Gay sexy nice boys and xxx download gay sex boy Real torrid gay

Gay sexy nice boys and xxx download gay sex boy Real torrid gay
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When I was seventeen I had a job in a diesel mechanic's shop. I came home every day at four thirty, dirty and stinking. I was living at my folk's house to save money. I'd take a long shower, lay down in my room for a short nap until dinner time.

One afternoon in late summer, a really scorching Thursday, I had showered and was laying on my bed in nothing but a towel.

There was a little tap at my door and my sister Willy came in. Her real name is Wilhelmina after a grandfather, but she is only known as Willy. She's a couple years younger than me, a sophomore, real smart and real pretty. She's about five three, almost all legs and a hundred twenty, much of which is boobs and butt cheeks. We get along very well and have always looked out for each other.

"Timmy, I need a favor from you," she said with a distinctly embarrassed look on her face. "Sure, Willy, anything for you, you know that. What can I do for you? Is mom bugging you about your clothes again?" "No, it's nothing like that, it's different. My girlfriends are making fun of me at school because I don't go out with a guy, and I've never seen a guy's—you know — thing. Would it be OK to look at yours, just so I know what they're talking about?" "Well, I guess so, I'm surprised you haven't seen me in the shower or anything like that, but if you want a good look, I'm OK with that." I stood up and unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor.

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She got a little red in the face but took a good look, walking around me to see from different angles. "It's so hairy! So those are your balls hanging down at the bottom?

They're all wrinkly looking," she said. "That's where the baby seeds are?" "Yeah, that's just how the skin is, it smooths out when things start to happen." "I thought it would be bigger, the girls talk about their guys like it's the size of a cucumber.

Maybe you're just smaller than average," she said. I couldn't let that go by. "Well, you have to understand, it's limp right now because I just took a shower and I'm tired, it gets a lot bigger when its stimulated.

I'm actually bigger than most guys." "Can I see that? I'd like to know what it looks like when it's big. Do I just touch it or what? How does it work?" Willy looked pretty excited at this point. "Pretty much. You touch it and rub or squeeze it and it gets bigger.

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I can do that for you if you want." "I'd like to do that myself, if it's OK with you. I'd like to know how to do that." "I guess that would be OK, Mom and Dad won't be home for another hour. This isn't something you usually do with a family member, but we won't go too far or tell anybody. You can't tell your friends. You'll have to make up some other story if you want them to know what you found out." I was starting to have doubts about the whole thing. "That's OK, I won't tell anybody it was you.


So, what do I do?" "I'll sit on the edge of the bed like this, and you pull the chair up so you're facing me. Now just take it in your hand and lift it up. You can stretch it out a little but don't pull too hard. It's easy to be too rough. Yeah, that's perfect, just a light tug and squeeze. Just do that a little longer." "Oh, cool, it's getting bigger already, it's like it's growing.

When will it stop?" "Just keep going and you'll see. Now wrap your hand around it and move up and down just like you're polishing it. Spit on your hand for lubrication. Yeah, that's perfect. "God it's like a summer sausage, hard and soft at the same time." She was still polishing away, and a crisis point was getting close.

That's as big as it will get, so you'll have to stop now." I told her. "Oh, I though from what my friends said that something big happened at the end," Willy said with a pout.

"It does, it does, and it's just about to happen, but I'd rather not do it with you, I don't think it's appropriate right now, plus it's very messy and you're not ready for it. "Ok, so maybe another time," she said. "Yeah," I heard myself say, "Another time." The minute she was out the door, I got a tee-shirt out of the hamper and finished myself off. I wouldn't have been able to walk down to dinner with that hardon. Exactly a week later on Thursday afternoon, I heard that little tap on my door and Willy came in for another lesson.

"This time I want to see the end part too," she said firmly. She was using a double handed twisting strangle when she said it, so I had no argument. "Better get a tissue, and right away," I said. "Oh my God! How much is there?" the cum was running down over her fists. I was jerking and thrashing with the orgasm. It took three tissues to clean it up. She did me every Thursday all the rest of that summer. Where ever she was getting her info, she got better every week.

By this time, she wasn't strangling any more but letting me spray free. This led to one of the most memorable episodes.

I was having trouble getting hard. I just wasn't feeling it. She was doing beautifully, a two-handed elevator that should have had me blowing up. "What's wrong Timmy am I doing something wrong?" she asked. "No, no, I'm just not feeling it today," I said. "I have an idea that might help; my girlfriends say this works, I'll show you my tits. She pulled up her sweater and held it under her chin.

Her tits were perfect, high hard and round with thick prominent nipples as hard as wood. It worked, I went off like a rocket. It took half a box of tissue to clean her up. Once in early September she had another idea.

"Some of my friends say that put it in their mouth when their boyfriend gets close. They say it's really cool. I want to try that," she said. "No, I don't think so. You're my sister and it's possible to get diseases that way, so no, not with me." School started, and we missed a few Thursdays while she was doing schoolwork or extracurricular stuff. Then on a Friday late in September I heard that little tap and Willy came in, but this time she had someone with her.

"Timmy, this is Dixie, she's two years younger than me she's and in my ecology class, and she's like to see your thing. She's never seen one and feels left out.

I told her I could help. I hope you don't mind." Dixie wasn't especially pretty. She was too young to have much of a figure.

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Her hair was kind of a mousy blond in pigtails behind her ears. She was embarrassed and a giggler. She wouldn't look at me and kept scuffing her shoes against the floor, pulling the hem of her skirt down and giggling.

"Nice to meet you Dixie, I'm glad Willy has a nice friend. I guess I won't mind if you stay." Willy took me by the hand, stood me up and took my towel. Dixie looked at the floor, she looked at the ceiling and finally at me. "Ye gods! It's so hairy" and she giggled. "Why is it so small?" "Now watch, this is what you wanted to see," Willy said.

She pulled up her chair and lifted my dick. It took about thirty seconds for Dixie to change her tune. 'Ye gods! How big will it get?" "It's still got a way to go, just keep watching." "Can I touch it?" Ye gods!

It's hard and soft at the same time and it's so warm." She tried a milking motion with a finger just under the head which felt very good, she had a light delicate touch.

I was surprised that it was kind of distracting to have an audience. I thought about the porn stars that had to do this all day with a film crew and hot lights. Willy took over again. "Do you always just do it this way, just up and down with your fist, is that all you do?" Dixie asked. "Oh, no. There's lots of other things. This is just the basic thing I'm showing you. Here's some others. This is the claw, you make you hand into a claw like in the toy grappling machines then slide it down so that the backs of your nails make contact first.

This is the O-ring, you make your thumb and first finger into an O and then slide up and down like this. You can use two hands with a twisting motion like this. It's important to keep your hands lubricated.

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Spit is the best way, like this," and she dropped a big loogie on the head of my dick. Dixie leaned over and added another gob. "How do you know when you're done?" Dixie asked. "Well, after you get it as big as you can, because that feels best for the guy. He finally has a climax where the baby seeds come out and then he's done. Now Tim's not too close yet, he's got a way to go. Here are some other things he likes.

See this spot just under the head where it attaches to the shaft?


He likes it when you rub there. Also, if you use the fist the way you were before but at the top, rotate you hand so the palm rubs over the head. Let me show you." "He's still not quite there. One way you can tell, just before he finishes, the little slit where the juice come out opens up.

Once that happens the guy can't stop. I wonder why he's not done. Maybe it's because you're here." "Tim, what's the matter, is there something else you'd like?" "I'm just not quite feeling it tonight." I said. Actually, I was a lot closer than she thought.

"Oh, I know what to do. Dixie, show him your tits!" "Ye gods, I don't know, mine aren't like yours." "That's OK, he's already seen mine. Just pull up your shirt." Dixie was purple with embarrassment, but she did it. She was almost flat, but she had the prettiest stiff nipples. I immediately started to churn, and Willy could feel it as she held onto my shaft. "Play with them!" Willy ordered her.

Dixie looked at the size of me, blushed even deeper red and started stroking, pinching and twisting her nipples. "Look, Dixie, he loves your tits. The slit is opening, really a lot, just lean over here and see how wide it is.

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This will be good." She leaned over and looked at the tip of my dick. I whispered to her, "Better stand up, Dixie." She did. "Look at his face, Dixie, that's what's called his O-face," Willy said. "Why is it called that?" she asked.

The first blast of cum hit her just under the chin. "O!" she said. Her eyes were open wide. I blew like a fire hose. Dixie had turned her face away, but Willy cupped my balls, kept up her milking motion and aimed me like a fire extinguisher at Dixie's chest and sprayed her down, aiming at one little titty then the other. I pumped until I was dry. There was cum dripping off her throat, both her little tits and down her belly.

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"Ye gods! It's like warm soup.

Is every guy like that?" The cleanup took a long time and I thought Willy spent a little more time cleaning Dixie's tits than was necessary. And there was no reason at all for all the wiping under her skirt.