Dagmar Daskova sex with motor mechanics

Dagmar Daskova sex with motor mechanics
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And I was happy to oblige you.

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First, I carefully covered your eyes with a silk blindfold, tying it securely behind your head and leaving you in the dark, still with no idea of my intentions.

Next, I helped you take off your clothing. This wasn't easy with the blindfold in place screwing with your balance, but still you somehow maintained your poise and made it look graceful. Then, clad only in the white lace panties you wore specially for me, I sit you down in a hard - but not uncomfortable - wooden chair.

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Finally, after taking a minute to admire your perfect, pale, smooth skin, I carefully guide your arms behind you, and with silk restraints, bind them securely to the back of your chair. Your breathing quickens slightly, but I notice it in the quiet stillness of the room.

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Now finished, I step back to admire my handiwork and your almost-naked body in the dim lighting, my eyes lingering on the hardening shape in the front of your panties telling me that you're enjoying this almost as much as I am. A few moments past as I'm lost in the curves of your body, your pert breasts and hard nipples, and I see you shiver in anticipation, the silence clearly not wasted on you.

I step forward now, standing behind you, placing my hands lightly on your bare shoulders. It isn't cold in here but I can feel goosebumps under my touch.


I squeeze gently, kneeling down and placing my lips on your shoulder, kissing your perfect skin from your shoulder to neck as you tilt your head away from me in a submissive gesture baring more of your neck to my attentions. My right hand makes its way down smooth flat stomach to your hardening cock, lightly caressing your length through the panties. Your perfect lips part slightly and I hear a quiet but enthusiastic gasp.

Encouraged, but still enjoying toying with your body, my left hand strokes over your chest, tracing lazy circles around your areola.

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I feel you shift slightly against your restraints as I kiss up your neck, my hot breath playing over your uncovered skin. I take your earlobe into my mouth and tease it with my teeth. Sliding my hand under the waistband of your panties, I free your throbbing cock, softly playing my hands up and down your length. Catching a drop of your precum on my index finger, I bring it to your open mouth and place it at your lips, and you greedily take my digit into your mouth.

I reward you with my left hand, pinching your nipple and eliciting a moan from you. Reluctantly, I take my finger from your mouth and place my left hand on your member, this time gripping you more firmly, and slowly stroke full length of your cock. You arch your back for me, and I take this invitation to slip my right hand down the back of your underwear. You exhale sharply as my index finger, slick with your saliva, slides between your cheeks and teases your tight hole, gently applying pressure but not committing.

I nibble harder at your ear and increase my pace, stroking your cock more urgently. You struggle against your bonds, pushing your body back and pressing your bud against my playful digit. I hear your breathing quicken and feel your body start to quiver. I smile to myself, and take my hand from your cock, and my mouth from your ear.

As your eagerly awaited orgasm recedes, you sigh impatiently. I tut, and whisper quietly in your ear, "Not yet." I withdraw my finger from the back of your underwear, and start to prepare my first surprise for you: a small vibrating silicon plug, now coated and glistening with lubricant. I place my left hand on the small of your back, and you take the hint, leaning forward as much as the restraints will allow and presenting your rear to me.

I pull aside your skimpy panties and bring the tip of the plug to you, pressing gently until you relent and it slides inside of you. With a whimper, the flared head enters you, and the plug slides into place, the slender cable leading out to a control in the palm of my eager hand. Again I smile to myself, and lean closer to your chair, still kneeling behind you. With a switch, I turn the vibrator on, and you gasp audibly, shifting forwards slightly but held tightly by the silk restraints.


With one hand I start to toy with your nipples again, enjoying the timid gasps the vibrator and my attentions are invoking. With my other hand I take hold of your cock and start to stroke you slowly, in time with the vibrations of the plug. I lean over your shoulder, and place my lips over your mouth and kiss you deeply. Pinching, and tugging, I feel you start to quake as the subtle gyrations of your body gain pace and you start to tense once more.

I slow my pace and turn off the vibrator, leaving you shuddering and whining expectantly. I lean in and kiss you on the cheek while I start to undo the restraints tying your hands to the chair.

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You shuffle impatiently on your seat as the silk ties get looser, your hard cock disclosing your intentions. Finally, freed, we stand up together and you press yourself to me, one hand lowered to my crotch, feeling the hardness of my cock through my thin underwear. We kiss again with urgency and passion, my hands gripping your ass through your panties and pulling you to me, your hard cock trapped between us. I break the kiss, and pull down your underwear, dropping them to the floor.

You do the same to me, and I place my hands on your hips and spin you around, pushing you forwards so that you're leaning forward over the back of the chair, my hard cock pressing between your spread cheeks against the base of the plug still firmly lodged inside you. I lean forward over you and kiss your neck as I grip the base of the plug and start to pull it out of you. You moan at the pressure on your hole as the base slips out, leaving you feeling empty.

I lean back a little, giving myself room to position the head of my cock against your well-lubed and waiting entrance.

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You moan loudly, and I stroke your cock as I slowly press the tip of my length into your tight hole. Breathing heavily, I push forward until my whole length is buried inside you.

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For a moment, we're still while I give you a moment to adjust to my hard cock filling you. I start to stroke you faster as I draw out and push back in, building up to a steady rhythm, my powerful body thrusting into you. My other hand wanders to your chest, rubbing a nipple between my fingers, toying and pinching. Feeling myself impaled in your tight hole is rapidly bringing on my climax, and I start to stroke you faster.

I tense up and breathe harder, pinching you hard now, increasing my pace. I lower my hand from your chest to your stomach and pull you forcefully towards me, my cock pressed deep into you, I bite down hard on your shoulder - not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough for you to feel it - as I start to climax deep inside you.

Still squeezing your cock, though tight against you, you finally reach your own orgasm, and shoot ropes of sticky semen all up your stomach and chest. Panting, and spent, I kiss you on the neck and hold you around the waist until I catch my breath, our underwear, and props littering the floor around us.