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Sam's Birthday Surprise Chapter 1 Sam was sitting at the table thinking about how the day had gone so far. He had to admit, it wasn't quite how he had pictured it going. Jenna had been late getting home from work, and on top of that he had not received a text, a call, or anything from her indicating that she even remembered that today was his birthday.

He had subtly dropped plenty of hints starting a couple of weeks ago about things he would like to have for his birthday and it seemed like she had just totally forgot. Maybe she had something planned after dinner for him, he hoped so, and it would be a total slap in the face if she really had forgotten. Sam looked up to see Jenna heading back towards the table from the restroom.

Since they had already finished dinner he did not wait for her to come to the table but met her halfway and they headed for the exit. Jenna kept the conversation light and talked about everything and anything other than Sam's birthday, she knew it was driving him crazy that she had not even mentioned it since she had gotten home from work.

She smiled to herself as she thought about what was going to happen at their home in a little while. Jenna had found a couple of ladies (using the word loosely) that fit the description of what Sam seemed to like drooling over whenever he was in one of his fantasy worlds.

The Mistress was a blonde, big titted bitch named Kathy. She thought the whole world should kneel at her feet and kiss them as she walked by.

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She did have a good looking pair of legs that went all the way up and made a nice ass out of themselves though. Her sub was a shorter blond, about 5'3" with small tits but a cute face and very nice ass and legs. She seemed a little feisty, almost like her Mistress had not gotten her completely trained yet, but that made her all the more appealing for what Jenna had hired them for. Jenna's friend had told her about them and assured they were completely trustworthy for what she had in mind. Sam was actually getting a little upset as Jenna kept talking during the short ride home, he had himself totally convinced that Jenna had indeed forgot about his birthday.

He knew he should not let it bother him like it was, but for some reason it did. Jenna had never done that before, so he really shouldn't be mad but still it was bothering him.

When they entered the house Jenna told him she had some clothes that had to be taken care of before they went to bed. Well he told himself I guess I might as well just accept it and call it a night. Jenna he yelled "I am just going to go upstairs and wait for you there." Jenna smiled as she heard him on the steps; it was now time to put the rest of her plan in action.

Chapter 2 Jenna called Kathy and told her that she was ready for them to come to the house. While she was waiting for them to arrive, she got the video camera and tripod out as well as the spare batteries so that she was ready when they arrived.

Kathy knocked lightly on the door as she had been instructed and Jenna let them in. Jenna was a little shocked when she realized that Kathy was leading Wendy on a leash like she was her little lap dog. Wendy followed meekly along behind her, but Jenna saw some of the looks she was giving Kathy behind her back.

Kathy was wearing a long black leather coat and boots, while Wendy had on a little fluffy white fur jacket, and skin tight black leather hot pants and 4" black patent leather heels. She looked like a low dollar whore dressed like that. When they were inside with the door shut Kathy jerked downward on the leash and Wendy knelt down on her knees beside her while she talked to Jenna.

Jenna told her where the bedroom was and let Kathy and her pet lead the way as she followed with the camera already running filming the swinging asses of the women walking in front of her. She couldn't help but notice the difference between the two, Kathy had a full plump ass that moved in a rolling motion as she walked, and Wendy had a slimmer trim little ass that probably drove a lot of men crazy watching it bounce side to side as she walked. As they got close to the bedroom door, Kathy stopped and looked back giving Jenna one last time to call it off before she and her pet started in on her completely unaware husband.

Sam heard steps in the hall and thought Jenna was finally joining him in bed. Maybe he hoped she had some crazy scheme planned for him, he loved her full hips and firm full ass and she knew she could drive him crazy when she wanted to. Sam looked when he heard the steps coming through the door and started to jump up as he saw a strange women coming through their bedroom door with another strange woman on a leash behind her.

Who are you and what the hell are you doing he yelled sitting up. Kathy pushed him back onto the bed and both women sat on him as she simply said Jenna said to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chapter 3 Sam was in total shock as he lay there under two strange women. He could only stare as Jenna walked in and set the video camera down on the tripod and adjusted the focus and the screen so she did not miss anything that was about to happen to her husband.

Kathy told Sam not to move and he lay on the bed, not sure quite why he was listening to this strange woman and her even stranger friend on a leash. Kathy stood and took off her coat and Sam swallowed hard as he took in the figure that stood before him. Kathy was wearing w leather strap top that left nothing to the imagination, a strap maybe 2 inches wide covered her nipples, and a pair of straps like suspenders held it in place and that was it besides a short leather skirt that ended way above her boot tops.

Kathy jerked on her pets leash and ordered her to get her coat off and Sam could not believe as he lay there and watched Wendy shrug off her coat and throw it on the floor. She stood there without any thing on her top at all, hot pants with a prominent camel toe and little "A" cup tits with her nipples standing proud and firm in front of his eyes. Before he even realized what was happening Kathy and Wendy had taken short pieces of rope and fastened his hands to the bed.

He started to struggle but they fastened his feet to the end of the bed allowing him very minimal movement on the bed. Sam moaned as they pulled the covers off of him and he was lying naked in front of the two women. Kathy motioned to Wendy to take off her hot pants and shoes and get on the bed, she slowly crawled up on the bed by Sam's waist. Sam's eyes never left Wendy's firm little tits as she crawled towards him.

They were so firm they did not bounce or jiggle or anything as she looked at his cock, Sam had not even realized as the women were undressing his cock had started swelling, As small as Wendy's tits were, that is how big Kathy's were the sagged a little but were still large and proud.


They bounced as she moved and the nipples were large and stood proudly at the front of her tits. Kathy had moved almost to Sam's side of the bed before he realized she was there. Getting Sam's attention now, she asked him if he liked Wendy, which he eagerly (Almost too eagerly Jenna thought) said he did. Kathy looked at him for a minute, sliding the handle of the leash along his leg and across his cock and balls.

Sam twitched, afraid for a minute just what this strange sexy woman might be thinking. Kathy laughed at the look that fleeted across his face and took the leash away from his cock. She looked at him again and said I am not sure you can handle her. Looking at Wendy, she motioned her towards herself and Wendy moved in front of Kathy and knelt down. Show the man what he might get if he is really good she told Wendy and Wendy reached up and lifted Kathy's skirt over her waist.

Sam was looking at Kathy's shaved pussy as was Wendy back in her kneeling position. Kathy slowly spread her legs and when her pussy lips were open as wide as possible without help she quickly reached down and grabbing Wendy behind her head and pulled her face into her waiting pussy. Chapter 4 Wendy was sure what was going to happen when her mistress opened her legs and by the time her mouth hit Kathy's pussy it was open and her tongue already lapping at her velvety folds.

Kathy never took her eyes of Sam as Wendy was noisily licking and sucking on her moistening pussy. This is the only thing this worthless little cunt is good for; she can't cook, keep a clean house or keep a man happy so I keep her around to eat my pussy. From the way your cock is bouncing, you must like what you see don't you.

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Sam unsure of what he should say did not say anything. Kathy looked at him and asked again, Do you like what you see? Sam slowly nodded his head while looking in Jenna's direction. Kathy shoved Wendy back away from her and stood next to Sam do you like my pussy?


Sam again nodded affirmatively. I don't think you can handle me, maybe the little tramp there, but not me yet. Kathy climbed on the bed and straddled Sam's face her shiny wet pussy just out of reach of his tongue. She lowered herself down and said let's see if you can eat pussy as good as that worthless little pussy there.

Just as Kathy let her pussy touch Sam's face, she motioned for Wendy to start sucking Sam off. Wendy leaned over and Sam let out a loud moan into Kathy's pussy as Wendy took his straining cock into her hot mouth. Wendy started bobbing her head up and down as Kathy kept rubbing her pussy into Sam's face.

Jenna watch wondering how long it would take before Sam exploded from all the action that was happening on the bed. Jenna was starting to feel stirrings in her belly just from watching these two women working over her husband.

Wendy knew that Sam would not be able to stand what was happening to him for long, but was surprised when all of a sudden he groaned and jerked shooting a load of hot cum into her mouth.

She knew her mistress would not be happy she had not been paying more attention to what she had been doing. Wendy could not swallow fast enough and soon had streams of cum dribbling down her face. Kathy felt Sam jerk under her and stop licking her pussy. She immediately looked at Wendy's face and knew the stupid slut had not been paying attention to what she had been doing, and had broughtSamto a most definite premature ejaculation.

This was definitely not what had been planned and in her mind if she did not want it to happen and it happened some was going to pay! Kathy rolled her now wet pussy off of Sam's face, which was covered in her pussy juice. She first looked at Wendy with a look that could freeze cum in midair.

She next looked at Sam for a short time. With a look of utter contempt she finally spoke. I have never had a man who could not control his cock and blow his wad as fast as you just did. I told you that you were not man enough to handle me and you just proved it. Turning to Wendy she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up close to her face.

You worthless little cunt were you told to make him cum? Did I tell you to suck his cum out of his balls for your use? You are the worst cumslut I have ever had the displeasure to have ever tried to train. Get on your worthless back You have two minutes to make me cum or you will regret the day I ever put a collar on your scrawny neck.

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Kathy straddled Wendy's crying face and plopped her dripping cunt on her face. Do you think you can cum again tonight, or are you just a one shot wonder like so many other men?

Sam with a face red with embarrassment said of course I can cum again. Kathy laughed, we shall see, If you can't do better than you have so far, then this worthless cunt under me is all you deserve and I am not sure at this point you deserve her. Wendy in the meantime was almost smothering with Kathy's ass sitting square on her face and not moving, but she was licking her pussy and trying hard to please her.

Kathy leaned forward and grabbed Wendy's legs and pulled them up to her shoulders, completely opening Wendy's small ass to Sam's view.

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What do you think SamKathy taunted him, do you think you can handle this girls pussy, after she made you cum with just a few sucks of her mouth, can you do it. Chapter 5 Jenna could see that Sam was getting upset with the way that Kathy was taunting him about blowing his load so fast. She knew he wasn't a patient man when he was mad and was thinking about calling this all to an end when Sam suddenly jerked his arms free from the thin ropes he had been tied with.

Jerking his legs free, he spun around and caught Kathy's hands before she could push Wendy's legs out of the way.

Holding Kathy's hands he kept Wendy's legs trapped at Kathy's shoulders and her pussy total exposed. He moved up in front of the helpless Wendy, lined his now hard cock up with her pussy and rammed it inside Wendy in one hard thrust. The unprepared Wendy let out a muffled shriek into Kathy's pussy as Sam started ramming his cock in and out of Wendy as hard and fast as he could.

Kathy bouncing around on Wendy's face from the ferocity of Sam's thrusts started moaning as she finally reached a climax on Wendy's face. Sam rolled her off of Wendy and she lay face down on the bed. Sam realized, now was the time to take care of Kathy as well, pulling his cock out of Wendy, he told her to move over in front of Kathy. When she was where he wanted her, he grabbed Kathy's blonde hair and pulled her head up off the bed and told Wendy to slide down with her pussy against Kathy's mouth.

Kathy realized what Sam was doing and started trying to move away from Wendy's very sloppy pussy. With Sam pushing his knee in her back, Kathy had no way to move and Wendy mashed her pussy into her face. Sam kept hold of Kathy's hair like it was the reigns of a horse.

He reached back and brought a hand down swiftly on Kathy abundant ass causing her to yell and then pushed her open mouth right in Wendy's pussy. Watching Sam handle these two women was definitely having its effect on Jenna who had slid down into a chair near the camera still recording everything going on.

Watching Sam slide back over Kathy's ass, she saw him grab his cock and slide it between Kathy's ass cheeks. Kathy realizing what Sam had planned for her started bouncing around trying to throw Sam off of her. Wendy grabbed Kathy's head and held it tight against her pussy as Sam started leaning forward probing Kathy's ass cheeks for the entrance he wanted.

Jenna heard Kathy scream as Sam rammed his hips forward. Thrusting his swollen cock deep into Kathy's ass in one thrust, Sam had no mercy after Kathy's earlier taunting. Jenna heard only on comment from him, "Who said I can't handle you bitch." Chapter 6 Watching Sam ram his cock into Kathy's ass repeatedly was too much for Jenna, her hand slid down into her shorts, working her finger towards her wet pussy and tingling clit.

She slowly slid a finger between the swollen lips of her burning pussy allowing her juices to escape and flow down her fingers and between the cheeks of her sexy ass. She slid one the two fingers up inside her steaming pussy, working them in and out in time with Sam's thrusts into Kathy's ass. When she heard Kathy's moans increasing in tempo and Sam pounding even faster into Kathy's ass.

Jenna started fingering her dripping pussy furiously. Kathy pulled her mouth off Wendy's dripping pussy and chuckled before asking Sam if that was all he had, she had gotten better from Wendy with a strap on. The look on Sam's face was priceless as he started pounding even harder into Kathy's plump ass making her cheeks jiggle and bounce with each thrust. Jenna worked her fingers even more frantically sliding them now along her protruding clit as well as deep inside herself.

Jenna felt her climax start deep inside and slowly move towards the very center of her being. She reached under her shirt and pinched her sensitive nipple, causing the final spark needed to set off the explosion deep inside her. Jenna groaned, arched her back as her pussy jerked and clenched her fingers then slowly she sank onto the chair exhausted. Sam had not noticed what was happening with Jenna, but Wendy saw her hand desperately frigging her cunt and watched in awe as she exploded in a hard orgasm.

Feeling the need herself Wendy grabbed Kathy's head and pulled it even tighter into her pussy. She wanted and needed the release that Sam's beautiful wife had just found. Kathy started licking furiously at Wendy's pussy as she got closer to her orgasm herself from Sam's relentless pounding of her ass. Wendy let loose a scream as her little ass started bouncing against Kathy's face. Little did Kathy know that when Wendy had as hard an orgasm as was in the making, Wendy was a squirter.

Kathy felt the first stream shoot into her mouth and tried desperately to move her face but Wendy had a death grip on her hair and it was impossible to move. Wendy now exhausted leaned back on the bed watching Sam pump away at Kathy's ass. Kathy for her part was almost at the point of cumming herself when abruptly Sam stopped. Kathy started laughing, asking Sam if he was going to blow his load early again?

Sam just laughed and rolled her over and moved so his cock was almost touching her full lips. Kathy looked into Sam's eyes and she slowly opened her mouth as Sam slid the cock that had just come out of her ass slowly over those pouty lips and into her mouth for her to clean.

Kathy sucked and licked Sam's cock clean for him, she was not used to being treated like the sluts she trained, she was better than that.

Sam moved over Kathy and grabbed her legs spreading them open for easy access to her pussy. Both Wendy and Jenna watched as he buried himself inside her quickly and started pounding her pussy with all his might.

Kathy quickly wrapped her legs around his back and pumped her plush ass back at him determined that she was going to at least cum this time.

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Kathy started feeling her pussy throb and grasp at Sam's cock as she finally got the relief blessed she needed. Sam felt Kathy's pussy grasping and milking his cock as he pounded her and knew he could not wait any longer.

Giving one last mighty thrust inside Kathy he started coating her insides with spurt after spurt of him hot cum. Chapter 7 Wendy thought that she had ended up in the clear from Sam's payback for being embarrassed by the two of the and the comments and fun that was made of him not being able to control himself and shooting his wad before they had even really started the evening.

The fact that Jenna had witnessed and videoed him doing it had probably even made his reaction worse, he could not deny how fast he lost it.

Sam lay looking at the two women in the bed with him, even after the earlier disaster he had to admit, the pair of them were pretty hot. He felt his cock starting to stir as he thought about Wendy shoving her mouth against Kathy's pussy and lapping at it like it was a big sucker which in a way it was.

Sam grabbed the harness Kathy was still wearing and rolled her over on her back, he then rolled Wendy over on top of her so that they were in the classic 69 position.

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That view was all Sam needed to see to finish making his cock stiff and ready for action. Sam straddled Kathy's head and as she opened her mouth to complain he shoved his cock as deep as he could before his stomach hit Wendy's little ass.

He started pumping his cock in and out as his fingers spread Wendy's ass cheeks open to his view. Sam started with two fingers in Wendy's pussy, pumping them slowly in and out of her. Wendy was wet and willing at this point, and he had no problem at all when he added a third finger. Wendy started licking Kathy's pussy as Sam was fingering her faster. Wendy Screamed in surprise as his thumb found her tight little puckered hole and rubbed it.

Sam used her own juices to lubricate it as he forced his thumb through her tight muscles and into the hot interior of her firm little ass. Wendy's ass was so tight, he was not sure he could stretch her enough for the rest of his plan. Jenna was still sitting on the chair as Sampositioned the women so they could again eat each other's used pussy. Wendy was already licking Kathy out and Jenna could some of Sam cum leaking out around her mouth and leaving little trails across her face.

Jenna could not help herself as her hand once again slid across her stomach on the way down to find her hot pussy already leaking he fragrant juices as her fingers worked their way inside her once again. When Sam shoved his cock into Kathy's mouth and started fingering Wendy's tight little ass Jenna moaned and started moving her other hand under her top and started rolling her swollen nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Chapter 8 Sam pulled his cock out of Kathy's mouth and watched as she immediately latched onto Wendy's hot wet pussy with her full lips and willing tongue eagerly pushing Sam's fingers out of the way.

Sam smiled as he shifted forward a few inches and put the tip of his swollen cock against Wendy's tight asshole. Wendy for the first time realizing what he was planning jerked her head up and started begging Sam to stop. Sam just smiled as he thrust forward pushing the head of his cock into Wendy's upturned ass. Kathy was unwittingly helping Sam as she wrapped her arms around Wendy's back trying to keep her pussy tight against her pussy against her mouth and tongue.

Wendy was wiggling on Sam's cock like a fish on the hook, Her wild gyrations serving to only impale herself on it even further. Sam took advantage of this and soon was buried balls deep in Wendy's ass. Sam started pumping into her, thinking he had to be almost into her belly with the tip of his cock when he thrust forward because she was so short.

This thought only made him pump harder than he already was. Wendy's ass slowly stretched so that she did not feel she was being ripped apart and she actually started enjoying the pounding her ass was taking. Hearing Wendy yell as she watch Sam ram his cock into her ass only served to heighten Jenna's desires. Her fingers were already rubbing her clit at amazing speed, her large firm tits being kneaded and nipples pinched by her other hand she exploded into a mind wrenching orgasm, slowly sliding off the chair to a comfortable position on the floor as her body continued to shake with smaller orgasm that continued after her fingers had slipped out of her dripping hot pussy.

Having cum twice already, Sam kept reaming Wendy's ass with his throbbing cock with no fear of his cumming to early again. Wendy felt her own orgasm starting to build as Kathy use her obviously experienced tongue to tease her clit while still sucking on her throbbing pussy. Sam could feel Wendy tightening her ass on his cock as her orgasm exploded deep in her belly he was worried for a minute that her straining ass muscles would rip his cock off.

Kathy felt Wendy's ass and pussy spasm as she came and this started her own orgasm. Having Sam's balls slapping her in the face every time he thrust into Wendy's ass did not help her control either. Sam felt his balls tighten up and jammed his cock deep into Wendy, Just as he started to shoot his load he felt a Soft lips suck his pumping balls into a warm wet mouth and hold them as he finished shooting his remaining cum into the small limp woman's ass underneath his tired body.

Chapter 9 After several minutes of resting, Kathy set up and started unbuckling the leather harness she had been wearing as a top when this started. Unfastening the last buckle she shrugged her shoulders and it fell from her body allowing her big soft tits swing free from her body.

She rolled over onto her stomach next to Sam and raised herself onto her elbows sliding one big tit across his face. Smiling she looked at him and said "what about it big boy anything left or are you finished for the night. Sam smiled and latched onto Kathy holding her big tit in his face as he opened his mouth and sucked her dark pink nipple into his mouth and started noisily slurping on it much to Kathy's obvious delight.

Sam shifted his head and grabbed the other nipple sucking on it, stretching it out with his lips and letting it pop back against Kathy's tit. Bringing his hands up Sam grabbed a tit in each hand, kneading and pulling on them all the while still teasing the nipples with his lips.

Sometimes leaning past the nipples and biting on the soft flesh with his teeth which Kathy seemed to like judging by the way she would moan each time he bit on her milky white tits. Sam moved Kathy over and while still kneading her large tits, he started kissing in between them slowly working under each mound and back to the center.

Kathy moved Sam's hands from her tits and told him to straddle her body. She grabbed a tit in each hand and wrapped Sam's cock up in her large tits looking at him as she did so, and smiling. Sam started pumping his cock back and forth feeling it start to swell from the soft heat of Kathy's heavy tits and the friction he caused.

Kathy looked at Wendy lying there watching Sam fucking Kathy's tits with great pleasure written on his face, seeing Kathy's tongue licking the head of his cock each time it showed itself at the end of his thrust in Kathy's soft tit flesh.

You could almost feel the venom from Kathy as she grabbed hold of one of Wendy's little tits and shook it by the taut little nipple. This is something you will never be woman enough to do, unless you find a sugar daddy to buy you a pair of tits. With a couple of final thrusts which caused Kathy's distended nipples to bounce and sway on the top of her tits, Sam moved off of her and started kissing and biting Kathy's tits again. He spent a lot of time kissing and licking his way down Kathy's stomach, spending time tonguing her belly button.

Her nipples were as stiff as pebbles standing out from her quivering mounds of flesh. Kathy spread her legs apart as Sam made his way down her soft body, leaving a cool damp trail from his kisses and licks as he worked his way down her willing body. Sam could smell Kathy's arousal as his lips passed lightly over the front of Kathy's smoothly shaved pussy mound, she quivered as he lightly blew on her clit as he moved past it without touching and started kissing the v of her thigh and pussy working slowly down the left leg to her ankle.

Wendy, having finally got her second wind, slid her head under Sam and sucked his hard cock into her hot mouth taking him in completely. The only thought Sam had at that point, was how good her hot mouth felt, and that she was obviously an accomplished cocksucker with plenty of experience.

Sam looked at Kathy's foot and at her baby blue painted toenails and giving in to the urge Sucked Kathy's big toe into his mouth, licking it completely before moving on to her second toe. Kathy gasped as Sam's mouth closed on her toes and he licked each one.

To her that was almost as good as the sex itself, but just almost. She groaned as Sam's hot mouth left her toes and started working his way back up her leg. She hoped he would at least give her pussy a quick lick this time.

Wendy was working on Sam, he was still not fully hard, but she knew it would not take her long, she had confidence in her cock sucking skills. Sam had cum hard three times, but she knew he would last a lot longer this time as well.

Wendy was hoping to get Sam into her pussy this time as well, the first time he had caught her off guard and used her small body for his own pleasure, she was determined to get some pleasure out of his cock this time herself. Her orgasm from Kathy and watching Jenna work herself into a mind blowing orgasm was nice, but she wanted Sam's cock in her pussy, her legs bent over her shoulders and his cock bouncing off her cervix every time he thrust his cock into her.

Jenna sat on the floor, not yet recovered enough to climb back up on the chair, but getting curious about the sounds she was hearing from the bed.

She stood and looked at the tangled mess of human limbs and slurping sounds and moans. Kathy and Wendy were both under Sam and Sam was working his way down Kathy's body with his lips while continuing to play with her tit's, and it looked like Wendy was on her back sucking Sam's cock with great gusto. The trio on the bed paid no attention as Jenna slowly made her way to the nightstand close to her side of the bed.

Opening the drawer she reached inside and got her two toys she kept there. Sam had worked his way down Kathy's right leg and was just starting to lick the side of Kathy's foot when he heard Kathy tell him to lick her toes and make sure he got every inch of them. Sam was more than happy to oblige as he slowly licked her foot all the way to the end of her big toe and slowly sucked it into his mouth, working his tongue over it completely.

Kathy moaned as his hot mouth moved across her toes, each getting the same complete suck and tongue bath as the one before it. Sam then started working his way back up her leg to her as yet ignored pussy. Sam moaned as he felt Wendy remove her talented mouth from his cock and slowly suck one of his balls into her mouth and start sucking on it while rolling the other gently in her hand. Sam did not know and did not care where the little slut had learned her skills, he just knew that Wendy was one talented hot little slut that obviously had a lot of experience on her back and knees.

Jenna sat back down on her chair and watched the scene unfolding in front of her, as she watched Wendy sucking Sam's Cock and balls, and watched as Sam finally made his way back up Kathy's leg and almost but not quite sticking his tongue into her dripping pussy. Kathy moaned she was so frustrated at Sam not giving her the attention she wanted in her hot wet cunt, she reached down and grabbed Sam's head and slammed his face into her dripping pussy.

Jenna watching this, had without even realizing it had been moving the thick black dildo around her wet swollen pussy lips and as Kathy pulled Sam's face into her pussy, Jenny slammed the dildo deep inside her hot love shaft moaning almost as loud as Kathy did when Sam's tongue and mouth did as Sam started eating her cunt and drinking deeply of Kathy's flowing juices.

Chapter 10 Kathy heard Jenna's moan and looked over to see her slipping the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy and she leaned back on the chair, her shorts tangled around her ankles, one flip flop still on her foot, the other laying on the floor totally forgotten. Her shirt at some point had been pulled up over her abundant tits, the large firm pink nipples standing stiffly from them. Kathy reached down and pulled Wendy's leg up spreading her dripping wet pussy apart for Jenna's enjoyment, and slid her hand down the small leg to the junction of her thigh and her hot bald pussy.

Jenna again moaned as Kathy slid two fingers into Wendy's pussy and started working them in and out. Sam continued working on her pussy and caused her to pause teasing Jenna several times when the sensations from his tongue were almost too much to bear, her ass was already bouncing to meet Sam's assaults on her throbbing clit and she knew if he kept it up she would explode.

Wendy Jumped when Kathy's fingers plunged into her wet snatch, but quickly started pushing back against her hand as she was feeling the effect of Sam's cock and balls in her mouth and Kathy's fingers invading deeply into her burning pussy. Jenna was in her own world, watching almost hypnotized and Kathy's fingers worked their way in and out of the small woman's dripping pussy.

Jenna could not help but wonder if her pussy was as sweet tasting as it looked. She had subconsciously started working the dildo in and out of her own sweet pussy faster and faster as her thoughts and imagination were taking over her movements. Imagining it was her own hand pumping that bald pussy almost being able to feel the heat and wetness each time she saw Kathy's hand plunge down forcing her fingers deep inside Wendy.

Feeling Wendy buck her ass back towards her invading fingers, imagining Wendy's reaction if she used her ring and little fingers to invade the little blondes ass, fingering her pussy and ass at the same time. Jenna almost being able to smell Wendy's abundant juices as they flowed around her fingers as they plunged in and out of her twin holes. Jenna suddenly cried out as her body once again stiffened at the onset of her orgasm her pussy clamping down on the dildo, her eyes still fixed on Wendy's pussy with Kathy's fingers shoved in it.

Kathy felt the tide rising in her from deep inside. She knew she would not be able to hold back this time, Sam's tongue had worked its magic licking and teasing her swollen and very tender clit. When he sucked it in his mouth and bit down on its little head, Kathy lost it. One muffled scream and her body took over, bouncing and thrashing like a woman possessed. Wendy felt Kathy's orgasm explode, her feeling her body thrashing on the bed beside her she could not remember Kathy ever having such an intense orgasm since she had been her sub.

Hopefully now Kathy would not notice her getting what she wanted from Sam. Kathy always reinforced that she was there to serve and give pleasure, her pleasure did not fit into the equation. This time however, Wendy was determined that would not be the case. Chapter 11 Wendy let Sam's balls drop from her mouth and sat up as he rolled off of Kathy who was lying exhausted on the bed. As Sam lay on his back Wendy straddled him and quickly impaled herself on Sam's cock.

Moving up and down feeling him hit her cervix on every thrust deep inside her small body. Wendy started bouncing up and down harder and a little faster even though she was determined to make this last as long as possible. Sam just smiled as he watched Wendy riding her cock, she almost looked like a pre-teen, or a young teen who was just starting into puberty. He was used to Jenna's heavy tits swinging in front of his face when someone was riding him, he was not used to looking up and seeing tits so small they didn't even jiggle when Wendy dropped down on him.

Even though her pussy was obviously well used her small size kept it on the firm side, if not completely tight. It was still a very pleasant feeling pussy to have wrapped around his cock at this time. Sam was just about exhausted and was not complaining about Wendy doing all the work.

Kathy was starting to stir beside him, and had a very pleased look on her face as he looked at her. Kathy saw Wendy bouncing on his cock and gave her a dark look. Did he ask you to climb on his cock? Wendy knew that Kathy was going to be pissed when she answered her so for the moment she concentrated on what Sam's cock was doing to her insides.

Sam felt the tension, and for some reason it turned him on even more that they were arguing while Wendy was bouncing even harder on his cock. He felt the familiar tightening as his balls started drawing up ready to shoot his hot cum deep inside the small woman's hot juicy cunt. Wendy felt Sam's cockhead swelling inside her and with one last hard plunge she let out a yelp and felt her body explode in pleasure as Sam's cock bathed her insides with his hot cum.

Kathy knew what Wendy had done, and knew that she had directly disobeyed her previous commands. Wendy fell forward on Sam's chest and just lay there gasping as her orgasm slowly left her flushed little body.

Looking around, she saw Wendy's leash lying on the floor where it had been dropped when they had stripped upon arriving. Kathy climbed off the bed and picked up the leash. Turning, Kathy reached down and hooked the leash to the collar still on Wendy's neck and pulled roughly on it. Wendy looked up when she felt Kathy snap the leash on her neck collar and knew that now, Kathy would make her pay for the pleasure she had experienced against her mistress's commands.

The only thing she did not know was how she would be punished. Wendy took small comfort knowing that it could not be too extreme her in this couples house, but Mistress could always punish her at home also. Sam sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. "I will be back in a minute" he said as he stood up. For the first time since the bedroom door opened earlier he saw Jenna. He looked at her disheveled, worn out appearance and the dildo still in her wet pussy and laughed.

I am glad to see you enjoyed my birthday party also sweetheart, Thank You for the best present ever. He gently picked Jenna up and carried her to the dry side of the bed and put her down gently, then pulled the dildo gently out of her dripping pussy and covered her up.

Kathy nodded to the door on the side of the bedroom and asked Sam if that was the bathroom. Sam said yes, I was heading there but if you need it first go ahead. Kathy smiled and said no, they would both use it together. That definitely intrigued Sam so he shrugged his shoulders and motioned for Kathy to go first.

Kathy walked in the bathroom pulling a worried Wendy in behind her. Pointing at the tub, Kathy looked at Wendy and told her to get her worthless slut ass in and kneel in front of her. Wendy started trying to apologize to Kathy for disobeying but Kathy wanted no part of it and pushed the small woman down to a kneeling position.

Apparently you have forgotten your place, maybe this will help you remember that you are just a lowly cum slut meant to give pleasure to others. Sam was pretty sure he knew what he was supposed to do now as Kathy grabbed his cock and pulled him up to the side of the tub.

Sam having not taken a leak since before dinner could not stop the stream that burst forth from his straining bladder, and Kathy laughed at Wendy's disgust as she sprayed Sam's hot urine over every part of her body.