Leila looks amazing in black lingerie and fishnet stockings but the sight of her being rammed by two

Leila looks amazing in black lingerie and fishnet stockings but the sight of her being rammed by two
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 12 MY FIRST NIGHT DATE - DECEMBER, 18th 2009. This was a very important day of my life. According to our application made to the registrar of marriage and their order, myself, my bf Ramesh, my parents, Ramesh's parents, my uncle and some close family friends/relatives, visited the marriage registrar's office in the morning.

My parents and in-laws were signed as witness and we have been declared WIFE AND HUSBAND by the registrar on exchanging the marriage ring there.

I was started feeling differently on becoming WIFE of my dream boy. I touched feet of my parents and in-laws on hearing my inner voice and received all the good blessings from them. My eyes were already heavy in respect of all and also due to shyness. I was wondering because I was always a bold girl and I was not expecting this change in me. My in-laws were very happy when I have touched their feet.

I could notice a lot of love for me in eyes of my in-laws like my own parents. After this, we all went to nearby hotel for lunch and from where we returned to our home. I would like to clear here that I returned with my parents as it was pre decided that I will go to my in-laws house only after marriage as per Hindu system.

But one thing was sure; I was feeling little change within myself. I was feeling little more mature and responsible. I was not able to keep my husband out of my mind and the same time I was thinking about my parents after my marriage. Of course, my uncle, my first lover was also occupying a part of mind and heart.

It was sure that I have to live away from my uncle and parents now. I wanted to have last love with my uncle at my home. But, he was very busy in making different arrangements for my marriage according to catholic and Hindu marriage on December 20th. DATE - DECEMBER 19TH, 2009. I was very busy since morning with my mom for last minute shopping.

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We returned to home afternoon and when we finished our evening tea, I saw my uncle coming to home and seem tired. After joining us for tea, he went to his room for a rest. I saw him in deep sleep and I too went for a nip. When I woke-up at about 7.00 pm., I was feeling fresh and I also found my uncle in fresh mood.

We all were together at dinner and I conveyed my message to uncle within eyes which he understood. I was taking shower before preparing myself for meeting with uncle for the last night sex game with him. While coming out of the bathroom in just a towel around my wet body, I saw uncle sitting on my bed waiting for me.

It was around 11.00 pm and I understood that he must have opened door of my room using the extra key with him. I locked the bathroom door from my room. (You are aware that we have a common bathroom between my room and my parent's room and it made easy for me to watch many times my parents making love) I run towards uncle leaving towel behind with some tears in my eyes. I was in grip of uncle's arms and he was also having some tears of love in his eyes.

We both remained in hugging position and silent for some time. I was completely naked and uncle was in his night dress. Then he took my face between his palms and wiped out my tears.

I also did the same thing to my lover uncle. Now, we were smiling a little bit. Finally, he broke the silence. He: so. I think, this is our last meeting as lovers. But you will remain my sweet heart forever. You know this. Me: Yes dear! You are my first love and I too remember you always. He: Julee.! I do not know whether I did wrong or right with you. But I know that I loved you. Me: Plz uncle! Do not start this topic again. I know only one thing. When I needed love, a true adult love, you were the person who provided me all the satisfaction and saved me from landing in wrong hands.

You remained unmarried only because of me. At this stage of life, I have a lot of love for you without any complaint. He: Oh dear! And he kissed me. I too contributed in kissing. As far as I remember, this is the first time in my life that I was not feeling sexy, horny and hot with uncle on the bed even though I was completely naked. I was feeling more love than sex. I removed uncle's night dress and we both were naked in the bed. To my surprise, Uncle was also not in sexy mood because I saw his cock in soft position.

He: Listen to me carefully darling! Now you are legally married and tomorrow you will be a married woman in social function too. We together enjoyed for about 14/15 years like good lovers. Now, at this point, I remind you again that we will not be having sexual relationship any more.

I will continue to love you but from tomorrow onwards, it will be from a real uncle. Me: I will follow your instructions and I too will love you like a daughter. Plz. plz. Do not feel guilty any time in your life because of our sexual relationship. You did not do all alone. I was also equal partner with my wish.

And I do not feel that we did anything wrong. Making each other happy can never be wrong. Now we had enough discussion on this. Stop this and start the favorite game last time between us.

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I was in the bed on my back and he was turned towards me keeping his leg on my legs. One of his hands moved under my back and he took both of my lips between his lips and started to suck them slowly. After some time, his lover lip was in between my lips and my upper lip was in between his lips.

We were in deep kiss and the heat started generating between us. My nipples have become hard and my pussy started to become wet. His cock started to be long and hard knocking my side. I did not know, but everything we doing were in soft and gentle attitude unlike wild actions before. He gently pumped my boobs while kissing and I hold his cock in my hand.

He was more active than me and I was enjoying this act. He shifted his mouth from my lips to my boobs. I was enjoying as always and he too was enjoying. At this point, there was nothing in my mind as it was some time earlier. I always enjoy sex without thinking much on it and I was once again doing the same thing.

His cock was in my grip and I was giving soft stroke treatment to it. Juices from my pussy have started to flow in full force and my nipples went hard and pink. I was completely ready for last fuck with my first lover and fucker uncle. He understood my need of immediate fuck. We both wanted to do it without wasting of time because we were already too hot and secondly, we needed to get up early next morning for my marriage in Church at 9.00 A.M.

He took position in between my widen legs and guided his long and strong cock on my pussy lips. Now his cock head was on my pussy door knocking the door. My eyes went close as always on feeling of his cock on my pussy door. He holds my boobs very gently and pushed his cock inside of my juicy pussy. As I was already too wet, half of his cock went straight in side without any problem. He pull out his cock a little bit and pushed it hard back in to my pussy.

It went in fully and I felt little pain as my pussy is tight because I take a lot of care to keep it tight in spite of a lot of fucking. He waited for few seconds to settle down cock in pussy and than started moving his back slowly and slowly.

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His cock was moving in and out. In and out in to my pussy giving me full pleasure by rubbing my clits with his cock. I was also supporting his strokes moving my back up and down matching with his strokes. Once again, sex game in my room with uncle is on but this was for last time.

Sexy music of fucking was coming to our ears by his rubbing the cock on inside pussy walls and touching our body with sexy strokes. Slow speed of stroking now becomes faster as usual and I started to develop pre orgasm pleasure. I have opened my eyes slowly and looked in to his eyes.

Uncle was looking at me with a lot of love in his eyes. I too became emotional. Speed of his fucking and stroking was very fast and a wave of pleasure was running through all over my body. I was near my finishing point and supporting in sex game up to full of my ability by moving my back up and down. My body has started becoming stiffer and stiffer for a strong orgasm. Uncle felt it and started to give hard strokes to give me a good and strong orgasm satisfaction.

I moved my back up and up and up and up and oh. Oh. what a pleasurable orgasm. I controlled myself from making loud sound in pleasure and hugged him tight. My whole body was shivering in pleasure and enjoyment.

I said in his ear " oh dear! Oh darling!! " He was on me in hugging position and I was in deep and strong orgasm with squeezing my pussy around his cock inside. We remained sometime in the same position. I knew that he is still in middle. He took his cock out of my pussy and moved up. I got my pleasure and now I wanted to take him up to his pleasure point. I kept my head on his belly and took his cock in to my mouth.

I tested my own juices from his cock .He was moving his hands on my naked back with a lot of love which I could feel clearly. I was giving him a blow job and at the same time, I was stroking his cock with my hand too. After some time, his cock was become stronger and I understood that he is near his Cumming. I hold his cock tightly and given hard strokes. He moved his back up and suddenly he fired his cum gun in to my mouth. I tried my best to take all of his cum in my mouth but some of it fell on his belly out of my mouth.

I cleaned his cock and belly by swallowing all of uncles testy cum. It was around 12.00 in the night and uncle was ready to go to his room with his night dress on his body again after a last but good fuck session with me. I was still naked because I love to sleep naked. I stood from bad and reached to uncle who was near the door. Uncle took my face in both of his palms and kissed on my forehead. He: Now onwards, I will kiss you on your forehead only and will love you like my child.

Me: I will remember your love for rest of my life. He: O.K. dear! Good night!! Sweet dreams. Me: Good night uncle. He: Good night my little baby. And he went to his room. I was lying on my bad and thinking about all the good time with uncle. DATE: DECEMBER 20TH, 2009[/b] (To keep the matter short, I am not writing marriage procedures in details) [b]MORNING: We all were at the Church for my marriage according to Catholic system.

I was in white Gown (specially prepared for marriage) and my hubby Ramesh was in light brown suit.

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He was looking very handsome and once again, I was proud on myself on my choice. I am thankful to my in-laws and husband for agreeing to my dad's request for marriage according to catholic system too. Only closed relatives and closed family friends from both the sides were invited to attend this function.


We have exchanged our wedding rings in front of Father and we were declared husband and wife by Father. We both again took blessings of elderly peoples and returned to home for preparation of the Marriage in the evening according to Hindu system. EVENING: I was wearing red Sari with lot of work on it and every one said that I was looking beautiful. My husband was in cream color suit and was looking handsome as always.

Like morning, this function was also attended by limited invitees. My head was covered with Sari and we were sitting in front of holy fire and the Hindu priest was guiding us with holy mantras.

We took round of the holy fire to become husband and wife according to Hindu system. It took about two hours to complete the marriage procedures and again we took blessings of the elderly peoples. NIGHT: MY FIRST NIGHT. I reached at my in-law's house along with my husband; my in-laws and some closed relatives form in-law's side. There was a warm and lovely welcome for me and I was gifted with a lot of items. My mom-in-law has given me different types of ornaments of gold and diamonds to wear.

I was feeling very happy to see love of my mom-in-law and dad-in-law. My dad-in-law told me to call them mom and dad hereafter and put his hand on my head and awarded me with a lot of good wishes and blessings. I received such a treatment that I was not feeling new to this family.

At about 11.30 in the night, I was guided by some of their young female relatives to the bedroom for my first night. They all were laughing and telling me different jokes about first night and I was smiling to hear such lovely things. My bedroom was a big bedroom with king sized bed covered with different types of flowers, Two big sofas were there along the wall, a dressing table and big wardrobe and a tea table on which sweets and other eatable and drinkable materials were lying.

I was guided up to the bed and after that all females went out with sweet laugh. I was alone in the room sitting on the bed in red Sari with a lot of jewels and ornaments on different parts of my body, waiting for my husband to start a new life with him. My wait was over soon and he entered in the bedroom. Although he was not new for me but I do not know, I was shying and looking at him from corner of my eyes.

He turned and locked the door. I was excited but he was looking completely normal. He reached up to me and put his hand under my chin to lift my face. He was not new to me but I do not know, I was feeling shy to look up to him. He : you are looking beautiful in Sari.

I could not speak anything. It is true that we had sex many times before marriage but this situation was special for me. Actually, I have short of words to express my feelings.

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I was feeling that I am meeting first time to him. He sits before me and took my hands in his hand. You all are aware that I am a very frank, open and a sexy girl, but at this turn of the life, I was feeling like a typical Indian newly married girl first time alone with her husband for the first night. I was shying which I never experienced before. After some times, he put his hot lips on my shriving lips and I was in heaven by experiencing first kiss from my husband.

We finished a deep and long kiss. He: Julee. you are looking like that you are meeting with me first time. You are shying like a typical Indian girl.

But I like it my dear. Me: I do not know dear! But since I took rounds of holy fire holding your hand in my hand, and the beautiful treatment, respect and warm welcome received here is made me so happy and this change in my behavior may be due to that.

He: You know Julee., mom was telling me that Julee does not look like a open Christian girl. She looks like a simple Hindu girl and I like this. I was so happy to hear that comments of my mom-in-law about me. Actually, sometimes I was thinking and worried that how I can adjust myself in my in-laws house after marriage. But the nice behavior of my parents-in-laws made it so easy for me that I have no words to express.

Hope, my friends and readers will understand my feelings. He started to move his hands over my body with a lot of love and as always, I started to feel hot, horny and sexy by his touch on my body. I was wearing a lot of jewelry on my body and he understood that meeting of two bodies was not possible with them.

He started to remove heavy and bulky jewels from my body slowly and one by one. I too helped him to remove the jewelry from my body and kept the same on the side table. Some small jewels remained on my body which will not be going to be any hurdle in our sex act. When he put his hand on my Sari, I told him to off the light and he was surprised to hear this from my mouth because he knows that I like sex in full light.

He did not tell anything and put the tube light off by keeping a blue light bulb on. Once we felt darkness but the light of night bulb was sufficient for us to see everything in the room.

He removed my Sari, blouse and petticoat. I was on the bed having only pink bra and pink panty on my body in the blue sexy light. Now it was my turn to make him undress. I removed his suit and other cloths and he was before my eyes only in his underwear on.

He was looking so handsome and sexy as always. He took me in his arms and we were sleeping on the bed facing each other in a tight hug position. My boobs and tight nipples were pressing against his hairy chest and his fully erected, long, hard, thick and hot cock was touching and stroking on my belly which given me a pleasure full feelings.

We were involved in many fucks together before this but this was my first with him being a wife and I was excited. He loosened his grip a bit and has started to move his hands on my back making me hotter and wet. I could feel wetness between my leg joints and he too made my tummy little wet with his pre cum discharge.

He was more active than me and I was on seventh sky enjoying his company. Me: Darling! You know that I am not a virgin wife. But as told you before, my ass is still virgin for you.

I wish to offer my virgin ass to you on our first night. He pumped my ass rounds and said - He: I know my dear. But you are not much aware about this ass fucking sex. Even I also do not have any experience of anal sex but I have learned it from Internet that it will be so painful for the first time. Me: I am ready to bear the pain for you my darling and I wish that you take virginity of my ass on this first night. He: OK dear! You are mine. Your whole body is mine and obviously your ass is also mine.

But we have to take a lot of care to avoid any infection and also to enjoy it fully. You have to clean the passage and it should be well lubricated. I wish to keep your word and I accept your gift of virgin ass to me tonight. If you agree, we will do it for a little time with condom and will do it fully on our honey moon trip without condom because a lot of things are available there and we can do it without condom. Me: OK darling! I agree. I am happy that you will at least have my virgin ass on first night.

He stood up and walked naked up to ward robe and picked a pack of condom. He kept it on side table and we were again in deep love making by creasing, pumping, kissing and licking.

He took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck them like child want milk from it. I got hold of his strong cock and was playing with it because the cock is my favorite toy to play. His cock was becoming harder and harder as always and we both were feeling sexy. He kept a pillow under my back and I was excited to understand that now opening ceremony of my virgin ass gift to my hubby will be done by him.

He put the condom on his cock and has applied some cream on my tight ass hole. He: You have a very small hole my dear and it will be little difficult for you have mine inside. Me: Do not worry darling! I will bear the pain. You just do it with love. He: OK! Relax it so I can go ahead. I have relaxed the opening of my ass and he was applying cream inside of my ass hole using his finger. I was feeling the cold cream inside my ass. He had applied a lot of cold cream on and inside of my ass hole and also on his condomed cock.

My legs were apart and pillow under my back was giving him a perfect look of my ass hole and I was in a perfect position to take his cock inside of my virgin ass.

He was sitting on his knees between my legs holding his cock in his hand. He put tip of his cock on my well creamed ass hole. It was a great and unexplainable sexy feeling and sensation which shrink and tightened my ass hole again. He: Relax it darling! I again relaxed it. He: Here I go darling!! Keep it relaxed. And he pushed his cock on my ass hole.

I could felt tip of his cock head between openings of my ass. There was no pain. He pushed his cock again but this time little harder and he was right, there was a pain and I felt his cock head inside of my ass. He understood it and stopped pushing. He started to play with my clean shave pussy. He was moving his fingers between my wet pussy lips and making me more wet by touching my clits and g-spot.

My pain eased and he pushed his cock again and this time more pain and a part of his cock was inside my ass. He was continued to play with my pussy. I was feeling that my ass hole walls will be torn with his thick and strong cock but there was also a different type of never before experienced pleasure.

He: Darling! I will push half only so that you will enjoy it without much pain. He again pushed hard and this time half of his cock was inside of my ass. I was feeling a lot of pain this time on opening of ass hole and I moved my hand up to my ass hole. First, I touched his hard cock. It was half inside and half outside. Then I touched my ass hole. My fingers were wet with cold creams.

I looked my fingers in shining blue light and I surprised to see little blood mixed with cold cream on my finger but I did not tell him anything about bleeding.

There were tears in my eyes due to pain which I wiped out immediately. His cock was resting inside my ass and he was playing pith my pussy, this time with in and out action of his finger in my pussy. I could feel that when his finger going inside of my pussy, it was feeling his cock inside of my ass.

In other words, his cock inside of my ass was feeling touch of his finger in to my pussy, on the other side of wall. What a great feeling. Although, I was experiencing pain but I was also enjoying pleasure of having half of his cock inside of my ass with his finger doing in and out action in to my pussy. After some time, when I was nearing to my orgasm with his finger fucking, He stopped finger fucking and kept his finger deep inside of my pussy. He: I will try to take you up to destination with other method this time.

Are you ready my dear? Me: Yes dear!

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He: Are you feeling pain? Me: Not much darling! You may continue.


He pulled his cock out a bit and again pushed it back inside. His finger was still deep inside of my pussy. He did it again and again. Now pain was not so much and I was enjoying a never before pleasure of ass fucking. Gradually, he increased his speed and his cock was moving in and out of my ass without much problem.

I was feeling touch of his finger and cock both on different side of a wall inside me. His cock was touching his finger inside of my pussy on the other side of the wall. I cannot explain my feelings that time because I have no words to explain. I started to develop my orgasm which he noticed and started moving his finger again in and out of my pussy with his action of cock in and out in my sexy ass.

He was still fucking my ass with his half of dick pushing inside. My body was started to stiffen before orgasm which prompted him to increase his speed of finger in pussy and cock in ass. You all are aware that he is sexually very strong and always gives me minimum two orgasms in his one go. All of the sudden I experienced never before orgasm which I believe is due to both my pussy and ass being fucked together.

It was like two guys fucking me together. I have tightened my legs together and my ass hole went tight again. About half of his cock was still lying in my ass and we were still.

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying a very very special pleasure. He removed his cock out of my ass and has noticed some blood on the condom. He: Oh darling! I have damaged your ass.

Is there much pain? Me: No dear! It is more pleasure than the pain. It is OK. He removed condom from his cock and kept it under the side table to be thrown out later and have cleaned my ass and pussy with tissue paper. He also applied some antiseptic cream on and in my ass hole. I was feeling some swelling on my ass but it was nothing looking to the pleasure I am experiencing. I was ready for another fuck to make my loving hubby cum in to my pussy.

His long and naked cock was in to my pussy from behind and he was pumping my boobs with a wonderful fucking. One of his hands reached on to my boob from under and other was above my arm.

I was completely in his grip like hug from behind. His back was moving and I also trying to match his strokes by moving my back and ass. As always, a sexy sound and music of fucking was coming to our ears whenever our body touches by in and out action of his cock in to my sexy and juicy pussy.

I already had one orgasm and he was reaching closer to his first cum pleasure. He was so excited and I was very happy that he was fucking me very hard and wildly in a very good speed and strong strokes. I was feeling his cock touching deep inside of my pussy with his every stroke. I have started developing another orgasm but he was not seems to near his first cum. I squeezed my pussy to give him more pleasure and to take him up to destination with me.

My body have started to be stiff again and this action was indicated him to increase his speed. I was moaning in pleasure and I experienced another very strong orgasm but he was still in between. I was finished but he was in the middle of his act. He: Wait for me darling! I am reaching soon. I started to co operate again in his strokes and suddenly he hugged me tight and stopped stroking.

His cock was in deep of my pussy and I could feel his powerful cum spry in to my pussy. His warm cum was coming out of his dancing cock and I was very happy to have and give full fucking pleasure. We remained in the same position for some time enjoying our fucking we had. I could feel that his cock have started to become soft after some time and I wanted to have his soft cock in to my mouth as I always love to suck soft cock.

His cock was becoming softer and softer.

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In this process, it was started to coming out of my pussy. We changed our position once again and he was lying on his back. I was on him in 69 position and his soft cock was already in to my mouth and I was enjoying sucking it. I have tested my own juices and also his salty cum on sucking his soft cock fully inside of my mouth. Soon it was cleaned. On the other side, my pussy lips were in between his lips and he was kissing them like my mouth lips. I was on my knees near his ears and I was pushing my pussy on his mouth.

He was completely in my grip. His cock has started becoming longer again like air is going inside a balloon. It was not possible to keep his full cock in to my mouth. It was becoming harder and harder, bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, longer and longer, thicker and thicker and no need to write, hotter and hotter.

Now, I was sucking his cock head by pulling down his cock head skin. I was enjoying his pink cock head and he had inserted his tongue inside of my pussy.


Oh my god! Once again, it was a great feeling by his skillful tongue fucking my pussy. I was aware that he is having more stamina than me and it was not easy to make him cum, but I was using all of my experience and skill to make him cum inside of my mouth as early as possible.

I knew that I will reach and will be finished soon before and earlier than him. Our oral sex was in full swing and I have finished once again and have pushed my juicy puss on his mouth with another discharge orgasm.

It was difficult for him to breath and I have changed my position to sit near him. Now I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it up and down, up and down holding it tight. He was far away from his cum but I was trying hard.

In between the strokes, I was taking his cock head in to my mouth also to make easier him to cum early. I have increased speed of stroking like a piston movement and after some time, I feel that he will be reaching soon. I took his cock as much as possible in deep of my mouth and was stroking hard.

I could feel that his cock head was swelling and it was becomes more stiff. Suddenly, he had lifted his back and fired his cum gun in to my mouth and I took most of his cum inside me and sucked his cock to clean it. We both were feeling tired by hard fucking. We were in hugging position and were talking lovingly. I do not know when we were gone sleep while talking in out birthday suit. I realized some voices in the house and looked towards wall clock. It was 6.45 in the morning.

He was still in deep sleep with a smile on his lips. He must be in a lovely dream. His cock was in erect position and I could not stop myself from kissing his cock. I kissed his cock and then kissed his lips. He opened his eyes and gave me a return good morning kiss. I jumped from the bed for bathroom and made myself ready to face my new family members at my in-law's hose on very first morning in my new home. He was again in sleep.

I woke him up and sent him to bathroom and have opened the door of our bedroom. His two cousin sisters were waiting outside of our bed room. They inside and hugged me one by one and I was very happy to receive their love. Suddenly one of them hugged me again and said;" Sis-in-law! I cannot believe that you were virgin in spite of a long love relationship with brother.

" I did not understand her meaning and looked at her. She was pointing out her finger towards blood spots on white bed sheet. She was unaware that those blood spots were from my virgin ass and not from my pussy. She was smiled and I was also smiled looking down on the floor. Julee