Bootylicious babe assfucked on the bed

Bootylicious babe assfucked on the bed
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- I Dream of Demie 7 - Kate and Cat (MF, F-solo, best?, cons, magic, impreg?) by Krosis of the Collective --- When I got home Friday evening I grabbed a beer and plopped my ass down on the couch.

I was tired! It had been almost two weeks since Demie had come into my life but sometimes it felt like longer.months.years? I heard a cat howling outside. One of the neighbors hadn't gotten her fixed so she was calling out for the local toms* to come put some kittens in her belly. The thought gave my dick a little pep. Cripes, my newfound impregnation kink knew no bounds! (* The irony of the official name of a male cat matching my own was not immediately obvious.) I gave it some thought.

So far I might have impregnated my co-worker Carrie, my neighbor Erica, and fairy queen Anya! It's not that I wanted kids -- far from it! -- but the thought that I could have impregnated those women was the titillating part.

That thrill of shooting my seed into an unprotected woman's fertile depths.when you're in the moment it's overwhelming. I didn't think I could go back to condoms, and since Demie couldn't get pregnant herself I didn't really have to. Of course, Demie being infertile kind of lowered her from a 10 to a 9 in my head, not that I would ever tell her that! Ah Hell.when Demie was fucking me she was always ever a 11! A million! She was sex incarnate, and I was a lucky bastard to have her.

DID I have her? No, she had me. My soul was hers, my body was hers whenever she wanted it, and I was lucky to be alive, let alone regularly fucking a succubus.

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"Rooowwwwrrrrr." The caterwauling continued. I finished my beer and headed down the hall toward my bathroom to pee. As I passed the broom closet I noticed the door was slightly open.

Wait.I didn't HAVE a broom closet. Slowly and quietly, I opened the door a bit more and peered in. I pulled my head back from the opening. Nope. Nope, that ain't right, I thought. I continued into my bedroom and looked to where its wall constrained that side of the closet. I then retreated back into the living room and looked at how its wall would be the boundary for the side of the closet opposite of that.

Finally, I poked my head out the window to confirm that the outside wall of the building was unbroken. There was for sure room enough for a small closet, but. I opened the closet door wide. After the three feet of width and depth that would have been expected for the dimensions I had just eyeballed, the space opened wide into what seemed to be a laboratory, with stone walls, test tubes and other beakery (was that a word?) on tables and.was that a cauldron bubbling in the corner?

Candles on sticks flickered here and there, giving the place a spooky atmosphere. First a demon, then a harpy, a fairy queen, and now.a witch or wizard had come into MY HOME uninvited?! I was pissed. Not so pissed that I was going to barrel in, though. A witch might turn me into a newt! (Would I get better?) I carefully stepped into the entryway. I felt claustrophobic all of a sudden, like I had stepped into a closet sized space and there wasn't actually a large room in front of me, even though I could see it.

I then stepped into the lab proper and the claustrophobia vanished. There was a strange feeling of sudden movement, almost vertigo, and I had to put my arms out to steady myself.

It passed quickly and then my nose was assaulted by a sharp acidic odor. In addition, the temperature dropped a couple of degrees.


I looked behind me and saw my open closet space and the hallway beyond. Just to be sure, I stepped back into my apartment. Again there was the strange shifting feeling, though less this time, and the odor was gone. The temperature was normal again.

"Demie?" I hissed into the living room. It was unlikely that she was here, but she would know what to do about this better than me. I waited. Nothing.

Sighing, I went back into the lab. There was another slightly open door near the corner opposite the cauldron, so I went there. "Hello.?" I said as I opened it wide. There was a gasp and I saw a young woman with raven dark hair and dark eyes turn toward me.and she was naked! All I caught was that she was pretty, slim, with toned legs and conical smaller breasts. Then she was suddenly clothed in a long, tight black dress and I was sailing backward through the air.

--- My head was ringing. Why didn't someone answer it? Oh, right.consciousness.I missed it. I opened my eyes.

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The dark haired girl was sitting next to me, still clothed in that dark dress and looking at me with concern. I seemed to be lying on my back on a bed. Based on the stone walls around me it appeared that I was still in that strange new area attached to my broom closet. The girl spoke: "You're.Tom, right? I'm sorry, you startled me. I fixed your skull and there shouldn't be any brain damage, okay?" Brain damage?

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I sat up, too fast. The room tilted and my head fell back, thankfully onto a soft pillow. "Who.are you?" I asked, not caring that asking for true names was a no-no in Demie's world. "Kate," she replied. She really was cute. I figured her for about 18. I had learned a bit about legendary names since Demie dropped into my life, and with the fairy queen's name "Anya" being short for Titania I wasn't about to be burned again.

"That's not short for Hecate*, is it?" (* Pronounced "Heh-kah-tee".) She frowned. "No. You're remarkably well informed for" I sat up again, slowly this time. "A muggle?" I offered. "A what? No, a human." She got up to give me room to do the same. Strong invisible arms helped me to my feet. This was weird but par for the course. "What are you doing in my broom closet, Katie?" She shot me a look.

"It's KATE," she replied, "and this is MY lab, which just so happens to be attached to your broom closet. How did you spot the door? My spells should have kept you from noticing it." The invisible arms released me and I shrugged my shoulders and then followed her back into the main lab area. "Your spells made me forget an entire closet in my apartment?" I asked. She beamed a cute smile back at me. "I'm very good." "I'll bet," I replied under my breath.

Her long dress clung to her lithe form like a second skin, and her shapely legs showed through the slits in the side as she walked. I wondered if she had conjured a dress out of thin air or if it was an illusion and she was in actuality still naked.

I hoped it was the latter. Wait, did she say she wasn't human? She looked human, even when she thought she was alone in this weird place.

Kate stopped in front of the cauldron to give it a stir. "Look," she said, giving me a sidelong look, "I'll just be here for a while, until my experiment is complete, okay? You won't even notice I'm here, as long as the closet door remains closed." "That must have been it," I offered. "The door was slightly open." "Huh." she murmured, considering. Suddenly the room dimmed and it got colder. "Shit!" said Kate, ushering me to the closet door.

"Is Demie here?" "Haven't seen her since a couple nights ago. What's going on?" I asked. Were the walls closing in, or was it my imagination? "Right, the faerie queen threesome. Damnit, I need juice right now!" Kate pushed me out of the closet door. I felt the strange feeling of changing locations again, and then she followed. After she had pushed me into the living room I turned on her. "You've been watching us?!" "Yeah, Dummy," she said with a glint in her eye as she used Demie's pet name for me.

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That was."Enough!" I yelled at her. "You're going to tell me what you're doing in my apartment, right now!" Kate furrowed her brow at my pushback and looked back at the closet door, the edges of which seemed to be vibrating a little. "I'm sorry," she began, seemingly actually apologetic, "But I've been using your unique sexual energies to power my experiments.

Just the excess stuff.nothing you'd miss." "What?" She sighed. "The relationship you and Demie have is unique, and it produces exotic energies when you couple. Heck, it even works when you screw someone other than her because of the connection you two have." "Roooowwwrrrr." That stupid cat. She turned to me, her dark eyes flashing. "Bring me that cat!" she commanded. "Um." The closet door made a grinding noise.

"NOW!" --- Within a couple of minutes I had returned with the purring black cat in my arms. "Okay.?" Kate had me put the cat on my bed and then she said some words that seemed to skitter across my brain, as if my mind was never meant to remember them. Then the cat's body extended, becoming less furry but no less dark. Within a moment a gorgeous, sexy black woman was lying on my bed naked, arching her back in an obvious wanton display.

"Mmmmrr.?" the new woman hummed, looking at me. My dick jumped to life at the sight, but."That's the cat?" I asked, not taking my eyes from the figure on my bed. "Yes! Get on in there, would you?" Kate pushed me forward while looking worriedly at the closet door, which seemed to be pulsing with a strange purplish energy.

Speaking of purplish, I quickly removed my clothes and my "Tommy Gun" was ready for action. I knelt behind the cat woman, considering. I wondered. I scratched her lower back and she arched it as a cat would, making her pussy (heh) point up toward me. I lined my cock up and pushed. The head easily slipped inside.the cat had probably been yowling for sex for hours and was quite wet.

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"Rrrrmmm." the gorgeous cat woman purred. I pushed harder, slipping about half of my cock inside her. I pulled out a little and then, grabbing her by the hips, thrust hard, burying my dick to the hilt. I looked back at Kate, who was now in front of the closet and waving her hands in a circular motion. Though most of her attention was on what she was doing I could see her eyes flick back to us every few seconds.

Well, whatever, I thought.if she had been watching all the sex I'd been having lately, there was nothing to hide, really. I started to thrust into the heat-maddened human cat. Her purrs continued as I pleasured her. Some weird anime part of me wished she still had a tail so I could pull on it instead of her hips.

Her newly humaned (was that a word?) pussy felt fantastic on my cock as she arched her back in pleasure. It had been a couple of days since I had last cum so I probably wasn't going to last much longer. Did Kate need me to hold off? I looked over and Kate had stopped gesticulating with her hands. Those hands were, in fact, between her thighs, one with two fingers deep in her own pussy and the other manipulating her clit with the other.

Her clothes were gone.not removed and on the floor; just gone. The closet was no longer throbbing with eldritch energies.

Speaking of throbbing. Alright, I thought, no need to hold back! I thrust harder and faster, spurred on by the sight of the raven haired beauty pleasuring herself, as well as the Nubian/feline vision below me, yowling for my sperm.

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I gave it to her, grunting loudly. "Mowrrr!" The cat lady screamed out and I felt her cum on my cock as it coated her insides with seed. I had closed my eyes at the sheer pleasure of it but could hear Kate cumming with us. After a slight pause to recover, I pulled out.

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"Mew?" the human cat gasped as I extricated myself. She lay down on the bed and tried to bring her face down to lick between her legs but couldn't, and seemed confused by her lack of ability. "If humans could do that we wouldn't leave the house," I told her, winking. "Mew?" "Right." I looked back at Kate, but all I saw was the door of my closet closing. Then it disappeared.


I dashed over to where it had been, drops of my cum speckling the walls and floor from my flapping dick as I ran. "KATE!" I yelled. I looked back at the bed. The cat was still human! I banged on the wall. "KATE!" Nothing. "Shit." I looked over at my new roommate again, who was still struggling to lick her own nether region. "We're gonna need a lot of kitty litter, and a really big box," I realized.


To be continued.