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Fucking ein bimbo flamingo porn hd video
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Hello, I'm Kyle. This is my first post ever. This is a true story that I did last night. For some info, I'm gay and I have a boyfriend. His name is Austin. Please enjoy the story. It took me about 30 minutes to write and another 25 to reread it over and over to make edits.

Late one night, I was tired and wanted to sleep. I wobbled on exhausted legs into the bathroom after a long, restless day.

I stood over the toilet, doing my business. I flushed and turned around heading upstairs.I went upstairs and undressed down to my boxers. Not wanting to stretch out my boxers, I slowly pulled them off, folding them and placing them neatly to my side where I could get them and not have to fumble around to try to put them on straight.

Then I went to business. I slowly started stroking my not yet erect member slowly with my first two fingers. Slowly but surely, it got harder and harder, my toes tightening with anticipation.

I rub my hand against my bed cover, searching by touch for my sharpie. Finally, I had it. I lifted my knees up, revealing my tight, eager, virgin hole, teasing the rim with the end of the sharpie before attempting to push it in. Not much luck.

Apparently going in dry was not an option that one, horny night. My aggravated hole tightening up, creating a virtually impassable barrier. So, I grabbed the paper towel that I slyly put to my side and folding it once in half. I brought it to my mouth and let out a glob of spit, rubbing the end of the sharpie into it. I did this maybe 3 times over, repeating the same steps; Spit, touch, turn, glide, turn, spit, repeat. Finally, it was ready.

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Placing the papertowel to the side, I once again lifted my knees, my toes wiggling with joy. I tease my rim once again, getting some saliva around it before slowly pushing it into me. A small wave of pleasure running through my body. By this time my boner subsided and I was soft again, but it didn't matter.

I starting thrusting the end of the sharpie in and out of me. (Unfortunately, I didn't go in very far.my hole was upset about me outsmarting it with the saliva trick and blocked off access to the deep end.

So about an inch and a half two inches was only allowed.but good enough). I bit my lip softly as I thrust harder and faster, my saliva making it easy for the sharpie to slide around. Oh how I yearned to go deeper, and I tried, but the slight pain and unknown fear prevented me. My soft cock quickly hardened, twitching slightly at my thrusts, a drip of precum landing onto my stomach just below my bellybutton. I grab my cock in a lustful embrace.

Using my thumb and two first fingers, I start to stroke it quickly, moaning so so quietly so only myself could hear it.

Using my left hand to thrust the sharpie was a clumsy, slow job. I just couldn't settle for it, so I switched hands. My right hand going between my thighs and gripping the pleasuring sharpie.

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I start thrusting it into me again, faster and harder than what I could manage with my left hand. The saliva had already dried up, but I didn't care. I enjoyed the slight, pleasurable burning sensation inside of me, forcing me to stroke my waiting cock once more with my clumsy left hand.

As the thrusts went on and on, I became more lustful and eager, sneaking a deep thrust here and there, breaking the limitations that my angry hole gave to me. The slight pain from it excited me, making me jerk faster. My toes, knees, and calves tightening in pure, utter pleasure. My back arced up and my head thrusted back, my mouth wide open.


As my lust continued to increase, I started moving my hips against my thrusts of the sharpie. All the while only one thought going through my mind, Austin, my boyfriend. I thought of him being there between my knees.

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Leaning over my body as he thrusts. Feeling his sweet, hot, exhausted breath against my soft neck. An occational "Oh, Austin!" escaping my lips as I thrust the sharpie hard into me, jerking myself with my three fingers as fast as I could.

A good eight minutes passed before the sensation of my orgasm started nearing closer and closer, my thrust of the sharpie becoming harder and deeper as the pleasure of the orgasm nulled the pain of the penitration. Finally, I reached my orgasm. The pleasure of my orgasm hurting my jaws as my mouth widens as far as it could go. My back arcing higher and my head going back further. The orgasm forces my hole shut, quickly squeezing the sharpie out of me, sealing tight as strings of hot cum shot out of my cock.


I shivered slightly as I felt the so pleasent orgasm, one hand holding up my cock slightly, keeping it off of my stomach and pelvis, the other squeezing my right thigh tightly. The sharpie laying a few inches from my defeated hole. After what felt like ages, my orgasm depleted. I no longer shook in pleasure, my knees straightened out. I was just laying there, naked, exhausted, on my bed, with a stomach littered with my hot cum.

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After that, I lost all motivation for picking up my cum with my fingers. I didn't feel like eating any of it that one night. So I grabbed the papertowel used to temporarily lube up the sharpie and started picking up my cum.

There being a lot more than what I thought. The entire paper towel was covered in my cum. I couldn't find one place to hold it that wasn't wet. So I went to work with my fingers. Placing it by my side I scraped my fingers along my body, getting the little that was left behind. I put it in my mouth, swallowing it slowly.

Closing my eyes in bliss as my cum touches my tongue and slides down my throat.

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After I finished with the remaining cum, my stomach only wet with my saliva, I rub my hands against myself, drying it against me before reaching for my boxers. Slowly pulling them on me, double checking to make sure they were on the right way. I placed the sharpie next to the paper towel and relaxed. My hands together on my chest, my eyes closed, laying on my back in the complete darkness.

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I quickly went to sleep after that, only to be greeted with a weird dream.