Lucy Pinder rote Sonnenbrille

Lucy Pinder rote Sonnenbrille
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I heard her walk out into the hallway and turn towards the bedroom instead of out towards the living room. The move puzzled me but not that much, I figured that she was just going to find some clothes to put on before coming out. With that in mind I didn't think anything else of it and waited patiently in the living room for her to come out.

Fifteen minutes passed and I was just about to get up and go into the bedroom to see what she was up to when I heard her walking back into the hallway. When she rounded the corner into my sight she took my breath away. She was wearing a skimpy corset that I had never seen on her before.

It was low cut and revealed a ton of cleavage. It stopped just above her hips and below that she wasn't wearing anything.


I admired her beautiful pussy from across the room. The hair was neatly trimmed up until her beautiful slit.

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She stood there for a second letting me admire her body before turning around and walking slowly and teasingly towards the bedroom. Her ass was shaking back and forth with every step, the beautiful cheeks completely exposed. I instantly got up and followed her into the bedroom.

When I walked through the door she was already laying on the bed waiting for me with her legs spread open invitingly.

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I walked over to her and that was when I noticed the ropes that she had already positioned at each corner of the bed. I climbed down on top of her, I was still fully dressed, and I started to kiss her passionately.

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It didn't take long before I started pushing my boner up against her exposed mound as we made out. I could hear her soft moans as my cock pushed up against her exposed pussy with each thrust. I reached over and grabbed her arm and pulled it towards the corner of the bed. Next I tied the rope around her wrists and tightened it down.

I made sure that it was as tight as possible, I didn't want her to be able to move around at all. I did the same thing with other arm before sliding my down her body towards her legs. I spread them apart towards each corner of the queen sized bed and tied them down by her ankles. They were tight enough that she couldn't move at all.

That's exactly what I wanted, I didn't want her to be able to get free even if she wanted to. She laid there exposed still in her sexy corset, with her pussy staring me right in the face.

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It didn't take me long and I had my face between her legs. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. The sweetness of the aroma and the sexual desires that it aroused in me is beyond compare. I stuck my tongue out and licked it softly at first, relishing in her every moan.

Then I moved onto her clit and started sucking on it. Her moans quickly turned into screams and I could feel her try and fight against the restraints.

I kept sucking away for a couple of minutes as she screamed her pleasure. After about five minutes I finally relinquished to her and moved down to the hole just below her clit. I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go and her screams turned into loud moans.

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Her pussy was thoroughly soaked at this point and I was savoring every second of it. I knew what she wanted next, her every moan told me. I stood up and undressed myself in front of her. I knew what she wanted but I needed to tease her some more. I climbed on top of her and started rubbing my cock just outside her pussy. I could feel her pushing up her hips as much as she could trying to get my cock inside her. I just kept rubbing it around the opening of her drenched pussy, arousing her more and more with each second.

Finally when she couldn't take it anymore I shoved my cock into her pussy. I didn't do it slowly, but rather with one quick motion.

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With her pussy as wet as it was it slipped right in. I heard her gasp in pleasure and I started to fuck her hard before she could recover. She started screaming within seconds. She thrust her entire body up as far as the ropes would let her as I fucked her pussy into oblivion. I watched as the sweat started forming on her forehead and over the rest of her body. Soon I could feel her pussy pulsating with her orgasm. As soon as her orgasm subsided I pulled my cock out of her pussy, much to her dismay.


I grabbed the glass dildo out of the nightstand and slipped it into her pussy before she could say anything about it. She moaned her pleasure, although not as loudly as when my cock was inside her. I started to fuck her with it, slowly at first and quickly building up the pace.

As it sped up her moans got louder and louder, as she enjoyed every second of the fucking. I pushed the dildo as far into her as it would go and let it go, reaching up to try and pull her breasts out of the corset. It took me a minute to undue the laces to loosen it up a little, but once I did her breasts popped out easily. I pulled out the nipple pumps from the night stand and put one on each nipple.

I tightened them down a little at time. I enjoyed watching her squirm a little each time the pumps reached her level of comfort. I went back to fucking her with the dildo, slowly tightening each pump down occasionally.

Finally I felt her about to have another orgasm and I fucked her harder with the dildo. I could tell by her screams when she was cumming and I continued to fuck her wildly with the dildo until she was done. Then I pulled off the nipple clamps and slid my cock back inside her.

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Her nipples were huge now and I didn't waste any time getting to suck on them as I fucked her. I gently nibbled them with my teeth still savoring in her screams once again. Finally as I felt her pussy orgasm for a third time I lost control and shot my load deep into her pussy.

I kept thrusting until each drop of sperm had been deposited deep inside her before collapsing on the bed beside her. I could tell that she expected to be untied now and I just smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the lips. "It's a long night baby," I cooed at her.

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