Wild Brunette Babe Family Roleplay

Wild Brunette Babe Family Roleplay
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A last check around the house,everything was ready,everything in place.I loved this house,I had been fortunate buying it in Clapham before the market went insane.It had been an early suggestion of Robs',to invest in something that didn't disappear up my nose.At that time I partied hard,played hard.Twenty five and still running.

Now I had my little oasis,others thought it odd we did not live together,but he knew how important it was that I could lock the door.Then there was the fact he always joked he was insufferable to live with.In my experience that's why most relationships founder,people don't accept they are not a dream companion twenty four hours a day,seven days a week.

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So he had his place,I had mine,and we still shared more than the average husband and wife would ever dream of.Today was a prime example. A few years earlier we had discovered I could never have children,scarring,a reminder of unpleasant episodes in my life.We had mourned,moved on,but one dark night he forced me to confess my disappointment,the secret dream I had held hidden.Unable to bear his children he had devised this way of doing things instead.It worked,and all in all was a more realistic scenario.

The scenario?Well if I could not offer him a daughter,I could do the next best thing. I looked at the clock,it was time to go,calling Holly I clipped the lead to her collar."Come on Holly,we are going for a drive"Her ears perked up.She loved the car,would sit happily for hours,her wet black nose poking out into the fume filled traffic.Supposedly dogs have a better sense of smell than us,no one seems to have told Holly that.

Parking at Victoria ,was as usual, awful.I ended up on a meter,feeding it pound coins in anticipation of a long wait.This was not the day to get a parking ticket.Once in the station I sat quietly,the rush of people,arriving,parting,hugging,swearing.Some lost in music,others focused ,striding ahead.As always I started inventing lives for them.It was a hang over from my working days.This one a doctor with a guilty secret.That one a caring for a sick wife.

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I bent down and scratched holly between the ears.She was patient ,as I was,but this wasn't the ideal environment for a dog .Watching the passengers wearily leave the latest bus to arrive I did not think we would be waiting much longer.It was from Newcastle.They would be tense,tired after the long dull journey south. One of the last to get off she was tall, slim,well dressed,clutching her backpack as if it contained her life savings,which it probably did.As well as books no doubt,and probably a teddy,hidden away at the bottom.I had learnt to avoid the girls with make up and fashionable clothes,the ones who knew already nothing came for free.She looked around 13,that moment between child and woman.

"Come on "I said to Holly,"I think we have found her." She was standing at the exit,drawing up the courage to plunge herself into the city.This was the point of no return,the bus will have seemed unreal,this was it,life as a runaway. "Excuse me I think you have dropped this" She turned,looking at me then at the the purse ,confused she almost went to check her pocket,despite not recognising the purse in my hand.

"Oh no that's not mine,"Not a strong Geordie accent,I had guessed right,a nice girl from a nice family.For a moment I saw a ghost ,another girl arriving in London,running away from things she did not even admit to herself.Part of the reason I was so good at this ,I had stood,uncertain and afraid,trying to work out what to do next. "Oh, I saw it by your feet,and assumed, it was yours.I suppose I had better hand it in,some poor soul will be going mad."See how respectable I am ,how decent and honest.I looked around,as if wondering what to do "I was only here to see my daughter off, they must have a lost property office.Could you do me a favour ,hold Holly for me while I go to look?" She looked down at Holly,her laughing mouth,her ears pricked,her tail wagging.She bent down her top hanging forward as she patted Holly on the head.I could see the small tits ,the roundness just filling her bra.

"Sure "she said,smiling at the dog.As I walked away I knew I had her.A quick visit to the toilet to dump the empty purse,bought that day at Claire's accessories,We would chat ,I would express my horror at her situation and she would be persuaded to come back with me to my safe welcoming home. In the car we chatted about how I had first come to London at 15,how I couldn't stand home anymore,I wanted to be free.Putting the words she needed into her mouth.I could see her relaxing,nodding as I understood,in a way "they" did not.She told me of her parents,separated for years ,but still fighting.How they both tried to control her life,and use her to score points.I sensed other things ,untold on the edges of her words.

"Here we are"I said brightly as I parked up."Home sweet home.Can you get Hollies lead I don't want her running onto the road".She was in fact well trained,as soon as we got in she would find her basket and remain there,no matter what she heard.But I wanted the girl to feel useful,needed.

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The front door closed behind us and I felt the tension building in my chest.The wetness between my legs,the desire ,the need. She put her bag down and turned towards me. A slap across her face,sudden,leaving a mark against her pale skin. "You really are a silly little slut aren't you,did mummy never tell you not to go off with strangers?" Shock,fear,confusion.I wanted to slap her again,to feel her resist, I wondered how those arms would feel as I gripped them.But I needed to get her upstairs to the bedroom.She must be scared,not paralysed.

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"Upstairs ,now" I ordered. At the top of the stairs she paused,I pushed her through the open bedroom door,caught by surprise she stumbled,falling to the floor.The sight of her sprawling,looking up at me was almost to much.I took a deep breath to contain my self.

"Clothes off now " "I don't, I don't understand,"she stammered,looking up with tear filled eyes,I stood over her resisting the urge to kiss those wet cheeks.

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"Its very simple, you are going to remove your clothes." "I will go to the police,I will"She said in a voice trying to sound confident. "Who will not believe you and will return you home,to the fights,even less freedom,to the hours spent in your bedroom wondering,waiting" At this last comment I glimpsed the darkness in her eyes and knew I had chosen well.I was rarely wrong,like Holly I was too well trained.


She remained still,her eyes big with tears.I stood over her and looked down,not speaking.This was the moment on which it all turned.If she chose to fight now there would be violence,rage,her pale skin would be bruised and scratched.A different dance,but one with its own pleasures.

But if she co operated,if she allowed herself to be used,then things could take a different path Her hands were shaking as she unbuttoned her shirt,slipping it off her thin shoulders.I decided to help her,obedience is easier for some than choosing.

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"Stand up,take off your shoes and trousers" She did as she was told,and then she stood in front of me,white knickers and bra,looking at the floor,her body trembling.Grabbing her arm i pulled her across to the bed,she cried out with the pain and tried to pull back,I grabbed her hair ,twisting it in my fingers and she fell to her knees.I knew the level of fear I wanted.Once she stopped struggling I released my grip slightly and she allowed herself to be moved to the bed.

The restraints were in place,I was practiced in being able to fasten each of them one handed.Sitting astride her I quickly snapped them in place around her wrists.The feel of her beneath me,her twisted face,her heart beating ,I almost lost control.But that was not the plan.I wanted her,but I would take her when the fear,the excitement had reached the chosen moment.

I moved,not totally trusting myself.Looking down at her arms outstretched,legs pressed close together,she knew what was coming.Just not how or when.

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I left the room. "I have her Sir,"The text was brief.I had not failed yet,now I would wait for the reply.Waiting the need in me grew.My clit was burning,my pussy needed to be filled.In the living room was a locked toybox.A handsome oak chest that attracted no attention .Rooting through it I took out the toy needed for later,and my favourite vibe. Lying flat on my back I imagined her struggling on the bed,legs twisting,trying to squeeze her hands out of the restraints.I started to fuck my self,feeling the vibrator fill my pussy,feeling myself tighten around it.Loosing myself in visions of her tear stained face I came as my mobile buzzed.

One word "Proceed" I stripped,out of the respectable clothes,to my natural,naked state.My breasts were still firm,my stomach flat.More muscular than expected,but that was necessary.As always I wished I could wear my dogtags for this,but it had been deemed to dangerous.Without them i still carried the scars on my back,and the circle of my branding.Both pink and twisted against my pale skin.

Gathering the strap onI headed upstairs.The orgasm had not sated me.Instead it had left me burning for more.As I climbed the stairs I could hear myself breathing,the house seemed to be waiting,holding it's breath.Outside a car engine revved,i was hyper alert,the carpet felt rough against my feet.I could smell my own cunt,hear her still crying where i had left her.I wondered if she was a screamer.

I paused before entering the bedroom,a deep breath.A flash to a different room,so many years before,paying rent in the way he suggested to the young welsh lad who had found me wandering the streets.That first time being bent over the end of his sofa in his bedsit,his thick cock entering my arse ,trying not to respond as he found my clit.Years later I still remember his breath against my neck as he came.The rough feel of the sofa beneath me.Trying not to cry,even as I came.

I pushed the thoughts away,that had been 25 years ago,I doubted he would even recognise me now.I had to focus on this girl here.I opened the door. She had been lying motionless,but as she heard me enter the room she started struggling again.Her nipples were hard with fear,her eyes clenched shut.I wanted to feel her skin against mine.Putting the strap on down i walked to the bed and sat astride her.She bucked trying to push me off,as they always did.It meant her stomach rubbed against my wet cunt,each time she tried to push me off my clit touched her pale fevered skin.

I lent forward,using my greater weight to stop her struggles.Holding her arms in my hands pinning her to the bed. "Be still,you cant escape but you can make this easy or hard" Leaning caused my nipples to brush against her chest,I rocked slightly savouring the sensation.Tremors going through me as I rubbed my cunt and breasts against her naked defenceless body.

I wanted to taste her,I lowered my head,taking one tiny hard nipple in my mouth.She gasped,unable to help herself as I traced around it with my tongue.Sucking gently at first,then harder,pulling it slightly with my teeth.I was still holding her down ,but she was no longer struggling.I transferred my attention to the other nipple,teasing sucking ,licking,until I heard a swallowed sound from her.Halfway between a sob and a moan.

Caught by her own bodies betrayal,I knew the confusion she would be feeling.The trick was to ensure her excitement over rode her pain.

She did not speak,i wondered if she was wet yet?I moved my hand ,gently stroked her between the legs.She jerked in response,and slammed her thighs together.Too late to hide the fact her pussy was soaking though.


"Oh,fighting,not a wise move"She looked at me,fear in her eyes.I got up and went over to the dildo,one end went inside me,the other erect,pointing upwards.A cock that was always hard,always ready,unaffected by pleas or tears. The feeling when I strapped it on,a rush went through me.I was glad she had resisted.Much as I wanted to lick her,I wanted this more.

She was kicking her legs,but I had the advantage of strength and experience.I pushed her legs back,till her knees were touching her chest and slowly started to push the dildo into her.The tightness,the resistance,i forced myself to go slowly ,even as i wanted to ride uncontrolled on the end in me.

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She was crying,begging,i pushed harder,knowing she could take more.I started to build up a rhythm,feeling myself close to orgasm.Faster now the plastic cock was properly inside her.I let go of one leg and started playing with her clit.As I fucked her faster I knew I was close to coming,from the change in her breathing,the little cries that had replaced the sobbing,I knew she was too.Faster i rubbed her, clit her legs had relaxed now,she was lost in the sensation,then,a cry,her skin flushed and she came.Now I could loose myself,finally coming as i fucked her,fucked myself,my pussy filled,I came ,gushing over the dildo,her cunt,i cried out,lost in my orgasm,riding the waves of pleasure.She responded,starting to rise up to the thrusts.I lent forward and played with her nipples,her eyes were closed,she was panting.Coming again her legs were wide open now.I knew we had found a new slut,to train,to share,to set on her way.

She was showering,embarrassed,angry ,confused,but docile.I sat on the end of the bed,watching the open bathroom door and going through her bag.Tomorrow Rob would come,she would be fucked again,willingly or unwillingly,she would learn her new role,but tonight was about reassurance and getting to know her. At the bottom of the bag was a diary,always worth reading,even if it contained awful teenage poetry.A few photographs fell out.One,a baby picture caught my eye,mum dad,a fat toddler sitting between them.A memory of a perfect family that never existed.The dad in the photo caught my eye,a strange familiarity.Looking closer,I wondered,surely it was too unlikely a coincidence?

"Whats your dads name"I asked her,trying to sound casual.When she told me,all I could do was laugh.It seemed the rent had been refunded,with interest.