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Hot orgy on webcam lucky big natuals teen is pleased
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Two: Magic's Clash Chapter Two: The Elf's Choice By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Knight-Errant Angela Northern Deorc Forest, The Federation of Deoraciynae "I can't believe you want to go another round," I gasped as Sophia nibbled on my pink nipple.

Sophia flashed me a mischievous grin, her green eyes twinkling in the moonlight drifting through the thick canopy of Deorc Forest. Her tongue licked my nipple, a slow circle that sent fluttering delight shooting down to my aching pussy.

"You've already made me cum twice," I groaned. "And poor Xera's already succumbed to sleep from your insatiable appetite." "I'm just so horny tonight," Sophia grinned. "There's something about this forest that is exciting at night." "And you're sure it's not the company?" I grinned. Since the giganraneae attack, Sophia and I had been close.

For the last two nights, the three of us had shared a bed, with Sophia making both Xera and myself cum many times. Sophia seemed so happy now that the strain in our relationship had mended.

It did make more pleasant travel as we crossed the northern end of the Deorc forest heading for Khalesithan where the elves' great library resided. It was still slow going on foot, the thick forest forcing us to lead Midnight and Purity, our mounts, on foot.

I was glad Xera was patient with our slow pace. The elf huntress was at home in the woods, moving through the rough terrain and game trails with ease. "It could be the company," Sophia admitted, taking another lick of my nipple. "There is this sexy knight I'm in bed with. She has gorgeous tits and the most wonderful shade of hair." I blushed as she touched my fiery locks spilling down to my large breasts. She nibbled on the tresses' end with a playful smile on her face. Her lithe body pressed against my side, her hot pussy rubbing on my hip as she teased me.

My pussy was on fire. I wanted to sleep, but I also wanted to cum again. "I can't resist you. You're like a siren." "I'm a servant of Saphique," Sophia said mysteriously, "and we have our ways to make any woman as horny as a she-bear in heat." "That's pretty horny," I admitted.

Was it? I never really met a she-bear before. "A strong, supple, sexy she-bear," Sophia nodded. "Mmm, I think I need to fuck you." "Good," I groaned. "Let me cum so I can go to bed." "Oh, would you rather sleep?" Sophia asked, grinning like a naughty imp as she rolled away. I groaned, pressing my thighs together. "No. You made me horny, and now you are going to fix it." "I made something," Sophia said.

"I've been working on it the last few days." "Oh, and here I thought you were masturbating when you slipped off during lunch." Sophia found her pouch and pulled out her dildo made of black marble swirled with white and polished to a mirror's finish.

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My pussy clenched. I missed having a cock in me. The last one I fucked was Xera's elf-dick when she was in heat, and that was a week ago. "Yes, fuck me with the dildo." "Oh, I will," Sophia promised and produced a harness made of fine strips of bark braided and tied together to form straps. I had seen harnesses like that. "You're really going to fuck me?" I grinned. Sophia nodded as she slipped the dildo through the harness and secured it about her waist.

The dildo pressed against her clit, thrusting out like a shiny cock. "I'm gonna fuck you with my big dick." "Oh, yes!" I grinned, writhing my hips. Xera continued to sleep beside us, her back to me, her cute ass peeking out from the blanket that half-draped over her. Sophia pushed my thighs apart, a big grin on her face. "But first, I need to make sure you're wet enough for my cock." "Oh, I'm wet enough," I panted, my pussy clenching in anticipation.

Sophia pushed my thighs apart, my leg brushing Xera's soft ass, and ran a finger up my pussy's slit. I shuddered as Sophia brought her finger to her lips and licked my tangy juices from her digit. A considering look crossed Sophia's face. "Nope, not wet enough. I'll have to fix that." "Good," I panted as she leaned down and stroked my thighs. My toes curled in delight. I groaned as her hand slid higher and higher. "You're such a tease." Sophia licked her lips, her tongue piercing flashing.

"I know." As she leaned over, her belly piercing dangled and caught the light, the ruby glittering.

That ruby meant she had mastered the art of cunnilingus. I knew first hand how true that was. I groaned as her hot breath washed over my pussy. "Such a pretty, little pussy you have," purred Sophia. "Like a little clam that's just begging to be devoured." "Oh, yes," I groaned. "Please, Sophia. Slata's cunt, you made me horny." The naughty acolyte, her light-brown hair spilling about her face as she leaned in, took her first lick. Her hard tongue stud slid through my folds, contrasting with her softer tongue.

Pleasure raced down to my curling toes and up to my aching nipples. I leaned back on my elbows and arched my back, my breasts jiggling. I loved watching Sophia's eyes as she ate me. They always twinkled with such delight.

The girl never tired of eating pussy. I think she would be happy spending all day going from woman to woman, eating their pussies and drinking all their juices. Her tongue flicked faster, the tongue stud slapping my clit. The hard point sent bucking pleasure through my body. I spasmed every time. I moaned and gasped as she licked with a furious need. She wanted to make me cum fast, but not hard.

Just enough to get me soaking for her toy. "You're so good," I groaned. "Pater's cock, that's amazing. Mmm, you have me on fire." Sophia's eyes twinkled and she licked harder. Her fingers stroked my labia as she concentrated on my clit, attacking it with her tongue stud. The acolyte was a master at cunnilingus. She played my pussy the way a master minstrel played the lyre. Sweet moans, Sophia's music, escaped my lips, echoing through the dark woods.

"Yes, yes," I gasped, my hips bucking into her mouth. "Oh, Sophia, I'm going to cum." Sophia already knew it. She was building me right to where she wanted me. Every touch of her tongue and fingers had purpose.

What felt like random, fluttering strokes and caresses were the deliberate moves of a cunnilingus master. My hands grabbed her light-brown hair, pulling her harder into my pussy. Her mouth swallowed my clit and two fingers shoved into my sheath. Those delicious fingers caressed the top of my pussy and ended on this special spot. My body heaved as my orgasm burst through me. Sophia drank down my juices as I thrashed on the bed. The quick, hot orgasm shuddered through me.

I heaved once, and then it was gone. My pussy ached. I was still horny. She hadn't satiated me, she made me even hotter. "Fuck me!" I begged. "Ram that dildo inside me. Sophia licked her lips covered in milky fluids. My pussy juices had been whipped to a froth. The acolyte crawled up my body, her small breasts jiggling and the dildo waving between her thighs.

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I pulled her across my body, our breasts pressing together as the stone dildo prodded my pussy. "Are you ready to be fucked?" whispered Sophia in my ear. "Gods, yes," I groaned. "Please, I need it so bad." Sophia grinned and kissed me. I thrust my tongue into her lips, savoring my tangy flavor. Her right hand squeezed my breast, sliding up to find my nipple and pinch. My pussy clenched as the electricity shot down from my aching nipple.

That's when she thrust. I gasped as she slammed the dildo into the depths of my clenching, sopping pussy.

The pleasure was intense, erupting pleasure through me. I squirmed beneath her, enjoying the hard shaft filling me up. It would only be better if it was a real cock. But the dildo was a nice substitute. Sophia broke the kiss, staring down at me.

Why wasn't she fucking me? I moved my hips, trying to give her the hint that I needed to be pounded. "Holy Saphique," chanted Sophia, praying to her Virgin Goddess, "give life to my toy so I may give pleasure to all who love you." The dildo vibrated inside me. I gasped as I was suddenly filled with humming pleasure.

My toes curled and my legs tightened about her hips. I let out a throaty moan of surprised joy at the sudden burst of pleasure. "Pater's cock," I cursed to the chief god, the Father of all except the hermaphroditic races.

"Slut," giggled Sophia as she drew back and slammed the humming shaft into my pussy. "Oh, yes!" I panted. "I'm such a slut for a vibrating dick. Oh, damn.

Oh, wow. That's.oh, fuck." She had used the magical dildo on me before, but never while fucking me. It was wild. My hips bucked into her thrusts and our breasts rubbed together. I ran my hands up and down her supple back and clenching ass. I squeezed her butt-cheeks, pulling her in tight as the pleasure raced through my body.

My pussy loved the sensations. Humming bliss poured through my body. Every part of me seemed to tingle in anticipation of the building orgasm. Sophia's hips fucked me faster; she sensed my pleasure the way only a woman trained in a temple of Saphique could. "That's it, slut," Sophia whispered into my ear. "Love my big, vibrating cock. Savor the pleasure. Let it wash through you." "Yes, yes!" I panted.

I humped my hips, grinding my clit into her groin every time she buried that magical shaft into my body. The humming seemed to intensify. My pussy spasmed, a small orgasm rolling through my body. I gasped and shuddered, eager for the big one to consume me. Sophia's tongue licked and nibbled at my ear.

It was one more delicious sensation coursing through my body. I hugged Sophia tight, our silky skin pressed together. Everywhere she touched me burned with fire. I kissed her as my orgasm swelled. My tongue thrust into her mouth, tasting how sweet and delicious she was.

My eyes closed and I concentrated on her magical shaft and her supple body. The pleasure swelled. I came. I bucked and shuddered beneath her. My fingernails dug into her asscheeks. My pussy writhed about that humming shaft. It was so wonderful. She slammed harder into me. Wave after wave of rapture inundated my mind. I drowned in bliss. Sophia thrashed atop me as my climax reached its peak. I held onto this moment of perfect bliss, not wanting to let it go. But then it retreated.

Sophia slammed into me one last time, trembling as her own orgasm filled her. She collapsed on me. I held her as we both gasped and panted. "Wonderful," I whispered, a smile on my lips. "Angela," Sophia said, her voice strained.

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"I.I.I'm glad things have changed between us." "Me, too," I smiled. "I.I care for you. I mean, you know that." "I'm sorry I called it a silly crush," I smiled. "It's not." Sophia swallowed. "And.what" I held her trembling body.

"I do care for you." "But?" "But.there's this hole in my heart. I feel like I loved someone and it was cut out of me. Holding you, being with you, even caring for you helps to fill it. it love? I don't know, Sophia. Maybe." But if I loved this.other person, why did I allow the Oracle to take my memories of him or her away from me?

Could I even love? The only person I ever remembered being in love with was my girlish crush on Lady Delilah. Just thinking of the redheaded knight made my heart thud faster. Maybe I never loved this.missing person. So I couldn't be sure I loved Sophia.

I had been terrified when she was taken by the giganraneae and so relieved when we rescued her. It was wonderful holding her in my arms, and yet.she couldn't give me everything I craved. "Then let's just enjoy our new closeness," Sophia said, hope in her eyes. "And.and.we'll see where it goes. Maybe." Her unsaid words burned in my mind: .you'll come to love me.

"Maybe." I kissed her on the lips. "But.I do enjoy a real cock. Your vibrating, magical dildo is amazing, but there's something nice about a cock cumming inside of you." Sophia's smile slipped. "Well, I mean, I could never just be with one woman.

I love you, but.I'm sworn to Saphique. I want to be with other women, but." I nodded my head. "It's perfectly natural." "So, it's okay. I mean, I understand. You want to be with other people. It doesn't mean you don't for me." Sophia nodded.

"I won't be a jealous bitch like last time." I gave her another kiss. "You are a special woman, Sophia. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize that." Sophia shrugged. "I was a spoiled, little cunt those first days." I grinned. "Yeah, you were." She rolled off me and took off her harness. She licked clean my juices as my eyes closed. I so needed to sleep. Sophia pressed against me, her head pillowing on my arm. She sighed and murmured, "Good night." I nodded and fell into a contented sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia My excitement still buzzed through me a day-and-a-half later. My late-night conversation with Angela had been so wonderful. I think she did love me. But she was still.fragile from giving up her love for her boyfriend. I needed to be patient and supportive with her. Not the bitch I had been. I couldn't complain over stupid stuff. Besides, it wasn't so bad any longer. I was growing callouses on my feet from all the walking and my legs and ass were quite firm and toned now.

I had lost some weight, but my body seemed even sleeker and more beautiful. We had stopped for our midday break. We were just past the half-way point to Xera's home. Traveling through the woods was slow, but it was pretty. There were always new plants to see, new vistas nature had produced.

In the trees overhead, songbirds serenaded, filling the woods with their sweet music. I walked out into the woods, eager to relieve myself. Angela sat on a stump covered in white mushrooms sprouting in spiraling rings up the side while Xera sat cross-legged on the ground, her body painted in green and brown camouflage. Elves didn't seem to need clothes, the elements seemed not to affect them. I disappeared deeper into the woods, pushing through long, leafy ferns that tickled my face as I passed through them.

They also left small, red seeds on my white robe. I wiped those off before kneeling to relieve myself. When I finished, I wiped myself with a leaf and headed back to Angela and Xera. I gasped in shock when the limbs of a reddish oak tree reached out and wrapped around my waist, pulling me to the trunk. The dark-green leaves, studded with clusters of acorns, tickled my face as small branches seized my arms. "Help!" I screamed as the branches lifted my arms and pinned them over my face.

I struggled, but the branches were so strong. "Please! Help!" What was going on? Why was the tree attacking me? I gasped when a new branch slipped into my robe, its leaves caressing my breasts.

A tree was molesting me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I nibbled on my tasty pine cone, savoring the sticky-sweet resin trapped in the center. It was fresh. I loved fresh pine cones. I felt so sorry for Sophia and Angela. They had to chew on disgusting, dried meat.

It was covered in salt and made my nose wrinkle at the sight. They couldn't eat leafy ferns, crispy pine cones, or bitter acorns. They were such delicate creatures in some ways. In others, they were strong. Angela could swing that long piece of metal, her sword, with effortless ease and didn't mind lugging around her large, kite-shaped shield.

I smiled as Angela worked her teeth to tear off a piece of her trail ration. She had to chew it for a long time before she swallowed and ripped off another piece. It was a lot of work for a meal. I had my pine cone finished and began nibbling on a frond, the delicious, bitter juices mixing in my mouth as I devoured it. A scream drifted through the woods. My long, pointed ears twitched, turning to the sound.

"Please, help!" "Sophia!" Angela snarled and drew her sword and hefted up her shield. I was on my feet, snatching up my unstrung bow and racing after Angela. Something most have come down from the Rehyn Mountains to the north. Another basilisk, or maybe a wyvern. It could even be a gorgon or a hippogriff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Don't be scared," a giggling voice purred as the tree's leaves caress my nipples.

My robe was open, my naked body exposed by the tree's lusts. I struggled to break free of the branches, but they kept my arms pinned over my head. The tree groaned as new branches seized my ankles, pulling my legs apart. I was so helpless. It was like being cocooned by the giganraneae. My pussy clenched and juices leaked out. Why was I so excited? I was helpless. I was at the mercy of this tree and its tickling leaves playing with my breasts.

"You have nothing to be afraid of," the nubile girl purred when she walked around the tree. She had reddish-tan skin, matching the bark of the tree, and hair that was the orange-red of autumn leaves. Her deep-green eyes examined my body as the leaves tickled up and down my flesh. "Who are you?" I demanded. "Xantha," she answered. "I'm a dryad, and you looked so pretty I had to play with you." The dryad moved closer as her tree continued to control me. I knew about dryads. They and their oak tree were connected, both birthed from the same acorn.

She lived as long as her tree did. Though she looked like a nubile girl just budding into sexuality, she was really hundreds of years old. I shuddered as the dryad's hand caressed my stomach. Her touch was lithe and delicate. I groaned and shivered, my limbs shaking in the restraint. I squirmed, the bark rough and exciting on my back. This dryad could do whatever she wanted to me. I.liked the sensation.

Her lips pressed against mine. She tasted bitter, like an acorn. I moaned into her kiss as her budding breasts and hard nipples rubbed on my small tits. The tree branches continued fondling my tits, squeezing them up into mounds and pressing them against her flesh. "Mmm, you are so beautiful," the Dryad purred as she kissed down my neck. "I'm so glad you walked by." "Me, too," I groaned as her lips engulfed my nipple.

A new branch reached down between my legs. A broad leaf rubbed against my pussy. My clit throbbed and ached as the pointed tip of the leaf tickled my nub.

I moaned in delight. My arms ached, but I didn't care. The discomfort was worth the excitement of being bound and played with. Angela burst out of the bushes, sword drawn. "Wait!" I moaned. Xera appeared a moment later. The tall elf seized Angela's shield arm. "She's in no danger." "What?" Angela demanded, her red hair spilling about her shining pauldrons.

Her armor creaked as she glanced at Xera. "Why?" "It's a dryad," Xera answered. "She is in no danger." "I'm not!" I panted. "Xantha is making me feel so good." Angela sheathed her sword. "Wow, you just have to seduce every girl you come across, even if they're part tree." "Uh-huh," I groaned. Xantha looked up from my breast and glanced at my friends. "Have no fear. Your companion shall remember this day fondly." "I will," I groaned, clenching my pussy. "This is so hot being tied up, Angela." "Really?" she asked as she unstrapped her shield and rested the point on the ground.

She leaned on it. "Mmm, maybe I should do that to you sometime." My eyes widened in delight. "Then Xera and I could get some sleep." The elf's laugh was musical. I didn't care; Xantha sucked on my nipple again. The leaf rubbed harder at my pussy.

I bucked and groaned. It pushed inside me, the edges folding and caressing me. I shuddered and closed my eyes, enjoying every moment of the Dryad's embrace. Her mouth was hot, my nipple aching in her mouth. "Oh, Xantha, oh, yes. This is so hot. Mmm, yes. I love this. Thank you for grabbing me." "It is my pleasure," purred the dryad. "You feel so good against my bark." She shuddered. "Oh, yes, keep writhing." To my astonishment, she came. Her body shuddered and the tree groaned as it swayed, both swaying in pleasure.

A few acorns dropped down. Xantha hugged me tight, her wet pussy rubbing on my thigh as she shuddered in delight.

"Yes, you are so wonderful. You make us feel amazing," purred Xantha. "I've never made a tree cum before," I grinned. "It is a girl tree, right?" "Of course," Xantha smiled. "We are one being. Do I not look feminine enough for you?" "She does," groaned Angela. She set down her shield and then shoved her hand between Xera's thighs, Xera's hand reached beneath Angela's chainmail loincloth. Both women shuddered as they fingered each other.

I loved having an audience. "You are so cute," I purred. Xantha smiled and knelt down. "You taste so good.

My leaf is absorbing all your juices." I shuddered and clenched my pussy down on her leaf. It withdrew and Xantha's licking mouth replaced it. I groaned as the wet leaf pushed up between my butt-cheeks and caressed my sphincter. I heaved against the branches as the leaf forced its way into my asshole.

"So good," gasped Xantha before her tongue licked through my pussy. "Your ass tastes as good as your pussy." "I'm so glad," I panted, straining against the bonds as the pleasure swelled. The tree groaned, fucking my ass faster and faster as Xantha swirled her tongue through my folds. Her nose brushed my clit, sending shudders through me.

My toes curled as her leaf fucked my ass faster and faster. My bowels burned around the ticklish leaf. I had never experienced its like before. Xantha's tongue continued to lick through my pussy. She was skilled, almost as good as a priestess of Saphique.

The dryad must have slept with hundreds of women, practicing her skills at pleasuring them. Leaves attacked my nipples again. I moaned, my back arching.


Every bit of my body was on fire. My toes curled. The branch around my waist tightened, holding me against the tree. The bark caressed my back and asscheeks as the pleasure swelled through me. "I'm being fucked by a tree and her Dryad!" I moaned in delight. "Slata's cunt, this is so hot!" "Yes!" panted Angela, her fingers furiously frigging Xera's pussy. "So hot. Keep writhing. Mmm, yes." "Uh-huh," Xera moaned, her camouflage-painted breasts heaving as her orgasm neared.

Feminine moans and the groans of the tree filled the glade. I gasped and panted as my ass and pussy were pleasured.

Xantha's slim fingers fucked into my depths, matching the rhythm of the leaf fucking in and out of my asshole. "Saphique, yes!" I gasped as my orgasm burst through me. "Delicious," panted Xantha. My body thrashed in my bonds. I bucked and heaved against her moaning mouth. The tree swayed and shuddered behind me, cumming again. More acorns fell and a few leaves drifted down in lazy patterns as the trunk creaked and the branches rustled.

"Wow, that was so hot," I panted when the pleasure faded from my body. I sucked in deep breaths, my head spinning with bliss. Xantha stood up. Her tree lowered me to the ground and let me go. I stumbled into her embrace. We kissed hard while Angela and Xera came on each other's fingers. I thrust my tongue into Xantha's mouth and enjoyed my tart flavor adorning her bitter lips.

"You were a wonderful lover," Xantha purred. "What is your name?" "Sophia," I smiled. "I will always remember you, Sophia." She gave me another kiss and then broke the embrace. Xantha walked to her tree. She hugged it. I gasped as the bark slowly engulfed her. She merged into the tree, swallowed completely up. The tree swayed one last time, letting out a groaning moan that almost sounded like, "Farewell." "I'll remember you, too, Xantha," I nodded, my body buzzing.

What a wonderful experience.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Khalesithan, The Federation of Deoraciynae Twilight was falling on the tenth night since we left the Lesbius Oracle as we reached the outskirts of Khalesithan. I was unprepared for the sight of the elvish city.

There weren't buildings like I knew them. The massive trees themselves had been hallowed out to form homes. Ladders climbed up to networks of fibrous rope bridges spanning through the canopies. Soft-blues glowed with a steady light from mushrooms growing on the outside of the mighty trunks.

Despite the trees being hallowed out, all of them appeared to be alive. "Wow," I gasped as I craned my neck. There was a graceful beauty about the construction and skill that belied the simple life. The elves were not unsophisticated as I had been told.

Xera smiled. "Yes, it is a lovely sight." Sophia's eyes were wide as she stared up into the canopy. Elves moved through the trees, naked save for necklaces clattering about their jiggling breasts or shifting about their slim waists. They were all beautiful and moved with the same grace Xera possessed, looking down with curious eyes, their long ears twitching. Xera's hunters were the first to greet us, appearing suddenly and greeting their leader with excited hugs. I stood with Sophia, unnerved by the other elves watching us.

They were.fearful of us. Snatches of musical whispers drifted down from the trees, too soft to understand even if I spoke Elvish. The other elves began drifting down as they saw the hunters embrace Sophia and me.

One of the hunters, Quenyathalee, sported a thick cock that hardened as she hugged me. She was tall and willowy, and her cock throbbed against me. "Sorry," she apologized. "Don't be," I grinned, enjoying the feel of a real, hard cock. It didn't matter that the rest of her was female. In fact, that just made it hotter. "I like it." Quenyathalee nodded. "Do you remember the red-haired elf you saw?" "Yeah," I added, my eyes still staring down at the cock.

When Sophia and I first entered the woods, a red-haired elf had led us to where Xera fought a basilisk. We never would have met Xera without her.

"We could not find any trace of her." "How weird," I said, not really caring. What a wonderful cock she had. There was something so hot about elves and their dicks.

"You seem more interested in my cock." "Uh-huh," I groaned, my pussy on fire. A naughty smile appeared on Quenyathalee's lips. She leaned over and whispered, "You're not a hermaphrodite.

I could fuck your pussy and not have to marry you." I grinned. Elves were weird. They were free to sleep with whomever they wanted, but when they went into heat once a month and sprouted their dicks, they couldn't fuck another elf's pussy without marrying her. And if they were married, then it would be cheating to fuck another elf that way. Mouths and asses were okay, and, if the elf was pregnant, her pussy was free to be used.

I guess it made sure you always knew if it was your child or not. Human couples could have that problem if the wife was promiscuous, even if her husband was fine with her roaming ways. "Then why don't we explore that option," I purred, rubbing her hard, delicious girl-cock.

Quenyathalee grinned at me, her hand sliding down to dip beneath my chainmail loincloth and squeeze my naked ass.

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"I had no idea human women were so beautiful before we met you." "But you can speak our tongue?" I said in surprise. "Surely I'm not the first human you've met." "All hunters must learn your.difficult tongue." I arched an eyebrow. "Your language sounds like birds singing. It has so many vowels. I have trouble saying your name, Quenya." My tongue convulsed. "Quenyathara." "You can call me Thali," she suggested. "Thank you." Her hand kneaded my ass. "We're going to have fun tonight." "Are you hogging the human all to yourself, Quenyathalee?" another Elf asked, short and lithe, with smaller breasts than Thali, but a far bigger cock.

My pussy clenched at the sight of her. "I am, Lorianalathia." The new elf, I couldn't even try to say that name, glanced over at Sophia surrounded by the young elf huntress and two other excited elves. "She has no interest in cocks. But this one does." "This one is named Angela," I said, grasping her cock with my hand and giving a squeeze.

"Why should I choose you over Thali?" "Yes, I found her first," Thali said, her fingers dipping into my asscheek. "We could share her," the other elf said, her hands roaming my body were so possessive.

I let go of her cock. "I'm not a piece of meat. Why don't you go fuck some elf maid's ass?" "Oh, I'm sorry," the elf said, looking down at my face. "I was just excited.

Being in heat, well, it makes you so horny and my wife is away. I have no pussy to fuck. I'm sick of blowjobs and asses. I need a juicy pussy to fuck." "None of your friends are pregnant?" Thali asked. "I thought you library elves loved to be pregnant." "Only Atharilesia is pregnant, and she's been enjoying Xerathalasia's sister for the last two days." "Poor you," Thali sighed. "Please," the elf begged me.

She fell to her knees and stroked up my thighs above my greaves and boots. "I'll make you feel so good with my big dick." I grinned at her. "Only after you've licked my pussy clean of Thali's cum." "Yes!" she agreed. The three of us rushed off as drums began beating and wooden flutes sang. I climbed a rope ladder with a pair of horny elves looking up my loincloth at my naked, dripping pussy. At the top was a hollowed-out nook containing a bed made of soft down and covered in fibrous, brown blankets that may have been made from tree bark.

"Let's get you naked," purred the new elf. "Sure, Lori," I answered. "Lori?" the elf asked, arching an eyebrow, her ears twitching. "She can't say your full name," Thali laughed as she pulled off my pauldrons. Her hands were silky on my shoulders. The elves were eager to get me naked. And I was eager to be fucked by real cocks.

My armor fell to the floor in metallic bangs. My naked body was caressed by their hands and lips. They touched me everywhere.

My body quivered in delight. We fell on the bed in a tangle of limbs. We kissed and touched each other everywhere. I stroked hard dicks and wet pussies. I groaned in delight as fingers penetrated my pussy. I found Lori's cock, stroking it as she shuddered in delight. My body trembled. My lips sucked on Lori's small breasts, nibbling in delight as my thigh was parted.

I was on my side, Thali behind me. Her breasts pressed on my back as her hard cock thrust into my pussy. "Oh, yes! So good! I've never experienced pussy before!" I released the nipple. "I'm your first?" "Yes!" she moaned.

"Mmm, you are so hot and wet. So different than an asshole." "See, it's the best," Lori moaned. "Mmm, Angela you have such a tangy fragrance. I've never smelled it's like." "Why don't you get a taste," I suggested as Thali's dick slammed into me. "Yes!" As Lori turned over on her side to lick my pussy, I savored a hard cock filling me.

I liked Sophia, but she could never give me this one sensation. Her dildo felt so close, but I knew it wasn't a real cock, that I wasn't actually engulfing my partner. This was so intimate. Lori licked at my clit. I shuddered in delight as her tongue probed around Thali's thrusting shaft. My body quivered and bucked. Lori moved closer to me, her dick bobbing before my lips. I licked down the shaft from the tip to the folds of her rose-scented pussy. Elven pussies always smelled of flowers.

I licked through her folds. Lori moaned in delight, her mouth sucking on my clit. Her cock throbbed between my breasts as I nuzzled and licked at her pussy. My fingers squeezed her asscheeks, pulling her closer and closer so I could enjoy her delicious folds while my body trembled.

"I can't last long! Oh, yes! So good! Pussy is the best!" Thalia panted. Her strokes grew harder. "Cum in me!" I begged. "Let Lori lick me clean." Lori moaned her agreement. Thalia moaned in elvish, her musical passion rolling over me. Her cock thrust into my depths. Hot cum spilled into me. My pussy erupted in bliss. The pleasure rolled through me as I enjoyed the intimate moment of my lover flooding my pussy. "So good!" I panted as I spasmed.

"Matar's blessed cock!" moaned Thali as the last squirt of her cum filled me. "That was wonderful." I nodded my head in agreement. Thali pulled out of me and Lori buried her tongue in my folds, licking out every bit of elf cum. I shuddered and sighed in delight. I grabbed Lori's cock and pulled it to my lips, sucking it in deep. She was thick, and I had to open wide to swallow her.

I couldn't wait for her to be buried into my pussy. I nursed, not sucking hard. I didn't want her to blow prematurely.


Her tongue probed through my labia and folds. She moaned as she feasted on elvish creampie. I shuddered, my eyes squeezed shut as I enjoyed every second of her feasting tongue, small orgasms quaking through my body. "Mmm, done. All clean." Lori looked up, her face shiny.

"Time for my prize." My pussy clenched. I was eager for her big dick. "Yes," I purred, rolling onto my back. Lori mounted me. Her thick cock pressed into my pussy. My toes curled as I was stretched open. She was one of the biggest cocks I had ever taken.

I groaned as a pleasant ache rippled through me. She kissed me on the lips as her hips pumped slowly in and out of me. Thali lay on her back, her cock half-hard, a look of bliss on her face. "That's hot." She stroked her cock. "Mmm, I think I'm getting another wind." I broke the kiss, licking my lips—they were stained with my tangy pussy juices—and watched Thali's cock grow hard again, standing up straight and beading with precum. I shuddered, my asshole clenching. Two cocks were better than one.

Lori gasped as I rolled her onto her back. Straddling her, I half rose, working my hips to slide my pussy up and down her shaft. "Mmm, Thali, fuck my ass. I really need to cum." "What a horny human we have here," laughed Lori, her hands on my asscheeks.

She spread me apart for Thali. Thali grinned. "They are reputed to be hot-blood creatures, always looking for their next pleasure since their lives are so short." "Yes, so stop talking and start fucking before I die," I groaned as I rode Lori's thick cock.

"Pound me hard." Thali rose and moved behind me. The elf huntress was eager for another go. Her breasts pressed against my back as she rubbed her cock through the cheeks of my ass.

She found my sphincter and thrust forward. "Pater's cock!" I moaned as I was stuffed full of wonderful cock. "Yes, that is what I needed." My hips undulated between the two cocks. My ass and pussy clenched and relaxed as the pleasure built inside me. Thali's hands wrapped around my waist to seize both of my heavy tits.

She jiggled them as she worked her cock faster and faster in and out of my asshole, driving me up and down Lori's thick shaft. "By the gods, so good!" I moaned. "Matar's cock, yes," panted Lori. "I've never done this before.

When my wife returns, we have to give this a try." "Oh, yes!" panted Thali. "So amazing. Maybe I should finally take a wife." I didn't care. Pleasure roared through my body from both holes. They clashed together, swirling around each other and building through me. My hips writhed faster, eager for every thrust.

My back arched and Thali's delicious breasts pressed into my back. Thali's hands tightened on my tits. "You are so hot, Angela.

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Thank you, Matar for bringing this amazing woman to our woods." Lori bucked her hips up, slamming her thick cock into my depths. I shuddered, my pussy clamping down hard. I squeezed Lori's breasts as my body quaked.

My orgasm exploded through me. I shuddered between them, bucking on their wonderful cocks. "Cum in me!" I begged. Lori moaned in Elvish, bucking her hips up again.

And then her hot cum flooded my spasming pussy. I milked the elf's cock as I collapsed on her chest. Thali thrust faster and faster, pounding my ass as I kissed Lori. "Matar's cock!" Thali cried out as her cum exploded into my ass.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I was eager to see Atharilesia. My wife was pregnant, and we needed to talk. Should I go with Angela and Sophia like the Lesbius Oracle prophesied? It would mean abandoning my duty to my pregnant wife, missing the birth of our first daughter, and giving up my captaincy of the Khalesithan Hunters. I crossed the swaying bridge to my tree and entered our home. My wife was on her hands and knees, her pregnant belly round beneath her and her breasts swaying as my sister Nyonthilasara pounded her from behind.

"Xerathalasia!" my wife gasped in surprise, clearly trembling in the throes of her orgasm. "You're back." I nodded, appreciating my wife's beauty as my sister fucked her. It was sweet of my wife to provide my sister with relief when she came in heat. Nyonthilasara had yet to take a wife. My sister writhed and then finished in my wife. "Welcome back, sister," she said, her lips tight. "You didn't return with your other hunters." "I had to repay a debt," I answered.

"Yes, you're so sweet that way," Atharilesia purred, rolling onto her side and stroking her heavy belly. She was only a little more than a month from delivering our daughter.

"Well, I'll leave you to catch up with your wife," Nyonthilasara said, padding past me. I caught her arm. "Thank you for watching her. I find a comfort knowing she has you while I am away so often." Nyonthilasara smiled, "I do enjoy spending time with your wife. She finds me such a comfort." My wife nodded. "I'm glad to have her when you're gone." "When are you going to take a wife?" I asked my sister.

She sighed, her face tightening. My younger sister hated listening to me. She glanced at Atharilesia. "When I find a woman as wonderful as yours. You are very lucky to have her." I nodded in agreement. If it wasn't for the dandelion wine Atharilesia and I were drunk on, we might not have married. But I took her that night while drunk on wine, the success of my hunt, and Atharilesia herself.

When I fucked her and came in her pussy, I had been happy ever since. "Enjoy your evening," I said to my sister. "Angela, one of the humans, is here. She is eager for elf cock." Nyonthilasara nodded and walked away. I moved to my wife and kissed her. I had to tell her what happened, but I had also missed her. My kiss grew more passionate than I meant to, my pussy itching in delight.

My hand slid down to rub at her pregnant belly before I reached her pussy, messy with my sister's cum. Atharilesia moaned into my kiss as I caressed her cum-filled pussy. Her tongue flicked through my lips. I had to speak to her, but I also had to enjoy her. I broke the kiss. "I missed you." She smiled. "Yes. You're sister helped me pass the time in your absence." "Good." I licked my lips as I played with her pussy.

"Let me clean you up." Her smile broadened and her thighs parted. "I can please you, too, my wife." "Goddess, I love you." Her smile was radiant.

I kissed her again before I spun about and pressed my face between her thighs. The sweet scent of bluebells filled my nose, tinged with salty cum. I buried my face in my wife's cunt, savoring her flowery nectar.


My breasts pressed against her pregnant belly as I devoured her pussy and cleaned up my sister's cum. Atharilesia's arms wrapped around my hips and pulled my pussy to her lips. Her sweet tongue swirled through my depths while the round swell of her pregnant belly pressed against my pillowy tits.

I groaned into her messy pussy, questing my tongue deeper to devour every bit of her. I traced every fold of her labia. I hadn't enjoyed an elf's pussy in over two weeks, and I missed all the extra folds and crevasses I could explore. "Xerathalasia," moaned my wife as I rubbed her clit with a deft finger. "Mmm, yes." My ears twitched as her own lips found my clit. Her fingers probed into my pussy as she nibbled and sucked.

I groaned and shuddered against her. The pleasure built inside me as we licked and devoured each other's pussies. Our moans filled our small home. Our hips undulated as the pleasure built and built. Outside, drums and flutes played, a serenade to our love making. I had missed my wife, and I only had been on a short hunt—this Quest would prove long. I might never return from this Quest. "Atharilesia!" I gasped as her teeth nibbled on my clit. "Matar, yes!

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You always know how to tease me." Atharilesia purred, "I'm so close to cumming. Rub my clit harder." My fingers obeyed. She moaned around my clit. My ass clenched. I panted into her pussy as the pleasure built inside me. My nipples rubbed on her pregnant belly. Our bed creaked as we both quivered. I devoured her bluebell-scented juices as my ears twitched and quavered.

We came together, gasping and moaning into each other's pussies. I licked my lips, savoring her flavor as the pleasure roared through me.

It was so wonderful to be home again. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to listen to the oracle and abandon my pregnant wife. I moved up to lay beside her. I stared into her eyes and stroked her face.

"What is it?" Atharilesia asked. "You seem so sad." "I.I may have to leave again." "Already? Has another monster broached our woods?" I swallowed. "I took the humans to the Lesbius Oracle." "Yes, Quenyathalee mentioned that." "Well, she gave them a prophecy. Angela has to find companions and." "You think you're one of them?" I nodded my head. "The Oracle named me the Quiet Stalker who moves unseen." Atharilesia cupped my cheeks, "Then you must go." "But.our daughter?" "Will be fine." I moved my hand down to her belly.

"I do not even know I am the one the Oracle spoke of." "But you believe you are." "Yes." My wife's hand covered mine. "An Oracle's prophesy is not easily thwarted. If this is your destiny, you must embrace it." Tears burned my eyes. "But.I'll miss our daughter's birth.

This quest is long. It will take me across the world. I won't be gone for a few weeks, but months. Maybe even a year.'s dangerous." "So is being a huntress." My wife smiled. "You were born to help people. That's why you are always out leading patrols. How can you turn your back on these humans? Especially after they saved your life and an Oracle has proclaimed you are a part of their Quest." I looked into her eyes.

"You are not mad at me?" Atharilesia kissed me. "I'm never mad. I understand the sacrifice you make. I will miss you, but I have the library. And soon I'll have our daughter. And your sister will watch over me like she always does." I rolled onto my back.

The decision seemed easier to make. My wife had given me her blessing. She pressed against me. I closed my eyes and nodded. "I will go." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia My eyes were bleary from reading the books contained in the library, a massive structure woven of ten separate trees each grown together to form huge rooms that spiraled high up into the air.

It was exhausting just getting the books and coming back to the reading area. The elven librarians, even pregnant Atharilesia, didn't seem to have any problems scampering up the steep stairs. I had spent the entire day here instead of having fun. Angela seemed to be finding every elf with a cock and spreading her legs while I had to snatch quickies with elven librarians before we went back to work to find what we needed.

I hoped we found it soon. One day of this was more than I wanted. "Ooh, I think I have something," Lorianalathia smiled, rushing over with a heavy tome. "it talks about working adamantium. It was originally written in Dwarvish, but translated into Human." She plopped it down before me. I read through it and sighed in relief. "This is exactly what we needed." Atharilesia smiled. "My wife will be pleased.

She is eager to help you on your quest." I hugged the pregnant elf. "I'm glad you're so understanding. Most pregnant human women wouldn't be so understanding." "It was an easy decision. You can't fight destiny. It is better to accept it and drift along on a wind like a falling leaf instead of fighting the breeze. It will only tear you apart. Leaves are delicate and the winds can be so fierce." "Wow.

That sounds hard." "Yes. You have to let go and trust to fate." She stroked her belly, her smile growing. I would never be a mother. Though Saphique was the goddess of women, her priestesses were never allowed to lie with a man. Saphique only liked women. I would never experience that one facet of womanhood. I touched her belly and promised, "I'll make sure your mother comes back." I looked up at Atharilesia.

"And your wife." She nodded. I copied down the information and sprinkled my ink with sand to let it dry quicker. "I need to go tell Angela and Xera!" I rushed out of the library and went in search.

I found them eating berries and drinking dandelion wine on the forest floor while watching elvish women dance. The dancers were.very distracting. But I was too excited to ogle their heaving breasts and. I shook my head. "Angela. I have it!" Angela looked up. "What?" "I know how we can repair the sword." "How?" Angela asked. "It's complicated." I pulled a map out of my pouch and spread it out.

It was of the lands that used to be the High Kingdom of Hamilten from the Atholosian Islands to the west to the edge of the Shizihuth Empire to the east. The map showed the icy northern coast where the orc tribes of Larg lived all the way down to the Halani desert across the Nimborgoth, the great sea. "But we can do it. First, we need to gather certain ingredients besides just finding the five sword pieces. In the dwarven Mines of Khragorath, we have to procure adamantium." "The Lost Mines of Khragorath?" Angela groaned.

"In the Fallen Kingdom of Modan?" "Um, yes," I answered with great care. The dwarven Kingdom of Modan had fallen over two hundred years ago. "Those mines." "It's practically a quest on its own to get the adamantium," Angela sighed. "What else?" "We need the heart of the Minotaur of Grahata to imbue into the spell and reinvigorate the sword." "What?" gasped Angela. "The same Minotaur that prowls the labyrinth and none have killed?" "You can do it," I grinned.

"It has to be easier than killing Dominari." "It better," Angela muttered. "And why do we need it?" "Oh, he's the son of Gewin so battle pumps in his veins." Angela groaned, "What other impossible task do we have to do?" "Oh, none, we just have to find a mage to cast the Ritual of Reclamation. It's powerful magic, so we need a Master Mage. From my understanding, very few meet the criteria." "That explains why we need the Grieving Mage who commands the elements," Xera said, quoting the prophecy.

"I thought so, too," I nodded. "Once we have all five pieces of the sword, the Minotaur's heart, and the adamantium ore, we take it to the Altar of Souls where the mage can cast the spell and fix the blade." Angela looked down at the map and tapped at the far eastern edge of the Princedoms of Zeutch, right where the Desolation of Dominari began. "That Altar of Souls?" "It's the only place powerful enough to take the forces," I said, squirming.

"And it's on the edge of the desolation, not in it. Plus, once we have the sword reforged we won't have to journey far to kill the dragon." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireeyes Western Edge of Deorc Forest, Kingdom of Secare The forest lay spread out before me. Traveling through it would be too.complicated. The elven huntress were stealthy. An arrow in the back was not how I wanted to die.

I had to detour around the forest to the south. I would lose the trail, but I had the garnet-studded amulet King Edward gave me. My simulacrum stood beside me, her body naked, her head bowed. I had no need of her pussy juices at this moment, but her tart scent filled my nose. She was always ready to provide the energy I needed to work my spells. I cast my spell, reaching out to the very distant Rehyn Mountains.

I needed servants who could fly across the forest, find Angela, and kill her. A smile crossed my lips. With her death, I would secure King Edward as my patron. My work would continue. What did it matter how many women I vivisected to further the progress of magic?

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Those closed-minded fools of the Magery Council didn't have the vision to get their hands bloody. Growth and progress only came through pain and suffering. That was how humans had spread across the entire world, dominating anything in their path. Civilization stood on the backs of countless millions sacrificed for progress. It was a necessary sacrifice. Just like my subjects, though unwilling, served our species through their suffering and death.

Each played a valuable role in making us greater. It was near midnight when the piercing screech of the wyverns neared. The flying lizards were the perfect monsters to track down and kill Angela. They landed about me, standing on their hind legs and the knuckles of their leathery wings. Poisoned tails swung about and snapping, dragon-like snouts hissed at me. I poured my magic, bursting with the element of life, into them and made them my familiars.

"Hunt. Kill." My commands burned into their brains, they took to the air, flying northeast across the Deorc Forest. To be continued.