La puta de mi amiga dandome una mamada

La puta de mi amiga dandome una mamada
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Let me start off by introducing the people,I am john and i am 13 yo and my sister is Angie and she is 14 yo.One day i was walking home from school and i saw angie and some of her friends behind a building and so i got closer to see what they were doing and when i got really close i saw that they were smoking pot and i took out my cell phone and took some pics, i heard one of angie's friend said she got the pot from her dad.So for the next few weeks i kept asking myself how can i use these pics to my advantage and when i was playing out side in my neighbors yard i hit a baseball and broke one of his window out and he was really made at me he was yelling and everything and he said he was going to tell my dad on me and i am really afraid of my dad.

Then i told him what if i can get my sister to come over to his house and have her show him her tits and he smiled at that and said we have a deal so i went home and told my sister that i want her to show steven our next door neighbor her tits so i wouldnt get in trouble and she said hell no she is not going to flash him her tits so i took my cell phone out to show her the pics i took of her smoking pot and her mouth drop and she ask me where did i get those pics and i told her i saw her and her friends smoking pot.she was begging me not to tell dad on her and i told her i wouldnt if she came next door to steven's house to show her tits to him and she was crying and telling me she didnt want to then i told her to do it or the pics gets shown to dad.So she finnally agree to do it and i told her not to wear a bra and she did as i told her to.We walked over to stevens house and he let us inside and steven sat on the couch and i sat in the recliner and angie stood in front of us shaking a little and i told her to take her shirt completely off and she hesitated but she did as i ask.When her shirt came off stevens eyes got big from the sight of her tits she might just be 14 yo but she has 34 C tits.Steven wanted a better look so he got up and went to angie and told her he was going to feel them then he said he was going to suck them and while he was sucking her tits she was telling him to please stop and no and i really didnt mean for him to start touching her but what could i have done.

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The he told me to come over and suck one of her tits and i said thats my sister and he said i dont give a fuck do it or i will tell your dad you broke my window,so i got up and went over and started to duck her tits and she was crying even louder now and i felt a little sorry for her,the while steven was sucking her tits he move his hand down to her skirt and he unbutton it and unzipped it and it fell to the floor and now all my sister has on is a pair of pink panties and he was rubbing her pussy over her panties and i could tell he was enjoying this and then he said lets move this to his bedroom where we could be more comfortable, so we lead her to the bedroom and she was crying and begging us to stop and steven push her on the bed and order me to take her panties off and i did as i was told,the he told mr to hold her arms down while he spreads her leg and he went down on her for like five minutes the he got her and took his close off his cock looked about 7in and he wasted no time in pushing it inside my sisters tight cunt and i couldnt belive i was helping steven who is 52 yo rape my sister and while he was fucking her she was telling him to stop and it hurts and he was just moaning and telling her how good she felt and he said he was close to cumming and she was begging him no to cum in her but he told her it was to late as he was filling her up with his cum and after he got off of her he told me to take my turn with her and so i got undress and took my place between angie legs and she just laid there with a blank expression on her face and i fucked her really hard until i cummed in her too.After we both fucked her we went to watch a game on tv and during the game my sister got fucked 6 more time.then we let her clean up and she went back home where things were never the same again.