Gorgeous brunette in white lingerie

Gorgeous brunette in white lingerie
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I have been away from home for around 5 years now. My Mother and Father split up and I was forced to move away from my house in California to a small two bedroom house in Texas, 1400 miles away. My name is Elena, 16 years old, I stand at 5'4 and weight around 120Ibs. I have fairly big breast for my age, D cups, and a slim tanned body. Needless to say I'm a dream down in Texas.

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Back in California however I.fit in. Don't get me wrong I like fitting in but I love attention from people, boys in particular; ONE boy in particular. His name is Peter, one year younger but he looks older and I love it.


He is around 5'9, athletic but loves to study and keeps himself quiet. He isn't popular but he gets on with everyone he meets. The first day I saw him was the day I left for Texas, we were outside my house playing and he mentioned to me that he wished I did not have to leave. I wished I didn't have to leave. On the drive back to California with my dad was long and he kept trying to change my mind. "Lena, you don't have to go. I know you love it here but with Jaime in the house too, things can get a little complicated." "Its fine Dad, I just want to see Mom, you know I will visit anyway." I said this to please him, I hated Jaime.

She isn't good for my Dad and I believe he knows this. An hour away from Mom's house I tried lifting the mood with my earphones. Approaching the house I was welcomed by Mom and Christian, her boyfriend.


Dad drove straight off after hugging me and wishing for me to stay. Moving back into my old room was hard, nothing has changed and everything was where it was. It was really annoying as I'm grown now and My Little Pony does not suit me. I decided to go to the Mall and get some major changes; all new bed, clothes and a few make-up items. I was getting a burger when I saw him. Peter had just finished ordering and was heading my way.

"Hey Elena, long time no see!" "Hello, how are things?" I was ecstatic to see him again so I asked him to come to my place for a catch up.

It turns out that our Mom's work with each other and he is an Intern at their place. He asked me how Texas was and what it was like being so far from home.


I told him everything. The boys I met, new friends, Jaime and Dad. It was reaching 5pm and my Mom and Christian said they are going out so I asked if Peter can stay over tonight. We cleared it with his parents and agreed for him to stay in the guest bedroom.

When Mom left I made us some Popcorn and we sat up watching films under the blanket. This is where I made my move. Reaching for his hand, I looked him in the eye. He stared back and we held our gaze for a few minutes before I leaned in to kiss him. To my surprise he kissed back much harder and got me on my back. Slowly lifting up his shirt I began to feel his 6-pack; I was impressed that he was in such good shape.

I took off my shirt so he could feel around me.

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I love boys touching me up and feeling every part of me. I tried taking off my shorts but he suggested that we take it upstairs. The walk to my room was a long, sexual one as the whole way he was feeling my ass causing me to moan.

By the time we got upstairs I was already soaking through my pants and he noticed. He pushed me onto the bed and took my shorts straight off. Kissing up my thighs he removed my pants and began kissing around my shaven pussy. I have never gone this far before and I think he sensed that. "Do you want me to go further?" "Mmmmm yesss, keep going" I was in ecstasy at this moment and I began rubbing my clit wildly. This drove him mad and he licked, sucked and fucked my pussy with his tongue.

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I was coming close to squirting all over his face when he plunged his finger deep into me. This sent me over the edge and I clamped around his finger and tongue. Writing in pure pleasure, I thanked him and got out his 7" cock. Returning the favour to him, I slowly started to wank him off and run my tongue around his sensitive head.

I felt his enjoyment though my strokes while I sucked him off as deep as I could. Around 20 minutes later he told me he was about to cum. This made me horny as fuck so I sucked harder and faster until he unloaded streams of warm cum down my throat which I swallowed every drop of it. I wanted him so bad at this moment in time and I wanted him to be my first. "I need you to fuck me Peter, right now" "Are you sure you want this?


I don't want to make a mistake" "Just do it, please. I need you inside me" My words pierced through him as he pulled a condom out of his pocked. I pulled it out of the wrapper and rolled it down his long, thick penis.

Lying on the bed he stood before my pussy with his throbbing head at my entrance. He pushed gently in pushing through my tight lips.

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He reached my hymen and added more pressure. When it broke he gave me time to gather myself and get over the pain. Once I told him to continue he started moving deep inside me until he was balls deep inside my vagina.

He slowly moved out and then back in. He repeated this while I started to rub my fingers over my clit. He removed my bra and fondles my tits while he pounded into my pussy.

I felt my climax coming for the second time tonight. With my juices flowing down his cock and my pussy tightening he knew it was time. My legs started to shake as loud moans escaped from my mouth which he matched with his own. "Cum on me baby, all over me!" I screamed at him while I felt his balls tightening.

He pulled out his dick, took off the condom and shot his load all over my pussy and my pubic area. Breathing heavily, he collapsed on me and we shared laughter. "Well this was an amazing first day back home!" Please be respectful in the comments as this was my first story and I am new to this. Suggestions for improvements are welcome and thank you for reading.