Sexy college lesbians get hot

Sexy college lesbians get hot
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Uncle Joe used to tell this story after the kids went to sleep. It has helped a few cocks and cunts relax over the years. Try it, you'll see. Near as I can remember, it goes like this: I was coming home on an interstate bus that stopped at a casino to get some passengers pretty early in the morning.

I was kind of hung-over and ready to doze off again when a drunken blond woman, probably about thirty and sporting a few extra pounds, wobbled up the aisle and staggered into my row, brushing past me to land in the window seat.

She wore T-shirt and jeans and looked to be in her early thirties which would be about ten years older than me. This was back in the olden times so she wore jeans that were stone-washed and camel-toe friendly. They covered her full thighs like paint. The moussed-up hair was sprinkled with glitter and falling a bit flat, curls were sticking to the side of her flushed face. It must've been some party.

I imagined her friends just pushing her up onto the bus and staggering home. There were not that many people riding that night, and the seats across from me were open, but she seemed too drunk to reason with so we just exchanged a brief hello and then she put her sunglasses on, lay back, and was silent.

I was thankful, there was at least an hour before the sun came up . But now that she was there, apparently able to ignore me and doze off, there was no way I could sleep anymore. My eyes found a long, thin brunette sporting a short A-frame haircut reading a book with her light on, one row up to my left.

She looked Asian, and was probably younger than me, she reminded me of a college student; the studious kind, not the party kind.

She wore a mid-length dress that was hiked up some. She had nice legs until they disappeared under her dress closer to her hips. I had a great view. Remaining still, my eyes followed her movements. She crossed her ankles, turned a page and crossed her ankles the other way. The dress rose a little more, she smoothed it down but still showed a lot of leg. She turned to her left side, away from me, and pulled her knees up and the dress pulled up even further.

That hot little bottom was almost exposed.

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I could see the smooth back of her thigh up to her lacy white panties. From the steady breathing next to me it seemed my seatmate had succumbed to dreamland. My balls started to tingle and I realized it had been nearly a week since I had spurted juice out of them; a long time for a young buck like me. It was dark where the blond and I were sitting so placed my hands in my lap and let my horny thoughts take over.

At first I don't think the brunette was overtly showing herself off. She could have been riding for a long time and been unaware of the position of her skirt. At intervals, she would gently rock herself back and forth.

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She may have been slowly working herself into an arousal. Even if she wasn't, it was very arousing. My drunken seatmate was breathing steadily at this time and was probably somewhere in dreamland.

My thumb found the head of my cock and pressed it down. I worked it a minute while clenching my stomach and watching the dark-haired beauty absent-mindedly tease herself. I tried to keep as still as possible.

With one finger, I traced the length of my growing erection back to the base. I did it again. My whole cock felt very sensitive in my tight, light-colored Levi's. I put both thumbs at the bottom of my cockhead and saw the ridge of the swollen plum defined in the shadowy morning light.

As the minutes went by I had to shift positions a couple of times. The angle at which my member was allowed to arise in the previous adjustment was contrary to nature. I reached down into my pants and adjusted my erection down next to my leg.

The brunette coughed and closed her book. She got into her purse for a moment and then switched off her overhead light leaving the purse on her lap.

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I was sure hoping she might try to sneak in a quick jill in before going night-night. If she did, I had to be careful or she would know I was awake. Sure enough, after about a minute she uncrossed her long legs and slid them slowly under the seat in front of her and her arms came off the armrest to the purse on her lap. My blond friend to the right stirred and in a moment shifted position while remaining oblivious to all, head planted against the window.

Long and tall to the left of me sighed, which I thought kind of sexy, probably not heard by anyone but me in the rumble of the bus's engine as we accelerated down the highway. Her hands looked dainty on her purse. She put one on top of the other. I could see her hips trying to rise up ever so slowly against the pressure of the purse as she surreptitiously pressed it downward into her crotch.

She was masturbating! My heart hammered in my chest and my cock pressed ever upward. Her slow rhythm might have taken her all the way to LA to climax, but I was happy. My young libido was racing and I touched myself because I liked the way she was touching herself.

I put my hand in my crotch again and pressed down while my hips rose quietly against the firm pressure. The Asian girl pointed her toes and bounced her legs. Under my fingers, I felt the wetness of my pre-cum.

Right as this was happening, the big girl in the seat next to me shifted slightly again and I thought maybe she was waking up. I sneaked a look down to her lap on my right while not moving my head from the brunette.


The blond clenched her thighs together slyly and held her pose awhile before she relaxed it. I froze for a minute or two. First, how long had she been awake? And worse, although quiet, I had got a little out of control watching the Asian girl and had wantonly stroked myself almost to orgasm.

I could feel my warm discharge beneath my hand. It was only a spot maybe as big as a plum, but if I moved very much or continued to touch myself, it would undoubtedly grow larger and I did not have a jacket to cover myself with. Miss Raven-haired delight broke the early morning silence with a breathy little moan. She shifted in her seat as her hands went under her purse and stayed there. Blondie heard the brunette moan and she clenched her thighs together as covertly as possible, as if she knew the sound would excite me, so I didn't disappoint her.

I slid lower into my seat and watched that brunette, but out of the corner of my eye, I scoped that blond cutie beside me. This was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me! I was masturbating with an older female who was sitting right next to me, but to make it work, we had to pretend it wasn't happening. I opted to shift positions and get my sunglasses from a bag I carried. This would cause a small delay for the bigger reward. Nobody would be able to move for awhile until we could pretend I was asleep again, but now I could watch both women undetected.

The transition went smoothly and shades on, I remained motionless for the required time. To observers, I watched the dark-haired one, but every time I squeezed or stroked myself, I watched my fat, blond, sex partner on the right wiggle in her seat as she reacted to my self-pleasure. Her hands moved down to her crotch and stayed there. I put my hands on myself again like I was sleepily scratching and moved my steel-hard cock to a more comfortable position.

The erect member felt like it was halfway down to my knee and I arrogantly rubbed it up and down knowing she was sizing me up, possibly imagining me inside of her making babies like God intended. I know she was. Keep in mind I was still kind of a kid and didn't really have any skills with women yet. I was just happy to let the sex happen and see where it went. By this time, Blondie was wiggling, clenching, and moving constantly, her face flushed, her left nipple poking out from her T-shirt.

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The bulging bell at the end of my stuff had made a very damp stain on my pants the size of an orange that you could see easy enough in the growing light. The smell of fresh sperm permeated the close air. I thrust my hips against my hand. My blond counterpart does the same and we watch each other's crotch. The brunette does not move. I think she is watching us now.

Still I pretend to watch her while the blond and I make our pleasure together. Strangely, I don't want to cum here. I know I would have a better orgasm at home when I could whip it out of my pants. I stroke myself through the wet denim unabashedly as the rising sun eliminates all shade. I flick a finger down at the end of the hardwood between my legs.

It makes a wet slap. The blond honey opens her thighs and pets her clitoris right through her tight denims. She traces the outline of her vulva with a well manicured fingernail while I imagine the swamp in her panties. I'm so excited I shoot a small gush out of my penis. My jism splashes up through my pants and makes a white puddle for a few seconds before it settles back in and made the wet spot bigger.

You can actually see sperm bubbles on my pants. My blond friend sighs and wiggles behind her sun glasses. Finally about fifteen miles out from the next stop, we begin to slow our activity and stop altogether about ten miles out.

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About five miles away we pretend to be waking up again. We are both getting off the bus and the brunette is staying on. The semen stain on my leg and my crotch is the size of a salad plate. The blond drops her sweater right in my lap while loading up and lingers with her hand a while as she grabs it.

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Want to know what she was doing? She was mopping up my baby juice onto her sweater, and she certainly did succeed.


We said a quick goodbye and she told me she was going home to take a bubble bath. So she leaves first and now I have to get off the bus. Even though I think that no-one knew except the brunette, somehow I just knew that the driver, the passengers, and the all people in the terminal were looking at my sticky, wet pants that were stained with discharge because I couldn't control my dirty urges. And maybe they were.

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I got in my car and drove home with one hand on the wheel and one hand in my pants the whole way. When I pulled into my garage, I pulled my soaked Levi's down to my ankles and whipped my cock out. I pumped that big fucker good with thoughts of Blondie in her bubble bath and more cum shot out of my cock than ever had before, all over myself and the dashboard of my old Chevy. Wake up you bastards. It was good for me anyway.