Diva who likes to spread her legs wide open

Diva who likes to spread her legs wide open
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**Please rate it whatever you think. I always want to know what people think** Teaching high school is no easy task. If you don't have the respect of the kids, you might as well just hang it up, it's going to be a long day.

Hecklers are easy enough to shut down if you are quick enough, but what do you do with the kids that like you TOO much??

You don't want to give up the attention and you damn sure don't need another malcontent in the classroom. You just kind of let things slide but eventually it gets a little too obvious and everyone starts raising an eyebrow.


That's when you start loosing the whole class. I don't know if I would recommend my solution to the problem for everyone, but at least everyone knows who's in charge in my room now. Ana was a good student, but there were times where she got just a little too big for her britches. She was already a mom of a three year old at 18, and all but living on her own. Having a family already made her a little too easy going in the classroom, and way too casual.

On more then one occasion, I have looked up from my desk to see Ana's knees open directly in front of me, and with no panties to obstruct my view. And there were countless times that Anastasha would walk up to my desk and bend over in front of me bringing her elbows causing her glorious mounds of flesh to leap out at me.

I'm not a prude. I enjoy the view very much. Lately though, her behavior has been drawing attention. Hugs when she walks into class, grabbing my arm and walking with me in the hallway, pushing her boobs into my elbow, or sitting in my lap with the whole class looking on.

Again, all lovely experiences, but not something that should be shared with the entire school. On top of everything else, her overly friendly attitude was undermining me in the classroom. She could throw out little teasing barbs with the best of them, she talked when I was talking, goofed off when she was supposed to be doing work for me, all because she figured that I would let her get away with it, and she was usually right.

I needed to get control of my class again, and that meant I was gonna have to get some control over Miss Ana. I set Ana up with a totally subjective quiz, that I could grade her anyway I wanted. I made sure that everyone in the class did well, but Ana failed miserably. I could tell by the stunned look on her face that she thought she would get a better grade on the paper. She had a very disappointed and rejected look on her face. It was almost enough to make me cave and tell her not to worry about it, but then I remembered what I had planned for her.

After class, she walked up to my desk with a big pout lip and her quiz in her hand. "I was really disappointed with your work, Ana", I said, without even looking up. Still working the pout lip, "But, what did I do wrong?", she whined at me, hoping to get me to reconsider. "Pretty much everything. Your going to have a pretty hard time in the next unit if you don't get a better handle on this stuff. This was a minor quiz, but the next test is going to be all about this stuff and it's really going to affect your grade", I warned her.

I could see her eyes well up with tears, I'm sure mostly out of confusion. I decided to open the door for her. "Tell you what. I like to do my workout in the wrestling gym. It's quiet and no one bothers me there. You come down there around 5PM and you can do your homework while I lift weights.

When your done, I can look it over and let you know how you did". Anastasha looked at me and took a breath like she was going to whine about something else, but then thought better of it. "I'll be there", was all that she said. Wrestling had been a failed sport a couple years ago. The makeshift gym was now doubling as a storage room for all the extra and broken equipment from other sports.

It was quiet, because even during school hours there was rarely anyone there. After 5 o'clock, that whole part of the school would be utterly abandoned. It would be perfect for me to settle some things with this little hard-on maker. After school I went straight to the gym and got ready.

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I dressed down for the occasion. A pair of cut off sweats, a t-shirt, and some sandals was all that I was going to need. I brought along a bag of electrical ties that the cops call "quick cuffs" and a few other accessories. I was going to make this a night that Ana would never forget.

Just thinking about her sitting in the front row of my classroom, slipping her feet out of her shoes and stretching her bare feet out in my direction, shifting her knees back and forth, making me want to jump over my desk, rip her legs apart, and fuck her right there in front of the class, just fueled my workout and what was to come later.

And those nipples, sticking out even through her bra, making huge dimples in the front of her shirt made me want to grab a mound in each hand and bury my face in them, and kiss and nurse from them for hours. By the time Ana showed up, my shorts were sticking straight out in front of me, and I didn't even bother hiding it. Ana arrived on schedule, and I kept working on the equipment. She was dressed a little more casual then she was during the day, wearing a tanktop that made her tits jump right out at me.

Her nipples were at it again, and it took all I could do to keep my eyes on that incredibly cute smile and sparkling eyes. Her own eyes were looking down at my shorts, but I just pointed her to the desk in the corner and went back to my workout, while she shuffled away. Her ass had a nice swing back and forth, and I started thinking about what I was about to do to it in just a few minutes.

I worked on the benchpress for a while because the bench was elevated and I could look directly at Ana the whole time. She slipped her shoes off all together and her skirt was even shorter then the one she usually wears. I thought about kissing and tickling those cute toes and working my way up.

After my third set, Ana came walking over to me with her paper and I took a look at it. I shook my head the way my college professors used to, pissing me off like nothing else could. Her mouth dropped open in total disbelief. "I think your problem is that your just overthinking this. Maybe you need a distraction for a bit". Ana's eye's opened up wide and a big smile broke out, "What did you have in mind?" Obviously she wasn't even considering what was going to happen next.

"You need to relax, maybe a little Yoga", I suggested, playing it cool. "Huh?" "C'mere", I told her, leading her over to the pommel horse left by the gymnastics team. I had moved the ramp to one end of the horse, allowing Ana to walk right up to it. "Just lay across the top, and stretch your arms out.

Just let your legs hang.". She looked at me and cocked an eyebrow with her hands on her hips, not saying a word. I wasn't sure if it was disbelief or confusion. "Try it, I'll give you a little massage to help", I urged her, trying not to sound too much like an old pervert.

Her eyes kind of lit up again when she heard "massage". She started to lean forward and I moved behind her, pressing her down over the horse. I had to work fast before she realized what it was doing to her skirt in back. I made sure that I pressed my hard-on against the cheeks of her ass from behind. I knew she could feel it grinding into her as I made her stretch her arms all the way out and down. I was enjoying the feel of her nice round butt as I slid my hands up her back and over her shoulders.

When I came back down, I moved my hands out and let my fingers trace her sides. She tensed and giggled, and said, "That isn't helping!" I laughed, "Sorry", and rubbed some more circles into her back. I moved around to the other side of the horse and started pressing down into her shoulders and down her back, giving her a nice deep rub. I made sure my hands moved down her arms, extending them as far as I could. Her hands fell on either side of a cross bar.

With a little pressure to guide them, her hands came together. With my weight on top of her, I slipped the quick cuffs over both hands and pulled it tight. She yelled and started pulling against the restraint. While Ana was still worried about her hands, I slipped a cuff around each pretty ankle and opposite legs of the horse.

She was in a nice spread position, bent over the padded bench. "What the fuck are you doing!!!", Ana screamed at me, still trying to pull against all the restraints. I walked around behind her where she couldn't see me. She kept whipping her head back and forth to find where I went, but I kept out of her view.

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I flipped her skirt up over her back, and as usual, no panties. I just smiled and gave her ass a nice hard slap.


I let her scream while I watched my hand print start to fade from her ass. There was a lot of screaming and swearing coming from the other end, but I didn't mind. There wasn't anyone close enough to hear.

I walked around to the side, pulled a chair up and sat down. "Ana, you have been embarrassing me for a long time now. I am sick and tired of getting snickered at because of you teasing and not respecting me. It's time to pay!" With that, I got up and walked around back. Ana started screaming again, "No, don't.

Oh please, no, your crazy, oh my god, OWWWW!!!" I spent a good five minutes cracking her ass and didn't hold anything back. Her ass was soft and more than a little warm. My hand print was gone, and had been replaced by a red glow covering both cheeks. Tears were running down her face and she was bawling, begging for me to stop. The sounds of her ass being slapped echoed off the walls of the room. Every slap made her jerk against the cuffs, but she couldn't get away. It felt so good it was hard to stop, but eventually my hand got tired, and I spent more time caressing her ass.

My hands slipped between her cheeks and down between her legs. She layed sobbing and didn't even struggle. I let my fingers slip between her shaved pussy lips, caressing them back and forth.

My hand came back soaked with her juices. I couldn't believe how swollen and wet she was already. I started stroking her legs, very softly. "This is what it feels like to be teased", I started. "Every time you rubbed up against me, every time you flashed your pussy at me or bent over in front of me to show me those tits, making me walk around with a hard-on all day". She started squirming again. My hands slid up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up and exposing her sides.

I let my beard scrape softly against one side, while I attacked the other side with my finger tips. Ana jerked and moaned a "noooooo." and tried pulling away again. I ran my tongue up into her armpits and blew it dry. She was pulling and writhing all over the horse when I stopped. My horniness was getting the better of me.

I really needed to fuck this girl in the worst way, but I wasn't ready quiet yet. I walked around behind her to her legs still spread open. I knelt down behind her and licked across her pussylips with the flat of my tongue, I pulled back when she jumped. I moved in again and blew light and fast across her bare skin, then opened her up a little, letting a breeze move over her clit. She went right up on her tiptoes. My mouth went over her opening, sucking the juice out of her, pulling on her inner lips with my lips and sliding my tongue as deep inside her as I could.

My hands pulled her glowing ass cheeks apart and I pushed my tongue in even deeper, savoring the flavor of her young pussy and the moans coming from the other side of the pommel horse.

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I buried my face inside her until I could feel her start to tremble with her first orgasm. I leaned back and enjoyed Ana's orgasm with her. Her legs were sagging and the struggle was out of her for the most part. Her pussy was almost as red as her ass, and was still leaking down her inner thighs. I was ready to move to the second all important phase of my plan. I had 2 sets of leather shackles that I connected together with a long chain. I put one set around her ankles, and one set around her wrists above the quick cuffs.

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Then, I wheeled over an old set of parallel bars from the other side of the room and placed it right next to where Ana was still laying. I clipped off her quick cuffs and grabbed the chain that connected her wrists and tossed it over one side of the bars.

Her skirt fell loose to the ground around her feet. Then I took the chain by her ankles and pulled her right up off the ground, and threw the chain over the other end of the bars.

She hung from the bars like a sling hammock on someone's front porch. But even with the bars up as high as they would go, she still hung down a little two low.

I lifted her left leg up to the bar and wrapped duct tape around just below the knee, several times. Then I did the same to the other leg. I released the catch and pushed the bars apart as far as they would go.

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Ana was crying again and carrying on, so I gave her ass another slap and told her I was going to give her something to cry about in a second. She was spread open so wide it was beautiful.

There was only one thing left spoiling the picture. I stepped up between her legs and my cock landed across her mound, hard and ready. I reached up to the top of her tank, took a firm grasp and yanked as hard as I could.

It came away with just a minor struggle, lifting her body up with it as it came. Ana gave another scream and started pleading with me. She had a sports bra on yet, and I didn't think that was gonna give quite as easy, so I picked up a set of scissors and clipped it between her sweet round tits and at the shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. She was now in all her glory in front of me, making me want to devour her all over again. Ana's thighs made a perfect "V" coming down from the bars.

I walked up between them again and my cock layed over her, the head almost reaching her belly button. Ana lifted her head up to see what I was doing when I rocked her body forward.

The head of my cock dropped off her body and right at her opening. I let Ana go and she swung back, impaling herself all in one stroke. She gave a little yip as our bodies came together, and I gave her a couple seconds to recover while I ground my hips into her.

"Oh, god, Stacey, fuck me.hard!", she gasped, and I started pushing her away with my hips. This time, as her body came back, I met her, swinging her body away again. I started fucking her like this, burying my cock deep inside her, feeling like I was bruising both of us. I could feel Ana start to swing herself, and I had to lean in to keep from getting knocked over. Her tight young pussy held on to my cock and pulled me with her and pushed me back as she swung.

I reached up her body and grabbed her tits in my hands, catching her nipples between my fingers and using them for leverage as we slammed into each other. "Oh my god, you feel so good on my cock. I'm going to fill your pussy right up with my cum, I know that's what you have been looking for all this time. I'm going to fuck you like you've been fucking with me all this time!", I chided her. "This is what's going to happen every time you embarrass me in front of everyone!" "UH, ohhh, yes, every time!

Fuck me, fuck me.", Ana responded, and I realized that this was not going where I intended it. I started really slamming my cock into her as hard as I could. The whole length of my cock slid out and right back in, and I could tell that we weren't going to last much longer.

"Your going to behave in class or I'm going to fuck you till there's cum pouring out of every opening!" "Oh, my god, yes, please fuck me, I'm cuummminnnnnnngggg", was all Ana said before her whole body pulled up and crashed into me.

I pulled her tits to me and held her tight against my body as my balls started jerking, sending cum right up inside her. I groaned and fell forward into her, wrapping my arms around her belly, holding her still. My cock slowly slid out and fell from Ana's pussy into the cool air of the room. I stood up and undid Ana's leg restraints one at a time, letting her foot down to the floor lightly.

My cum dribbled from her glorious pussy and down her thigh as she hung there with one leg in the air and the other still attached to the bar. She raised up on her own weight, standing in front of me on wobbly legs, naked. I put a hand on either side of her face and looked her in the eye. "Are you going to be good in class from now on, or am I going to have to paddle your ass all year long?

I can't have you undermining me in school, young lady!", I insisted, trying to get my point across. "Yes sir, I'll be good from now on", she said with a bowed head, then lifting it with a little smirk and a giggle, "and you can spank my ass all year long." So, I let Ana out of her wrist shackles and threw her an old tshirt that was in one of the lockers being stored. She promptly cut it in half and tied it in the middle, making it look like it almost went with the skirt she was wearing.

Her nipples were still so prominent that I had to fondle them when she came over and kissed me goodbye. I watched her ass swing side to side on her way out of the room.

I guess tomorrow is another day.