Horny honeys play in bed and make some pissing to get joy

Horny honeys play in bed and make some pissing to get joy
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I want to be your little secret i crave to be your secretyou are all i think about after the night we met. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterdayyou were standing there staring me down with the look of lust in your eyes. i glare at you and i see a nicehandsome man in a midnight black suityou have a wine glass in your handand your laughing with your wife over some lame joke. Now I am a young womani have smoothtan skin, long cury light brown hair that i wear way past my shoulders.

my dress looks like it was painted on. As you look at me long oyou notice my skinny eyebrownsmy bigbright harzel eyes, my full red glossy lips, you start to look further down and you see my nice firm high dd36 breast. I notoce you wife is gettin mind that you are looking ate me so long so i had to male her even more angry i turn around so both you and her can see my small thin 24 waist and my largeround firmlifted 46 inch ass.

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I can no longer play tease any more i want to make my move and you know. i walk over to and i stop near the window. i start to look to the moutains as the night sky just floats over the moutains with the stars bright as the sun.

i put a cherry in my mouth and start to lick my lips teasesing you th cat and mouse game. you start to see im looking at a doori walk over to the door while still sucking on my cherry right before i put my first foot in the door i look back to make sure your eyes are still on me. i turn around and walk into the room. as i wait for you i walk over to the window the room is so dark all you can see i the bed with the moon light shinning in.


I slip out of my dress and as soon as it starts to fall to my feet you walk right behind. you grap me on the back of my arm nice and tight.

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. . how dare you stare at me like that dont you see me with my wife. . If you love your wife so much why are you here in this room. . because you se.


If you didnt want meyou wouldnt be here with me. . ( i turn around so my hard nipples can touch your shirt as i start talking i undo your shirt ). .

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you see i know and you know ( kissies your lips) you want something new no you need some thing new ( i start to kiss down towards your dick ) yes your wife loves you but she doesnt love you in the bed like you wish there was a time you fucked like a rabbit now you would be lucky to get twice in one month. i start to kiss your bulge and then i get up i lay down on the bed as the red silk sheets lay under my body and i ppush my self up with my arms then i look at you and i motion for you to come closer to me as i lick my lips.

You stand there looking in shock so i sprend my legs wide open so you can see my shaved pussy as i rub my wet pussy dripping down on to my leg and the sheets.

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you start to walk closer you undo your clothes and you walk closer byt the time you are there on top me we are eye to eye lips to lips lock with each other. i stare into your eyes the you push my eye shut my head falls back my mouth moans and i know i am in love.

you start to oush in and out my moans just get lost in this all. you start to lick on nipples and i put my hand on your head as you suck harder and harder on them.

soon you let go you look in my eyes you kiss my lips i start to close my eyes and moan as you pump in and out of me. then we roll over and its my turn to take control i start my grindin my hips deep into then i start to move back and fortth i go faster theni start to moan i thrown my head back as i am about to cum. i grap you chest as the pleasure rushs in my veins righ as im down i fall down on your chest.

i start to look you in the eyes again and i notiice that you you are lloking at me but not at more into me yous ee the beauty past our sex you see what youhave been missing.

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you been missing a sex that wasnt planwith your wife you know she has in her head what she will do suck you for 5 mins lay down on her back for 10 then wait for you to cum but with me its diff i let you stay in me as long as youi am something diff something you cant get in your real world.

i am whatever you want me to be. so i get up i walk over to the window i feel you looking starting at me exploring my naled body i start to put my dress in as you start to dress as well even tho i cant see you i hear you.

you walk over be hind me and you grap my arm and wisper in my ear will i see you again I turn around and put a card in your suit pocket we start to hear the door knop shacking your head swind to the door and you see a hand some in to push the door open wider you know that hand anywhere its your wife hand you start to think of what lie you are going to sayhow can you explain this ?

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did you just wash you marriage away on me ? can you handle with this right now ? as soon as you open you mouth to say a word it she says hey hun ,i been looking for you all night why have you been in here you cant understand why she isnt shocked about the me at your sidesoon she walks over and places her hand on your face and kissies your lips she looks into your eyes wow you look like you seen a ghostwhat have you been doing in here and why is it so cold in here baby you can cathh a cold you turn around and you see the curtians blowing with the the wind you look out the window and stare at the moon thinking if i hurt my self.

you and your wife start to head toward the door then you both walk down the hallyou say goodbye to all your friend. you grap your wife hands and you walk to the door the door you hold the door and try to ask as if nothing happen as you get to the middle of street right before you enter yout car you go into your pocket to read my card so you can call me but all my card reads is ~Your Little Secret ~