Mädchen masturbiert im Schlafzimmer

Mädchen masturbiert im Schlafzimmer
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Sitting on the porch of his families house Jack can see the new neighbors moving van pulling up.He had already met Mr & Mrs Sanders when they came for the viewing of the open house.Jack was helping the real estate person showing the house.Jacks best buddy Dave and his family had moved just about a week earlier.Dave's Dad was transferred to a new city for his job.

The movers pulled up and started to unload the truck when the Sanders family car pulled up behind it.Jack didn't know that they had a son and a daughter.Guess he never asked when they looked at the house.Jack saw the car door open and when he saw the Sanders daughter he nearly fell off the porch.She was very pretty as to what Jack could see from his porch.

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Should I go over and offer to help Jack kept wondering,Just then Jacks Dad came out and said Oh I see the Sanders have arrived.Do they have any children your age Jack.It looks like it Dad.A boy and a girl.To bad your sister Katie is out of town she would have liked to meet them.Maybe they will go to your school.Jacks Dad said come on lets go introduce ourselves to the new neighbors to be polite.

Mr & Mrs Sanders how do you do I am Mr Parker,I believe you already met Jack at the open house.Oh hello Mr Parker please call me Stan and this is my wife Linda,Our son William and our Daughter Holly.Jack and his Dad shake hands and Jack says hi to William and Holly.Jack tells them that his sister is out of town for the next two weeks but she will be happy to know that there are new neighbors.Jack still cannot get over how beautiful Holly is,She is about 5ft 3 in and nice shoulder length Blonde hair and she just turned 17.Jack had also just turned 17 about a month ago.William was 15 and tall maybe almost 6 ft.

Well we see you have a lot to do we will let you get back to it.If you need anything just come over and ask says Jacks dad.Well Holly is really attractive Huh Jack,Jack doesnt say anything guess he is still day dreaming of Holly.Jack goes back to reading on the porch since it is such a nice day.

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The next day Jack hops on his bike to take a ride around the neighborhood to see if anyone is doing anything.Along the way he sees Holly also riding her bike,She says Hi to Jack and that she is just checking out the new neighborhood.Holly asks Jack would you care to show me around.Jack happily agrees to.Anything to be next to her.Jack asked her where they had moved from and she said Ohio,Wow quite a move to California.Well my Dad got traded during the off season.Then it hits Jack that is where he knows Mr Sanders.He now plays for the LA Kings.Must be quite a shock having to move all the way to California.Yeah Holly says I grew up in Ohio and all my friends are back there.Just glad that I didn't have to come here alone William had it harder he broke up with his girlfriend when we had to move,Jack asked her did you have to break up with anyone.She tells him No.

Is his head Jack is yelling yes.They continue to ride and Jack is showing here around and where the School is.Jack still can not get over how hot Holly is.Well they get back to the house and Jack asks Holly if she wants to come in and have something to drink.Holly says sure and they head into the house.Lets head out to the back yard and sit on the porch.Holly sees that they have a pool.Wow we didn't get a house that had a pool my Dad just wanted something close to his work.Being the Forum and the practice rink where they skated.Can I come over sometime and swim.Jack said sure anytime you want just come on over.

What a beautiful morning this is hey Jack says his Dad looks to be in the 80's perfect day for a swim.Jack is thinking the same thing,Wonder if Holly and William would like to come over you should go over and ask.Ok Dad I will.Jack heads over to the Sanders home and asks Holly is she would like to come over and use the pool,She says sure let me just get my suit and I will be over.Holly comes around back to to Jacks back yard.William didnt want to come Holly says.She says hi to Mr Parker and Jack can not believe what he sees when Holly takes off her robe,She has the most amazing swim suit that Jack had ever seen,A nice two piece bikini.Jack can feel himself get hard just by looking at her.He tries to cover it up by jumping in to the pool figuring the cool water will help.Holly jumps in next and swims over to Jack,So when does your sister come back from her trip,Oh she will be back next week.Told her all about you and William,She is one year older then him.

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Holly starts to float of her back and Jack can make out the shape of her vagina by the way the bottom is clinging to her body.He can feel his cock once again get hard.He swims up next to her and splashes her.She says oh want to play like that and she splashes him.Jack gets out and then jumps in yelling cannonball and water goes everywhere.Holly gets out and is standing on the deck when Jack can see that Holly has some pubic hair sticking out of the side,Holly sees Jack looking at her and then she notices it as well,She is embarrased and quickly starts to run away.Jack stops her.It is ok.I dont mind.Holly tells him that she normally has a shaved pussy but with the move and not having everything unpacked she can not find her razor.Jack asks her if she wanted to use his to get rid of it.She says no and then Jack says well if you want I can help you shave.Holly looks puzzled how do you know how to shave a pussy.Well I do shave my pubic hair off so it should be no problem.

They head inside upstairs to Jacks room.His dad and Mom had go out shopping so the house would be his for about three hours.Holly jumps on Jacks bed and said I bet someone with your looks must have used this for other things then sleeping.Jack said only twice when his parents were out of town.Holly said I once had a party at my old place and had sex with my Boyfriend.It was good but he couldnt last that long before cumming.

Jack comes back from the bathroom with the supplies and a towel so that Holly will have something to sit on and dry herself off when he is done.He pulls out the trimmer that he uses and tells Holly to take off her bikini bottom.Holly unties and then sits on the bed.Jack can see the outline of her vagina but he so wants to see it totally shaved.He turns on the trimmer and the buzzing along her vagina makes Holly squirm.Ooh that feels good.Soon all the long hair is gone.Jack says do you want a little left on or take it all off.She says all off please.Jack still hard from when he saw her in the pool can feel the precum in his suit but since it is wet she doesnt notice.Jack wets the hairs and then puts the shaving cream on her and then gets to work.She tells him be carefull and if this is good maybe you can show me how good you are.Jack finishes and cleans off the water and dries off her pussy,All gone he tells her,She looks down and is amazed how well Jack is at shaving.Holly tells him to lick it to see how it tastes,Well Jack doesnt waste any time and he is right there with his tongue in her pussy.When he hits her clit he can not believe how much she moans and shakes.She tells him that she is cumming.

Holly tells Jack you need to take off the shorts because I am so wet right now and I need that cock of yours inside me,Jack pulls off the shorts and out pops his 8 inch cock Holly had never had one that big but she puts it in her mouth and Jack just about loses his load.She knew how to give a Blowjob.Then she tells Jack to fuck her,Jack reaches in to his dresser and pulls out a condom.Holly says you dont need one of them I am on the pill and I love the way cum feels in my pussy.Jack puts his cock right on her pussy lips and starts to rub and then slowly puts it in,She is tighter then some of the other girls that he has fucked.He thrusts back and forth and then they switch positions Holly wants to be on top when he is about to cum.Jack cant hold it any longer and can feel himself getting ready to lose his load.Holly also moaning has also just came for the 5th time,Jack lets go of his load deep in her newly shaved pussy.She can not believe how good that was.Jacks cock slides out of Holllys pussy and then they lay on the bed for a bit.In a few moments Jack can feel himself get hard again and Holly sees this and once again jumps on his cock and rides him until he once again fills her with his cum.

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Holly cleans herself off and asks Jack can I come over again to swim tomorrow.Jack smiles and says anytime.Jack is happy with his new swim partner.And anytime Holly needs a shave she knows who to call