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Engaged guy cheats with BBW
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"So it's a done deal right? No going back!", I said to Steffan. Steffan and I had drifted apart through the years. He was my second cousin who I used to prefer playing in family gatherings when we were younger.

"Yes, meet you up at nine a.m. sharp", he said in his smooth voice. There was always something unsettling about him; something I could not quite put a finger to. Steffan had always been a cute guy growing up. He had never come up short of admirers. He stood at around six feet, with a muscled body, and a lovely brooding eyes. When he talked to you, you felt like there was nobody else around.

He really paid attention and genuinely seemed to care. He was an obvious favorite in the family. Steffan had a different side to him however. He had a dark side. Somewhere in his darkest side, he hated the family. He was consumed with hatred for every living being.

He also believed in redemption. Rather than shying from his dark side, he embraced it. He had made it a point to really know himself. Needless to say, I found Steffan unique and edgy.

He was the sort of guy I would have ended up having a fatal crush on, if only he was not my cousin. I am not much of an ordinary girl but I hide in plain sight normally. It is only when I really choose to embrace my femininity do I come out looking like something.

I am five three, weigh around a hundred pounds and have long curly black hair with dark brown eyes. My measurement is 33-28-36, so most of the times I can hide my curves. I don't work out much but I have a nearly flat stomach.

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Most of the times, I just bun up my hair (not in the sexy way) and walk around in over sized t-shirt and jeans. However, I decided that for the weekend drive, I would try to look my best as it had been a while since I had tried to really put an effort on my looks and I figured my body needed a treat. So I spent a whole day in the parlor, feminizing myself up.

I don't know if it made me look any better or how many beauty procedures I attempted, but it sure did feel good. The next day, Steffan drove up to my house. I had decided to be a little brave as I was now twenty one and worn the shortest of my shorts, paired with an artfully torn tank top. I had actually applied some make up, a bit of eyeliner and gloss and taken five minutes to arrange my hair.

I knew I looked sexy. Steffan gave me a once over and raised his eyebrow. He looked like he disapproved but did not say anything. I put some of my luggage in the back and then we were gone. *** After around three hours of drive, we were both sweaty and thirsty and needed rest. Thankfully, just then a shop literally in the middle of nowhere popped up.

"I guess we should stop for a while", Steffan said. "I am not complaining", I said. He parked the car beside the road and got out. I had opened the passenger seat to retrieve my luggage.

Just then he called out,"You might wanna change into something a little comfortable while we are inside." I rolled my eyes and just followed him. Turns out the place was not really as isolated as we thought it was. It was not brimming with customers but it was not empty either. There was an Old Wild West music in the background and the guys looked like cowboys themselves. "Well, hello there.", one of them said. "Wanna grab a beer?", the bartender asked as I sat.

I just nodded and downed at least half the bottle at once. "Slow down a bit Cassy", my cousin said. He had just arrived from the restroom and had a beer in hand himself. "Weren't you driving?", I asked. "Just a bit really. Not planning on getting drunk", he said. "How about we finish a bottle each and take a carton to the car?", I asked.

"Nope, we are grown ups now. Not high school students", Steffan said quietly. "I thought this was supposed to be just us, being ourselves. Isn't that why we decided it was going to be just us? Are you still letting our family's no-drink rule get to you?", I said. I knew I had got to him before he placed the hundred dollars and asked for two carton beers, three bottle of wines and a vodka bottle.

"Just because you asked Cass", he said. Yeah, right! **** It was nearly evening, and with five hours of drive we were really exhausted.

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We had planned on sleeping by the road if no roadside inns came by the next two hours. Steffan was obviously exhausted and I was very drunk.

"Hell yeah baby! Do me like a hurricane", I screamed. "Rock me", Steffan corrected. "No thanks, you are my cousin", I said cheekily. His eyes darkened but he did not say anything. He passed me a bottle of water to drink. I soon passed out.

***** I woke up feeling a bit dazed. I didn't know where I was. It was pitch dark outside. Steffan was sleeping beside me. I stood up and checked my watch. It was two in the morning. So, Steffan must have found the inn.

I realized that I felt much more comfortable right now. I looked at myself. I.was now wearing a t-shirt and a loose long shorts. I hurriedly examined my inner wears. It had thankfully stayed the same. I got a little tingly thinking about Steffan changing my clothes, though the only emotion he must hag felt was annoyance. Just then he touched my forehead. I gave a small shriek. "Just checking for a fever", he said mildly.

"I'm fine thanks. Warn me before you sneak up on me like that", I said. "Warn me before you decide to pass out on your turn to drive the car", he said. I looked at him, furious.


He did not look angry though. He looked sad. "You used to be a bright girl. What happened to you? You were supposed to fight the family, not give in", he continued.

"I am not like this. I am sorry. Tod- yesterday is the first time in years that I have let myself go in nearly two years", I said and nudged against him. He did not pull away. He just held me in his arms and whispered, "I plan on getting to know you better. Just stop being whatever you were today. I know you are not this way." I leaned closer to him and then he was rocking me, like a baby.

Sometime in the next five minutes, I fell asleep again. ****** When I woke up, the sun was in the sky. I realized that Steffan still had his hands around my waist. I checked the watch in his hand. It was already nine! Our initial plan had been to start by eight.

I nudged him again, only he put his arms around me tighter and his face brushed up against my neck. I know: he was my cousin. He was off-limits. But I couldn't help savor the feeling. I squirmed a little and he just held tighter, moaning a bit.

All the while he was delightfully nuzzling my neck. Finally I shook myself from my reverie and dislodged myself from him. He woke up with a start and almost jumped a foot apart when he realized the awkwardness of the position we were sleeping in. Just like I had, he checked his watch and was soon moving at a lightning fast speed.

By nine thirty, we were on the road again. Today I took the wheel. ******* "What happened after you broke up with your boyfriend- whatshisname- Ass-sean-hole?",he asked further. "No, his name was Sean!", I said in between chortles. He had just started on a beer himself and loosened up a bit.

"Yeah, so did you do it with him?", he asked me. "Nope, didn't", I said. I saw an inn right by the road at a distance. I decided to stop for a quick meal.

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It was nearly twelve. "Hey, raven hair. Tired already?",he teased.

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"Goldilocks can stay in the car if she wishes", I taunted at him. He followed with the can.

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Just as we had finished ordering stuff, my cell phone rang. "Hey mom!


Yes, we are in Peters berg. No, we aren't drinking. Or doing weed. Yes, we are traveling carefully. No, he is not driving right now. I am.

Oh, OK. Wait for a sec." "She wants to talk to you!", I mouthed to Steffan. He gave me a let-the-boss-handle-it gesture and started, "Yes! Aunt Esmeralda. It is ok. The food is fine. I was wondering if we could extend the visit. Just a couple of days more. There was an interesting town just south of where we are driving. Yes, just three days more. Yeah it was her idea actually. Of course,I will take care of Cassy.

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Yes, thank you." He evilly grinned at me before he gave me back the phone.