Un delizioso brindisi per iniziare il nuovo anno

Un delizioso brindisi per iniziare il nuovo anno
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Chapter 1 John: I guess this story starts almost five years ago on the very unpleasant afternoon that my father came home early and caught our mother in bed with another man. It really did split our family and the ensuing divorce was bitter. I have two brothers, each older, and, at the time, Russell was fourteen, Dale, twelve and I, John, was just ten. It was so clear which parent was at fault that it took no effort for any of us to decide who we wanted to live with; it was our dad.

Mom got visiting rights but we lived with our father after our mom moved out of the house. Life went along nonetheless and a year or so later, Dad went to his twenty-fifth high school reunion and came home all bubbly and alive, he had re-met a girl he had a crush on back in the day and, both being divorced, they became the reunion's 'item.' Dad continued to see the woman, Sandra, and it was obvious to all us boys that they were headed for the altar and, yes, that happened about a year after they met.

So, we three boys were getting a stepmother. And, we were getting a stepsister, it turned out, Lisa, who was my age within just a few weeks. We all liked Sandra a lot, she was quite pretty and easy to talk to and be around. Her daughter was also very nice and she and I seemed to hit it off very well. After the wedding, Sandra and Lisa moved in and this required some shuffling of room assignments. By now, Russell was away at college, so that made things a little easier on our three-bedroom house.

Dale, my seventeen-year old brother and I bunked-in together and Lisa, of course, got her own room. Dad fixed the rec room so Russell had a place to stay when he came home, so it all worked out. Lisa had become the ideal stepsister. We were the same age, both in the same grade, tenth, and even took many of the same classes, we both were good students and on the Principal's List gradewise. Lisa was also pretty, like her mother. And, since she had progressed in her teens, had become very pretty, indeed.

She had a boyfriend, Tim, rather a jerk in my estimation, and I had a more-or-less girlfriend, too, Wendy. It was really a happy place to live, my father and Sandra were happy together, I shared a room with Dale and we were close and I had a stepsister, Lisa, who was bright, pretty and popular.

Our happy home was about to get happier, at least from my perspective. Lisa: My parents got divorced when I was five, so I really don't know my father very well and he's mostly just a source of child-support payments. My mother dated once in a while but just never seemed to meet 'Mister Right.' Then, she went to her twenty-fifth high school reunion and when she came back to get me from my grandmother's, she was bubbly like a girl on prom night.

All I heard about was 'Robert-this' and 'Robert-that,' Robert, Robert, Robert. Well, I finally got to meet Robert and I must say, he was really nice. Handsome, funny, at ease around me, he really seemed perfect for Mom. And, she thought so too. They got married and then the big change came; we moved in with Robert and his three sons. Well, two sons.

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One was away at college, the other two lived at home. They shared the same room, Dale and John. Dale was three years older than me but John was the same age. Within a few weeks. John and I had a lot in common, grades, band, reading, liked basically the same music.

We just hit it off. It didn't hurt that he was also very cute. Actually, I had rather a crush on John. I knew it was just that, a crush, I mean, I was twelve, almost thirteen, at the time. As the months went on, I felt more and more at home and was really happy with my new, blended family. I started seeing a guy from school, Tim, and John dated a girl a year younger, Wendy.

Neither of us was really serious about our dating friends, I knew Tim was just someone I could go to movies and dances with. He wanted to get more physical but I stopped him every time. I just didn't see him as real boyfriend material. John: It all happened about a month and a half ago when Dad and Sandra had to go see her father who was in the hospital about five hours away.

Dale was left in charge, having his own car, and I had a date and I thought Lisa did too. We were both just about fifteen, so it's not like we were little kids. So, Saturday morning, before they left, Dad got the three of us together and gave us the 'drill' for the weekend. Lisa and I were to stay at home though we could each have one friend over and Dale could go out on a date with his girlfriend, Sharon, as long as he had his cell phone with him in case we needed him and he had to be home by one.

Any friends of ours had to leave the house by midnight. Now, I haven't mentioned Dale's girlfriend, Sharon. Well, what a babe. Tall, slender, long, black hair, tanned complexion, and a pair of tits that just pulled your eyes to them like magnets.

She had a perfect body except for her boobs which were at least a cup size (maybe two) larger than ideal for her size. Every guy's dream. She was a goddess. As I have mentioned, Lisa was dating this clown, Tim, who was in our grade and I was seeing a ninth-grader, Wendy, though not really seriously. We had gone to a few movies and a dance or two and we had kissed and I had gotten a feel of her boobs through her clothes but not much else.

I had gotten her to rub me through my pants but no more. My real experience with sex is basically all solo and I got my initial introduction to masturbation by accidentally seeing Dale doing it and watching with amazement as his cum spurted upwards out of his dick like a fountain.

I immediately went into the bathroom and tried it out myself. While it felt good and I continued doing it because it felt good, it was another year or so before I was producing semen and having real ejaculations that were orgasmic and felt really, really good. I found Dale's Penthouse magazines stuffed into the middle of his mattress and would resurrect one of these and do what every boy on earth does with is favorite toy.

Anyway, Dad briefed us and told us that they would be back Sunday evening. I had gymnastics practice at our high school and rode my bike over. After practice, I came home, I knew that Dale was long gone, out to who knows where, and I looked around for Lisa who was out back getting a tan.

I grabbed a Coke and went out on the patio. "Hi, Lise." She picked up the basketball sitting next to her and tossed it toward me. "Wanna play a little one-on-one?" "Sure, if you can keep up." She had on an electric green bikini which kept little to the imagination and started putting on her sneakers. "Is your 'Mister Wonderful,' Tim, coming over tonight?" "Oh, he was but he called about an hour ago and said he had to go somewhere with his folks.

How about Wendy?" "Mmm, I asked her but she had some family deal and couldn't." "Well, I guess it's just the two of us, Dale has a date with 'Miss Hot Stuff' and he won't be home until midnight." So, we started playing basketball in our own very competitive version and there seemed to be quite a bit of contact, especially with Lisa's boobs and her hands swiping against my crotch. When we finished the first round, I was getting a hard-on which I wanted to both hide and go upstairs and take care of.

"Um, I'll be back in a few," and I took off inside the house, up to my room where I closed the door, extracted a Penthouse magazine from under Dale's mattress, pulled my clothes off and got down to business. Oh, it wasn't long until I could feel a good cum headed my way when there was a knock at the door, and Lisa saying, "John?" as she opened the door. My heart stopped dead. I grabbed the magazine and put it over my rapidly-deflating cock as I heard my stepsister calmly say, "I see you found Dale's stash of girlie mags." She walked over to the bed and said, "Don't tell me I caused that and you had to come up here and jack-off." "What do you know about jacking-off, anyway?" I asked naively not realizing how girls are usually way ahead of us boys.

"Oh, you think you have an exclusive on getting yourself off? You guys don't have the market cornered, you know. I discovered the pleasures of masturbation when I was eight." Now, you need to understand that we are talking like this as I'm laying there naked with a Penthouse over my dick and balls and she's standing over me in a very brief bikini. The thought of this very pretty girl masturbating was sending erection signals to my deflated cock which was on the rise, a fact not missed by my step-sis.

She reached down and snatched the magazine away. "Damn, Lisa," and tried to cover my hardening cock with my hands. "Oh, just what I figured. Your's is bigger than Tim's" "My god, sis, are you fucking Tim?" She looked me in the eye and smiled as she dropped her hand to my crotch and ran her fingers through my pubic hair and petted my cock. "Of course not," she replied as she took my penis in her hand, bent over and gave it a kiss on the tip end. The next thing I knew, her mouth descended over my dick and began to suck me up to heaven.

It was the most incredible feeling I've ever had. Chapter 2 Lisa: Sounds all nice and innocent the way he tells it, huh? Hardly. When our parents got married and we all joined households, I had an immediate crush on my stepbrother, John.

We were the same age, twelve, and I just went crazy for him. Now, don't get the idea that I did this openly. I kept it all to myself but I mooned over him for month after month. Every time I masturbated, it was with a mental image of John between my legs; either his tongue or his cock. Oh, I dated Tim some but he was just there as a stand-in for my real 'throb,' John. Now, at twelve, or so, my crush wasn't particularly sexual but in the next months and even years, it became very sexual.

I wanted John to be the boy who I gave my virginity to. It's all I dreamed about. But, I couldn't act on it because John would have probably stopped things even before they got started. So, I planned and I schemed. Tim, of course, like most boys, kept trying to get to whatever base might be next and, after a while, my resistance wore down and I had my blouse and bra off.

Now, I love having my nipples sucked, it just sends sparks right to my panties. And, I knew exactly how to relieve those panty feelings when I got home. Of course, Tim kept trying to steal the next base and, after another year or so, I tried holding him at bay by giving him orgasms when he wanted one.

It started with handjobs, then, one evening, as he was laying across me, cradled in my arm, sucking my nipple with my hand jerking him off, I got to wondering what it might be like to suck a guy off. Well, I tried hard to imagine John's cock and bent over and took him in my mouth and did what millions of girls do every year, I sucked my first cock.

It felt nice in my mouth and I decided that I was going to try to swallow. I'd heard all the talk and it was the easiest if you could do it. Well, Tim moaned and moaned and writhed. It had to feel incredible. When his cum shot into my mouth, I was momentarily overwhelmed and learned to begin swallowing at the first feeling of a pulse of the semen on its way up. Well, I got pretty good at it and it kept Tim happy and mostly out of my pants which were secretly dedicated to John. Like John, I had also discovered Dale's Penthouse magazines and I eagerly devoured the Forum sections in all that he had.

I learned lots of things, how to get myself off better, how to suck a cock, just where men and women are most sensitive sexually, lots and lots of little tips that I mentally filed away. So, when our parents told us they would be away over the weekend, I knew it was my chance with John.

Yes, to seduce him.

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I knew from Tim that guys were pretty easy to get to do what a girl wanted. The secret was in their pants. I also knew that Dale would be with Sharon off somewhere probably fucking each other's brain's out (Wouldn't take much with her. Sorry, she's kind of a 'duh.') and wouldn't be back until he had to, at midnight or so. I called John's girlfriend, Wendy, on the excuse that we may want to double date on Saturday to find that she had family plans that took precedence.

That took care of that little detail. Next, I called Tim and told him that I had a 'family-thing' and had to pass on going out on Saturday. Well, I did have a 'family-thing,' my stepbrother, John. Well, the fact is, I did plan a family get-together.

I planned to get together with my stepbrother, together in a physical, sexual sense. I knew he had gym practice, I knew he loved seeing me in my little green bikini, I knew he would be up for a little one-on-one and he knew that I was a physical player when it came to anything competitive.

John had been getting erections when he was around me, especially lately. Yes, girls notice these things. We surely do. I knew it was me and I was ready to up the ante. I'd noticed that when he did get a hard-on, he would quickly find an excuse to go to his room. I had a good idea what he was doing and I wanted to make sure he got an erection so I could follow after him and catch him in the act.

The rest, I knew would happen. So, things weren't quite as spontaneous as John has related them. John: I have never, ever felt anything as good as Lisa's mouth sucking me. It was so soft and warm and wet. "Oh, Lisa, oh, that's incredible.

So good." I've jacked-off maybe a million times but this just equalled them all rolled together. I have to admit that I didn't last but a few minutes before I was cumming in her mouth. "Ooh, oh, I'm…UUHN, UUHN, uuh, uuh, ooh, ooh, oh, Lisa, oh, that was wonderful. Oh, it feels so good." She hopped off the bed and asked, "Well, have you fucked Wendy?" as I saw her reach back and untie her bikini top and pull it off.

I knew she asked me a question but I just sat there, in my bed, magazine to the side, dick sticking up, glistening with a few drops of cum, staring at the two beautiful breasts in front of me. I was stunned. Lisa, my stepsister, was beautiful, simply perfect. "Wendy. Have I…? God, I've never even seen her naked. Much less fucked her. Have you seen Tim naked?" "Oh, all the important parts, I guess. Let's not talk about Tim and Wendy.

Are you interested in seeing me?" Oh, I was, I was. But, we were family. She was my stepsister. "Oh, Lisa, you are so beautiful. But, maybe we should stop. I mean we're stepbrother and -sister. I just don't know." As I was saying this, I was also getting up out of bed standing before her and reaching out to her breasts, feeling their lovely softness. I watched my hands petting and embracing those perfect breasts. "God, you are so beautiful, yes, I want to see you, all of you." Lisa took a step back and pulled off her bikini bottoms and stood there naked.

She was perfect. Pink nipples, slightly swollen-looking, narrow waist, lovely hips, and, oh, her pussy. The first pussy I've ever seen. Perfectly split down the center, two plump halves, cleanly, smoothly shaven. "Oh, Lisa, you are so beautiful." "John, so are you. You are beautiful. You are why I am still a virgin. I've wanted you. Only you." We each took a step toward one another, folded our arms around each other, and kissed.

Kissed not in a brother-sister way, no, kissed as lovers. Kissed as two naked lovers, our skin touching all along our bodies, my cock pressing against her mound, her bare breasts squeezed against my chest, our tongues intertwined. Everything changed. All was different. Lisa was changed, I was changed. I now knew she loved me and I now knew that I loved her. I knew I wanted her.

I wanted her body. Then, it hit me, "Lisa, we can't go on, I don't have any protection. I don't have any condoms." She leaned forward, kissed me and said, "S'okay, I'm on the pill," and kissed me deeply. "Mom put me on the pill about a year ago when my periods were real uneven.

So, we're both gonna lose our virginity today and it's going to be safe and it's going to be fantastic." I sat down on the bed and pulled Lisa to me and began licking her nipples and sucking on them as she reached down and played with my cock. I also slipped my hand between her legs as she shifted her feet to spread her stance and allow enough room for me to begin working a finger up into her. "Look, John, you've got cum already coming out," she said as she looked down.

"Well, you're really wet, too," as I slipped a second finger up into her. "Mmm, oh, John, that feels so good. Know what I did when I came in and found you with your magazine. How I got you off?" I nodded and she added, "I want you to do me. With your mouth." She wants me to eat her pussy. That pretty little pussy peeking out between her legs. I'm the happiest guy in the world. She got up on the bed and spread her legs out and stretched her arms out welcoming me between her legs.

As I got down near her pussy, I could easily see that she was wet. Her pussy lips glistened in the afternoon light. She was so pretty between her legs, her pussy was pinker, a bit redder than the surrounding area, it looked warm and inviting. I just kissed those pretty lips for a few minutes, then began licking up and down her slit.

She sat up and reached down and held her pussy lips open and I licked up inside her. "Oh, John, that's awesome feeling. Oh, get up inside, up…oh, yes, yes. Oh, John, ooh, oh, this is so wonderful. Oh, it feels so good. Ooh, put your tongue up in…UUMH, UUMH, uuh, uuh, oh, oh, John, I love you so much, oh, so much. You make me so happy, oh, so happy." She pulled me up to her and covered my face with kisses.

"Oh, John, I want you so bad. That was so wonderful, oh, now, I want you now." I got up over her as she spread her legs wide, holding her pussy open, as I placed the head of my cock right up to her opening and pushed.

"Mmm, ooh, ooh, oh, it went in, look." And, indeed, I was inside Lisa, at least some. Maybe two inches. "Oh, push in, I want all of you in me," and I gave a shove and then another, looked down and was pushed all the way inside. Lisa: I knew that when I bent down and took his dick in my mouth that there was no turning back. This was the ultimate act of seduction.

I was in my smallest bikini, he was naked, I had caught him masturbating, then I took him in my mouth and gave him everything that I knew how to do.

And, that's a lot. I had held Tim's below-the-belt explorations of my girl parts off for months and months by perfecting my sucking techniques. I knew I was good. And, yes, I soon had a mouth full of my love's cum. In a way, John never had a chance.

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Every girl knows this. With tits and a pussy adn a mouth, we have the upper hand every time.


I soon had my bikini off and we were hugging, pressed against each other, it left us no place to go but the bed. But, first, John had a pang of conscience like the one that I had soon after we had first seen each other. We were related. Brother and sister. Well, stepbrother and stepsister. The first day I knew John, I had a crush on him. But, then, the reality came over me that we were now living in the same house as family. Family. I thought long and hard about it.

What did it really mean that my mother had married his father? We weren't really blood-related. We didn't share any genes, any DNA, no family tree, no bloodlines. There was no more reason that John and I shouldn't be together than my mother and John's father. Now, that didn't mean that John would immediately come to this conclusion once he had considered the situation. No, it had taken me several weeks.

Nor, would it mean that a romance between John and me would be accepted by our parents or by John's older brothers. No, it would have to be something just between the two of us. I wasn't at all surprised when he began to object that we had already gone too far.

I knew, being the kind of person John was, one of the reasons I loved him, was his sense of fairness and honor. I also knew that I had to use my best bet to get him over the 'family' thing. I didn't have weeks to try to convince him. So, I took off my bikini. As much fairness and honor as John has, I also knew what I looked like in my full-length mirror…naked.

Oh, yes, I did what so many girls have done. Why? Because it works. So well. Immediately, he wanted to fuck. Well, pretty much, anyway. I said John is honorable and fair. He immediately stopped because he didn't want us to rush into a situation where I could get pregnant. See why I love him? Thank goodness for the pill. A third barrier, I knew, would stand in our way that afternoon: my hymen.

I'm like any teen, I've searched every corner, every drawer, every shelf, for all things pertaining to sex in, first, my mother's bedroom, and, after their wedding, my parent's bedroom.

Mom had several dildos (I had to ask several girls at school what they were called.

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I kept asking, I just couldn't believe they were 'dildos,' the name was just too preposterous. Live and learn.) and I used them to both get off and to take care of any troublesome obstruction in my vaginal cavity.

I wanted it to be ready when I was ready. No nasty pain and bleeding. That all happened between the age of ten and eleven. So, I had seen to it that every object and idea which might be in the way of having sex with John was eliminated.

I knew what I wanted and how to get it. In a nice way, of course, it was all for love, after all. I also knew that, if John didn't make a quick move to lick me, I was going to gently prod (Hmm, choice of words??) him to give me oral. So many of my friends just go gaga when they talk about it. I wanted it but I wanted it from John. Oh, and I got it. Oh, I already loved John even before the tip of his tongue ever touched my pussy.

Oh, but after…I was wild for him.

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When I pulled apart my pussy lips and he tongued across my open labia, up into my vagina's opening, it sent shock waves across my body like I've never, ever felt. Oh, I was going to have John become very familiar with my pussy up close. This was everything my girlfriends had told me about. Even more.

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My pussy would never be the same. But now, I knew I wanted him inside me. That was what this was all about. I wanted to make our love of each other complete. I wanted us linked together by his cock. Chapter 3 John: The first few strokes were stunning. Oh, I've jacked-off with hand lotion, soap, all kinds of slippery stuff.

That was nothing. The inside of Lisa's pussy was the most wonderful place on the planet. And girls walk around all the time with this between their legs. Every day, just like ordinary. Didn't they know what they had in there? Oh, I had to have this lots.

Lots. My hands were rubbing Lisa's breasts as I went in and out of her. "Oh, John, I knew this would be so wonderful. I love you so much. I just want us to do this forever." "Mmm, yes, oh, I want to, too. It just feels so good. I'm so glad you wanted this. Mmm, it is really heaven." I had been really afraid to just push my dick inside her. I knew all kinds of stories about blood, awful pain, all the bad tales. When I asked her if I should go slow, be careful, she just told me that she wanted me inside her.

I began going slowly in and out, looking down at our lovemaking, thrilled to be watching a part of me going in and out of such a beautiful part of Lisa. The feelings were incredible. My heart raced with each stroke, each push, each pull. Lisa was moving under me, twisting her hips around, flexing muscles inside her that made it feel so good.

She had given me my first blowjob and as wonderful as it was, oh, yes, this was better, lots better. "Oh, Lisa, oh, you are so beautiful, this is so wonderful. Is it good for you? Are you glad we're doing this?" "Mmm, it's what I've wanted for so long. I've dreamed of this and now we're doing it.

It feels wonderful. You make me so happy, John." "You make me happy, too, Lisa. So, happy. Oh, I can't believe we're doing this. It feels so good." "Well, we are doing it and we're going to do it a lot. Every chance we get. I just want us to do this so bad. Oh, push it in hard, John, really deep inside me." I pressed up into her as Lisa moved her hips around and around in a circle.

"Oh, Lise, oh, that is so good. Ohh, it feels so good. I want it to last but I want to cum, too. Oh, it's just so good." "I'm really feeling close. You can go faster if you want." Oh, I did want to go faster. It was feeling so, so good, that my dick was telling me, 'faster, faster,' and I did just that.

Lisa's hips rose up, she stiffened, then, "Oh, John, oh, OH, OH, OOOH, OOOH, ooh. ooh, I love you, John, I love you so much. I always will," and she pulled me down and kissed me and kissed me and kissed me. Now, while Lisa's kissing me, she's hardly still. She's bucking her hips, fucking me like crazy, up and down, up and down. It's all I could take. "Oh, Lisa, oh, UUUH, UUUH, uuh, uuh, oh, Lisa, oh, this is so wonderful.

You are so beautiful." I fell down on her kissing her over and over. Oh, this was wonderful. The best moment in my entire life. Lisa: His cum. His cum was inside me. Deep inside. A part of him, a part of John. His seed, his sperm, his life-force. Oh, I was happy. So very happy. I know I set this all up so we could be together and that John's potential objections would be eliminated even almost before they started. Maybe I schemed to make this happen, but I was in love and the love was right.

I was so happy. My orgasm was fantastic. I never imagined one could be that strong. I've had a few really good ones from masturbating, but this was in another category all together. And, when I felt his cock tremor and the pulse of his semen erupt up into my depths, oh, it was heavenly.

I wanted it to stay up in me forever. This was the passion of love. He lay there on me, kissing me, and I finally had to tell him, "John, I can hardly breathe, you've got to get up off me," and he rolled off as we laughed.

"Oh, geez, look," he said pointing to the large, pink wet spot on the sheet. "You must have bled some. It didn't seem to hurt you, did it?" "No, well, it did a little, right at first, but not all that much.

Guess these go in the washer, huh?" "Whew, and I'm kindof sweaty. That was hard work," John said, "We need a shower." So, we pulled the sheets off the bed, I got new ones on and we loaded them in the washer and started it up. Then off to the showers. As we waited for the water to warm, I reached down and took hold of John's now-limp dick.

I'd never touched a soft cock before and it was exciting to feel it grow hard in my hand. It's something I'll never forget. I'd never had anyone tell me how nice a shower is with someone of the opposite sex. Oh, all that nice, soapy, smooth skin. Our shower together was lovely. John got my front so clean, he just rubbed the soap all over, over and over. He got up real good between my legs and down between my butt cheeks.

I sure got his cock clean, even got some white, sticky stuff out of it. Oh, it got really clean. We dried each other off and went downstairs, all nice and naked, and put our pizza in to bake.

A lovely skin-to-skin make-out session filled the time until the pizza was finished, then we fed each other slices until we just had to get back upstairs and make love again. We ran up the stairs, turned on some lights, it was starting to get dark by now and hopped on the bed rolling around feeling and kissing each other. I told John I wanted on top this time and he got down on the bed with his beautiful hard cock pointing at the ceiling and I got up over him and pushed his cock all the way inside me.

Oh, when I pushed down, it created a whole new level of feeling, just magnificent. When I pushed, I just lit up. Then up and down, oh, it was wonderful. "Mmm, oh, Lisa, that feels so good.

Oh, this is wonderful. Ooh, I really like you up on top like this." "You're just a lazy slug, that's all. You want me to do all the work." "And I can play with your pretty tits, too. Oh, I love them so much." "Mmm, they love you, too.

Feels nice. You like this?" I asked John as I pushed down, then twisted back and forth grinding my pussy on him. "Oh, Lisa I like everything you do. Everything and, yes, I just love it when you twist around on me like that." "Feels good way up inside me, too, really good." "Mmm, yeah, mmm, oh, mmm." John: Naked, eating pizza.

Oh, what a way to live. Life is perfect. But, we had other things on our minds than pizza. We wanted each other again. As Lisa ran up the stairs, I following the beautiful half-moons of her ass, she yelled back, "I want on top this time. I'm gonna fuck you silly," then ran to the bed, stopped, turned, and I ran into her open arms as we kissed and fell on the bed rolling around on each other.

She jumped up on top of me, raised up, gripped my cock and lowered herself, squirming as she pushed my cock up into her. Oh, it felt so good going inside her. Then, when she started moving up and down, taking all of me up inside her when she pushed down, then pulling almost all the way up, then sliding down again, oh, it was heaven.

I was totally lost in our fucking. It was so thrilling, so absorbing, so seductive, my whole being was focussed on our sexual contact. We were so totally lost in our passion for each other that we never heard the front door open downstairs or Dale call out, "Anybody home?" Moments later, Lisa went stiff, "UUHN, UUHN, uuh, uuh," and right after, I felt my orgasm rising.

"Oh, Lisa, I'm…UUH, UUH…" and I looked over and Dale and his girlfriend, Sharon, were standing there in the doorway watching me fill our stepsister full of semen. I was powerless to stop or pull out or anything. I was frozen. God, we're dead, I thought. Dead, for sure. At that moment, Lisa must have realized that there was something wrong and turned her head. "Oh, my god," she shrieked and rolled off me onto her back as Dale and Sharon stood there gaping at us so completely exposed.

My dick had shrunk to nothing. I looked at the clock and it showed nine o'clock. Damn, three hours earlier than they had said. Shit, shit, shit. Here we were, two naked, sweating, panting, cum- and pussy juices-smeared fourteen-year olds staring up at them, not knowing what to do. Really having nothing to do about it. I looked at them, then noticed that Sharon was standing there, her hand rubbing across her breasts, her other hand down rubbing below her abdomen.

Looking over at Dale, I could see that he had a huge erection in his pants, it was really obvious. Now, all this had happened in just a second or two, no more. Just when I was going to try to say something, anything, Dale spoke first, to Sharon, "Damn, we try to sneak back home early to get a little time together and, what do they do? They beat us to it!" He pulled Sharon to him and gave her a kiss that left no doubt as to what was on his mind as his hands ranged all down her butt.

As he was kissing her, he was also taking off her blouse and bra, almost in in a single motion, oh, Dale was good, really good.

Sharon, too, was busy removing Dale's shirt and unbuckling his pants, sliding them to the floor, followed by his briefs. They stood there, completely naked, kissing, feeling, caressing, then Dale lowered and began sucking Sharon's nipples. I've said that her breasts are large. I mean, really large. Probably D-cup though I'm not an expert on boob sizes. But they sure didn't sag. Oh, no, they were right out there, firm with large, pink nipples that were jutting out all excited.

Sharon's pussy hair was blonde, light colored and trimmed but not shaven clean, like Lisa's. Then, Dale said, "Let's all go in Mom and Dad's room. We need a king-sized bed," and Lisa and I followed Dale and Sharon down the hall, four naked, horny teenagers, stripped the covers off their bed and all got in.

It was no time before Dale was between Sharon's legs simply fucking her like it was their last chance. Lisa, I think, was still kind of scared but I was rather fascinated by the sexual calisthenics going on next to us. They seemed to have had a lot of practice and were soon both registering orgasms rather vigorously. Lisa and I were laying there together, keeping kind of quiet, kissing, hugging, observing, rather in awe of our older lovers, when Dale turned and said, "Why don't we all switch off?

John, you do Sharon, I'll do Lisa?" Now, I'm a guy. Guy's mostly love this stuff. I had just begun a new relationship with Lisa and, while I knew I had loving feelings toward her, I still didn't fully realize that I was in love with her. So, I said, "Sure, why not," looking at Sharon's voluptuous body, so invitingly displayed next to me, "Okay, Lisa?" Chapter 4 Lisa: Oh, I was so excited running back upstairs for our second round of sex.

I wanted on top this time, I wanted to just fuck him as hard as I could. In just moments, I was up over him, had his cock deep inside me and was merrily fucking away. Oh, it felt so good. I had a wonderful orgasm, just stunning and was getting John right up to having his, I could feel him tense and then buck into me, spurting me full. Then, his eyes get big, he's looking panicked over my shoulder, still humping up into me, as I look back over my shoulder and see my older stepbrother, Dale, and his girlfriend, Sharon standing by the door watching us.

After a flood of dread, Dale and Sharon are taking their clothes off and kissing and rubbing each other, suggesting that we all go to the parent's room and their king-sized bed. John and I followed them and we all got on the bed and they caught up with us very quickly. Boy, did they do it.

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Impressive. John seemed more relaxed than I was, I was terrified, frankly, not knowing how this would all shake out with our parents. Then, Dale suggested that we swap partners, and, honestly, I didn't want to do it but it all happened without me saying a word. Dale was up over me, his cock pressing into me, pushing, and John was between Sharon's legs going in and out like they'd been doing it for years.

I was a bit sore from being up over John and doing him so fast up and down. Dale didn't take as much care as John had and more or less pushed his way inside. Now, I can't say it didn't feel good. But, I was in love with John. I loved him. It just wasn't sex with John, it was love. I was seeing that Dale and Sharon didn't seem to be in love, it was lust, pure and simple; they just loved fucking each other.

So, basically, I was stuck there being screwed instead of made love to like I had wanted. I went along with our little orgy, actually, it was exciting, Dale did know what he was doing, and before long I had a very strong orgasm.

Then, Dale kept pushing deeper and deeper, when "Oh, Lisa, oooh, UH, UH, uh, uh," and I felt his warm juice flow into me. In less than a minute, John had cummed in Sharon and she was humping him like there was a finish line in sight. We were all there on the bed, getting our breath back, when Dale suggested," Let's all do oral in a circle.

Boy-girl, boy-girl." I managed to get John's penis, I really moved quickly as soon as I figured out what we were doing next. Dale got my pussy, John got Sharon's pussy, and Sharon got Dale's cock. I was happier this time and I had my love's dick to suck into ecstasy. Just what I wanted. John's head was between Sharon's legs, Sharon was sucking Dale and Dale was eating me, I was sucking my love, John; we were all in a circle of oral sex.

Our hands were also busy rubbing and feeling the person above us, it was a sexual feast. I was uncomfortable with the whole group thing at first but as the minutes went on, my pussy took over and the carnality of the circle-suck took over.

It was intense. John: I have lusted after Sharon, my brother's girlfriend, ever since he first brought her home. She's really a looker and a man's kind of woman. Big tits. And here they are, naked, nude, bare, stripped. They were not only large but firm and plump, no droop, no sag. Sharon was spread out as I got up between her legs and pushed myself into her. Oh, was it good. As I began to go in and out, I started rubbing and feeling her big boobs.

They were so large and so firm, when she laid down, they flared out a little but still rose up off her chest majestically. When I rubbed them, Sharon closed her eyes, she obviously loves having her breasts fondled.


This morning, I was a virgin. Now, I've had two different girls. Amazing. Doing Sharon is really good, she matches every movement I make with her own, she really throws herself into it, oh, does she. The feeling of fucking Sharon was more erotic, more animal. With Lisa, it feels more like love, more tender, more caring, more gentle. Truthfully, I would like to be with Lisa right now, but I can't say I don't like fucking Sharon.

She's a little looser and easier to slide in and out of, the slippery feeling is really quite arousing, my cock is like a rock, despite a fair amount of intense activity.

As we went at each other, there was squirming and moaning from time to time. Sharon's pussy was really wet, I mean just running with juices.

I had drawn her pussy lips apart and was tonguing up into her hole, running my tongue around in a circle which really made her hot.

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She was moving her hips back and forth and I'm sure she had an orgasm from the moans and thrusts she made. After a while, it seemed like we had all pleasured each other sufficiently and we just kind of broke into pairs again. We decided to break apart and go to different bedrooms, Dale and Sharon would stay in Mom and Dad's room, we would go to my bedroom.

And sleep together. Lisa and I were going to sleep together. Like lovers. Wow. We walked naked, hand in hand down the hall to my room, went in, closed the door and hugged each other as I felt my cock rise and push against her crotch.

"Mmm, what's this?" she asked as her hand gently gripped my dick. "Oh, that's something I have that's just for you, Lisa." "Good, I really don't much like sharing it. I want it all the time.

Like right now," and she led me to the bed and had me get down while she swung up over me and pushed me up into her. Oh, that wonderful feeling again. I just lay there swept away by the wonderful feelings her pussy was giving me going up and down as I rubbed and petted her pretty breasts. I was learning to rub across her clit and a few other little tidbits to make her sexual experience better, something I do to this day.

We had a simply glorious fuck then fell asleep in each other's arms, waking at times during the night to kiss and feel and enjoy our closeness. Sunday morning started with leisurely making love, just slowly building into a massive orgasm for each other. We slipped on robes and went downstairs to make breakfast and while we were eating, Dale and Sharon came down to fix something for themselves; rather naked. As they went about preparing breakfast, they also fondled, felt, and groped each other as we sat there eating.

We soon finished and left them to their own and went up to feel and grope on our own. We showered together, a wonderful experience in sensual lovemaking, toweled each other off, then spent the rest of the day in bed. Oh, I was in love. Yes, I loved Lisa and told her so and she made me say it over and over and over. I never tire of saying it, really. Lisa: After our tryst with Dale and Sharon, John and I spent all of Sunday alone in each other's arms.

It was lovely. Sometime after we had made love the second time that morning, John told me he loved me. It was what I had been wanting to hear for so long now. I started to cry. "What's wrong, Lisa? Are you okay?" "I'm wonderful, John, so happy. I cry when I'm happy. I love you, too. Tell me again, please, tell me over and over." "I love you, Lisa, I love you, I love you, I love you." Our parents don't have any idea about us. We just know that someday we will be together as husband and wife.

Our love will see us through.