Black teenagers sexy jugs jizz sprayed

Black teenagers sexy jugs jizz sprayed
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I race my car the whole way to his house, unable to contain my excitment for seeing him. The whole time I can't stop thinking about feeling his soft lips on my body, his hard dick rubbing against my hip.

As soon as I arrive I run to the door and hurriedly unlock it and hurry in. He is sitting across the room, in front of the computer, talking on the phone. He winks at me in greeting.

I make my way over, flirtatiously. Still on the phone, I pull him up so he is standing, wrap my arms around him and slowly grind my hips against his, delighted to feel his dick immediately grow hard and press against his jeans. I reach down and sqeeze his muscular ass and he automatically pushes his hips harder against mine.

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I back away and pull my shirt off over my head, smiling coyly at him. He takes one look at my 36C boobs overflowing my pushup bra and hurriedly says into the phone "Yeah, uh.can I call you back a little while later?


Yeah, thanks, bye" The second he hangs up the phone he rushes at me and wraps his strong arms around me, wildly kissing me and caressing my tongue with his. I kiss him back just as violently, sucking on his tongue, then his bottom lip before I pull away to look into his eyes.

"You are so fucking hot" he whispers, looking from my mouth to my boobs. He reaches over and pushes himself against me, one hand on my ass, the other hand on my boob, kneading it gently as he kisses and licks my neck, shoulder and ears.

"Your pussy must be so hot right now" he murmurs lustily. "I can't wait to slide in an out it and feel how wet and tight it is around my dick" That was all he had to say to make me push him and start desperately trying to get his clothes off.

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He's just as horny as I am, and is naked almost as fast as I am. Neither of us can wait to get to the bed. I lie down on the floor and open my legs and run my hands over my body, stopping to play with my perky tits. That does it for him and he falls to his knees and hungrily kisses me all over my body, running his tongue over every curve. He stops now and then to suck lightly on my skin. As he makes his way up to my tits, he says "Think of how good it'll feel when you can feel my rock hard dick scraping the insides of your pussy" The thought makes me moan and I arch up toward him.

"I'm going to make you cum so hard you won't be able to take it! And I'll feel your pussy get even tighter around my cock as you pulse and get so wet that I can't take it anymore and shoot all over the inside of you.You'll feel my hot cum all over your pussy.I'm going to cum so fucking hard!" He and I both giggle at that. When his lips close around my stiff nipple, I can't take it anymore. I push his head away and beg him "Just fuck me, fuck me now!" He smiles and lies on top of me, looking at my face as I feel the tip of his cock at my entrance.

He pushes very lightly, and for a moment I get desperate, but before I know what happened he shoves his whole cock into me as hard as he can. His breath escapes him in a moan and I gasp, feeling him all the way inside me, so we can't get any closer. Not moving he says "See how wet you were?

I slid right up into make me want to cum right now" he whispered, and tucked his head against my shoulder as he slowly began to withdraw.


I wrapped my arms and legs around him and he again shoved into me as hard as he could. Then he started to move slowly, sliding in an out. I humped him back in the same rythm. As he was fucking me, I couldn't stop thinking about how big and hard his dick is, and how it is all the way inside me.

I thought of how it must feel for him, pumping himself in that tight, wet pussy. "Oh yeah, it feels so good" he groaned, and that pushed me over the edge. I held on more tightly as I felt myself go higher and higher toward ecstasy. I shouted and moaned and sighed and gasped and lightly bit his shoulder as he fucked me.

I felt myself come down from my orgasm and he stopped to look at me and said "When you cum, your pussy gets so tight around my dick I can barely move it! Good thing you're so wet" and again he started pounding me, this time harder.

I felt him getting desperate as he neared orgasm.

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I was getting close again too! He was jamming him self so hard and fast into my sweet pussy that we both were gasping for air.

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I felt his body tense up and a vein in his neck showed up. Sweat dripped from his face onto my shoulder. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum!" he said. I went wild with pleasure as I felt the first spurt of hot cum hit my g-spot.

"OH FUCK!" I screamed as I came so hard I couldn't see. He cock was pulsing and shooting all over the inside of me. I was arching my back, shoving my hips up against him, totally out of control.

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When he was empty, I was still cumming! Fortunately, he's one who can keep going after the first, so he kept sliding in and out as I came, harder and harder, all the muscles in my body tensing as I felt an explosion. For a moment I couldn't see or hear anything, as my body went limp and I let go of him. He kissed my neck, my face, and finally my mouth, a little more gently this time, but his tongue still worked around in my mouth.

"I can't believe how hard you cum!" he laughed at me. I held his sweaty body against mine for a few minutes longer. He was still buried deep inside me. He leaned back to pull out, and my hips gave a jolt as I felt his cock slip out of me. Seeing it covered in our cum made my hips jerk around a bit at the thought of what it felt like to have that cumming inside me. He went to get a towel but by the time he came back I had leaked all over the floor.

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He carried me over to the couch (I was too weak to stand up!) and I lay with my back to him. He put his growing dick in between my ass cheeks and put an arm around me, cupping my heavy tit.

No sooner had he done that then we both fell into a deep comfortable slumber. Mind you, when we awoke a few hours later we did 69 and fucked all night long. Yeah, he seems to never run out of cum. Good thing I'm so damn horny I can't keep off of him.