Jerk off to me on the stripper pole JOI

Jerk off to me on the stripper pole JOI
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Buisness was slow and sporatic as it was begining to look like Brooke was becoming "too old for a babysitter." I ran into the family as I was running some errands for my mother, and found out that Brooke was turning twelve. She was even throwing a birthday party that they invited me to. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brooke's birthday had finally come around and I was over there at the time written on the card I recieved.

It was about 12-12:15 when I got there, but Brooke's eleven and twelve year old friends had apparently been there for a few minutes because their shoes and stuff were by the door, and the gifts had been placed on the table. (stupid me forgot somethin.broke).

Brooke was so happy to see me after our last few encounters, that she almost unzipped my pants right there! I quickly turned around and sat down on the couch and glared at her stop!.at least not in front her parents.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some amount of cake and music later, it was 4pm-ish.

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An urgent phone call made the scene tense when Brooke's parents had to leave to visit some relative who was in the hospital. They told me that they needed to leave and put me in charge, telling me that all the kids' parents wouldn't be picking them up untill sunday night, seeing how it was a weekend sleep-over type birthday.

I told the parents they had nothing to worry about and to take their time and make sure the relative was nice and good.

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As they were leaving, I though to myself. Hmm, the horniest little twelve year old I've ever met and two of her friends all to myself for the weekend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brooke jumped on my back in the piggy-back position and shouted, "Oh Michael it's so good to see you again!

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I didn't tell my parents anything but I showed all my friends what you showed me about how you put your fingers into my .snatch you called it!" "Oh CRAP!" I though, "these bitches are gonna leak to the parents!" "But I told them not to tell their parents or else they would never find out!" "Find out?" I asked her "Yeah!

I told them that you would be here and would show them what you showed me, and now that my parents are gone, it'll be so much easier!" Putting her down on the couch, I sat on the couch adjacent to the one she was on, and said, "So how much have you told them." "Oh I've told them everything!

Everything that we did last time you were over." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I looked around at the other three girls that had made their way to the couch Brooke had gotten herself comfortable on.

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"Whats your name?" I said pointing to the on sitting nearest to me. Her eyes lit up and she smiled and replied, "My name's Brittany! Brooke just turned twelve, but I've been twelve for a whole month more than her!" Almost as mature as Brooke, Brittany had sandy blonde hair and some A-cups size boobs, but she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were very sensitive and small.

"And you?" pointing to the one right of Brittany. "Amy!" She cheerfully replied, "Im eleven and one of Brooke's best friends!" Amy had Brown shiney hair that flows down to her shoulders, and beutiful eyes to match.

I looked down at Brooke and asked the group, "So, y'all wanna watch a movie?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I think my mom has. pornos. in her closet. Want me to get 'em?" Brooke said looking at me. "Sure, it would set the mood" I said back, looking at the the two cute little girls siting next to her bouncing around. As Brooke got up, she had to lean forward to get up, which showed me a lot of her fine ass, pantieless as I had hoped.

A few minutes later she returned and popped in some DVD into the player, a couple menus later, some lesbians made their way to the screen and began thier routine. "Mike? What are they doin'?" Asked Amy.

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"Here, lay down on the floor, and open your legs a little bit. Brooke?

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Proceed to lick her clean." With Amy on the floor Brooke layed on her stomache and moved her tounge all around and in and out. Making Amy moan with pleasure as her breathing pace increased and her moans were long and loud. "Ooooh Brooke!! Ooh my god! Brooke!" Amy shouted as her virgin pussy spewed out come cum into Brooke's mouth.


The first time she had tased it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These sounds and sight were getting me pretty hard, and arousing Brittany as well, because she was starting to touch herself and quickly breathe.

I picked up the bundle of cuteness and layed her on the couch as I moved on top of her and kissed her all down the neck and stomache. I came face-to-lips with her tight wet pussy, and began to lick and flick for a fewminutes and she began to come.

"You came faster than these two" I said. "I've know how to masturbate for a while now, so I'm kind of used to orgasms and all that." She answered. My cock was very hard now and Brooke knew it.


She told Brittany to show Amy how to mastubate and for both of them to do that for a while. Brooke got my cock out and began to stoke it and put her warm, soft mouth on the head. Quickening, she moved her head down some and was about halfway down when I began to stiffen and shot a load of cum into her mouth, and she swallowed it all the first time and didnt let any spill out. "Mike, that was great, but last time, you said we would do more!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hmmm.

Ya know what, your right." I said.

I glanced up at the TV and saw that a man had entered the hot lesbian action and was getting hanjobs from one, and a blowjob from the other. Looking back at Amy and Brittany feeling eachother and coming to an orgasm made my cock twich in ecstasy.

"Brooke, it's your birthday so I'll give u a special present, but that wont come until later. Remind me." Excited, Brooke got the other two and somehow managed to give me a three-mouth blowjob. With little wet hot tounges exploring my shaft and a different mouths every once in a while sucking and pulling at the head.

Sensing i was abuot to come i decide to share the wealth and made them all lie on their backs and quirted all over their nipples and faces, the soft moans and gasps made me cum harder and with more of it.

"Brittany, stay where you are, Amy, move on top of Brittany so that she can lick you out, and Brooke.lay down so that Amy can lick your pussy." I decided to give Brittany the first of the pussy fucking, because I figured she was mroe ready because she had masturbated and was more experience.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My throbbing cock had been waiting for this since i saw Brooke for the first time.

I was almost laying on top of Brittany who was excited from the hot pussy licking going on now, and put my head up into her tight slit. She exhaled sharply then inhaled making the sexiest moan I have evr heard, and the sight of her doing this only made my cock swell up in her. I pushed in more with her tight pussy walls contracting and relaxing aorund it as i moved in the full length. I lingered in for a second and pulled out twice as fast as i had pushed in.

Brittany was in heaven because she stopped licking Amy out and took a shot of Amy's cum into her mouth, swallowing it and gasping for air. I moved in and out and could tell Amy and Brooke were getting bored.

So I picked up the pace and fucked Brittany until she came furiously around my cock, shouting "OOooo! Michael!! Fuck my pussy!


Fuck it Good!! Oh GOD!!" And at the same time i unloaded another shot and pulled out and shot more of my cum onto Amy's sweet small ass, making sure to hit Brittany in the face. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Brittany that was amazing." I said to her, "And your such a good little girl." She smiled and I looked at Brooke who I told would get her turn soon enough. Amy on the other hand i told to stay put and remain on all fours.

I grabber her hips and leaned forward to give her a hug and fondle her small, sensitive nipples. I stayed there and positioned my hardening cock up against her even tighter slit; Wet and slippery from the previous tounge fucking she got. I was in the doggy-style position before i managed to squeeze my full lenth into her tight, wet, and very warm pussy.

I slowly pulled out feeling her pussy walls close behind it, and pushed back in faster than before, and hearing her high-pitched gasps of delight only turned me on more. A few minutes of plowing her virgin pussy like a bull, she shouted" OOOO Im Cumming! Oh God! It s so Good!!" She came but I didn't and her cum filled up the dense area and a little had to exit from the pressure of my cock still pumping in and out. Finally before i came i pulled out and shot what i had left onto her tight asshole and aound her hips.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I looked over at a very anxious Brooke who was clearly tired, as well as the other two cuties because their eyes were half shut and pale looking. I told them all to take showers and go to bed, seeing them in the morning. The girls were done with their showes and had taken them all at once, they all came out looking a lot better and so sexy completely naked dripping wet head to tow with water and their haird touching their shoulders, really pronouncing thier breats and nipples, which were very hard from the sudden temperature change.

Making sure to take extra long walking to Brooke's nedroom, where their sleeping arrangemetns had been made, thier asses were so tight and small i almsot fucked them again right there. but didn't. They were almost asleep when Brooke came out of her room and entered the room I was in.

"Michael?" she asked, "you said I would get a special birthday present. Well.?"

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