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"What no. I mean we had some very rough for me sex but she said that Katy was fine with it and it was odd for me but I figured Katy saying it was okay would make it fine," Stuart explains and I can hear the wheels turning in Desmond's head.

"Please tell me she didn't have you try to get her pregnant," Desmond asks and Stuart shifts between me and my heavy hitter. "No she said not to. She only wanted anal which was different but she said she was waiting for permission from Katy to have your baby," Stuart explains with honesty. "Desmond calm down he didn't know and was told it was okay from Katy," I explain when Stuart interrupts.

"Well she said that she messaged Katy to say it was okay and then there was a message on my phone from Katy that said to delete it after reading and it said it was okay," Stuart informs us and now we're all staring at the poor fool.

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"Stuart did you see her call Katy or did you check to make sure the message came from Katy's phone," I ask and he starts to realize what happened. "Dude you fucked the craziest woman on the planet and she tricked you into doing it," Isaac says as he starts to laugh.

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Desmond is done with the show and tell as he passes Stuart and goes right into his sister's room. I follow bringing Isaac and Stuart with me as Desmond is waking up Wilma with some tense words. "You lied to him, you actually told him that Katy said it would be okay for you and him to have sex," Desmond growls as Wilma gets up from the bed naked.

"You know what big brother this would be a lot easier if you would just get me pregnant so we can both be happy," Wilma says but Desmond looks unfazed. "I don't want you to have my child. You are my sister," Desmond argues but she turns it around on him. "Half sister if you want to get technical but that doesn't change shit.

I want a baby and I want it to be your baby. Now either drop your pants and get it done or shut up about me fucking Stu," Wilma barks back at him still naked. Desmond is pissed off, years ago when we told him we'd help with Wilma we said we'd get her under control but there are something's that neither Katy nor I can shake her on. A baby with her brother being one of them.

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Stuart is dressing quietly before standing up and looking at his phone. I see him texting as Wilma starts to dress herself. The room is quiet and after a few minutes of Desmond being pissed off and Wilma not caring I see something that makes me feel better about my world. Stuart moves over to Wilma and with a quick grab takes her by the back of the head and now she's not in a happy pain mode as he marches her over to me before forcing her down in front of me.

"You lied to me and you lied about Katy didn't you," Stuart growls and Wilma whimpers," Katy told me to tell you there will be a plane ticket for you to Texas. You are to go to Jun and Lilly's house to watch their children. You are not allowed to have any sex of any kind while there and your brother will not come to see you." "Please no, I'm sorry but I needed it.

I was bad but please don't send me away," Wilma pleads desperately and I motion for Stuart to step back as I crouch down in front of Wilma. "Wilma you broke team. You lied and you jeopardized my orders with what you did. How can we not punish you for this," I ask and she's whimpering and bawling as I stand up and see Stuart grinning. All four of us men start to exit the room with Stuart being the last one out as Wilma starts to slowly pack her things.

I watch Stuart tell her something from the doorway and close it quickly before Wilma screams at him and I can hear her tantrum as we walk down the hotel hallway. "What did you say to her to get that reaction," Isaac asks Stuart as we walk. "Oh I told her the truth. I didn't tell Katy what she did I just made something up and had her crying and bawling about it. She screwed with me and I screwed with her back. Sorry I didn't clear it with you first Sir," Stuart tells us and I stop in the hallway and stare at him.

"That could technically be breaking team but that's also initiative and you getting something back for yourself. Good job," I tell Stuart who smiles at the appreciation before we continue to the second half of phase one.

"So man I got to ask, what is Wilma like," Isaac asks Stuart quietly. "Man it was different, get permission and try if you want but I don't have a lot of words for what we did," Stuart replies and I smile, he's getting his head in the game.

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We're back on the road and with Isaac driving I'm quietly working over some contacts on my phone, I need a good front for phase two but with Stuart and some luck we'll be finishing phase one right now. With our new 'friend' Henry in the hospital getting in to his apartment is easy enough for Isaac as Desmond waits outside. Ever see someone who is the poster child for needing to pick a lifestyle and just stay with it, that's Henry Greenbucket's apartment.

Clothes that need washing with hanging clean shirts right above them in the closet. Take out trash from every possible eatery in the area.

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End it all with a computer that causes Stuart to pause and stare for a minute. I had my protégé the glasses camera and make sure Jun is booted up as they start their work.


Isaac and I are sitting around quietly while Stuart and Jun go into a massive amount of nerd talk which we could listen in on but after 'time change stamps' and 'rerouting log history' I start to tune it out. Finally I get a thumbs up from Stuart after about an hour of being bored let Jun go down the basics. "Alright sir we have him to rights as a connection between Mr. Weisner and the people looking to buy out the business," Jun tells me and I pause.

"Okay so we're in positions to make it look like a done deal as far as Mr. Weisner is concerned?


At least on paper," I ask and get a nod from Stuart," alright people exiting now Desmond are we clear?" "All clear Guy, bringing the car around," Desmond informs me and we exit the apartment after locking up. The ride back to the hotel is a quiet one but necessary as we're going to need to removed over active pieces from the board on our side. Problem I learned is that when you use people for high profile strikes you have to remove them or they draw attention.

Almost ruined a job when Ben had to do two bits of work and got spotted by the target. I don't want to remove Stuart so soon but it has to be done. We enter the hotel and I find all of Stuart's, Desmond's and Wilma's clothing packed up. Stuart is confused and I pull him aside. "Sir are you sending me away," Stuart asks and I nod," I thought I was doing well here. I did more than I was asked and Jun said it was a solid hack and rewrite?

What did I do wrong?" "Stuart you did everything right, problem is when face become high profile I have to pull them out for the sake of the job. Wilma and you are too visible if our little friend from last night starts talking. I have to keep you both away for your sakes and the job," I tell him quietly trying to reassure my protégé.

"But I can do more to help," he says and I rest a hand on his shoulder.

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