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Pornstar Rod Daily gay blowjob
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Anal, Bestiality, Cruelty, Exhibitionism, First Time, It was a hot smeltering day outside, so a few ideas went through my head as I woke. One, there was no way I was going to work today, and two, I had to get the air conditioner fixed. It was so hot inside that I was laying in a pool of sweat in my bed. It probably looked really sexy, I thought to myself. By the way, my name is Sam, short for Samantha.

Im 24, have waistlong straight brown hair, blue eyes that are known to sometimes turn green, a long slender body with curves in the right places.

My breasts are a heavy b cup that I like to show off, and I get a lot of compliments on my full lips. In high school, the asshole pervy types always told me they were "cocksucking" lips, whatever that meant. I live alone in a small apartment by the beach with my large dalmation "Pierre".

He's a mostly dumb animal, but cute as a button. When he was small I didn't know he would grow to be this giant pillow humper that tripped over his own legs. I got up to open some windows, hoping to let some air through the house.

As I reached the last one, I was stretching to reach the only broken window blind thingy when I noticed the young neighbor boy staring at me.

It was then that I realized I was almost nude, wearing nothing but a small tanktop, and giving the neighbors a good showing of my breasts, which were now pressed against the window as I strained to reach above me.

I just smiled at him and finished opening the window and curtains. I made my way to the couch and plopped down on it, grabbed the phone from the small stand next to it, and dialed my work. My boss was more than happy to hear my voice, and didn't mind letting me have the day to myself. He had the biggest crush on me, and I pretty much got away with murder at the workplace. When he tried to flirt over the phone, I told him I had to go and hung up.

"Old pervy fart," I thought. Pierre jumped up on the couch with me as I dialed the air conditioner repairman. "Why didn't I do this yesterday after work?" I wondered. They said they were very busy but would try to squeeze me in, and if they made it, the serviceman would be by my house after noon. I closed my phone and traded it for the t.v. remote. Flipping through the channels, I found that there wasn't much on the tube. I settled for some booty shaking rap videos and dozed off for a bit.

Images of girls hotter than me, stripping for large black men filled my dreams. I wasnt a lesbian, but I do admire the female body, and I don't know, maybe if given the opportunity, I would probably eat a hot ass, I bet another girl could eat my pussy better than any guy could, knowing the female body a little better. When I awoke for the second time today, my mind was stuck in that train of thought, making me very horny, and I was nearly being pushed off of the couch by my giant dog and his legs.

As I turned to get up, I saw that Pierre was sporting some giant morning wood. Perhaps I'd just never noticed it before, but it looked long, thick, and dangerous. It was a bright pink, and at least eight inches long, big enough to lay across his leg as he curled up. I wondered if that was the full size of it, or if he was sporting a semi erection, like my ex boyfriend sometimes did.

I got off of the couch, and headed out of the living room and down the hallway to my bedroom. I had a pretty large house for just one person, with plenty of rooms, and thought maybe one day I would have a roommate.

Being attractive and young however made me somewhat distant from people in large. Guys just stare at me, and girls either hate me, or want me to be gay with them.

So I mostly keep to myself in my big house. Going down the hall, I tried to remember where I last left my dildo. It was a sweet toy, and got me off every time. Reaching my bedroom, I scanned the place with my eyes, and remembered stuffing it somewhere under the bed. I squatted down and lifted the blankets that hung over the side, sweeping my arm under the bed, hoping to feel my small lover quickly, before I lost my lusty need.

I let out a sigh and bent down some more to look underneath. Nothing! So I laid on my belly and scooted myself halfway under the bed, still sweeping back and forth with my arms. I went in a little further, and could hear Pierre's claws rap on the hardwood floor, as his curiosity brought him into the room. I craned my neck to the side a little and spotted my vibrator, stuck between the wall and the bed, still a few feet away from me.

My ass stuck up into the air, clear of the bed, as I scooted further underneath to try and reach it. Suddenly I froze in shock. Something long and wet had just touched my uncovered ass. My short skirt had hiked itself up to my hips while I was kind of bent down in my awkward position. "What the." was all I could mutter before it happened again. It was on the side of my ass cheek, and felt rough, scratchy, and yet sort of smooth at the same time. "Pierre!

No! Cut it out!" I yelled as my mind came back to me.

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Instead, a long wide doggy tongue licked my crack from my pussy to my asshole, and to the small of my back. My body shuddered in a small orgasm, and I involuntarily let out a whimper of a sound. "This is not happening", I thought, and stretched my arm out to reach my much needed toy. My small movement must have encouraged the dog, because now he was becoming friendlier with my tender bottom. I tried to block it out, and started to become aggravated as I couldn't reach my dildo.

It was right there! Why couldn't I just have it and be out of there!? My dog was now enjoying the fact that I couldn't swat at him from my awkward position. He was now lapping up my pussy, and I became so embarrassed with myself, as I came on his long tongue. "Oh no. no. dammit dog.

ungh" it was an intense ass shaking orgasm, and I quickly decided to get the hell out of this dark place. I began to back out from under the bed, but this was a mistake. It encouraged the dalmation more, and added pressure to my now-hot pussy against his licking. Another orgasm rushed over me, as Pierre began to concentrate on my sweaty asshole, but I kept moving, desperate to escape. Every move backwards meant another second of gasping and cream coming from my cunt, Pierre was eager to lick up every drop and it was a vicious cycle.

His tongue would make me wet, and he in turn would lick my pussy more, like he savored the juices. I guess he liked a clean booty. When his tongue entered me, I jumped, and I guess I hit my head on the mattress frame, because a moment later I awoke with a bad headache. I looked around to see Pierre's legs dancing around behind me, my ass still high up in the air. His tongue was now darting in and out of my tender cavity. He danced the way he did when he knew I had food for him and just couldn't wait.

I took this opportunity to back out from under the bed. I was now on my hands and knees, my ass was totally exposed, in the air, and my dogs target apparently. Out of nowhere, he stopped licking, his full weight slammed onto my back, and I felt his claws scrape my sides below my breast. I was so confused, my head was banging with pain, and now my dog was trying to bite my neck. He was nipping at it and yelping.


I couldn't understand why, until I looked around. He tightened his front legs and got a good grip on my body, while underneath him, was a massively huge lipstick boner. He pulled himself closer to my body so I looked underneath my belly, it pointed straight at my face and flopped against my belly button, almost slapping me.

He began thrusting his hips madly, but thankfully didn't draw back far enough to do himself any good. I tried to wriggle away to the right, which only made him growl and tighten his grip on my abdomen.

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So instead I got my head over the mattress and tried to crawl on top of it with my arms. By now my knees were chaffed and hurting, as I normally didn't spend this much time on them. I pulled on the sheets in front of me and unwittingly helped the dog.

He was humping blindly until now, but as I created a small space between us, he jabbed forward and found his mark. It was a small sharp jab directly into my love canal, and the total surprise of the attack upon my pussy made me come fast and hard.

Pussy juice dribbled down my leg, and my face hit the sheet, where I muffled a short moan. Once Pierre realized that he'd found my hole, his attack became relentless. He pushed forward with all he had and sunk his thick shaft into me deep. He repositioned himself so that he was closer, for a good deep fuck.

There was no slow or steady to his method. He blitzkrieged like a fuck machine, slamming hard into me with each thrust. I was no longer in control of anything. My horny body gyrated below him, meeting his thrusts randomly, and his dog cock just got bigger and thicker inside of me. On one thrust he accidentally pulled back too far, so his cock slipped out with a "sloosh" sound, but he just kept on thrusting, making the dogcock rub violently across my clit.

It was mostly smooth, but the friction against my button drove me mad. I came again, the waves of sensations shaking my body. I looked down again to see it and it was huge! At least three inches thick and nine or ten inches long, it moved so fast! As soon as his tool found my heat again, he sunk it in deep and began pounding on my pussy again. It hurt for a whole second, when it nearly didnt go in, it kind of hit my taint and bent its way in.

My body shook and I screamed into the sheets and blanket. Cum squirted out from me, flowing across his cock, and across the floor. The pain was now mixing with extreme pleasure. He was fucking me so fast that as I squirted, he splashed it everywhere when his dog belly met my ass. It sounded like someone slapping a puddle continuously.


I didn't realize until I paused to reflect and heard myself, but I was being loud, "ungh.oh.oh.oooh fuck.ungh ummm" as Pierre claimed me as his bitch. I was literally being drilled. It was as though someone attached a penis to a jackhammer and went to town with it. No man had ever fucked me this well. Sometimes I had wished for a good speedy pounding, yet it never occurred to me that the dog knew how.

Pierre began to slow down and lazily sort of just fell off of me. His long dog dick seemed to take forever to slip out of me as he walked over to the corner of my bedroom. I felt every inch escaping me, and when the end finally fell out, I shuddered and came again. My hips gyrated up and down on their own. I was incredibly crazy horny, but ashamed that I'd somehow let this happen. "I didn't put up a good enough fight" I thought. Then I thought, was I just raped? What do you call what just happened?

Before I found an answer, I was mounted again. I thought he was gone and done! But I was very wrong.

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He brutally fucked me again, my mouth fell open and my breathing was spasmic. It occurred to me that Pierre had to get his nut, so maybe helping him would get him to leave me alone.

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I bucked back once, and Pierre drove into me harder and faster, making me squirt onto him again. My pussy squeezed his thick cock and almost pushed him out as juices sprayed everywhere behind me. It was splattered with his thrusts again and was getting him wet on his belly. He was hitting my g-spot! The strange new smells were intoxicating. He bit my neck with a fury this time, growling into my skin, and his cock began to get even thicker as he pummeled me from behind!

That was when I began to get really scared. His doggie fangs sank into my flesh as he tightened his animalistic grip on my defenseless body. I began bucking into his thrusts again, making him go crazy with lust. As he continued to grow inside of me, my pussy began to hurt really badly, from the inside. My mind couldn't understand what was happening down there.

Something near the base of his cock was getting bigger and harder inside of me. It plopped in and out of me a few times, then Pierre shortened his strokes and was panting heavily over me. I remember making a twisted face of pain as my pussy was stretched to its barest limits, until what felt like buckets of Cum suddenly filled my pussy.

It was like a powerful hose going off, and it was erupting deep inside against the walls of my abused vagina. He was sort of grunting and growling now, followed by a few short whimpers.

The large hard thing at his cockbase was working me in small spasms like a plunger, and evertime he thrust forward i felt him come inside of me again. I never let anyone cum in my pussy, and here was my dog doing whatever he liked. Pierre shoved a few more times, and his long dick finally reached my end.

It was pushing against my cervix, which made me cum again. Pressurized hot jets of cum streamed against my insides. My head started spinning in ecstacy, while behind me i felt my explosion spraying out from the sides of my pussylips and his thick member. He loosened his grip on me after a few seconds of not moving, and tried to jump off of my back, but the bulbous base of his cock kept us together, so he only twisted around until he was facing away from my body.

The sensation of a twisting squirting cock churning while my pussy was so sensitive took me over the top and I think I blacked out again, I slumped into the sheets and blanket, shaking like a leaf into an orgasmic bliss. When my mind came back, we were still attached, ass to ass like a good lesbian double header porn scene I'd seen before.

I could hardly push myself up with my arms, I was shaking so much. It had been too long since someone fucked me, but Pierre was an animal, not a someone, so shame and guilt filled my mind.

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Pierre was now hurting me, trying to seperate us by walking away and pulling his member. It felt as though my insides were going to leave without the rest of me. "Ungh, owwww, oh ow, please stop, oh." I muttered.

However my pleas went unheard. He then pulled hard and I heard a "plop" as we seperated. Warm liquid quickly ran down and covered my ass and thighs when he came out. It was an enormous amount of fluid. Probably Pierre's first ever nut. As soon as he walked away, my body fell over to the side and I just layed there, my chest heaving and covered in beads of sweat. I tasted salty sweat on my lips and my eyes burned. Laying there, I decided to crawl to the other room and call someone.

I didn't care who, just anyone. I felt abused and needed consolation. My pussy felt swollen and was pulsating all over, inside and out. When I felt calm again, I rolled over and crawled towards the hallway. Pierre was jumping and bounding around recklessly in the living room.

I could see him running and bouncing off of the couch. The s.o.b. was gloating. He knocked the lamp over with his big ass as he ran excitedly around. I almost made it to the living room when he spotted me. He lowered his head, scratched the floor, and growled at me, like he wanted to play. "Fuck off you rapist mutt" was my response. He ran past me, up and down the hallway, as I slowly crawled my wracked body around the corner to the living room.

He ran up behind me again and this time knocked me down. He paused to drool on me and began licking my ass again, starting on the side of my exposed thigh and moving towards my heat that eminated from my well used cunt. "Nope, not again!" I said and lifted myself back up with my arms and began crawling again. This must have been percieved as an invitation for sex, because the dog bounded up onto me from behind, knocking me down onto my chest and face.

His attack was quick. His slippery dog dick poked at my taint and ass maybe three or four times before he found a place to hide his boner. It slipped indiscriminately into my asshole and he plunged it down deep into my bowels, over and over again.

I screamed "ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh! Oh you mutherfucker! NO!" Nothing had ever gone into my ass. It was my belief that it was designed as an exit only. Suddenly it was being filled with a rigid meatstick without my consent.

It hurt something awful. His angle was all wrong so I used what energy I had to circle my hips to try and at least make this somewhat comfortable.

Pierre relentlessly pounded into my asshole. His cock was growing again. It got thicker and longer, and stretched my hole from the inside. I felt the pressure of his girth against the interior lining of my rectum. I was mercilessly fucked at an incredible speed. The pain slowly began to subside and a burning feeling began to make me hot inside. I tried to squirm away, but he squeezed me tightly with his long front legs and scratched the sides of my belly with his claws, which almost hurt as much as his dick entering my dry asshole.

When he reached his full size again, he was deep inside of me. This time something was hitting my ass at the base of his dick. "OMG! i thought. That thick round part is going to go in me again!" Now I really struggled, but it only made the animal fuck faster and harder. He growled and snapped at me, his teeth missing my neck as I tried to squirm away from him.

The distance I was creating between our bodies made his furious strokes longer and faster. The pressure of his thrusts increased, as he kept attempting to mash the end of his cock base into my tight asshole. I was now almost pulling him along down the hall some, but not enough to escape.

He simply walked his hindlegs along with me. Then suddenly he nailed it into my ass. I heard a distinct "schlop!". Pierre tightened his grip and shoved about four more inches of thick dog cock into my bowels. I could feel him reaching into places deep inside of my innards. Places that probably shouldn't have a penis in them. It was an incredible feeling, being impaled on a giant animal dong as it pistoned in and out, at such a crazy rate of speed.

I pulled my torso up, as I was now enjoying it, and began to rub my breasts. Pierre shifted his head to allow me to nearly stand on my knees. I could see his face now, as I turned my head.

He was squinting, a face I'd never seen him make before. Like he was concentrating really hard. I came again, and my whole body shuddered in explosive waves.

Now his balls were slapping against my cunt, and that something extra was growing at the base of his shaft again. It didn't hurt so much at first, but now it was really pushing against my insides until it became an intense pain. Whatever it was had to be the size of a baseball, as the pain was too much. "OMG! Get it out of me!

Oh shit! Oh shit! Ohhh it hurts! It hurts!" I was yelling and screaming now. Probably waking the neighbors. Still on my knees, I placed my hands on the wall beside me, turning to face it. I was freaking out. His dick was waaay to big for my virgin ass. It was plunging into my bowels, scraping my intestinal lining, and became incredibly sore fast.

"Fuck you dog! get the fuck out of me!" But he ignored my pleas yet again and hastened his pace, knowing I wanted to escape. He quickened his assault and suddenly stopped.

"Oh thank God." I muttered, only to feel jets of Cum gush into my guts. It never seemed to end. He squirted into me over and over again, making my sphincter tighten around his tool as I panicked.

Each powerful ejaculation made my ass squeeze again. I think he liked it, because his legs shuffled and he began thrusting his hips again as he emptied his nuts deep into my bowels. It must have filled my guts to the brim, because I felt it run out of my asshole and down the back of my leg to my left knee. My ass had never felt so full. He was now pushing me against the wall. My sensitive nipples were being crushed as he pushed.

His thrusts seemed desperate, yet powerful, like he couldn't get deep enough inside of me. He got about another inch farther than he had before, and I imagined my sphincter nearly going inside of my ass. He shortened his pushes, but each one was more forceful than the last. Finally he stopped, but his cock still jerked and came deep into my body.

I could feel it everytime it twitched and ejaculated. He was panting hard now, and rested his chin on my shoulder.

He licked the side of my cheek that wasn't pressed into the wall and slumped down, taking me with him. We fell to the floor, but he quickly stood up and tried to walk away.

This resulted in him pulling me, and dragged my helpless body across the floor. My ass was nearly being pulled out, as he made his way to the living room, occasionally yelping and licking at his crotch. I could do nothing. Another "plop" filled the air as his knot slipped out of my anus, dropping my hips to the floor. His schlong took an eternity to come out of my bowels, and I felt all of it, as it was still hard and quite thick, but was smooth and slick from the Cum he'd spilled into me. When it came out it made a long "schluuuurp" sound, and my rectum felt relieved to be empty now.

I felt hot dog cum spill out of my hole and onto the ground. Pierre walked over me, and doggie Cum continued to erupt from his penis. He sprayed my face and shoulders as he stood there over his defeated master, panting. He walked around me, layed down, and began to lick his mammoth dong with care. Just then I heard voices. It was coming from outside. The air conditioner repairman and some random neighbors were outside of my open bay windows, and had apparently been watching.

I don't know for how long, but the uniformed asshole began clapping, and the rest of the small crowd started cheering, as though I had done this intentionally or something. Needless to say I was not happy.