Me folle a mi amiga veneca que rica esta

Me folle a mi amiga veneca que rica esta
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Angel 3 This is a fantasy. Any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental. In addition, people and animals can do things normally not possible. ******************************************************************* After Angel was dry, she put her high heels on then stood up to get dressed. She glanced around to see if anything was watching her. She did not see any people just a small pony prancing in a field on the other side of the steam. "Oh, it's so cute.

I wonder if I can pet it." She thought. Angel was so entranced by the antics of the animal she did not take the time the put her dress and panties on.

She carried them with her as she crossed the bridge. When she got to the small fenced field where the animal was it stopped and watched her approach. In an adjoining field, other ponies cropped grass ignoring them both. A white board bordered the field on all sides enclosing about two acres. A barn was set against the back fence. Everything was clean and well kept. Angel stopped at a small gate near the barn.

The light brown pony nickered at her shaking its head as it ambled over to greet her. She noticed one thing right away. His pony cock was part way out of its sheath. That could only mean one thing. She would avoid it if she could. "Hello girl." It said in a soft gruff voice when it got to the fence. "My name is Al, Short for Alonzo. What's your name?" Angel backed up a few steps at the sound of the gruff voice.

"You surprised me; I never met a talking horse before." She said covering her tits and pussy with her arms and hands. "I'm Angel, I think. It's so confusing here I sometimes wonder who I am." Al snorted. "Who do you think you are?" Angel got the impression the pony was making fun of her and leering at her at the same time. "My mother and father call me Angel but a cat man said I was a slut." She wrinkled her nose at that. "From what I know a Slut is a bad girl.' She shook her head.

"I'm not a bad girl…some bad things happened. I didn't want them to but they did." "You must be talking about Stripe." Al nodded his head. "A sparrow told me they saw you and him together." Angel blushed remembering the way she sucked cum out of Stripe's cock. "It's not what you think." She said blushing brighter. "I…I was hungry." She stammered. "Are you still hungry?" Alonzo asked. "There are some apples and cherries in the barn. You're welcome to some if you get the baskets down for me." Angel's stomach growled.

He pussy was starting that familiar tingle. "I could use some solid food." She blurted. Then gasped realizing what she had said. "I…I," She stammered again. "Of course you do." Al broke in. "All types of girls need good food to keep their strength up.


"The gate is unlocked. I'll follow you to the barn I have plenty for you." As they walked, Al sniffed Angel's ass a time or two as they walked across the pasture.

Angel shivered with a mixture of delighted dread. The pony seemed too eager to help her and now she thought she knew why. Was she going to have to let him have his way with her too, or was this just a nightmare? In the barn, several baskets filled with apples, cherries, and even strawberries. They lined a shelf along one wall. "How did they get there? You don't have hands." "The Orchard Fairies gather them and put them there for me." Al said gruffly.

"This time they put them on that shelf. The Orchard Fairies aren't very smart. They put them in the wrong place this time. " Angel nodded. There was a wide low table in front of the shelves. Al would never be able to reach the fruit with the table in the way. If she could move the table, Al could reach the fruit by himself. It was a big table, low enough to slide under the shelf. It was heavy too. Angel found that out when she tried to move it. She also found out she didn't have the strength to move it more than and inch or so.

"It's too wide for me Angel." The pony said slyly "I think you can reach across it and get the baskets one at a time.

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When you do, put them on that low shelf over there." He nodded his head toward a shelf that was not blocked. "You want me to get all of them." Angel asked. "Please." Al said. "Get the empty one last. You can use it if you want to take some food with you." She had to stretch across the table for each basket. It took a while until finally only an empty one left. Angel expected the pony to try something. That didn't happen. She was pulling the last one to her when Al nuzzled her ass softly.

Angel froze in position for a few seconds. Then as nothing else happened, she started again. Al snorted and shoved his thick hot tongue deep into her exposed pussy.

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"Oh!" the girl gasped. "Now stop that!" He shoved it deeper. "Oooo!" Angel exclaimed. "Why did you do that you naughty pony!" "You taste good!" Alonzo snorted stepping back a few paces. "I had to check and I'll fit just fine." If a horse could grin he did, and no doubt, that he was leering at her.

"Doesn't anything here think about anything but sex?" Angel wailed. "Does everyone here want to have sex with me?" "You are a Slut. That is why you are here.

Why to you suppose the white rabbit tricked you into dropping down the hole?" Al was angry. He stamped a front hoof. "Stop wasting my time. You have two choices, either lean over the table if you want privacy. Or get on your hands and knees out in the field." He snorted.

"I prefer the grass." "Why?" Angel asked timorously.

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By now, she had accepted her fate. "In the grass everyone can see me do you Slut. It's good for business." Al said.

"If you squeal real loud while I'm breeding you, the mares will hear about it and flock around to have me breed them." "I don't want to have a pony." Angel asserted ".I know you are not that stupid Slut." He snorted again. "What's it going to be?" Angel stared at Al for a moment, and then surprised herself when she said. "Both places take it or leave it.

I'll make lots of noise both times." "But…but if I cum in you the first time. I will have trouble doing you a second time too soon after." The pony looked at her suspiciously. 'Why?" "Take it or not stud." Angel said in a steady voice. She wiggled her ass invitingly. "Come on, stick that thing in me!" She wiggled her ass again.

"If you bite me I won't let you do me the second time." Alonzo reared up putting his front hooves just over her shoulders. He miss judged the first attempt. The flanged head of his cock slid up the crack of her buttocks and over her back. He whinnied in frustration.


His second try slid under her stomach. "That tickles." Angel giggled. "Here let me help." Angel arched her back and grabbed Al's cock. She directed it to her pussy that by now was dripping wet. "Slowly stud…push a little harder to get it started." She gasped "Oooo! That's it! You're in meee! Push…gently now! Oh! It's so big!" Her body shook with need, tingling with desire. Yes!

She wanted it! She needed it! The head of his cock slowly pushed aside the lips of her wet eager pussy. "Oooo! Ah! Oooo!" She cried, feeling it slowly, a centimeter at a time penetrating and stretching her cunt. The girth of Al's cock gave her a little pain.

That soon vanished as he slid deeper into her body. Then with a little, more that half of the pony cock buried there was resistance. "More!" Angel screamed, "I want more!" She pushed back and took another two inches or more. "Yes!" Angel gasped. "Fuck meee!" She screamed louder. Alonzo started humping his cock with long steady strokes. The feel of the thick cock drove Angel wild.

"Eeeeeeee! " She shrieked, slamming back on Al's cock. "More!" Eeeeeeee!" She sounded much like a horse whinnying. "On my God I'm going to…to…Eeeeeeee!" Her body shook in the throes of a massive orgasm. Then she fainted. When Angel came to, she was laying on the table dripping sweat with a stream of sperm running out of her pussy. She failed to get up the first try. Then with more effort, she managed to scoot off the table and sit with a plop on the dirt floor of the barn.

She saw Al prancing around the pasture in front of a line of pony mares with their heads over the fence. They all watched with rapt attention as he cavorted in front of them. Angel struggled to her feet then wobbled out of the barn.

Her pussy was sore and stretched. Al whinnied loudly and galloped over to her. "Thank you! " He shouted. "The mares are lining up for me to breed them." He stopped and looked Angel in the eye.

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"Are you sure you want me to breed you again?" He asked. "I have enough fillies to take up my time for days." Angel bit into an apple. "If you don't mind." She said thoughtfully, sitting against the barn in the shade.

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"I think we can forget about doing it again." She took another bite out of her apple. Alonzo bobbed his head in agreement. "Feel free to stop by later for more food." He leered, before dashing off to talk to the mares again.

To be continued………&hellip.?