Cute eighteen year old girl gets drilled hard

Cute eighteen year old girl gets drilled hard
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It was just the beginning of the summer, and Chris had just graduated from the North East High School, he had just turn 18 but had the body of a 14 year old boy or so he was told and mistaken for often. He was quite slim, with dark black hair, pale skin and his lips were pink, really pink. He lived with his parents and his little sister Aryanna who was 10 years old. They owned an outhouse in the State Park of Stone Mountain, Georgia, three towns away from which they lived. It had just been renovated and his parents planned on sending him and spend some time there as to show him how much they trust him and so as to give him a small challenge to judge how good he could handle the responsibility of taking care of himself and the house.

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He was quite excited as they told him about it and he was ready to get packing until his dad received a business call about a business trip which made a slight change in Chris's plans. He had to take his sister, Aryanna along with him while his mom will accompany his dad on the business trip or he will have to stay at home with Aryanna for until his parents came back.

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This made Chris a bit annoyed because he had so many plans for himself to finally lose his virginity and "fit in" with the rest of his hangout buddies, he had so many hopes but he decided he was still up for it and besides Arry wasn't a bad kid, she would usually be by herself a lot and they shared a cute relationship. So it was all set and he was done packing, Arry didn't seem to bother leaving her Barbie bedroom to spend time in the outhouse, she seemed rather anxious to go with her brother.


Their mom loaded food supplies for a month in car and they packed their luggage and were off. Arry didn't say much on the trip, she had her earphones plugged in most of the time and barely said a few words when they made their first stop at the gas station.

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After what seemed like a 5 hour long drive they finally reached the outhouse, which was like a 2 miles away from any other houses, it was still unpainted but looked cozy enough so they unpacked the car and went in.

The outhouse had two small bedrooms and one shower, a small kitchen which was separated from the living room by a counter table.

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Also there was a small fireplace in the living room. Aryanna took the front room while Chris took the back, they unpacked and got settled in and it was almost night so Chris prepared the food his mom had packaged for them that day and he went to take a shower.

Arry tried her cell phone but there was no reception, she frowned and was stunned as Chris came out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist, sure he had the body of a 14 year old but he had a reasonable six pack which looked golden from the steam.

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He said "hi" with a grin as he passed her by and went to his room, Arry had a feeling in her tummy that she didn't understand she guess she was just hungry that's all and got undressed and washed up for supper. Later that night, Chris was awaken by a rapping on the door, he jumped of bed wondering who could it be, then there was a scream for help! It was a girl, he opened the door quickly and she stumbled in, wearing a small white dress, she appeared to be 13 or 14 years of age with raging fear in her eyes, brown eyes.

He quickly locked the door, thinking it's the safer thing to do.

He tried to help her up but she pushed away, crying. He kept asking what was wrong and she kept saying no, please don't kill me, I'm not cold. He tried to calm her, he gave her some water and she accepted it and sat next to the couch on the floor still shivering.


He asked her what happened and she stared crying again, he held her hand and said its gonna be okay, I'm here, not knowing what he would be up against, all he knew was that seeing this girl cry made something in his tummy stir and he knew he wanted nothing else but to see her smile.

She reacted to his touch by looking into his eyes and the tears stopped flowing, he noticed how red like the brown in her eyes were she then leaned in and kissed him on the lips and fainted. He lifted her up with a struggle and took her to his bedroom and lay her down, while he went for some water and a wet napkin for her forehead.

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He did not panic as he had a certificate in first aid last year. When he returned to the room, he say her naked on the bed, her dress appeared to be burnt or melted of her body, this freaked him out a bit but the fact that a naked girl, and a very beautiful one was infront of him was making him horny and he froze as she turned her head towards him, she held his hand and she pulled him closer and kissed him passionately and he began to kiss back lovingly, he tried to break the kiss and ask her name, and why but she continued to kiss him.

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Now he was lying beside her and she held him close and he felt his skin getting warmer and warmer until his white t-shit and shorts started to melt, he knew this was impossible but somehow it felt as if he had no chose but to keep going. She got up and knelt by his feet and looked into his eyes, he saw her eye colour change to a greenish look and she grasp his shaft with her little hands and began jerking it up and down slowly she then lowered her head down to his cock which was now 6 inches long and took the head in her mouth.

He tried to find the words to stop her but its like his lips couldn't speak, he began to moan loudly by the feeling of her soft tongue rubbing against his head an amazing feeling he couldn't explain, he could almost feel the pressure building up in his penis, she took it all 6 inches in her mouth, he closed his eyes and arched his back as a reaction to the warm tender feeling of his cock in the mouth of this… girl?

After about 30 seconds of this he felt it coming, he shouted out I'm cumming! But she didn't stop, she kept on going faster and faster until he felt his cock pulsing and erupted blowing rope after rope of hot seeds down her throat and she swallowed it all.

He grew limp and when he regained consciousness, he found himself on the bed, hot and sweaty, his t-shirt still on and his shorts wet and slimy with his cum. He began thinking it was a dream but it felt so real.

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He got up to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up and as he stepped out of his room he saw the front door opened, the cold wind blowing .