Public Store Fitting Room Cock play

Public Store Fitting Room Cock play
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Melody was a very sexy woman and enjoyed all things carnal. She got off on the sexual attention of men and she knew just how to get it from the way she dressed, to the way she walked, to the way she spoke, she definitely knew how to turn men on. One day she was shopping in a grocery store when she caught the attention of a guy.

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She was looking at the frozen foods when he walked by her, then he walked by again and she could see in the reflection in the glass that he was checking her out from behind, he was looking right at her perfect tight high round sexy ass in her tight low-rider jeans.

That always went right to her pussy when a sexy guy looked at her ass. He then came back yet again, but stood near the other frozen food cases behind her and he just stood and looked her up and down. She was feeling horny so she decided to bend down, knowing that her shirt would ride up in the back and her thong's t-bar in the back would be shown above the top of her jeans. She saw him smiling a horny grin, this made her pussy get soo wet and warm. She quickly got up and walked away, she knew he was going to follow and he sure did.

She stood looking at the cleaning products in the next aisle, he walked right up to her and stood next to her. He did not say anything, but as she looked out of the corner of her eye she was amazed to see a bulge really sticking out of his pants from the side.

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First she thought maybe he had his wallet or something big shoved in his pocket, but she pretended she was looking at the products on his right, so she looked there and down at his zipper and knew that was his cock in his pants, his hard cock. She walked to the next aisle and he followed again, this time he smiled and said hi she smiled back and greeted him. He came closer to her and asked if she knew of any good motels in the area.


She said, "There's the Marbel Inn, that's a good one." "You go there often?" he asked. Feeling very horny and quite brave she said, "Yes when I want a good fuck." He heard that and grinned and shook his head in disbelief and got closer and looking from side to side making sure no one was looking he positioned himself behind her and bending his knees, he was taller than her, he pushed his hard on in his pants against her ass and rubbed it up and then down, and up and down and up and down and pulled back.

"You think I could give you a good fuck?" he asked as Melody was trembled and her pussy wettened and heated up. She turned to look at him, her full breasts covered in her tight stretchy light blue blouse, her nipples saluting him in horny lust and she said, "I have a feeling you could." "Well let's make that feeling a reality." he said as he grinned a white sexy toothy smile.


Melody was so fucking horny after having that stranger's hard cock feel her ass, that she smiled and said, "Let's go." They walked out of that store high on their horniness, both of their mouths were watering, his dick was stiff and eager to feel the silk of her pussy, her pussy was wet and hot ready to get a good thrusting from his cock, they were electrified with lust and desire for each other.

He decided to drive, she offered to give directions, he smiled and said he knew exactly where it was, this made Melody feel even hornier. As they drove he rubbed her thigh and she just lightly brushed her slender hand over his package as it bulged and strained to get released from his pants. He paid for the room and they entered. He kissed her and held her close to him by just holding her asscheeks and pulling her very very tight against him.

She felt his ramrod hard dick against her pussy and she was drooling out lube. He knew it and said, "I know your pussy is ready for a good hard fucking, I know my cock wants to taste your pussy. I know your pussy is wet and I know you are tight!" and he walked her backwards to the bed.

He started stripping her quickly in a very lusty manner, he was not hiding the fact he wanted to unwrap her and see all of her goodies. He untied her sandals and quickly took them off. Off went her shirt, thrown to the floor, then her bra, he quickly unclasped the straps and pulled it completely off, that too thrown to the floor.

He smiled at her sexy tits, all round and high and perfect they almost looked like they were drawn on they were so nice, tight areolea pinched tight around her hard nipples, he wanted to see if they were puffy but she was so excited that they were shrunken up and tight. He got up and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and whipped out his hard cock, he just left it there, all stiff, all purple red as he frantically unbuttoned, unzipped and yanked her tight jeans down, her thong came partway down as well.

His hard on was bouncing as he was moving fast, this was turning Melody on so much. He threw her pants off to the side of the bed and then he pulled off her thong.

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He took his pants and underwear completely off, she saw his reddish blonde long pubes and his nice hard veiny thickish dick. He took off his shirt, he was thin and wiry, very sexy. He first licked at Melody's pussy, "I wanna taste you baby!" he said as he licked at her.

"Damn not only do you look fine you taste fine!" he declared as he lapped up her juices. He quickly flipped her over, "Yeah that's what first got my attention!" he said as he rubbed her perfect ass.

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"Shit that ass could make a grown man beg and cry!" He just kept rubbing her silky soft smooth ass skin over and overhis handswere a little rough so it felt sexy to Melody and his hands were feeling that soft skin and it made his dick happy. He pulled her ass up by her hips causing her to kneel her ass and pussy right in his face and he worked on her pussy from behind.Her knees were getting wobbily and she told him.

"Push your knees together he said she did and now all he saw was her ass cheeks, her ass crack, her pink, wet, girly pussy lips and her thighs, he needed to fuck her or his dick was going to burst.

He got behind her and kneeling he pushed his cock right in her slit using his hips to move it forward; like a heat-seeking missle, that hard cock found its target and entered her tight pussy hole. They both moaned at the first sexy sensation of his dick getting into her wet hot tiny hole.

In and out he fucked her coochie, but shallow fucks, headers you could callthose thrusts, he was only gettting his head and a tiny part of his shaft in and then quickly out over and over, it was sexually toturing them both, because they wanted more but this short fucking felt hot too. He was preparing her pussy for his length, he was long and he knew she was petite so he did not want to hurt her sweet little pussy, but the hard fucking that was to follow shortly, once he felt her inner silk was ready.

He suddenly pulnged his full cock in, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Melody moaned.

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"Ohhhh that feels so fucking good, fuck me, baby, uck me good!" now he was deep in her pussy and his groin was against her ass and his balls were against those puffy pussy lips, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, her pussy said as he fucked her over and over, he fucked her and he rubbed and squeezed her ass cheeks and hips and even ran his hands up to her narrow waist and held it tight as he rammed her horny pussy into submission to his dominant cock. He came pretty fast, but he knew he'ld be hard again soon enough so he pulled out after his cum had douched her pussy, he did a nice slow pull out watching her juicy pussy pulse at the sensation.

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He flipped her over and started sucking on her tits. Over and over he sucked on one nipple tugging it out long and then he'ld work on the other, back and forth he went, nibbling, light biting and tugging while he had his knee pressed into her pussy and he was letting her hump it, getting it all slippery from her pussy.

Her clit was on fire! Before long he was hard again, this time it looked even bigger, angrier, hornier.


He pushed her on her side and side fucked her pussy, slow in the lips fucks, in and out he felt her slippery pussy massaging his cock, damn her pussy was so hot for his cock, she was in ecstasy feeling him masterfully glide in and out of her hungry for him, pussy.

He pulled out, pushed her roughly on her back and fucked her face to face this way was the hardest fucking yet he slammed and spanked her pussy with his lower body and cock she was moaning, the bed springs were creaking almost like they were being fucked.

She was spreading her thighsletting him know he was the pussy master. He was hitting her so deep inside of her pussy, that she feeling sensations like she had never before and she felt like she had to pee and she told him. He said he wanted to watch. She agreed, got up off the bed and he followed behind her, they were on their way to the bathroom and he was stroking his cock and rubbing her ass ahead of him when she saw it.

"How about if I pee here?" she asked as she pointed to a glass table, a glass table that had a channel around the edge of it. "Shiiiit! You piss on that and I lay underneath?" he asked in a very passionate tone.

"Great minds think alike." Melody said.

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He layed under the table as Melody straddled it it was a narrow, but long table. He laid there his dick sticking straight up in the air, looking like it was eager to witness this sexy display and it wanted to see it pronto! Melody stood legs wide open, his face was directly under her, he looked up seeing her pussy lips and ass crack and he smiled as that ass and pussy were lowered down more and more until they were mere inches above the glass, he stared at that ass and pussy, a pussy that was mighty red and swollen and juicy looking.

He was stroking his cock and then she released a tiny thin faintly golden stream of pee over his glass protected face, she heard him saying, "Fuck yeah! Piss baby piss out of that beautiful pussy! Come on let me see it!" Fucking hot! Yeah make that pussy hole pucker as you piss!" and he was jerking his dick frantically as she pissed,he was stroking and pumping his fat cock seeing that erotic show she was putting on for him, she could stop mid stream, her piss hole closing, so just a few drops dripped out, he would moan when she did thatnot only was she pissing but her pussy was lubing up like crazy, he was licking his lips eyes rivited to that pussy anticipating the next release and he was not disappointed, her pussy lips parted like a rose opening to the sun and her little piss hole opened puckered and then more thin very pale yellow liquid came out, the sound was sexy, "pssssssssssss pssssss pssss" short thin sounds of pee.

He couldn't hold back and he came he shot a load of cum on the glass she saw it shoot out of his dick head and splat on the glass a huge glob of white goo, it sat there for a few seconds then gravity took over and it plopped back down on him, he was still jerking his cock stroking his shaft as Melody sat ass and pussy squished on the glass and she just moved herself around over his back and forth making her ass and pussy distort into a very sexy shapeone that got him horny as hell.

He laid there his heart pumping like he was going into cardiac arrest and then she rose up, her ass and pussy as suctioned slightly to the glass so they both moaned she at thesensation he at the vision. She walked over to the bed and he quickly followed. She laid on her tummy and he laid the full length on her back, part of his upper chest his neck and face over her shoulder, his chest against her back, his pelvis, groin and cock against her sexy ass which she caused to stick out more by arching her back, his thighs over the back of her thighs and the rest of his legs over the becks of her legs, he totally covered her like a human flesh blanket and they humped, bare sensitive skin against bare senstive skin over and over their skin heated up each other's.

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He felt her unbelievably silky, soft, feminine, smooth, hot flesh and she felt his soft but hairy, masculine warm skin.They just felt each other's bodies, heartbeats ands breaths. Now who says a grocery store is not a great pick up place?