Ebony Vixen Moriah Mills Enjoys Getting Dicked Down

Ebony Vixen Moriah Mills Enjoys Getting Dicked Down
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I was awakened by the strong vibration of my phone. I looked up at the alarm clock and wondered who could be texting me at 2:43 am. The text immediately caused my panties to moisten. - " im in your neighborhood, ill be parked outside your house in 15 mins.

Dont leave me waiting, and dont wear any panties. You know what i want" I hadn't spoken to shane in nearly 4 months. We were never a couple, but the sex was always amazing. There's something about him that i just cant seem to resist. I turned over to make sure my boyfriend Daniel was still asleep. This was so wrong. I had been faithful Daniel for our entire relationship although we've only been together for 2 months.

I quietly slipped out of bed and walked over to my bedroom window. I saw shane's black mercury parked outside. My body turned hot.

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I quietly walked over to my drawer. I slipped out of my pajama pants and shirt and wrapped myself in a black silk robe. I looked over at Daniel one last time then headed out of the room.

By the time i stepped out of my front door shane was standing outside of his car smoking a cigarette. I nervously walked over to him. My body missed everything about him and i wondered if he could notice just by the look on my face. Shane locked eyes with me and licked his lips. "Mph! Girl you get sexier every time i see you." "Glad you like what you see.

But shane why did you have to come over so late?" "You know the beast comes out of me when the sun goes down." "I know" I giggled "So tell me how much you missed me sexy" Just then, I looked down at his grey sweatpants and nearly dropped to my knees at the sight of his rock hard dick. I wanted to feel it. NOW. "So you just gonna stand there and stare at it all night or you gonna bend that ass over for daddy?" I loved it when shane called himself daddy. It's the things he say to me like this that makes him so irresistible to me.

He had me wrapped tightly around his finger. And he knew it.

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I went to open his car door as i assumed we would do the deed there. But shane quickly grabbed my wrist to stop me. "You know me better than that Tasha. Im feeling extra freaky tonight and this car isn't going to satisfy my needs.

Get your ass in the fucking house" "But shane my boyfriend is in there asleep, we cant do that" "I said get your ass in the fucking house" Without another word i lead shane into my house.

Our feet were barely in the door before shane picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He shoved his long tongue in my mouth and kissed me as if i was his wife.

I ran my hands across his muscly arms as he slid one hand under my gown and rubbed my wet pussy. "No panties. Just how i like it" Shane threw me on my living room couch, untied my gown and exposed my hard nipples and neatly shaven pussy. Shane quickly buried his face in my wet pussy. This is what i love about shane. He isn't the type to waste time or focus on foreplay.not that it was needed, as my pussy got wet from the sight of his face.

"Uhhhh oh gosh! Shane " i moaned quietly so that Daniel wouldn't hear me.

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Shane slide his big tongue up and down my swollen clit which made my thick brown legs shake uncontrollably. "God dammit! Shane please, please dont make me scream. Im gonna cum" just then shane pulled his face away from my pussy and kissed me. I loved the way my juices tasted on his lips. He kissed me deeply and he slid his raw dick into me. We never used condoms as i was always sure to tale my pills. "Oh fuck!" I shouted as shane slammed his hard 10 inches into me.

We fucked on my couch for about 4 minutes before shane lifted me up and carried me toward the stairs. "Shane where are you taking me?" "To your bedroom" "No!

Shane please my boyfriend is asleep in there" Ignoring my plead, shane continued to my bedroom. Once inside he bent me over my drawer and slammed into my pussy once again. I watched Daniel sleep through the mirror on my drawer as Shane pounded my pussy. Controlling my moans were almost impossible so a few squeals escaped from my mouth with each stroke.

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Shane was here fucking me hard in front of my sleeping boyfriend. The room was quiet besides the sounds of shane's balls slapping against my clit and my pussy farting like crazy. "What's my name?" I shook my head "What's my fucking name?" I knew if i didn't answer then shane would only fuck me harder.

"Daddy." I managed to whisper.

"Louder" "Daddy." I couldn't take it anymore. I was going to cum on shane's hard dick. And I couldn't control my moans.


Shane began to fuck me harder and harder. And my pussy began to squirt, wetting up my bedroom floor. The sounds of my farting pussy got louder, and so did the sounds of shane's balls slapping. The drawer began to slam against the wall and i could no longer control myself. "UGHH!!! Ohhhhhh shit!!! Shane!! Fuck me! Ohhhhh goshh! Yes! Yes ! Yesss!!!!" My boyfriend Daniel jumped up in the bed and looked over at us fucking. I looked at him through the mirror.

The look of pain and hurt in his eyes was intense. I wanted to run over and comfort him but shane was still pounding away at my pussy. I was cuming. I was cuming and moaning while my boyfriend laid there devastated. "Shit shane! Im cuming! Ohhhh dammit!" Shane filled my pussy with his warm cum and slowly pulled out. At that moment i came back to my senses and turned to Daniel. "Baby i can explain" but before i could say anything, Daniel was already out of the bed getting dressed and ready to go.

I cried. Why would i be so stupid?


Shane was already gone. This was none of his concern as he didn't give a damn about me. I ran after Daniel down the stairs, he continued out the door without saying a word to me. And that was the last time i had ever heard from him. It hurt. As for shane, he texted me 2 days later for another session, and of course i accepted.