Teen shows off big tits

Teen shows off big tits
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Sis had always been strange. She never talked to anyone at school and she had no friends. When she came home it was strait upstairs to her room. The only time I actually saw her was during events like Thanks Giving and Christmas but even then she would stay no longer than she needed to before she disappeared into her room.

I asked mom one day why she was never around and all mom told me was that she liked to be alone. "Likes to be alone my ass!"I started in a irritated tone.

"She never leaves her room!" "Maybe you should go check on her, I mean you are her sister after all." Tiffany tried her best to make Hope change the subject. Personally Tiffany wasn't a fan of leaving her room either but it was her parents that made her. "You kidding she keeps the door locked. Do you think I am that stupid not to try that?!" I became angry on her comment.

"Well why don't you just hide in there until she gets home tonight and then talk to her." "I guess I could, I mean I get home a hour before her so it would work." That was the plan, except I wasn't going to confront her alone, I talked Tiffany into joining me. After all I didn't know how Seirra, my sis, would react to me trying to socialize with her.

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We got to my house dropped our stuff off in my room and hid in Seirra's room just in time. "She is home early." I said in a way to quietly warn Tiffany. "I will hide under the bed, you get the closet." To be honest the only one of the two of us who could fit under the bed would be Tiffany.

I agreed and we waited for Seirra to enter her room. "Umm Hope, you are sure that your sister never leaves her room?" "Yes, she only leaves her room if she absolutely needs to." "Does anyone come in here while she is here?" Shocked about the question I answered. "Only mom, why?" "Well, umm." Just then the door opened and closed. Seirra was home and going about her usual. I began to prepare to make my presence known when I noticed Tiffany signaling me to stop.

Confused I stopped but left room for me to see what was going on. As I peered around the door I noticed the reason why Tiff said to wait.


Seirra sat herself on her bed, undid her belt and unbuttoned her pants. And a massive cock shot out. Amazed at the size of the cock I nearly fell out of the closet. I stared as Seirra took her cock in both hands and began to stroke it making the cock grow even more. I couldn't control myself I began to play with myself. I watch for a while getting more and more intense but trying my best to stay quiet. I eventually closed my eyes but it was at this moment Seirra noticed I was there.

She got up and quietly approached the closet.

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When I opened my eyes I saw Trisha under the bed masturbating and then suddenly a huge cock appeared in my face. "So nice for you to join me. I've been waiting for this for a long time." Before I could say anything her large cock was inserted into my mouth.

Only half of it fit at first. My mouth spread out as much as it was I barely was able to take the head of her cock. I looked up and saw a grin that said your my toy now. Seirra began sliding her cock down and up my throat more and more until she couldn't any more.

I was sure that this was all fake somehow and that Seirra was just sex crazed and didn't know how to express it.

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That is until Seirra proved me wrong. Seirra shot a huge load down my throat and with so much force that cum seeped out of my mouth while having her cock still in it. I finally separated myself and her cock somewhat loving the fact that my sister just came in my mouth.

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I got ready to get up and leave when Seirra bent me over and began to tease my pussy with her cock. "What are you." I began to say "Your not getting away that easily, especially how you know my little secret now.

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To think I am no longer stuck with using mom but now my sister. Damn I like this already." Her massive cock began to enter me. I moaned and I began to shake due to the huge mass entering me. "What's wrong sis?" Seirra asked teasingly "N-n-n-othing I-I-I-s." "Ohh am I being to rough, here I will stop." "No please don't!" I knew she was teasing me and trying to get me to beg but I was unable to control myself. The dicks I have fucked have been nothing compared to this thing.

"I don't know, I don't wanna hurt you sis." "No, you won't, just don't stop, keep going." She grinned and continued becoming more and more intense by the minuet. Eventually she came, she never asked if it would be fine she just did and it felt amazing. I filled up almost imedietly from cum.

I fell to the floor as Seirra continued to cover me with hot semen. After a solid minuet of ejaculating she joined me but this time she began to put her dick in my ass.

"N-n-n-o n-n-ot th-h-ere." I said almost in a way that sounded sarcastic. "But why not?" She began to enter into my ass spreading it wider than ever. "Ohhh!" I began to squirm and she fucked me like she did before leaving me panting on the floor. Suddenly a moan was heard from under the bed. Seirra stopped and listened for a moment before looking. And to Seirra's surprise there was Tiffany using one of her dildos while surrounded by tons of used condoms.

Tiffany had been watching the whole time and following along to what happened. Soon Seirra got Tiffany out from under the bed and stacked her on top of me. Mine and Tuffany's boobs pushed together and we met face to face. Suddenly Seirra gets busy again. "Ok Tiff, I have a little cum on my dick, clean it off." Without hesitation Tiffany went to work and as I watched her I noticed something.

Seirra had a vagina as well as a dick. So I began to play with it to see if was real. Ohh yeah it was real.

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Five hours passed of us fucking, I was even able to get my strap on from my room so me and my sis could double team Tiffany. We continued until Tiffany passed out from all the sex. I found this the best opportunity to test my theory. I got up acting like I was done, Seirra got up as well bending over to move Tiffany when I stuck the strap on in her pussy.


I began to move quickly. She screamed for me to move harder and faster but it just didn't matter, I too was tired and after the long time we spent I fell asleep while fucking my sister. She finished her share carted both of us to my room leaving us completely naked, leaving the strap on on me, and left back into her room. When we woke up we got dressed and I sent Tiffany on her way home and In my back pocket I read a note that said.

"Meet me in my room after 8pm." The clock read 7:30pm.