Broken teen anal Older gentleman and his princess

Broken teen anal Older gentleman and his princess
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After I came, she collapsed onto the bed next to me. We talked for a bit, things like how that wasn't her first time and how I was good for a newbie. It didn't bother me much that she had fucked a guy before, all I cared about was that she was beautiful, hot, sweet personality, and a good fuck.

After a moment of silence, we both fell asleep while the rest of the party carried on. The next morning, my sister stumbled into our room and shook us awake saying we had to go home "Brian, we gotta go.

The 'rents are gonna be so fucking pissed!" She exclaimed.

I checked my phone and I had seven missed calls from dad and two from mom. Normally if it was only dad I wouldn't have cared cause he doesn't give a flying fuck unless it was really important.

Now mom? I was in for a hard time although I was more concerned about my sister cause she's supposed to be "responsible" for my safety and so that meant she usually got the worst of it and I'm always there to save her ass. Kim woke up and she kissed me. My sister saw Kim and without asking knew what had happened, "Hey Kim, got to know my brother?" What, my sister knows my girlfriend?


Oh shit. "Oh yeah, great guy and life story. I think I got the 'thrust' of it." Said Kim as she gave me that coy look. She emphasized the word "thrust". My sister got curious, "So, how was it?" It was none of her business although I did want to brag about how great it was. "None ya'. Now let's go." I replied.


My sister went on and on about how great the sex was and how she was wasted and high as balls. Most of the drive home, I was completely oblivious as to what she was saying. I would response to her with the occasional "Yeah." "Cool." "Really? Nice.". All I had in mind was Kimberly. When I came home my parents bombarded my sister with questions.

It was more like an interrogation so I stepped in and saved my sister from a beating. "Michelle and I were too drunk to drive and we didn't have a designated driver so we spent the night." To my surprise, mom looked puzzled for a moment and said "Huh.good thinking Brian." Michelle thanked me and we both stalked off into our rooms. (The next couple of paragraphs is not much except a normal teenagers day at the mall.

Skip to the next paragraph for my second time.) I had never drank so much before and oh my god, the headache sucked. I couldn't get over the sick feeling. This is what a hangover felt like.

I took a shower and when I got out, I looked at my dick and started thinking. I never actually realized how big it was. Only sixteen and by the words of a cute red-head, an amazing sex machine.

I shook the thought and got ready to go out. I had made plans with Kim and my sister (and their friends) to hang out at the mall. When we got to the mall, we all went straight for Starbucks and even though it was cold outside, we didn't want my sister and friends to start teasing. "So big boy, Michelle told me you're not staying for much longer." She said.

"I plan to move in with my dad, <(^.^)> is a nice place and besides, I'm glad now that I have you." (Michelle was my step sister and my dad married my step mother.) "Oh wow, that's awesome." She exclaimed. I could see her blush.

I didn't know if it was cause the cold or what I had said but it didn't matter. The rest of the day we went shopping and did different things. (Totally off topic: I'm a fucking girl when it comes to shopping, look and see what I like, try it on, buy it, and leave with a hand full bags.) We went out for dinner and after words we talked some more.

Really started to get to know each other. Now that I had thought about it, I fucked a girl and I met her 5 minutes before and only knew her name.

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I knew I had found my Aphrodite. She told me that she played games like League of Legends, Starcraft, and Counter Strike, all of which I played. She was also comfortable about talking about things that would otherwise, weird out anyone else. So she can fuck, has tits, a nice ass, and is a gamer? Hot damn, what more could sixteen year old guy ask for? I was lost in my train of thoughts when out of no where, Kim whispered in my ear, "My parents aren't going to be home tonight." I knew what she was asking for.


I asked Michelle if it was cool that I went to Kims place and she said it was alright and that she would come get me when I called. When we arrived at Kim's place, we sat down on the couch and opened two bottles of Dos Equis. "The good stuff huh?" I asked "Only the best." She got closer and laid on top of me, ".can you give me the best?" She asked.

My heart was racing, I still wasn't used to having sex since it would only be my second time. But I kept my cool and replied. "You know it hon'." We started to make out, hot wet kissing as I helped take off her shirt. She undid her bra and threw it. We stopped and she crossed her arms under her breasts, "Do you like them?" Hell yeah I do, who couldn't resist naturally big tits?

"Yeah, they are so hot." I said. She took my hand and guided them to her tits, without thinking, I grabbed and squeezed them.

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She moaned in pleasure as I began sucking on them. I could feel the goosebumps and her nipples getting hard. My cock too started getting hard, I swear I thought jeans were going to tear. I could feel her undoing my jeans and he cold hands grasp my cock. "It's so warm and hard." She said.

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Then she started jacking it off. Each stroke felt really good. As I was sucking on her breasts, I started fingering her clean shaved pussy. In just a few moments, her pussy was wet and damp. She took off her panties and started rubbing her clit. I took off the rest of my clothes and pounced. "Give me your cock." She moaned. I obliged and slowly pushed in deeper and deeper. "Fuck, Kim." I grunted. "That's right, fuck me. Fill me up!" Thrust after thrust, she tilted her head back.

With each thrust came slap and Kim's cry of pleasure. I caressed her hips and pulled as I watched her tits bounce violently. "Brian, I'm going to cum!" She exclaimed. Hearing those words, I fucked her harder and faster. "Fuck me! Oh my god, yes! Keep going! Just like that baby~" Her screaming climbed higher with each thrust and I could her hips move with my thrusts.

Finally, she climaxed. "Oh fuck~!" She let out a scream of orgasm. She was quivering and I could feel the muscles of her uterus contracting. A small jet of juice trickled out and stained the couch. I knew she wasn't faking it and that she really came. The contractions were tightening up around my cock and already I could feel my own orgasm coming.

"Kim, I'm going to cum." She looked at me, "It's okay, you can cum inside of me. Let it all out, fill me up." That's what I exactly intend to do. Without hesitation, I began to thrust again I could feel it coming. Then with one final push, I came.

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Jets of hot cum shot into her cunt and she was breathing heavily. I collapsed on top of her and we kissed some more. I kissed around her neck and she wrapped her arms around. "Oh my god baby, you wore me out." She said. I could hear the fatigue in her voice, "Ah, that was good." I said as I tumbled on to the floor.

After we both cleaned up, we did more talking. I was beginning to worry about cumming inside of her. "Are you sure this is okay? I mean, cumming inside of you. Is it safe?" "Yeah, I'm sure. My parents kind of force me to." "What if you do get pregnant." "Then we do what a mother and father would do, care for it." She replied.

We sat there in silence, more thinking than talking after that. A few days later, she went to the store and bought a couple of self-pregnancy test. She tested multiple times to be sure and they all turned up negative. Both of us were relieved.

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--END-- If you want more, just request it in the comments but I can only go so far. I'm trying to make this story as much of an aesthetic experience as possible.


However, I can't remember every little detail of every time me and Kimberly had sex.