Dread head hippie slut wife fucks whoever he tells her to

Dread head hippie slut wife fucks whoever he tells her to
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Mind over Matter Chapter 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter contemplated his situation. Somehow he had been given the power to control other people's minds. He knew that there was some kind of moral or ethical problem somewhere in this, but at this moment, with two hot girls sucking his cock and licking his balls, it was kind of hard for him to see it.

Besides Tanya, who he had fucked so thoroughly not too long ago, Sara, Tanya's flat mate, was sitting naked in front of him, looking up at him with her big blue eyes, as she buried his dick in her mouth to the hilt. Sara had come home a short time after Peter and Tanya had been done on the dinner table. Tanya had washed up and Peter was just coming out of the shower, when he heard Sara come into the apartment.

For a second he was afraid that her boyfriend was coming with her. That would have complicated things a bit, but it turned out she was alone. Peter had put a towel around his waist and walked out to greet her. Sara had gasped when Peter emerged and shot a look to Tanya, who was still only wearing her black underwear. The look seemed to say something like "You dirty girl!".

"You could have told me you had company." She had said, in an attempt to sound offended.

"I would have stayed a bit longer at Jeff's" Sara was a pretty girl. She was not at all the same type as Tanya. Where Tanya was tall and lean, with dark skin and black hair, Sara was shorter, with a much fuller body and light blond hair, which went to around her shoulders. She had a sweet round face, with blue eyes and full lips. She was wearing a light white summer dress, which went to around her knees. "I am happy you're here." Peter had said, after he had looked Sara up and down.

"I think I would be great if you joined us in a little bit of fun." "Okay? What kind of fun?" She had asked with a wry smile.

Peter was already pushing her a little bit with his mind. "The good kind" He had responded. "Be the way, I think you are wearing too much clothing.

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Would you mind taking it off?" "Not at all" She had responded and stated loosening the straps of her dress. As it fell to the floor, it revealed a nice hourglass shaped figure, of a nice set of tits, properly a D-cup or more, a slim waist and full hips, with an ass to match.

Peter had told them to strip the underwear of each other, as he sat on the couch and watched. When there down to their birthday suits, they had gotten to their knees and crawled over to him.

And that was how he ended on a couch, in the apartment of some random girl, he just met that day, getting a good blow job by her and her flat mate, while leaning back and taking in some of the afternoon light coming from the balcony. For a moment he was afraid that someone might see them through the big balcony window, but then he calmed himself by the thought, that the afternoon sun would turn the window into a mirror, for anyone looking in.

The sensation of having his balls sucked while his dick was being swallowed brought him out of his daze. He brought his hands down to the back of their necks and stroked them gently.

They stopped what they were doing and looked up at him. While he had a lot of things he wanted to do to them, he needed to know a bit more about his ability. He relaxed his brain as much he could, to try and make sure he wasn't controlling them.

Went they did not seem to react he asked: "Why are you doing this?" "Because we like it!" Sara said. "Why do you like it?" Peter asked. He knew that normally this would be a weird question to ask. "Because you made us like it!" Tanya said, smiling happily, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"What?" Peter was taken quite aback by that answer. Sara looked confused at Tanya, like she was trying do hard algebra in her head. "You are controlling us, right?" She asked, suddenly a bit nervous. "I mean, that is the only way I can explain what has happened today." "Care to elaborate on that?" "Well, when I first sat down with you" Tanya began "I didn't really know why, but something was drawing me there, and to talk to you.

I am normally a very innocent girl" At this she giggled at little bit and blushed. "You didn't sound so innocent earlier" Peter laughed at her. "Buuut," She continued, trying to ignore his comment. "I really wanted to do all thoughts things we did. There was many times where I started to think if this was a good idea, but then something changed my mind.

I don't know when I realized it was you doing it, but now that I think about it, I am certain somehow." "So you know I am controlling you?" "Yes" "And that is okay with you?" "Yes, I can't really explain why, maybe you are making me feel this way, but yes, I'm fine with it" "I'm fine too, by the way" Sara chimed in.

"I don't fully understand what is going on either, but it would certainly explain, why I am so eager to cheat on my boyfriend with you right now." Peter took that as a sign that this was enough talking for now.

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He thought it was about time that the girls had some fun, so he told them to get in a 69 position. Tanya lay down on her back in the middle the room as Sara crawled over her, so hear head was above Tanya's pussy.

Sara wet her lips a bit, and then started slowly licking Tanya's slit. At the same time Tanya lifted a finger to Sara's cunt which was hanging just above her face.

She probed the outer lips a bit, before lifting her head to taste the sweetness of Sara. Peter was enjoying his view from the couch, but the he came up with an idea. He got his phone from his pants on the floor, and started filming the girls, as they got more and more into it. Soon Sara's head was buried between Tanya's legs trying to get as deep into with her tongue as possible. Tanya was holding to each of Sara's ass cheeks with her hands licking away at her flat mates flowing clit.

Both of the girls were moaning more and more insistent. Even without being that close Peter could see how dripping wet Sara was. He put down the camera and got behind Sara. Sara raised her head from nectar of Tanya's pussy to moan loudly as Peter plunged into her and buried himself to the hilt in her deliciously tight pussy. Her pussy was light a furnace, with a vice grip on his cock. Peter stayed deep inside Sara for a moment, with his balls resting on Tanya's forehead as she continued to lick Sara for all she was worth.

Peter reached forward and grabbed a hold of the two huge globed that were Sara's breasts. He pulled her up as he thrust even further inside her. As he pulled out slowly she supported herself on her hands while he started fucking her doggy style.

He massaged Sara's tits as he fucked her in a slow steady rhythm. He breathing became labored as the fucking and Tanya's relentless attack on her clit became to show its effects. As peter fucked Sara, she pushed back in time with him making him pound into her. She moaned louder and louder until Peter slapped her ass and slammed his dick in her as hard as he could.

It was more than she could take, she screamed her orgasm out as her arms gave way and she collapsed with her head on Tanya's leg, and her mouth directly in front of her pussy. As she fell, Peter's dick flopped out of her, but was quickly picked out and sucked clean by Tanya. Tanya pushed Sara, who was still panting from her orgasm, off her. Peter smiled as he lay down on his back.


"I don't want to work anymore" He announced. "Come and ride me like the bitch you are" Tanya gave him a dirty look, which showed how horny she really was. She straddled his hip and placed the tip of his prick. Peter could feel how she was literally dripping from her pussy as she lowered herself, impaling herself on him. Peter placed his hands behind his head and enjoyed the sight of this previously innocent girl bouncing on his cock.

Her swayed in time with her movement and her hands gripped her thighs as the pleasure was building more and more inside her. She moved one hand to her tit and squeezed it hard, while she brought the other hand to her hair and tossed her head back in ecstasy. She kept her eyes closed as she continued to ride him harder and harder. Sara snuck up behind Tanya. She pressed her body the Tanya's back grapping her free tit with on hand and bringing the other to massage her clit.

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Tanya became wild from the attention to her, and grabbed Sara's head kissing her deeply. Pleasure was building up inside her getting closer to her inevitable climax. Peter was getting close to bursting too. He took hold of Tanya's hips with both hands and started fucking back.

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"Fuuuuck!! Yes Yes Yes, Fuck meee!" Moan Tanya.


The pleasure was too much for her. A wave of pleasure rolled over her, starting deep inside her pussy and spreading out through her body like an earthquake. Only Sara arms around her and Peter's dick inside her kept her from falling. Peter didn't want to rest. He kept slamming up into Tanya, who was quickly building to another orgasm.

Sara picked up on this and grabbed both her breasts, squeezing the nipples, causing Tanya to cum again before her first orgasm was really over. Her pussy clamped down on Peters cock like a vice. It was too much for Peter to handle.

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He pulled Tanya down hard on him and shot what felt like gallons of cum deep inside her. When he was spent he let her fall. He just managed the cushion her fall before letting her land on him, sliding her to his left side. Sara turned Tanya on her back and started licking Peter's cum out of her pussy.

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Tanya moaned, too sore, tired and fucked to move. When she had had her fill Sara lay down on the other side of Peter. "That was fun!" She said, sounding a bit out of breath though. "I have wanted to eat her out for a long time, and your sperm made the taste so much better" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope you liked it. Same as last time: Feedback is a good thing.