Luna big tits round asses free

Luna big tits round asses free
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Mr. John Malone is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world, owning companies in many domestic and foreign countries, companies I acquired by ruthless take-overs. I have been on the covers of numerous business magazines and have the reputation of being feared by companies when I'm interested in taking them over. My reputation for firing thousands of people who worked their entire lives at a company without any remorse is known worldwide.

I also have a reputation for being surrounded by young beautiful women is also well known throughout the world. My reputation for being a womanizer is well known and my six divorces. My sixth divorce became final three months ago. Current rumor is I'm currently in a new relationship with an attractive 53 year old woman. Marci caught my attention when I was in Miami and seen her reporting a story on the local tv station.

After having some background investigation performed I found, she is a 40 year old single latino woman. She was invited to come to New York City for a job interview at the ABC TV station I owned. I know she will succumb. I see in the flash of her striking dark eyes a deep erotic yearning. I'm certain she can be seduced, and will submit to me surrendering to my needs and whims. I watched her walk out of the interview.

I knew I had to meet her and have her. Tall and sleek with long black hair and those bright dark eyes, Marci had the bearing of a consummate professional.

Chicly tailored and crisp in manner, with a warm laugh. Everything about her businesslike and professional. She is poised and exuded self-control and self-confidence, the sort who manages to get her way in the world through skill and finesse and strength of will. I know women, their likes and dislikes. I detect underneath the polished surface the soul of a wanton slut, a slut yearning to wallow in decadent and erotic pleasures, a slut longing to submit utterly to my wishes and commands.

I introduce myself to her after her interview, asking her to lunch or dinner. She accepts my invitation and I tell her I will call her later, we exchange cell phone nubers. She is drawn to me, we have a powerful mental connection and her need to submit to me is profound. She has long fantasized being stripped of all control by a strong, willful man. My senses tell me the man she currently is dating is lacking something, a passion, and an erotic forcefulness, which Marci seems to desire in a man.

No, she needs just a strong man to take control and make commands. Under the crisply polished surface, Marci has long entertained thoughts of extreme wantonness. There is a dark, debauched side to her sexuality, which she has yearned to explore. She wants a man to force her to confront the slut in herself, to luxuriate in all the scorching carnal delights she secretly craves. For one night, she seeks to be 'owned' by such a man, to be at his disposal. Now, with this opportunity that has presented itself.

I'm what she desperately wants and needs. I'm a man cut in her mould, a successful professional, self confident and worldly. My telephone call has left her body quivering shamelessly with deep arousal. I emitted a personal power that she has never encountered before and I'm charismatic, deeply charismatic.

It is to such a man she seeks to present her deeply decadent side, to be freed of all inhibitions, to relinquish all control. I chose an opulent hotel and booked dinner for us. I told her to present herself at the reception desk at 6-00 pm on Thursday. I drive up in front of the hotel in my Lamborghini (one of my many expensive cars), I greet the doorman and enter the lobby looking around for Marci. Then I see her approaching from the ladys room.

She is dressed seductively in a dress that enhances her slim figure, with a low cut back, a wide v cut front that shows her breasts in a teasing way, pert nipples pressing aganist the material and wearing high heels. Marci seen me starring at her up and down in a way that made her feel like she was on display for me. She instantly feels my dark, penetrating eyes all over her.

She is beginning to feel a little uncomfortable about how obvious I am, with no regard for others in the lobby. " So this is the incredibily sexy young woman that is my new reporter." I said my brazenness and bluntness taking her by surprise, as I cut off the matre - de in mid-sentence, while I starred directly at her, with hunger in my eyes that made her skin tingle. Calling Marci sexy showed my total confidence and total disregard for any men in the lobby, which sent a tingle through her and excited her.

Marci instantly seen that I was a man of power and wealth, a man that acquired my empire for being ruthless she was sure.

Marci expressed her excitment for the job and moving to New York. As Marci talked, she seen me deliberately scan her body from her slim legs to her face. She feels like a laser is burning through her as I took in every inch of her. It is as if I'm taking some kind of mental notes about her. Although she is wearing a sheer lace bra, she feels her small pink nipples come alive and poke out, as my eye lock onto the sight and causes a sly, knowing grin to cross my face.

" Oh my god he sees what he's doing to me," She thought to herself as her body begins to get excited because of me. Feeling embarrassed, and turned on that I recognized the fact that she is getting hot, she smiles back in a sly way, showing me her beautiful teeth. Suddenly she sees movement in my pants that causes her eyes to go wide and made her think her eyes were playing tricks on her. The movement went all the way down my left leg, pushing out right above my knee.

Her eyes suddenly went wide as I grinned again knowing she caught the disbelieving sight. Breaking the frozen state she is in, I asked " Do you have plans tonight? Marci." " No." She replied. Then we left the restraunt taking the elevator up to the top floor and the penthouse.

Entering the panthouse I locked the door then turned around to face Marci. After my eyes roamed all over her body again, I led her to the leather sofa. We start kissing hungrily. My hands are all over her causing her to groan instantly. " oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.mmmmmmm." As our tongues flick wildly across each other's I pinch her throbbing nipples through the thin straps. She is so hot from the way I'm rolling her nipples through my skilled fingers that she feels a mini-orgasm flowing through her.

" I can't wait to fuck you," I whisper into her ear as I kiss her neck and push her tiny thong to the side, sliding two fingers into her soaked pussy, causing her to cum instantly. " Oh god, I've been going crazy for days thinking about you," She groans, as my fingers work in and around her soaked pussy as my thumb massages her throbbing clit.

" Wet already sexy?" I said with confidence. " Oh yes, I've been wet for you since this afternoon, and going crazy as I got dressed for you baby," She said in a deep groan as my fingers fucked her burning cunt.

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" Oh God," She said letting out another wild cum flow from the way my thumb is circling her extended clit while my two fingers are working the inside walls of her pussy. As soon as her pussy calms, she begins messaging my giant bulge, shocked that anything could be so huge. " Oh God, you really are so fucking huge," She said in a startled voice. " God, I've never felt anything so big," She groans in disbelief and shock.

" Oh God, I've got to suck it, before I go crazy," She said in a voice that sounds desperate. Within seconds my pants are down to ankles and Marci is introduced to what she knows is going to be the biggest cock she would ever fuck in her life.

Out of my pants it looks like a giant log as it flops onto my chest then went to the left side and hung over my thigh, touching the leather seat. " Oh god," She utters over and over, in shock, as she takes it in her hand, watching it tower in front of her angrily, and as she tries to wrap her hand around the giant girth.

My cock is so wide around that she estimates there is more than six inches of shaft-flesh between her thumb and index finger. My cock is staggering in size. There is a giant hook in my cock, which starts at the middle of my huge shaft, that adds to how menacing, and potentially damaging such a frightening monster can be, as the thought of my giant cock taking her pussy the way it wants, and needs, frightens her.

The thought causes her to cum again. Marci knows there is no way she can ever stretch her mouth wide enough to fit much more than my huge cockhead and maybe half an inch past the enormous rim, she knew that her hands and tongue are going to be what will turn me on and bring me off.

Marci knew it is going to be about how good she pumps and jacks my huge monster that is really going to bring me off. She desperately and shockingly pumps up and down my shaft, she begins to shudder at the thought of what it is going to do to her tight pussy once I'm fucking her. Her pussy was fucked before, by some big cocks, but all of them combined, didn't equal half, of what my huge cock looks like.

The thought of fucking it, and having it in her pussy, made her so hot, she almost came. " Spit on it and suck all over it baby," I command, in a deep voice that causes her to shudder. Marci immediately did what I wanted, out of pure desperation to please me, and my monstrous cock. She, like every woman, would do anything to please me. She spit her hot saliva over and over my shaft, She runs the tip of her tongue up one side to spread it all over my protruding veins and against my tight skin.

" That's it baby," I groan, as I sat back in the plush leather seat of sofa, sipping my champagne while I took in the sight of the newest woman that is going to get fucked by my enormous cock. " Ummmmmmmmm.soooooo fucking huge.sooooo fucking huge," She moans repeatedly as she feels the finger- size veins that weave like a wild maze up my enormous shaft against the tip of her tongue. Marci lustfully runs her tongue all the way up my endless shaft to my big cock head.

She can not believe the huge string of veins that stuck-out from the sides of my shaft. The sight of my veins give my massive cock a more powerful and more menacing look. Tracing her tongue over the ridge of thick veins has her pussy jumping wildly. She reaches the top of my pulsing crown she lovingly flicks her tongue over it, while looking into my penetrating eyes, with a sly grin on her face.

It sent a clear message that she is going to be a real naughty fuck, which from what she heard is exactly the kind I loved fucking. Within minutes of her hot teasing a steady flow of clear pre-cum begins to pour out of my wide open slit. She begins groaning as she thought how incredible it was to have more pre-cum than most men have in an actual orgasm.

As it flows out steadily, she licks it off the endless length of my shaft with a depraved lust. She uses my pre-cum as a lubricant to pump my cock, while she licks away at it. She is delirious, loving the taste of my pre-cum, and knows that she is going to absolutely love the taste of my cum. She teasingly kisses my huge cock head, it fills the room with sexy popping sounds. she then teasingly looks up at me with lust in her eyes. " Oh God, I love this fucking huge cock," She said lustfully, before licking the other side of my huge shaft and repeating the naughty act.

She does this over and over as my eyes are riveted to her body. She is absolutely loving the excitement she is giving me, each time she kisses mycock head then flicks her burning tongue wildly over the huge head, while she sinfully smiles at me.

After 10 minutes of running her hot tongue all over my huge shaft, She lifts the cock against my firm chest and begins sucking on my huge hanging cum filled balls. My balls are huge and loaded with cum and as she meticulously licks and kisses them with her mouth, I moan in ecstasy. " That's it baby, work those big, hanging balls," I snarl.

She sucks my huge balls, she begins to wonder about how much cum I had stored up.

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My balls are huge, matching my monster cock, which makes it staggering, frightening. She took each of my massive balls into her mouth I'm looking down at her as I take in the hot sight.

The sight of her squatting in her high heels as the backs of her feet came out of her shoes and her sexy black thigh high stockings that accented the incredible tapper of her long legs and the way they are attached to the sexy garter, with her dark nipples sticking out, long and hard, is turning me on like crazy.

She can not believe the amount of cum as cum flew out of my cock, and sprayed across the carpet. " Rub your fucking clit baby," I said sensing she was going insane at the unbelievable sight. Obeying my command, She instantly reaches down and begins massaging her clit. The sight of my cock, shooting burst after burst of hot cum, causes her to cum just from watching it. As I lay back on the leather seat my cock continues to shoot one long white rope followed by another then another, each blast long and powerful.

Then I led Marci into the bedroom. Moaning into my mouth as her body is pressed back into the bed. My hands pinning hers above her head as I kiss her hard and deep. Whimpering as my tongue thrusts into her mouth again and again, the feel of my teeth bruising her lips. I growl into her lips as my hands slide down her arms. She shivers opening her eyes to see me watching her intently.

my eyes dark and demanding. I wrap one hand around the back of her head, tangling in her long hair as I wrap it around my fist. I pull her head back slowly while my other hand slides down her body. My rough fingers caress her shoulder, her neck. I lower my head and graze my teeth over the line of her neck as my hand slides lower. Marci gasps as I palm her breast and bite gently on her neck.

" Mmmmm God." She loves the feel of me over her body like this. She strokes her fingers through my hair raking her nails lightly over my bare shoulders to grip my upper arms. She reaches up and tugs my head back up to her mouth, groaning in excitement as I respond by crushing her with a kiss, my hands tightening on her body. She is a little fearful, feeling me holding her tight like she might try to escape. She nips at my bottom lip and I growl deep in my chest.a warning.

The sound makes her heart race and her body tremble. My hand slides lower, slowly, deliberately. I want her to know exactly what I have planned for her as I slide it over her stomach and force it between her thighs.

My hand roughly grips the inside of her thigh forcing her legs open. " God, I am so wet baby." Marci can barely breath for wanting the first touch so much. " Mmmmmm." I part her thighs and bite her shoulder roughly, making her arch into my hand. I slide my mouth over her skin and suck her nipple into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth.

She cries out " OOOOWWW.THAT HURTS," then looks down to see me sucking on her nipple watching her face intently. As She looks at me, my eyes narrow and I slowly slide one thick strong finger between her wet pussy lips. She is so wet, I make a satisfied rumbling noise around the breast in my mouth and rub my finger harder, deeper into her pussy. Her hands grip my arms. My hand tightens in her hair, drawing her head back as I slowly slide my fingers between her lips, circling the opening of her pussy, pressing slightly, but not letting her have more.

Marci parts her legs further, whimpering my name, begging, pleading, " John please, please." She starts to hump her pussy against my hand. I know what she wants, so I raise my head and look her directly in the eyes while I slide my finger in deeper. " Oh god baby that feels so good," She moans low in her throat like a growl.

I press harder then pull out and penetrate her again harder and rougher. Marci bites her lower lip and hangs on to me.


This is not what she wants. My mouth clamps down on her other breast, sucking hard, demanding more as my finger fucks her rougher, harder and deeper. she is drenching my hand and whimpering beneath me. I bite and her pussy tightens on my finger making me grin evilly. I slide up and griping the back of her head in my big hand turning her for a rough hard kiss.

I suck and bite on her lips as she begs me to stop. " Please John.Stop.Not So rough.Please." I keep fingering her while I fuck her mouth with my tongue. " Mmmmmmm god." Marci has never had her mouth and pussy taken at the same time.

" That is so good."She moans. It makes me want more and I slide my finger out as she whimpers. Then I shove two fingers into her, spreading her pussy wider. " OMG.MMMMMMMM GOD." She screams. She is bucking beneath me, she likes that so much. " God baby you know how wet I am right now." She moans.

Ideepen my kiss, she can barely breath and I push my fingers deeper enjoying her whimpers. Marci tenses, as I get rougher and the pain overwhelms the pleasure. Her pussy drenches me and she thrusts her pussy back on my hand. Her nails are digging into my arms as I say " Mmmmm such a good girl. You like that don't you baby, you like getting taking rough, hard and deep?" I smile as she whimpers " Yes!" Then she hears me say " I know you do baby.

Mmmm such a good little fuck. I am going to enjoy every inch of you." I thrust my fingers rougher, harder and deeper once, twice, before pulling out suddenly. She thrashs beneath me and I tell her " Look at me!" My hands tightening in her hair forcing her face to mine. " Open your eyes Marci and look at me!" She opens her eyes slowly and gaze up at me. I look at her, her lips red and wet from my kisses, her eyes wide tear filled and pleading.

I slide my two wet fingers in her mouth. Marci moans around them and I watch her suck on them. I growl deep and lean in closer my lips brushing her ear. " That's so fucking slutty, you sucking my fingers like that. I am going to find out just how much you can take baby." I hold her head. my lips inches away from her lips and stare intently at her as my hand pushes between her legs again.

She gazes into my eyes and gasps as she feels mepressing. pressing. My hand tightens on her hair holding her as I press into her pussy. I growl low in my chest " Give it to me Marci." She moans and parts her legs wider." aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh." I take that as an invitation and force my three fingers in stretching her out. She is soooo wet but still sooo tight. She gasps, forgets to breath, then cries out beneath me.

" Oh God.UUuu hhhhh.UUUhhhhhh.AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh." Opening her eyes she sees me watching my fingers pressing into her.

Mmmm, that gets her so horny. I hear her groan and I turn to stare at her face. " aaaaaahhhhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh." Leaning down I thrust hard, oh god so hard, lifting her hips off the bed.

She buries her face in the side of my neck as I slide up and whisper roughly in her ear " I am going to fuck you so rough and hard, Marci. I am going to make you mine tonight. You will not want to be with another man. You will be available when and where ever I want you." I'm fucking her roughly, my three fingers pushing as deep as I can while I hold her down by her hair.

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She whimpers then starts to beg me as I keep thrusting over and over. Marci is imagining how it is going to feel when it is my big dick inside her. " John please, please TAKE me. I need you to fuck me please.

Oh GOD." Biting my shoulder, nails running down my back, begging me with her lips, her words, her body. Her pussy is milking my fingers and I smile.

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I know she wants it so bad. " John, pleaseeeeee!" Again and again I'm fingering her. getting her ready. " You want it Marci? Tell me." " YES, John please! I want you, I want you to fuck me please!" She is struggling beneath me trying to pull my hand up so she can have what she wants.

I growl and pull my fingers free. It is feeling good, she got lost in the feel of having me push against her tight hole. She got wetter with anticipation of feeling my cock inside her. I push the cock head until her throbbing pussy gives a little to let only a tiny part of the thick meaty head in.

She is feeling me stretch her open a little more with each push until finally I got the whole head in. It is burning a little but I put a little lubricant on it and the burning goes away. She feels so full and stretched that as I push further excruciating pain and burning shoots through her body causing her to shake uncontrollably as tears stream down her face. " OMG.STOP.JOHN.IT HURTS.YOUR TO BIG.TAKE IT OUT!" She screams. Marci feels as if she is going to pass out from the pain of having this monstrous thing inside her.

She tries to get away from me because it hurt so much but I'm lost in mindless pleasure knowing that I was hurting her. I slowly push in and out of her moaning loudly with my eyes rolled back into my head growling "oh yeahhhhh, this is sooooo gggoooodd I love the feel of tight snatch." The more she struggles trying to free herself from my monster cock ripping her tight hole open the more I tightened my grip on her slender hips and ass, plunging further into her pussy which is now on fire.

I keep thrusting in and out of her until the pain and burning begins subsiding. Marci begins to feel a tingling sensation and then warm as her pussy adjusts to the feel of my massive cock. She is again craving the feel of me inside her.


She lays back continuing to let me ravage tight tender pussy. She begs for more of my cock to be stuffed inside her moaning " Yeeesss shove your big cock deep inside me." I slam further inside her tight tunnel unsheathing and sheathing my shaft.

She feels my cock jerking violently inside her as her tunnel is stretching, and being scraped. Marci starts feeling light headed as I slam into her harder, deeper and faster. The room went dark, she passes out when she woke up, I flip her over on her stomach pinning her down and lifting her hips to position her where I want her.

My hands are tight on her hips, finger tips digging into her soft flesh, as she feels the head of my cock sliding up and down just before I thrust forward taking her in one hard thrust. " Oh God," She screams as I yank her head back turning it slightly to me. Slamming her harder with each thrust I reach around forcing my wet fingers in her mouth.

She hears me say " Mmmmm such a beautiful woman," with my fingers in her mouth. " You like the taste of your pussy on my fingers?" Marci nods yes and mumbles around my wet fingers shoved deep in her mouth. She is shivering beneath me, her pussy spasming around my cock as I thrust deeper. I never pull back much as just relax then shove farther into her cunt. I continue shoving my fingers roughly into her mouth, rubbing the rough pad of my index finger back and forth over her tongue.

I like the way that looks and so I pull my cock all the way out of her pussy and then slam her hard driving all the way to her cervix. Marci cries out, my fingers in her mouth muffling the scream.

I do it again, hard, rough, dominating her. I press deep, rubbing the pad of my finger over her tongue, my cock buried so the head is resting aganist her cervix, as her pussy spasms, I press my lips to her ear and whisper gruffly, " If you scream like that again I am not going to be able to control myself baby and I might hurt you." I hear fear in her gasp and see her eyes go wide in surprise as she wonders if this is me in control what would happen if I lost control?

I hold her gaze, knowingly, warning, as I slide my cock out of her pussy an inch at a time. She knows what is coming and still can't prepare for it.

I slide my fingers from her mouth and wrap my hand around her jaw holding her face and bracing my other arm by gripping the head board above her. I press my hand into the side of her hair cupping her face, gently kissing her lips as I slide my cock up and down her slit. I freeze and grip her hair tighter.


I hold her face where our lips are touching each other. I lick her lips slowly then suddenly my entire body tenses and my cock slams home, rougher and so hard. Marci gasps for air and loses the ability to breath the instant before she screams into my mouth. My hand roughly pushes through her hair as I wrap my arm around her neck. Pulling out and slamming into her again. Marci struggles collapsing to the bed trying to retreat from the rough, hard thrusts, I ride her body down, pinning her to the bed.

My arm around her neck arches her back a bit as I growl into her ear " DON'T move, don't you DARE try to get away!" She tries to remember how to breath and braces herself for the rest of the night, whimpering my name as a plea " John! please." Her pleading ends in a small whimper as I press my body down on her back. My arm around her neck, my cock grinding into her cunt, as I press my lips against her ear.

Growling deep in my chest, " I said don't fucking move, Marci. oh god, didn't you hear me? Didn't I warn you what would happen if you screamed like that again?" My hand reaches into her hair yanking her head around to look at my face pressed so close.

I give her head a bit of a shake and my voice drops lower " What did I tell you, Marci? What did I say?" " You. You said. " She loses her thoughts as I thrust hard into her pussy. I'm slamming into her again my arm around her neck and hand in her hair pulling her back while my body rides her hard against the bed.

" TELL ME!" Marci gasps and whispers " You told me not to scream, you said you would lose control and. and that you might hurt me." She struggles beneath me as she feels her pussy creaming more from the rough treatment. " Jesus Christ!" I slam hard into her once, twice, on the third thrust I hold it deep inside her enjoying the tremors running through her, enjoying hearing her gasping for air beneath me. " So is that what you want, me to lose control or for me to hurt you?" My lips kiss down the side of her neck as I whisper that question over and over to her.

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I know she has a submissive steak. I know her fantasies about being forced. Marci is panting beneath me trying to get her brain to work again. Her back starts to ache from having her hips pressed tight against the bed with my weight on her back while I pull her back with my arm around her neck so I can look at her face, bite her jaw line, whisper darkly in her ear.

" Please, John. " She is whimpering beneath me but I wait, patiently wait for her answer. She rubs her face against my rough jaw like a cat. I feel her shaking as I bite her neck right beneath her jaw.

She moans deeply. " I want you to lose control, I want you to take what you want. Anything you want. Please." " Oh Marci, you should never say things like that to me. You have no idea all the things I want." I tongue her ear growling into it. She shivers and suddenly I'm sliding out of her, rising up off of her body. I tell her to get on her knees and my hands are on her hips pulling her up.

Marci looks back at me over her shoulder I'm glaring down at her. I rub my hands up over the backs of her thighs, over her ass, her back and shoulders.

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My hands are rough, gripping, her body tight. I'm on my knees behind her. She rises up to her knees so that instead of being on all fours she is in front of me with the line of her body pressed back against me. My cock is lying in the crack of her ass and she rubs her butt against me. I groan and she reaches up and pulls my head down to kiss my mouth. " aaaaahhhhhh." My hands slide around her waist one hand sliding down between her thighs sliding over her parted wet pussy lips and stroking her clit hard and slow.

She groans into my mouth as she tries to suck gently on my tongue. My other hand slides up her body gripping her breast as I grind my cock into the crack of her round ass. My hand slides farther up and wraps around the front of her throat. Marci moans into my mouth as I fuck her mouth with my tongue.

My hands are holding her against me. I pull back enough to break the kiss. I whisper low and roughly, " Baby, are you sure? You have to be sure because I won't be able to stop?" My words are offering a way out. A way for her to call all this off, my hands are gripping her tight. My hand around her throat is tight, not hurting, but possessive.

Marci wonders what will happen if she changes her mind. My voice says one thing but my hands are so tight on her body. " John please, I have never been taken in the ass.

Please take me. I will do anything." I shut her up by crushing her mouth, devouring her. She feels my body dip down as my hand on her throat pulls her up raising her higher on her knees. My cock drags along the crack of her ass. She feels me pressing closer. I'm sliding my hard thick cock up her slit looking for the entrance. " Oh John, You are so thick. I love it." I push up still holding her tight and she feels my cock forcing itself into her cunt. " Aghhh, John!" She is gripping my forearm.

I feed her another inch of my hard thick monster cock. I tell her " Hold still." I slide my hand around to the front of her pussy then I simultaneously use my hand on her pussy to lift her up and back onto my cock I thrust forward. I raise her off her knees. She is impaled on my cock her legs straddling my thighs not finding the bed. She is held against me by my arms around her, one hand fingering her clit, the other at her throat, my thighs beneath her, and my cock as I start to thrust up into her.

Marci is loving this, the sensation of being completely possessed by me. She trying to hold still but it is just to good. Her pussy is clamping down hard on my cock, milking it over and over.

She has her head thrown back on my shoulder. She is gripping my forearm her nails biting into my skin while I thrust in and out of her enjoying the total control of her body.

" God damnit, YES! This is what I want Marci, this is what I want!" I thrust into her harder hearing her whimpering and moaning. " This is what I want, Marci! You belong to ME, you are MINE, always mine! My little toy, mine!" I groan " UUUhhhh.UUUhhh.UUUhhh.AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh, and tightening my grip, almost cutting off her air but not quite.

She is saying my name over and over. " John.John.John." I tell her " I want to cum in your sweet ass, Marci. Get ready for it." She has a second to catch her breath before I slam hard into her holding still as I explode sending jets of hot cum inside her ass. " Take it, Marci. That's it, that's so fucking good." She hears me groaning deep in my chest as I finsh cumming. " AAAAhhhh.AAAA HHHHHH." She hangs her head down to the bed, panting for air as I stroke her back. She is shivering as I pull out of her letting her collapse on the bed.

Marci lays on her side as I get up from the bed. She snuggles close to me when I return to the bed laying behind her. My hand strokes her back slowly, she is drifting off to sleep when she feels me suddenly shift behind her, rolling her onto her back my thigh forcing her legs apart. As she wakes up I'm climbing on top of her. She places her hands on my chest pushing against me slightly. " Wait John, what. what are you doing? No, please." I muffle her protest with a hard rough kiss, pinning her down to the bed again while I slide my hard cock up and down her slit.

Marci is sore and not ready but I start forcing my cock back inside her pussy. She whimpers into my mouth and excites me more. I push deeper then pull all the way out. She has a second to panic before I take her cunt all the way to the balls in one hard thrust. Marci screams into my mouth causing me to shove my tongue into her mouth and groan as I ride her rough and hard. My hand comes down over her mouth as I break the kiss and whisper gruffly to her " You said anything I want, remember?" She looks down noticing she is bruised and sore.

She weakly smiles to at me. I slam into her cunt all the way to my balls then hold as I groan " UUUUUhhhhhhhh.UUUUUhhhhhhh.AAAAAAAhhhh.AAAAAAhhhhhhhh," sending jets of cum inside her. I pull out getting off the bed leaving the room. Marci is laying on the bed shaking, thinking how her first sexual experience is both good and bad. That the price she paid for craving sex with me was worth it.

She wanted as much of my monster cock as she could get. She could handle more sessions with me, though she could do without all the pain she just experienced. She is sure it wouldn't hurt as much anymore and she can't wait to find out