Big Dildo Fuck And Much Cum Eating

Big Dildo Fuck And Much Cum Eating
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Dusk was beginning to take hold on the slightly bustling streets of this quiet neighborhood. Children played on the side of the road and in the front yards of the small modern homes, the sun slowly setting behind the mountains to the west of the small suburb.

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Temperatures slowly cooling off as night approached and engulfed the landscape, setting an altogether quiet and peaceful mood for the night, something I have longed for. I pulled into the driveway of my humble abode, smiling softly as I realized my hard day of slaving at work was finally over, and could once again return to the warm confines of my home, and her.

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I worked my way towards the front door, twisting the worn handle and stepping inside. Already I could smell the wonderful aromas of my beloveds cooking, knowing she had been waiting for me.


I smiled at that notion, how much I cared for Rhianna, how much she made me smile at even the smallest things she would do for me, she was my love and I'd never let her go. Walking through the door, I call out her name. Putting down my breifcase I feel her embrace me from behind.At once my body both relaxes and spikes.This is the sensation I have around her.Savoring her arms wrapped around me I lean down and kiss the back of her hand.She is here with me and the rest of the world quietly recedes.

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Slowly turning, I press her arm against my chest so as not to break the hold she has on me.Seeing those blue eyes that have followed my dreams melt away the distance and I bury my face in her neck. Pulling apart briefly we come together in a kiss.Timidly at first as if our lips must become reacquainted.But the longing quickly breaks through as my tongue tastes her once again. Going underneath a silk blouse my hands wrap around her breasts finding nipples that are taut and full.A moan escapes as I pinch down on that firm nipple, rolling it between my fingers.Both of us are already breathing heavy as she takes my hand and leads us upstairs to the bedroom.

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In an instant I can see that she has been anticipating this evening as well.Candles are burning in every corner of the room and I recognize a sexy R & B CD playing softly in the background.Eagerly she pulls my sweater over my head and immediately her mouth is sucking my breast. My knees feel weak and I push her back onto the bed climbing on top.We kiss long, hard and deep.It feels like every nerve in my body is firing as I undress her first with my eyes and then with my hands.Kissing each part of her body as it is exposed.Tasting her with my tongue, my hands caressing her shoulders, her back and those breasts.

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She reaches up and unbuttons my jeans, one button at a time as I watch.Her fingers find their way in and I want to scream for her to please touch me.Instead, I pull off her slacks and then discard my jeans.Now both naked, in the flickering candle light I lay down on top of her and press my thigh between her legs as I whisper how much I've missed this us. The sticky, slick wetness that greets my thigh lets me know that she is wanting me as much as I want her.I slide my leg down and back up so that her clit rubs against my skin.Just as wet, I'm afraid my juices are dripping everywhere.We embrace and I let my hand slip down between her legs.As I finger her clit, another finger presses inside.Her hips rise up to push my hand in further and I can feel the walls of her vagina squeezing me.

Then she reaches up and pulls a black, leather harness along with a double ended dildo from under the pillow.We both smile and I get up on my knees so she can strap the harness on me.Inserting the dildo into the harness she teases me for a bit before sliding the hard rubber end into my vagina. There is no need for lubrication. Snapped in I'm ready and so is she.I grab her wrists in one hand and press them over her head as I straddle her hips.Letting the tip of the dildo rest against her pubic mound I press back and forth, teasing her with the movement.I grab some lube and smooth it all around her crotch.

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Locking her eyes with mine reaching down I let my fingers guide the dildo into her.Slipping inside I push deep and then draw it back out only to plunge in hard and fast again and again. Her eyes close as I lose her to the joy of being fucked.To heighten the stimulation I kiss her breast and nibble all around the nipple.

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Listening to her moans is driving me over the edge.With each thrust into her my own body feels the pleasure of our love.Wanting to make her scream, I flip her over and reposition so that I can enter her from behind.The dildo rubs against her G-spot and our hips move in unison as she reaches the edge of her passion.I can tell she's coming close to an orgasm and I bite down on her neck while squeezing a breast in each hand.Pounding into her over and over, until she cries out in the sound of ecstasy and her body collapses.

We lay there, together spent in our passion.The sweat mingling with our juices, our bodies slide against each other.I hold her in my arms enjoying the sensation of our closeness.Once again, she has stopped the world from turning and given me a part of her beauty, a piece of her heart.