Morena levando pau de frente e gemendo

Morena levando pau de frente e gemendo
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Sarah dropped exhaustedly into the old, overstuffed chair she had found earlier that day at a nearby thrift shop. After several years of working in a nursing home after graduating from college, she had finally decided she needed to get away from the small town her extended family was from.

She'd never really liked the job all that well in the first place, and she was beginning to be concerned that it wouldn't be long before stories about her hidden sexual activities since loosing her virginity the previous New Years would start making the rounds… the "grapevine" in a town like that could be brutal. Her new job was in post-op ward of a medium sized hospital about three hours away from where she had been living.

The small apartment she had found was comfortable, within walking distance of the hospital, and for the first time in her life, she wasn't living with someone else. It had taken several days for her to find enough used furniture to be able to move in, but now, surrounded by half empty moving boxes, she would be spending her first night in her own place. She didn't have much to do other than read and go to bed, since the cable guy wasn't due to come for another day or two.

She made a bowl of popcorn, poured a glass of coke, and settled in with a book. The rest of her unpacking could wait until tomorrow.

After a couple of hours, the activities of the day began to catch up with her, and she decided it was time to take a shower and head for bed. For a moment, she pondered what to do for changing clothes, since her bedroom was piled high with stuff, and she would have to climb over things just to get into bed.

Finally she decided that if she stayed away from the windows which overlooked a busy street, she'd be okay changing in the large living room. After all, she was on the second floor of an old store building, who would be able see in anyway? Zack was a 16-year-old boy who lived in an apartment across the street from Sarah's new place.

His mother had decided a couple of years before to it was time to move out of a large nearby city and into a quieter, somewhat smaller one to keep him out of trouble and open her own business the small thrift shop beneath their apartment. He had spent a lazy Friday afternoon, lying bed all alone playing video games while his mom ran the store downstairs.

No friends around to get in trouble with. As he got up to close the blinds of his window he saw a blue car pull up into the parking lot across the street. He hadn't met the new renter above the store across the way yet, so he wondered who was inside.

It was just beginning to get dusky outside as the young women got out of her car. He was surprised to see that she was young, and kind of cute. She unloaded a stack of boxes from the back of her car and started to walk around to the outdoor staircase that led to the door of her apartment. He figured that she must be in her early 20's, with straight, dark blond hair, which was drawn into a ponytail that fell nearly to her waist. She looked to be quite a bit shorter then him, maybe around 5'2" or 3".

As she unlocked her trunk, he got a good look at her entire body. It had been a hot, late July day, and she was wearing a tight pair of denim shorts, which showed off most of her shapely legs.

She also had on a white sleeveless button-up knit shirt that was just tight enough to show the out line of her breasts, which he guessed might be around a c-cup, and hinted at the fact that she had a surprisingly narrow waist. Zack decided that her large tits were just the right size for her curvaceous body. He started to get a slight hard-on as she leaned into her trunk before deciding which boxes to take with her.

Stray strands of hair slightly covered her heart-shaped face. She was wearing no makeup, but was lightly tanned which gave a glow to her clean skin. As she brushed stray hairs back behind her ear and looked down into the trunk of the car, he noticed the absence of any ring on her finger.

She wasn't married.


That explained why she was doing all the moving alone. No lucky guy would get to fuck her tight little body after a long day of moving. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she turned the corner to climb her stairs. Zack found a pair of binoculars in the closet, and settled in to watch his new neighbor as she continued to move boxes into the apartment.

As he watched, he started to lightly stroke his cock while imagining what it would be like to fuck the pretty white girl across the street. The best thing about having to transfer to a relatively small high school was looking at all the hot blondes walking around school in their tight outfits.

Being an average height (5' 8"), non-jock, and the only black kid in his home room, he figured the only time he would ever get to have his cock pounding a hot blonde's tight pussy was in his dreams. As he sat back down trying to imagine the young women next door, and what it would be like to have his hands roaming all over her smooth skin, all of a sudden the light came on in the living room across from his window.

The two buildings were almost identical. They were both two story, and from his window he could clearly see into her living room, especially since she hadn't put up any curtains yet. He quickly ran over and turned his light off as he saw her walk into the room. For a long time, she simply moved around the room, unpacking the boxes she had just carried upstairs.

Finally, she finished, and dropped into a chair. It seemed his peep show was over, as a few minutes later; she went to the kitchen and came back with something, which she proceeded to eat. Zack turned the light back on, and reviewed his afternoon viewing in his head until his mother came upstairs.

He carefully asked her about their new neighbor, and learned that she had been in the store earlier in the day looking for furniture. According to his mom, her name was "Sarah"; she was 23, had graduated from college a couple of years earlier, and worked at the hospital down the street. After eating dinner, Zack returned to his room and turned on his TV to provide cover for any continued viewing of "Sarah" that might present itself. After an hour or so, the object of his attention stood and looked around the room as if she was unsure of something.

Suddenly, Zack found he had hit the jackpot! Sarah had untucked her top from her shorts, and leaned against the chair she had been sitting in as she bent down to take her socks off. Her hair was out of its ponytail now, and it hung loosely around her shoulders as his eyes roamed her body from head to toe. Her calves looked nice and firm as he slowly moved his binoculars up her thighs to her nice round ass. Her hair hung down covering her face.

Now barefoot, she started to walk over to a desk sitting against the wall, slowly undoing a button of her shirt with each step. She clearly didn't realize that her every move was on display to the teenaged voyeur across the street as she undressed. With his binoculars, it didn't matter how far into the room she stood, he could still see each button as it came free.

She undid the last button on her top and then took it off revealing a simple white bra, supporting her firm breasts. He couldn't see her breasts clearly because she had her back to him. But then, almost as though she read his mind, she turned around giving him a great view of her bra, as it held her breasts firmly in place. Now he was sure that her tits looked like a c-cup, that the cloth restraint seemed inadequate to cover all of her ample tits, and that it showed off a lot of cleavage.

He quickly pulled out his cock and started to stroke it as she walked over to her desk. She bent down to look into a bag and in doing gave him a spectacular view between the pale mounds. He slowly increased his pace as she unbuttoned her shorts, then slid her hands inside waistband and pulled them down.

She stepped out of them and turned around. Zack drew a sharp breath as her body was revealed. She had matching white panties on underneath.

Her butt cheeks were softly round, and Zack thought, just about perfect. He started to think what it would be like to fuck her, watching his big black cock go in and out of her hot white pussy.

He started to stroke his cock harder as she bent over to pick up her shorts. Her butt cheeks pressed against the white cotton tightly enough for him to get a hint of the outline of her pussy lips.

He wondered what it would be like to fuck her from behind, while his dark hands squeezed her firm white tits. She got up and walked into the bathroom, slightly closing the door behind her.

He quickly ran into the bathroom and finished jacking off, thinking of fucking his new blonde neighbor. He finished cleaning up and went back to see what she was doing. It was then he was brought back to reality as his mother called him into the next room to run an errand for her.

He sighed, knowing he would probably never fuck a white chick like her. But hey, he could always dream. A couple of days later, Zack woke up late, and after dressing and making himself breakfast, walked downstairs into his mom's shop.

He stopped short as he recognized the pretty blond standing in front of a bookcase talking to his mother. "Morning Zack, " his mom called out. "This is our neighbor, Sarah, the nice girl who moved in across the street from us," his mom went on.

Little did she know that the last couple of nights, all he did was think of fucking the "nice girl" from across the street! "Sarah said that she was having some trouble with her TV, so I told her that you would go over and see what the problem was." He couldn't believe what she had just said.

This afternoon he would be able so see her body up close for an extended period of time! He opened his mouth when his mom said, "No buts.she's a nice girl and it will be good to have someone quiet in that apartment for a change. Sarah, this is my boy, Zack." He got an instant hard on when his hand touched hers to shake it.

She smiled at him apologetically, "Hope you don't mind helping me out. The cable guy was there while I was at work yesterday, and when I came home the TV still didn't work.

I called them, but they can't get someone out to look at it for a couple of days." Zack managed to ask when she wanted to look at it. Sarah told him that she had to be at work in an hour, but that she would be home around 8 that evening, if he could make it then. Carefully holding in his excitement, Zack agreed to come by around 8:30.

That evening couldn't come soon enough. At just after eight, he saw her car pull into the parking lot next to her apartment. She got out and walked up the back stairs. She was wearing a blue scrub top which he was disappointed to see didn't show off her full breasts.

Underneath she had on a pair of scrub pants that were tighter than he would have expected. He didn't know that she had been forced to resort to an old pair that had shrunk badly because her stuff was still so disorganized that she hadn't been able to find anything else. After she had left his mother's store that morning, he had returned to his room and started to jerk off to thoughts of Sarah, her soft lips going up and down on his thick black cock.

He had to have her. He couldn't take it anymore. He need to pound her hot tight pussy with his cock. And since it wasn't likely she was going to just give it to him, then he would have to find a way to trick her into it. He stopped working his prick, and quickly thought up a plan.

He went to the kitchen and found a bottle of vodka his mother kept around for company, and poured some of it into a small hipflask someone had given his mother as a souvenir after a trip someplace. Well, if the opportunity arose tonight he was going to be ready to take advantage of it. At around 8:15 he went to the living room to tell his mom that he was leaving to try to fix Sarah's TV and that he didn't know how long it would take. His mom was pleased that he was making friends with their new neighbor.

Zack quickly went over to her apartment and knocked on the door. He didn't consider himself a nerd, but he did know a little bit about TV's and computers, and he was hoping that Sarah would have a major problem so he could stay for a long time.

He was about to knock again when all of a sudden the door opened. Right there before him stood the young women he had been fanaticizing about for the last few days. He had to concentrate to hear what she was saying as she spoke.

"Hi," she said with a smile. "Umm. err. I'm on time, aren't I? You where having some trouble with your TV," he mumbled nervously. If Sarah noticed how nervous he was, she didn't comment on tit, "Yeah, come on in. Your mom said your name is Zack, right? I'm Sarah," she replied. He licked his lips at the motion of her butt as they walked inside. The scrub shirt was gone; revealing a tight, light yellow V-necked T-shirt underneath. His cock was now fully erect from the sight of her body and the scent of her skin.

"The cable company says they can't send anyone to look at this for several days.

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It'd be nice to have something to do other than read," she told him. Zack took her whole body from head to toe as he thought exactly what he wanted to do to her to keep her busy.

She pointed him to the TV and left, saying that she had to grab something to eat since she hadn't eaten since lunch. He looked at the back connections, and to his disappointment, found that one of the cables had come undone. It looked like he would be going back to his room and watching from his window after-all.

He connected the wire and turned on the TV. The picture was clear as crystal. Sarah walked back into the room with a smile on her face.

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"Thank you so much, Zack," she said. He tried not to stare right down at her breasts as they pressed against her shirt. Her breasts seemed nice and firm and clearly filled the bra he could see outlined against the smooth cloth. "Umm, it was nothing, just a loose wire." he replied. "Well, I was going to watch a movie tonight, and if you're not busy, why don't you stay and join me. It will be my way of saying `thank you'." Zack couldn't believe she had just invited him to stay.

Sarah smiled at him again as he replied that her offer sounded like fun. Her face looked innocent, and her hair was again out of its ponytail and neatly spread out behind her.

"Great. Find somewhere to sit down, and I'll make some popcorn and get you a drink," she told him. He sat down on the floor, since there was only one chair that wasn't covered with boxes, and again he couldn't keep his eyes off her ass as she walked back into the kitchen. She had exchanged her scrubs for a pair of gray flannel bottoms that looked like pajamas.

They were a little tight around her butt, hinting at the outline of her ass cheeks. On top she had changed into a white tank top that hung loosely from her shoulders, was untucked from her pants, and rode high around her waist. Combined with the pajama pants, which rode low on her hips, he got an occasional glimpse of her back and stomach, giving evidence of a smooth, flat belly concealed underneath. She turned around and asked him if coke was alright.

His eyes zoomed in on her chest as her breast stood firm. Her top was v-necked, which just showed the separation of her breasts. Zack said "yes", while thinking that he needed to find a way to put the vodka in her drink. He didn't know how long it would take for her to start feeling the effects once she drank the alcohol.

He got comfortable on the carpeted floor as Sarah came in carrying two glasses of coke. She handed him a glass and then bent down to put her glass on an unopened packing box. As she bent down, he couldn't help but stare at the nice curve of her ass. If he was lucky, it wouldn't be too long until he had his hands all over her hot body. She sat down next to him and said that the movie was already in her DVD player. Before turning it on, she started asking about his school and how he was doing.

He just stared at her soft lips as she talked about how this was her first place all to herself. He asked how old she was and she said that she was 23. She said that she had lived in Brazil for a few years in high school, and that she had worked at a nursing home since graduating from college a couple of years earlier.

All this time he was with her, Zack hadn't even thought asked her what movie they were going to be watching.

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After awhile, the conversation ran itself out, and Sarah started the DVD. The open credits came on and he realized that they were watching Ghostbusters. The movie didn't matter to him. He liked Ghostbusters well enough, but he had other plans for the evening. Sarah started to get up and asked if he would like her to refill their glasses. Zack sensed that this was his opportunity and quickly got up himself. "I'll do it," he said, while picking up the two glasses.

He walked in to the kitchen and poured them, then took the flask from his pocket and poured about a half a shot of it in her glass. He stirred it a little bit, and then walked back into the living room. He gave her the doctored glass and sat down next to her, holding his breath and hoping she didn't notice any added bite. She took a sip and the reached forward to put the glass on the box.

Zack let out his breath slowly in relief. As the movie played, she sipped at her drink occasionally, and a several minutes later and he could sense that she was starting to get a little tipsy, as she giggled uncontrollably at scenes which weren't meant to be quite as funny as she seemed to think they were.

Each time she bent forward to pick up her glass, he felt his cock stir in his pants. Her breathing got a little bit heaver; her skin became flushed, and her breasts rose and fell rhythmically.

She pulled her legs up underneath her, and almost lost her balance, ending up leaning against him.


He felt her body pressed against his. She looked up at him with a crooked grin, "Oops…s…sorry `bout that." She reached for her glass, but overbalanced again, this time nearly ending up in his lap. She shook her head slowly, trying to clear it, "Wow, I'm a little light headed all of a sudden.

Could… could you hand me my coke?" Zack helped her sit back up, still leaning heavily against him, and handed her the glass, which she proceed to drain.

"Thanks. Needed that," she mumbled. When she reached out to set the glass down, she fell into his lap again. As Zack helped her try to sit up, he could see down her top. As he gazed down, he noticed her nipples clearly pressing against the fabric. He put his arms around her and shifted her around in front of him, as his face inches from her long, blonde hair.

He unfolded his legs, and bent them on either side of her hips, "Here, you'd better lean against me," he told her has he positioned her between his knees, and helped her get comfortable against his chest.

When she seemed settled, he pretended to shift his attention back to the movie. His cock was hard against her ass and lower back, but she seemed not to notice.

Carefully, he encircled her narrow waist with his hands and softly began to rub her belly through the thin material covering it. She sighed at the feel of his hands against her body, and Zack slowly allowed his hands to steal beneath her shirt and began to rub her bare stomach. "Mmmm…" she moaned softly as his fingers dipped in to play with her bellybutton and his hand slid all over her smooth skin.

Slowly he worked his other hand inside her shirt to rub her back. She began breathing heaver, and he knew he had her. "Uhhh," she moaned out loud. Zack couldn't believe what he just heard. She was already moaning from the little he had done so far. She had her eyes closed as he repositioned her so that he could bring his other hand around, and started to rub her stomach and sides with both hands.

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She was all his. He inhaled the scent of her soft blond hair as he worked one of his hands farther up under her top and squeezed her right breast. A soft moan escaped her lips as he pinched her nipple through the thin barrier of her bra.

He slowly moved his other hand down her flat stomach. His fingers slipped inside the loose waistband of her pajamas, and could feel a little bit of pubic hair as he rubbed her lower belly. He was in heaven as he slid his hand further down to cup her mound and pressed his finger into her moist hole.

"Ohhh, nossa!" she moaned as he slowly started to finger her. Zack raised her shirt over her head and tossed it across the room with his free hand while still fingering her. "Ohhh… Uhhh, uhhh!" she gasped softly. He couldn't take it any more; he had to bury his cock deep inside her soon. He moved out from behind her, lowered her to the floor as he knelt above her. Sarah's eyes were closed and her hands were clenching and unclenching. Her nipples were erect and pressing hard against the confinement of her bra.

The teen quickly took off his pants and shirt. It was then she opened her eyes. "Oh no! What's happening, ohhh!" She tried to sit up but couldn't manage it. Zack grasped the waist of her pants and pulled them off to reveal her beautiful, panty covered pussy.

There was a hint of fine blonde hair above her white cotton panties pointing down toward her puffy pussy lips. He lowered himself down on top of her and grabbed hold of both her hands. "Stop, Ohh, Zack, please stop!" she moan in a slurred voice as he started to kiss her neck.

She felt his cock rubbing up against her thigh. He held onto her wrists with one hand as he used the other to guide his cock into her small grip. He forced her fingers around his long, hard shaft, and made her stroke its length slowly. "Ohh, this can't be happening," she moaned. Zack helped her stroke him for awhile, but was careful to stop before he came. Sarah felt him move lower down her body, and felt his hands move around to the backs of her thighs, squeezing, moving up to her buttocks.

She shook her head listlessly, but was powerless to stop him. His hands gripped the waistband of her panties, then suddenly wrenched outwards, violently tearing them from her hips with a loud ripping noise. She immediately felt his hands return to her naked ass, and begin to squeeze and mold her cheeks. She could feel the hard warmth of his cock resting against her left thigh.

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"Sarah, you're beautiful!" he said. He pulled her pussy lips apart and she gasped as her legs opened wider to accept his finger into her vagina. His other hand worked its way up her thigh to rest on her flat belly.

She squirmed again as his finger probed at her damp pussy again. "Shit, you are so tight, Sarah," Zack said as his fingers continued to violate her. He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy, slowly and deliberately. Each stroke caused Sarah to groan and look away. Her head tossed from side to side and she began to buck her hips slightly in time with his thrusts. The teen seemed to become mesmerized by the gentle sway of her ample tits as he finger fucked her closer and closer to her first orgasm of the evening.

Finally, he withdrew his hand from her cunt, and slowly slid both hands up her body to cup her breasts. "You've got such great tits, Sarah. I need to suck me some titties." He lowered his head and began sucking on her large, pink nipples. This created a wave of sexual stimulation that crashed through her body as she approached her climax. A moment later, she came hard, gasping for breath and moaning. Zack moved up to straddle her chest. His cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being, and he lowered the thick, 9 inch shaft between her large tits.

Shoving his hard cock between her breasts, he leered down at her and said, "Oh yeah Sarah, time for me to tittie-fuck these babies!" He cried out as he began sliding his pole between her boobs. While he fucked her tits he raised her head so that as his dick poked above the top of her cleavage, it pressed against her lips. Not so long ago, Sarah had been so self-conscious of her body that she would have never even considered allowing anyone to see her naked, let-alone fuck her.

Now she this boy she barely knew was fucking her tits while the thick head of his cock pressed slightly between her lips each time he thrust between her swaying breasts. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" the boy fucking her tits gasped loudly. Sarah panicked as his cock thrust deeper between her lips. Then she felt his hot, thick cum spurt onto her chest and face and mouth.

She looked down just in time to see cum flowing through her cleavage as the cock between her tits finished cumming.

He pulled out of her from between her breasts, and moved lower to gain access to her pussy. She jerked as she felt something between her legs. She was too woozy to raise her head, so she couldn't see what he was doing, but she felt him begin eating her pussy out. Somewhere inside her vodka muddled mind, Sarah was conflicted at being treated this way by a 16 year old boy, but her body reacted to how good his tongue felt on her slit. She began to squirm as his tongue flicked across her swollen clit.

She wasn't sure how this could be happening to her. She was being eaten out by this boy, and found herself bucking her hips to meet the licks at her throbbing cunt. Through the haze of the alcohol and her approaching orgasm, Sarah pleaded, "P… please, please, don't do this, Zack!

You can't! T… to young! I'll g… get in trouble!" "Who's gonna tell, baby? Definitely not me!" He grinned at her, "Are you getting nice and wet for me now?" Sarah didn't have time to reply as he pressed a finger against the soft folds of her cunt.

Slowly he traced her mound with his finger before pushing it inside. A raw tingle went through her body as his thumb rubbed across her clit. The finger started to push deeper into her, past her pussy lips. She was tight and becoming very wet. He forced his finger into her more aggressively. "Fuck, Sarah, your pussy is so tight!" "Oh, no, oh," Sarah whimpered, shaking her head limply.

"Please Zack, we can't do this. Please, I'll do anything, just don't fuck me," The words came out in a breathless jumble as the alcohol in her system seemed to rob her of all control of her increasingly aroused body. Finally, Zack couldn't wait any longer. His hand left Sarah's waiting pussy, and he held onto her wrists with one hand as he used the other to guide his cock toward her tight hole.

He spread her legs apart with his knees and she felt him rubbing his cock between the folds of her wet pussy. Sarah whimpered at the feel of his shaft against her pussy lips, "Zack, please…!" He grinned down at her. "Please? Please fuck you? Don't mind if I do!" he replied as he began to press into her warm folds. "Just relax and enjoy it, Sarah. This is going to be the best fuck you'll ever get," The head of his thick cock pushed her swollen pussy lips apart and eased inside.

Almost immediately a shudder cascaded through the young nurse as a new orgasm hit. Her pussy flooded as he slipped some more of his cock into her. "Oh, please no," she begged over and over as she felt his long black shaft begin to penetrate her virgin hole.

"No more, please! You're too big!" The swollen head of his thick shaft paused just inside her as the hand that had been guiding it moved to rub up and down her clit, making it hard as her arousal grew and a new orgasm started to build in her body as every nerve seemed to tense and tingle at the same time. "I think maybe you want my cock now, Sarah. My big fat cock in your tight little cunt?" he asked as he took one firm breast in his free hand and lowered his mouth to suck the large, taut peak.

"Please Zack don't," Sarah pleaded again. She whimpered as he moved her legs farther apart, stretching her pussy lips wider as he shifted the cock head inside her entrance. She could feel it there pressing against the sensitive skin of her insides. Zack leaned over her and suddenly thrust his cock deep inside her. She felt his manhood driving deep inside her body, and Sarah cried out in shock and pleasure her traitorous body welcomed his hard shaft into her throbbing sheath.

She had been so close to another climax from the attention he had been paying to her clit and breasts that she cried out with another orgasm almost immediately as he filled her completely. Sarah moaned in a mixture of shame and unwanted pleasure as she climaxed.

Zack lowered his head and busied himself sucking on her aroused nipples. This caused another wave of sensations to overtake her and her orgasm intensified. "Ohhh. Yeah," he groaned as he sunk his massive black maleness further and further into her. "Shit, your pussy is so tight Sarah!" Sarah's breath was becoming labored.

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Her virgin pussy was so tight that it felt as though it would explode as he pushed even farther in. The cock was filling her, hurting her as it pressed against her sensitive walls. He let out a grunt as the final inch penetrated her, pressing against her cervix. His hand, which had guided his maleness in, moved from rubbing her clit to join his other hand at her breasts as he pulled almost all the way out of her, then thrust back inside her throbbing cunt. "No, no," Sarah moaned as he began.

"Yeah… ohhh… shit your pussy is so good," Zack moaned as he pumped in and out of her. Her tight pussy was gripping his cock, making it hard to keep going but he pumped away, slowly at first; then gathering rhythm, as her pussy got wetter. "Fuck this is good. You are so tight, so wet." His hands held her breasts, squeezing them, and then letting the globes slip back as he covered the nipples and tweaked them with his finger and thumb.

"Ohhh nossa! This can't be happening", she moaned. Zack looked into her eyes as he drove his cock in and out of her tight, wet hole. He fucked her with long slow strokes, and could feel her pussy walls being stretched to the limit. He pushed into her deeper and harder as he looked down into her blue eyes in pure lust. He grabbed both of her legs and made her wrap them around his waist, then took hold of her of her hands and held them above her head as his pace increased.

"You're such a hot fuck, Sarah. I've been waiting for this all my life," he murmured in her ear as he started to fuck her for all she was worth. Her firm breasts shook back and forth as he fucked her tight pussy with his long, thick cock. As he lowered his head to lick and kiss her neck, he knew he was close to cumming. His cock pounded in and out of her as he took her legs and pushed them up to bend at the knee and give him better access to her snatch.

Each thrust was harder than the previous. She could feel their pelvises connect each time he slammed into her.

"No more, please," she whimpered. "It h…hurts, Zack. It's tooo big! P… please, aaahhh!" But he continued, ignoring the nurse's protests. He fucked into her harder and harder. Tears flowed down her cheeks as his assault on her deflowered cunt continued. "Shit, your pussy is so tight, Sarah. You haven't done this too many times, have you?" he exclaimed. He continued pumping into her, each stroke seeming to penetrate to her very core. He pinned her arms back above her head and lowered his mouth to her lips to kiss her.

Sarah tried to move her head away from his advances, but her body still wasn't responding to her wishes. His tongue slipped between her soft lips to caress hers, then trailed kisses along her flushed cheeks and neck. Sarah's cunt began to relax out of exhaustion, allowing Zack to thrust in and out of her more easily. His grunts and groans increased as he continued to push into her. His balls slapped against her crotch, rubbing along the delicate skin of her inner thighs.

"Ohh…yes…yes…ohhh," he moaned. "Shit, I love this, Sarah! I love fucking your virgin pussy! You're so fucking tight!" Sarah's moans became higher pitched as he continued to slam in and out of her abused pussy. There was nothing she could think of to say to answer his praise of her body. His face dripped with sweat as he pumped harder and harder. "Ohhh God…I can't hold it," he said. "I'm gonna cum, baby!" Zack's words finally penetrated the haze of her alcohol-enhanced orgasms.

The thought of his hot cum flooding her pussy made her stomach churn. Her body arched against his bulk as she came again. "Ahhh… Zack… please!" Sarah cried out, not entirely sure what she was begging him to do.

Zack suddenly realized she had given in completely. He grinned down at her as he continued to pound her pussy, "Oh yeah, Sarah, fucking you has been so good! You're such a good fuck!" He rammed her deep and hard, intent on bringing her to another orgasm before he launched his load inside of her. "Ohhh… ahhh… ohhh!!!" She cried out as her climax tore through her body.

The black teen between her legs continued fucking her while Sarah gasped for breath at the sensations created by his cock ramming her tight pussy. Zack plunged deep into her hot, tight cunt one final time. She felt the thick head of his thick, 9" manhood bottomed out against her cervix one last time, "Ahhh, Sarah!" he yelled as he felt his balls tighten and a stream of hot cum shot deep into her belly. "Ohhh… yeah… ahhh," he called out, releasing his grip on her wrists for the first time since really starting to fuck her, and grabbing her ample tits with both hands.

"Ohhh… feel my hot cum inside you, Sarah! Ohhh… fuck!" Zack emptied his load into her throbbing pussy as he buried his rock-hard shaft deep inside her body. His hot cum bathed her womanhood, and Sarah could feel it fill her channel and begin to trickle out around his cock. She screamed and thrashed her head from side to side as the heat of his cum triggered her orgasm again.

The youth continued to maul her breasts as one final load of cum burst into her body. "Oh, shit, yes," he called out as he finished depositing his load inside her.

Sarah's tight pussy milked his shaft for every last drop of cum. His lips covered her mouth as he kissed her deeply. She didn't have the energy to pull away this time. She felt his cock pulsing inside her in time with the rhythm of her vaginal muscles as they spasmed around him.

As their orgasms subsided, Zack began to relax and pull away from her. His grip on her breasts eased and he let go of them as his cock slipped from her cum-soaked hole. A trail of sticky cum traced her upper thigh as it oozed from his cock. He knelt above her dazed body, looking at the swollen folds of her pussy.

White cum covered the opening, and the pink lips were stretched now, leaving her snatch open and inviting. Her soft, blonde pussy hair was matted with his cum. Zack collapsed on top of her, exhausted. He rolled onto his side, and wrapped his arms around her shaking form as she panted for breath.

She gasped when he touched her body, and Zack slowly explored her soft curves as he tried to regain his own breath. Finally, he decided that they both needed a drink, and that Sarah needed a booster. He stood up slowly, went into the kitchen with their glasses, and fixed her another coke with a good dose of vodka in it.

Then he refilled his own glass and returned to the living room. He helped her to sit up and held the glass to her lips. "Here Sarah, drink this. You'll feel better, I promise." Somewhat to his surprise, Sarah didn't resist, and ended up drinking most of the spiked soda.

Dazed and still drunk, Sarah actually pressed her body against his, as she lay exhausted from their first encounter. To his surprise, she fell asleep in his arms, her breasts pressed tightly against his chest. He shrugged slightly. He could let her sleep for awhile. When she woke up, he could think of a lot of other things he wanted to do to her before he was through.