off." "Really?" she asked. "Really," I said. "And you know what the best part is?" I asked her as I brought my cock up between her butt-cheeks. "What?" she asked as my dick nuzzled against her sphincter. I pressed against her puckered opening, pushing on it, making her groan. Pleasure surged up my dick as I said, "They are never going to fuck my dick again. This is as close as they'll get, tied up on either side of you while I fuck you hard." "What?" Mollie gasped.

Essence screamed into her gag, her face a mask of fury as she glared at me. "You got bred," I said. "That's all you're going to get. Teach you to be such bitches!" "Yes!" Rosalía squealed. Then she gasped as I rammed my futa-dick into her bowels. It was amazing to sink into her hot, tight flesh. Such pleasure surged through me as I went deeper and deeper into her bowels.

Her velvety bowels gripped my dick as I penetrated her asshole. Her sheath clenched down on me. I groaned, my back arching, my tits swaying before me. She let out such a throaty moan of pleasure. A big smile crossed her lips.

Vikki whimpered, still fingering herself as she watched. She switched which hand plunged digits into her cunt, bringing her cream-drenched digits to her mouth to suck on them. I loved an audience. The cameras behind me captured everything. "Becky!" squealed Rosalía as I drew back my futa-dick. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! That's so good! I love it when you fuck my asshole." "But. so do I," Mollie gasped, her body squirming.

"I was promised two months of being fucked by you. That's why I'm here." "I don't have to fuck you," I groaned, thrusting back into Rosalía's bowels, the velvety friction rippling down my shaft. "I just have to live with you! Remember what the show is called!" "No!" Mollie howled. "Yes!" groaned Rosalía, her bowels clenching down on my dick. "Mmm, yes, yes, yes!" Vikki gasped, her body shuddering, her orgasm sweeping through her.

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"Fuck her ass! Make her cum hard, Becky! She deserves it!" "Sucking up?" I asked as I pumped away at Rosalía's asshole. Vikki just gave me a naughty grin and then sucked on her fingers coated in her pussy, her tits heaving before her.

I stared at her, loving the sight of her sexy body shivering while I plundered Rosalía's asshole. Beside me, Mollie groaned and Essence snarled into her panty gag, wrist pulling at the bindings. I felt like a million bucks. My girl-dick drank in the velvety friction of pumping away at Rosalía's asshole. Her bowels squeezed and relaxed on me. She gasped and moaned, bucking back into my thrusts. I savored the sight of my crotch smacking into her rump every time I buried into her.

Her brown butt-cheeks rippled and jiggled. I groaned, entranced by the sight. My tits heaved and danced as I plowed faster and faster into her bowels. Pleasure spilled through my pussy. It danced around my ovaries. They grew tighter as my cum came closer and closer to a boil. It spurred me to keep thrusting, to build up to that explosive release and flood her bowels with all my yummy cum. "Becky!" she groaned, her bowels clenching down tight about me.

"Oh, Becky, I need it!" "What?" I groaned, thrusting so hard into her. "What do you need!" "Your futa-cum! Please, please, spurt it into me! Flood my bowels with all that yummy cum! Ooh, yes! Please, Becky, don't be cruel to me!" "Mmm, such a naughty slut!" I groaned, leaning over her, her bowels writhing about my futa-cock, milking me, wanting me to erupt into her.

"I am!" she whimpered. "I love being your slut!" I could feel the joy in her voice. She wasn't being humiliated by me. She was drinking it in, letting it fuel her passion.

Her bowels grew hotter and hotter about my dick. She clenched down so tight about me. I groaned, burying to the hilt into her.

My cum spurted into her depths.

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Hot jizz erupted. It splattered her bowels. I groaned, swaying from side to side as the rapture screamed through my mind. It was incredible. Such a wonderful delight to experience. A wonderful joy to embrace. Her bowels convulsed and spasmed about me. My eyes grew so wide as she sucked at me. Her flesh rippled about me, wanting to drink in my jizz. I shuddered, burying into her, the pressure building at the tip of my dick.


I drew back through her writhing flesh. "Please, please, Becky!" she moaned, her Hispanic accent growing thicker. "Just spurt all your jizz into me!" "Yes!" I groaned and slammed back into her. I buried into her depths. My futa-dick unloaded. My cum fired into her. Blast after blast of jizz erupted from my futa-dick. It spilled out of me. "Take it!" "So hot!" she squealed.

"I bet!" groaned Mollie in such envy. Essence bucked and screamed into her panties. I savored this moment, Rosalía's asshole milking my cock. Juices spilled down my thighs. Dual ecstasies surged into my mind. They swirled and danced through them. My breasts heaved before me as I cried out for the cameras to record. "Ooh, that is so hot," Vikki moaned, walking around the counter. "This gives me such an idea for a business we can enjoy." I shook my head.

"Not now," I groaned as I spurted the last blast of rapture into her. "I'm having a moment." "Mmm, we are," Rosalía groaned. "You filled my asshole with so much cum." "Well, if now's not the time to talk," Vikki said.

"Why don't the three of us retire upstairs and leave these naughty sluts to think about what naughty bitches they've been." The Black woman licked her lips. "I'll even suck your cock clean of Rosalía's asshole.

How could I resist? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "It all fell apart after that," I said, shaking my head. "Essence and Mollie became so shrill, whining and complaining about how they weren't getting my dick." I let out a groan of frustration. "I couldn't take it. I wasn't about to ever fuck either of them again, not after what they did." "So that's why the show only went three episodes?" asked Adelia.

"I know the show tried to portray the spanking as the finale, showing you disciplining two naughty women and how you were so happy with Rosalía." "I wished I could have been happy with Rosalía, but she had no backbone." I shook my head.

"She just did whatever I wanted. Never offered any ideas. She just accepted my desires, and I didn't want that. I wanted a woman who would tell me what she wanted. To just march up to me and say, 'I'm horny, Becky, and you haven't made me cum in a while.

I need it right now.'" "I take it your wife Sharron does it." "Sometimes I get. distracted. She needs to be assertive to make sure she gets her share of my cock." I shrugged. "I think the world knows how I can be around pussy I've never bred before." Adelia laughed.

"So I took a big penalty hit from the contract for leaving the show early," I said. "I had to pay a lot of money.

Well, my accountant did. I never paid attention to the money. But I did decide I was done with the entertainment industry for a while." "I remember that," Adelia said. "Our first interview was right after this." I grinned at her. "Mmm, we started that one off with you being bred by me before we got down to the questions," I said, stroking her thigh.

"Now you were an interviewer that knew what you wanted." She gave me a saucy grin as I played with her knee. "So, you didn't do entertainment for seven or eight years, yes?" "When I agreed to star in my own porno about my life," I said. "I wasn't the first futanari to do porn, that went to my daughter, Georgina. I'm afraid, I couldn't remember who her mother was, or if I ever had met her." A tinge of guilt washed through me, but my daughters numbered in the tens of thousands, and my granddaughters.

"She must have been one of the girls I bred at my college in those first few days of being a futanari because she must have jumped into porn the moment she turned eighteen back in 2036." "Yes, Georgina was named First Futa Playmate of the Year," Adelia nodded. "Did you watch any of her movies. She made hundreds of them those first few years?" I shook my head, blanching. "My own daughter? Even though I didn't know her, it felt weird. But. It did make me think of doing it myself, so when Adam and Eve Films came around not long after her debut, well, I agreed to do it.

To star in a naughty film about my own life. "I was ready to be a porn star!" To be continued.